TAC: Learning From The Radical Right

It turns out that Matthew Rose of First Things has expanded his series of essays into an entire book about the anti-Christian “far right” called After Liberalism: Philosophers of the Radical Right.


“I have been meaning for a while to write about one of the best books I’ve read this year: Matthew Rose’s A World After Liberalism: Philosophers of the Radical Right. Rose is not on the radical right; he’s a Catholic and the director of the Berkeley Institute, and a contributor to First Things magazine. In fact, a superb 2019 essay he wrote for First Things about the far-right journalist and essayist Samuel Francis forms the basis for his new book.

Rose’s new book profiles some of the leading contemporary thinkers of the radical right, showcasing why they appeal to some people today. He neither lionizes them nor demonizes them, though he certainly does not whitewash their beliefs. What’s so valuable about this book — you’ll get this if you read the Sam Francis essay linked above — is that Rose looks at these figures squarely and fairly, and explains why they matter today. You don’t have to like any of them, but you need to know who they are and what they thought. …”

I’m familiar with Matthew Rose.

A few years ago, I criticized an article that he wrote called “The Anti-Christian Alt-Right.” At the time, I pointed out that the Alt-Right largely agreed on race, but was divided on Christianity. There has always been Christians, pagans and atheists in White Nationalist circles. The same is still true today with people like Richard Spencer or Greg Johnson representing only one point of view.

Matthew Rose’s book features a chapter on Sam Francis. It doesn’t feature a chapter on my father-in-law, Gordon Baum, who ran the Council of Conservative Citizens and who was a close friend of Sam Francis and was a devout Lutheran until the day he died. The idea that being pro-White is incompatible with being a Christian struck my father-in-law as absurd. He was raised in St. Louis at a time before the Civil Rights Movement when it was common for pastors to include blacks among “the beasts of the field.”

This had changed in his lifetime. He saw the “antiracist” revolution happen much like we have seen “gay marriage” and “gender fluidity” percolate out of the dominant mainstream secular culture and creep into the churches in our time. It wasn’t always that way. It is just that contemporary elite intellectual fads which get started in the media and universities infect all institutions including the churches. There is nothing about churches as institutions which prevents them from being corrupted like all other institutions.

Conor Grubaugh of First Things took exception to my criticism of Rose and wrote an article in response called “The Impossibility of Alt-Right Christianity” which largely ignores the history of Christianity in this country. We’ve had everything from integrated churches under slavery to race-based black Protestant denominations which people like Rose and Grubaugh are strangely quiet about.

“In Wallace’s view, Christianity always follows the dominant culture. The mainline American churches once accepted slavery and segregation, but now they denounce them. They once rejected abortion, divorce, and homosexuality, but now they accept them. Wallace’s conclusion: “The churches accommodate and echo whatever is the political mainstream.” For the moment, they “are conforming to political correctness in condemning the Alt-Right as uniquely evil,” but in the long run, “the Alt-Right shouldn’t get hung up on being anti-Christian because Christianity is infinitely malleable.”

There is tremendous irony here. Wallace appears to believe that Christianity lacks any truth conditions whatsoever—that it is devoid of content, a mere vessel of empty signs and symbols, to be filled with foreign substances and remolded to suit them. It’s an old wineskin, the civil religion of the Enlightenment, to be filled with the new wine of identity politics. Wallace thus places himself in the same camp as progressive evangelicals, sex-positive Episcopalians, and every other liberal Protestant who preaches a liquid creed. For all of them, there is nothing stable at the heart of Christian faith, no set of propositions that must be judged true or false, no substrate of apostolic tradition or spiritual authority sustaining the Church through the ages; there is only that fickle goddess History, leading a perpetual process of discernment and evolution according to the self-loving demands of the “present.” Whether one uses this “infinitely malleable” Christianity to serve a liberal or a reactionary agenda is largely beside the point. …”

Can you be a pro-black or pro-Hispanic Christian?

If not, why? Why is Christianity uniquely incompatible with White identity? Does it say that anywhere in the Bible or does it instead stem from the uniquely late 20th century elite obsession with “antiracism”? Does this attitude stem from Christianity or the spread of CRT and political correctness?

Since Matthew Rose and Conor Grubaugh published those articles in 2018, CRT and wokeness has become a deeply divisive issue in American churches, which illustrates my point. These elite fads which get started in the universities spread into the churches (and corporations and the military) from their point of origin in other parts of our culture. Christianity is constantly being reinterpreted and remolded to flatter elites and suit their needs and interests. The Southern Baptist Convention attempted to get my friend James Edwards expelled from his church for beliefs which were conventional as recently as the 1980s.

In the not so distant future, I can imagine a world where Christians are expelled from their churches for “misgendering” trans women or opposing plural marriage or for not believing that whiteness is Original Sin. The Swedish Lutheran Church, for example, has declared itself to be a “trans church.” The Church of England recently apologized for expelling Jews in the Middle Ages before it existed. Pope Francis also says all sorts of stupid things and that says more about him personally as an individual. I will continue to go on believing that this says nothing much about the past, but plenty about our own times.

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  1. It’s just more compliant media signaling against the political Right, with a few new scare terms thrown in, e.g. ‘radical Right’ and ‘anti-Christian Alt-Right’ — it’s no surprise a centrist intellectual wet noodle like Rob Dreher finds it interesting, since it presents the Right as, at best, vaguely sketchy, nothing a decent person should entertain.

    At this moment, the following comment under Dreher’s article is the second most up-voted (link):

    “Politically speaking, tribal nationalism [patriotism] always insists that its own people are surrounded by ‘a world of enemies’ – ‘one against all’ – and that a fundamental difference exists between this people and all others. It claims its people to be unique, individual, incompatible with all others, and denies theoretically the very possibility of a common mankind long before it is used to destroy the humanity of man.” — Hannah Arendt

    It’s an anti-nationalist quote by hypocritical Zionist Jew Hannah Arendt.

    Twitter/cursedsaladLiberal Zionism mandates that you have a diverse political class in your nation, while Israel’s ruling party remain completely homogeneous

  2. The problem is not Christianity. The problem is Papism (improperly referred to as “Roman Catholicism”) and the Protestant branches that are insufficiently divorced from papal theology. This represents almost all of western Christianity. True Orthodox Christianity, based on Cappadocian theology rather than the paganism and rabbinic judaism of Thomist theology, is fine.

      • It’s not. It’s just normal trinitarian Christian theology that had existed for hundreds of years. Even in England, before the pope sent his army of Normans and Jews to genocide the Orthodox Anglo-Saxons and submit the island to popery and Jewish rule.

        Popery is a neoplatonic cult. Its dogma logically entails emanationism and unitarianism, and today it is dogmatically liberal globalist. Which is why Rose, in this book, constantly praises the “open society” of Karl Popper and George Soros as representative of the papist social order. He is right, of course. There are no greater ambassadors of papist social theory today than Jewish globalists. Remember, the United Nations declarations on globalist “human rights” and so on were literally written by papist theologians, which is why the catechism of the papist cult reads like a UN white paper. All of the globalist institutions are integrally papist.

        Papists are, and always have been, the enemy. They are fundamentally anti-European and anti-White (because they are anti-human in a more general sense). You don’t even have to take my word for it, either. You can just listen to what anti-White papists themselves have to say, like papist pseudo-historian and critical race theorist E. Michael Jones, for example.

        • That’s an interesting observation. E. Michael Jones, a traditionalist in many ways who definitely is not a worshipper of Jews, nevertheless lapses into some profound stupidity when it comes to the topic of race. He once stated that it’s entirely possible for a negro to be Polish (e.g. the magic dirt theory). The reality is that this is no more possible than it is for Jones himself to become Chinese. His recent debate with Jared Taylor demonstrated that his position has not changed much. Jones basically charges Taylor with being a mirror-image of CRT, which is false.

          The finest statement I’ve seen on the subject is from Solzhenitsyn – in a speech to some Swedish gathering in the 1970s (very much a case of casting pearls before swine). Solzhenitsyn of course was Russian Orthodox.

          “The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all men became alike with one nature and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design.”

        • @Dart How do you follow the commands of Christ to take in foreigners and house and feed them (the poor)? It’s contradictory to having a white ethnostate. You literally cannot turn them away by the teachings of religion. So it dooms you. In order to thrive, you have to be somewhat selfish in your motives, by isolating your own kind, and only reproducing with your own kind. Religion doesn’t allow for this.

          • Why do you idolize those who are not like us, and then forget the other, weightier matters of the Law- like stoning sodomites, women who are disobedient, whores caught in the act, and those who steal? – Like the federal government? Because you really don’t give a damn about God, Christ, or the ‘foreigner.’ And if you do, it’s probably through the lens of apostate Western filioquist heresy- ergo, not Christian at all.

            How can anyone dare presume a morality they don’t practice, if you pretend that racial segregation isn’t preached/practiced EVERYWHERE in the Bible?

            Pilot- you’re a hypocrite.

            Lee Kwan Yew, longtime leader of Singapore, once said this: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests or social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

    • We need to talk, Dart. This has been my position, coupled with self-aware Western Rite nationalism as the lens through which White, Anglo/Western Orthodoxy will revitalize the West. But first, you have to jettison almost all perceptions one has learned from the Western/papal/Filioquist paradigm.

      That’s the stone of stumbling for most ‘Murricans.

  3. None of them, not a single Goddamned one of them is going to tell you the anti-Christ IS the Jew messiah. Not one. But he is.

    • Then that makes God evil. The bible says they are his chosen peeps. No matter how anyone tries to twist or remold what the bible says, no matter if they are only about the New Testament, they cannot pretend the bible doesn’t say this.

      • And you “Pilate,” are utterly clueless. The bible says the SONS OF Abraham/Adam are His Chosen People. NOT those who ‘say they are Jews, and are not.’- Rev. 2:8,9. That’s in the bible, Hypocrite.
        So your comment is null and void. When you repent and are under godly leadership, and have learned what the Bible (and the Church, who alone is the only/sole valid interpreter of Holy Writ) has taught- and not your Evangelical Fundie Baptist Heretic- then we’ll talk.

        For the record, I repeat what I have said earlier:

        The only reason why ANY Evangelical can claim to be a Christian, is NOT because of their aberrant theology (which is all you wish to see, in your myopia- and blame them for that, thinking IT is ‘Xtianity’) but rather, they are Christians, because they are OF THE RACE OF ADAM. As such, they are covenantally OF THE RACE OF CHRIST, and are fellow-heirs with Christ, etc.

        Their aberrant theology does not save them, their Covenant does. Oh, yes- the vast majority of those Whites DO obey the law of God (one would hope) but it is not the sect or cult they belong to, but WHO THEY ARE… JUST AS ST. PAUL SAID.

        “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” [Gal.3:29]

        The fallacy of most Protestants is believing that the accusations St. Paul leveled against the Edomitic [sic] ‘Jews’ in the first century, were a blanket condemnation of those [i.e., the (sic) ‘Jews’ that all the biblical authors disparage] who sought to justify themselves via their race, ALONE ( which, coincidentally, is the only real ‘sola’ in the Bible!).

        There are truly only three possible ways of looking at this of you TRULY want to talk about Christians:
        1) Grace (alone) – anyone of any race can become an ‘Xtian’ – but the word ‘alone’ is NOT IN THE MSS. Luther added it, and thus brought down the divine curse for ‘adding to the word of God’ on himself. And the lives of non-whites rarely if ever, come up to the level of White sanctity, whether catholic or protestant… but usually the saints of the pre-schism Church, it what I am referring to.
        “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”

        2) Race (alone) -this is the position of Lindstedt, the Nazis, and the pagan IDIOTS. They think their blood will save them. Puh-leez. Neither of these premises make sense. The second position can literally mean ANYONE, even [hypothetically] Cain, can claim ‘godlike status.’ But then, we’re back to the reality that righteousness comes only from obedience. The first premise falsely means any ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ can SAY they are in God’s Family, and from that, you get the ‘N-word is my brother’- i.e., racial and covenantal heresy. But, as Christians are wont to say, “What saith the Scripture?” It’s pretty clear.

        3) Graced Race – this is the only possible biblical, and historically verifiable position. God calls ONE FAMILY out of all the earth, out of all the ‘sons of men.’ And clearly, ADAM is the only REAL ‘MAN’ according to God’s definition- and no, he is not the prototype for al hominids. He was specially created after the other races, thus his sudden appearance on the anthropological scene @6000 years ago- and why Cain could already find a ‘wife’ after expulsion from the Garden. It also explains why God’s People were hated so, by everyone. We embody divinity- what the Orthodox call ‘thesis.’ One look at the foundations of ‘cancel culture’ and ‘anti-White rhetoric’ explains that fact… in spades.

        So, moving on- we get Adam’s seed and David’s line, culminating in the ‘fair, ruddy’ able to blush’ race of ADAM, and in the Messiah, Jesus Christ. (Which is why Christ is not genetically a swarthy, ugly, hook-nosed [sic] Jew, but ‘the fairest among ten thousand.’ AND, we also know from Scriptures that both He (and God the Father) gives these [sic] ‘Chosen People’ in the O.T., the choice to ‘serve Him this day’ [Josh. 24:15] – or not! As God continues to give HIS New Covenant PEOPLE, the Church, [Matt. 1:21] this option.

        So, dealing with the Church as the [only] Body of Christ. Christendom is White Europe.; this, too, is historical fact. And, over the millennia, since she took over the moniker ‘Chosen People,’ in her (the Church’s/Christendom’s) bosom are ‘wheat and tares,’ just as it always has been: and from WITHIN THE CHURCH there is a ‘race of God’s People:’ and from them- and only from them- does the Elect in the Church, come- just like the O.T. records of the People of God- they weren’t all ‘saved,’ you know. But the modern-day Jews, the Moslems, Asians, Mexicans, etc., and the N-words? NOT EVEN UNDER CONSIDERATION by YHWH God. Doubt me? The ONLY TWO PEOPLE GROUPS talked about in the New Covenant were non-Edomitic Jews, and Hellenes (Greeks). i.e., Europeans.

        Prior to the Reformation, that ‘Christendom’ meant EUROPE… we all know this, for goodness’ sake! This is true, just as IT WAS in the O.T. – There were godly Hebrews, and UNGODLY Hebrews- AND THE FIRST CHOOSE LIFE, AND THE SECOND GROUP, CHOSE DEATH. But all the other peoples WERE NOT EVEN UNDER CONSIDERATION FOR GOD’S FAVOR, save those very few whom HE used for His sovereign purpose (Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar, etc.- even Pharaoh was used by God).

        Yet still, it was ONLY THE SONS OF EBER who were the ‘apple of God’s eye’! NO ‘GOYIM’ were ever considered as a ‘son of the covenant.’

        IN THE SAME MANNER, the Jews (Khazars/Edomites/Pharisees) NEVER WERE PART OF THAT 12-TRIBED Family- witness the forced conversion to (by then, post-Babylonian Captivity) Talmudism in 150 B.C. of the cursed Edomites, under Hyrcanus. This is history, verifiable in the Apocrypha, Josephus, pagan records, etc.

        THIS FINAL SOLUTION by the Jews- this non-biblical ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT GOD’S ELECTION, led to the ‘bowl of wrath’ of the [sic] ‘Jews’ being filled to the brim- precisely because of their religious AND racial syncretism, prior to Christ’s coming. In short, their evil was the proximate cause for Christ, the Son of God, to incarnate on Earth, for crying out loud- to save the Chosen Race, Holy People, Royal Priesthood from MISCEGENATING THEMSELVES OUT OF EXISTENCE!

        THAT WAS WHY HE CAME TO EARTH- to render judgment on a mongrel race who claimed (and still does, to this very day- i.e., the Talmudics) to be HIS PEOPLE, when they are not! [ cf. St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 8, Rev. 3:8,9]

        So, yes. The CZ ‘Iz-ru-hell’ heretics are angering God (and man) greatly, as are all White Pagans- for they ALL SERVE THE DEVIL, and the SPERM OF SATAN- i.e., the ‘Jews,’ rather than God. [The word ‘seed’ in the LXX, and the Greek NT wherever you find it, is the word from which we get the English term, ‘sperm’- you can’t get more ‘incarnational’ than that!] But even so, the vast majority of evangelicals are still… WHITE. “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.”- Rom. 11:29. This epistle was written AFTER Christ cursed Apostate Israel, and the Destruction of Jerusalem confirms that it CANNOT apply to the Talmudics/Khazars/FAUX “Israel” of today- but only of the CHURCH!

        WHITES are God’s People. But each White Person has to ‘bend the knee’ to ‘make his calling and election, sure’ as St. Paul said. No non-white possesses the ‘pneuma’ of the Holy Spirit, but they may possess a ‘form of godliness.’ And we ALL need to REPENT of the first and second heresies that I outlined, above. Precisely because it is a Christological heresy. Jesus is not a mulatto bastard!

        What the Whites who laud the Jews do, is TWICE DAMNING- in that they see in’ the seed of their father, the Devil’ [ John 8] what they think is Christ’s family. But all it is, is ANTICHRIST. And they, (as Christ’s brethren) treat lightly their own Elect status, which has been their’s, ‘since the foundation of the world.’ [ Eph. 1:4]

      • The Jews created the Old Testament to convince the world God wanted the Jews to lead and rule over human kind. But God did not give the Jews the necessary characteristics to carry out the want and desires of the Jew people. But God did give his son to the Jews as a guide to show the Jew people the way for them to reach their goals. But the Jews did not like Gods way and killed his son.Got it kyke?

  4. Hunter,

    Since you said in the vaccine post that you’ve gotten tired of writing about current events, perhaps this would be a good time to return to your series from a year ago on Modernism and the root causes of Western decline. I enjoyed that series, and I learned much about late 1800s/early 1900s history, and also about myself and what my own values are. You said you were eventually going to move into the postwar years, and how Modernism became the consensus among the normie population.

    I pretty much just associate Western Values and White Identity with gay anal rim jobs, drag queen story hour, brown immigration, blank-slatism, equality, and Jews being God’s Chosen People. I can think of real White faces in real life that I don’t want to see slaughtered by Ahmad the Terrorist, but for the average White face on the news, its like, they were probably a cultural liberal at heart anyway, so like, who cares if they race mix and get replaced by street shitter immigrants.

    I’ve been seeing these videos on my Youtube feed: “You in a bathroom at a 2013 concert.” Or, “you in a bathroom at a 2008 concert.” So many young people are nostalgic for the recent past, and justifiably so. Ignorance is bliss. Speaking for myself, the 2013 Amren and NPI conferences were both memorable experiences for me. There’s nothing to move forward to except for more darkness. The Awokening has exposed how degenerate and awful most Whites actually are.

      • Exactly. And Whites alive at that time knew it.

        I think a reason conservatives made Ronald Reagan into a saint like figure is because he was President during what they remember as the Good Old Days. So they ignore all the objectively cucked things he did – amnesty for muds, blowing up the military budget to protect Jewish interests, deregualting Wall Street, etc – because they just want the 80s back.

        It bothers me when Alt Righters shit on old and young people for nostalgia. We are nostalgic because we have no future, and Whiteness no longer offers a future because Whiteness and Jewry are one and the same.

      • @Spahnranch,

        Yes, the 80s were the last decade of White primacy.

        Globohomo began right after the faggots dying of AIDS began their jewish approved political protesting called “Act Up.” Even koshervative comedies such as Dennis Miller made traditionalists like Pat Buchanan the butt of their jokes. For instance, when Buchanan ran for president in 1992, Miller joked that Buchanan “blames global warming on the AIDS quilt.”

  5. God, Christ and the path to them are unchanging.

    Liberalism has polluted the minds of the majority of humans it has taken root in. America is a liberal cesspool, and most Christians have been incapable of resisting liberalism’s mutable influence.

    The Alt-Right is (like Hunter mentions) equal parts pagan, atheist, and Christian. It is therefore, majority anti-Christian. That said, papists are in no place to throw stones, and neither is anyone at TAC.

  6. Most church services these days resemble gatherings of Green left activists. They promote diversity, inclusion and useless causes for Africa such as going over there, building them a church and trying to convert them. They’re hardly in lockstep with our belief system.
    Many white Christian men have Asian wives. It’s like the left have just taken over, like they have with everything else, and transformed it into a sewer of libtard ideology. I know……. I’ve been involved with a few.
    Many pastors have secret boyfriends or are up on child sex charges……….they have the morality of feral pigs.
    I’m a white race realist first……..then a social, if not biblical Christian. It’s race first and foremost.

    • The whole “love your neighbor” is contradictory with saving your own race. You can’t turn your back on “the poor” and still follow the commands of Christ. It’s incompatible with saving your own kind. It’s one or the other.
      Most religious people ARE liberalized now. They love everyone. They want to be liked and be friends with everyone. They claim to love everyone on the whole planet. No matter how bad things get, they never wake up.

      • Christ was the Jew messiah. That message, love thy neighbor was meant for the Jews, as well as treat others as you would like to be treated and the giving to the poor. ALL those were meant for the Jews, got it todd?

  7. @Goose – The very least you can do for your race is capitalize “White”.. ..
    No offense, just saying.

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