David Brooks: This Is Why We Need To Spend $4 Trillion

“LOL like this will change anything.”

This pretty much sums up why I haven’t even bothered to write about the infrastructure bill that has passed the Senate or the reconciliation bill that could pass Congress.

New York Times:

“I’ve spent the past few weeks in a controlled fury — and I’m not normally a fury kind of guy. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and others are trying to pass arguably the most consequential legislative package in a generation, and what did I sense in my recent travels across five states? The same thing I sense in my social media feed and on the various media most-viewed lists.


Have we given up on the idea that policy can change history? Have we lost faith in our ability to reverse, or even be alarmed by, national decline? More and more I hear people accepting the idea that America is not as energetic and youthful as it used to be.

Over the past few decades there has been a redistribution of dignity — upward. From Reagan through Romney, the Republicans valorized entrepreneurs, C.E.O.s and Wall Street. The Democratic Party became dominated by people in the creative class, who attended competitive colleges, moved to affluent metro areas, married each other and ladled advantages onto their kids so they could leap even farther ahead. …”

If it passes, it passes.

If it doesn’t pass, well, it is not like that changes anything.

The Democrats could spend $10 trillion dollars. It wouldn’t buy them either legitimacy or social peace. We’ve already spent $2.2 trillion on the CARES Act and another $1.9 trillion on Joe Biden’s COVID relief bill. Has the country become more or less divided after spending the last $4 trillion?

This country has been culturally broken. It is beyond repair at this point. There is no unifying thread – racial, cultural, ethnic, religious or ideological – that unites elites to the seething masses. Not even football or shopping at the mall which was the thinnest of cultural glue when I was growing up.

Humpty Dumpty will come tumbling down at some point. We all know it is coming. It is just a matter of time. The spark really doesn’t matter. The spark could end up being anything.

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  1. The “infrastructure” bill is being spent on everything else except the infrastructure. The roads, bridges, highways, etc are falling apart. How about our 20th century trains? China, Japan and other countries have high speed trains while the US is stuck in the last century. I guess that’s what happens when you hire affirmative action negros and women instead of more qualified White men. Remember, diversity is our strength.

    • What’s so great about high speed rail? If I want to take a regional trip I just take my car and have transportation once I get to the destination. Who wants to go somewhere and not have access to a car? Traveling by train is how paupers in poor countries like India get around, places where people don’t have cars. Liberals love trains because they hate your car. People I see taking long distance train trips on Youtube seem to treat the whole thing as sort of like going on a cruise, a leisure adventure. That’s sort of how trains should be marketed, a land cruise with stops at national parks, an entertainment car, and fine dining once the covid paranoia runs it’s course with democrats and females seemingly wanting it to go on forever.

      Anyone sick of all this “work from home” shit yet? To me “work from home” is “fake work”. Of course the females LOVE IT, they get paid to play with their kids all day long and do very little work. They way they think life should be. Where I work a bunch of women are still pulling this scam, and I can see they get next to nothing done. One even has a second “work from home” job doing zoom calls for social service while on OUR clock. They way I see this shit all ending is when the CEO’s realize if these females can do their jobs from home, then someone in India can do their job for a tenth of the cost. It ain’t going to end well for them and they seem too stupid to realize that the very last thing you want to do is signal your job can be done remotely.

      • When they build a “light rail”, it’s to move the homeless/poor/minorities into other areas for medical care, shopping, etc.

  2. Is he going to mail out checks to nonwhites again? Because with all of that “stimulus check” garbage, I only got $400, and I’d rather none of us get anything.
    $400 makes no difference in my life, isn’t enough to make any difference, and it’s stupid.
    I’m tired of them giving “families” (nonwhite) more money to afford more kids.

    • “$400 makes no difference in my life,”

      Individually it doesn’t, but collectively it’s driving inflation and a disastrous asset overvaluation.

      The consequences will be dire.

      • I’m all for them stopping the checks. I’m tired of hearing retired boomers, obviously well-off enough to not have to work, bragging about getting a $2200 check. I’m tired of hearing how joggers went and bought new TVs or phones.

  3. We are all in the late stages of apathy. We know that no matter who is in office that their actions will be detrimental to us. They keep taxing us more and we kept getting less. Roads are crumbling, bridges falling down, and buildings aging but they can manage to build emergency housing for 100,000 migrants.

      • As long as they can buy boxes of beer and drink, as long as they can gamble, as long as they can go on vacations, they will never care.
        So many got the vax so they can travel. Think about that one.

  4. @ Lines of credit from the masters of usury, to the embiciles of the empire, good! Maybe some of our people will be helped a bit, as they accelerate the process of disaster by design.

    • # ya know, I was thinking, after this HARLOT government, spreads it’s legs, for the last time, after the white has breathed it’s last, the only people, that will want too stick around, will be the founding stock, the real Americans, that being said, why stop at four trillion, make it forty trillion.

      • Agreed, worse is better. Spend $400 trillion if it causes Leviathan to crash to the ground sooner rather than later. There is nothing left to save or reform now, things will have to be rebuilt from the ground up after the wheels come off. When the money goes bad, which is inevitable, all bets are off.

        The Left has been in charge for a long time now with their lapdog “conservatives” right behind, conserving nothing but the “progressive” state which wants us dead, six feet under. When the U.S. Government crashes it will thoroughly discredit the Left and their “progressive” agenda just as the Weimar government’s left wing agenda, both economic and social was thoroughly discredited by its failure.

        This is not a pleasant thing to look forward to but the die is cast now, it’s too late to change the outcome but it’snot too late to prepare, prepare, prepare for the difficult times to come. A C-note will still buy a lot of canned or dried food and other things now.

  5. That ugly, insect-faced CHINK Lesley Yang needs to be dealt with. Imagine the nerve of those ungrateful slopes coming here and bad – mouthing the race that turned the North American wilderness into the world’s greatest superpower! Go back to your dirty, dilapidated hovel in Nanking and eat stray dogs, Chawrie Chan!

  6. >the most consequential legislative package in a generation

    It’s only ‘consequential’ due to the amount of money/debt involved.


    And maybe people are ‘indifferent’ because this isn’t the first ‘infrastructure’ bill they’ve seen, and the previous ones haven’t done shit to improve their lives — ‘infrastructure’ bills just saddle people like them with inter-generational interest payments while lining the pockets of Beltway insiders and well-connected firms and contractors.

    >David Brooks

    Fucking worthless kike piece of shit.

    • $300 million per day in Afghanistan. $300 million/day & the troops we “trained” lasted 7 days. There was no training in Afghanistan. The “fighters” preferred the government they had, and suckered America out of Billions.

      That is why they did not want to leave.

      Those “fighters” who are now safely nestled in America & neo-cons grifted American taxpayers out of 2.2 Trillion for themselves & defense contractors.

      But we can’t afford anything now. “Fiscal Responsibility.” This is no longer idological, it is common sense.

      • >That is why they did not want to leave.

        Yes — in fact, you can watch video of Julian Assange saying back in 2011 that the purpose of the war in Afghanistan was to suck money out of the taxpaying classes of coalition nations, and transfer it to national and international security establishments — so the more unsuccessful the war was and the longer it lasted, the better.

        Edward Snowden retweeted the video of Assange speaking here –> Twitter/Snowden — Assange: ‘The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war’

      • “the troops we “trained” lasted 7 days”

        Sounds like affirmative action.
        Spend a lot and get nothing in return.

      • @Vickey,
        Those ‘soldiers’ who couldn’t be trained are likely now safely in the West, yes. Technically, they ‘helped’ the Coalition forces. They likely suddenly learned how to fight once Biden declared the withdrawal……….fighting to escape to the West…..

    • Agreed. There is no substitute for the Ford Power Stroke diesel engine which can, with some models with the largest engines put out up to 1,000 Ft. Lbs. of torque @ 3,000 RPM at sea level (30 inches Hg). The vehicle can be refueled in a few minutes too, something not possible with an electric vehicle.

      Perhaps the electric F-150s are going to be meant not to be work trucks but as drive around town trucks to show off, sort of like a Tesla or wearing a Rolex Oyster.

    • No, they won’t. You want to know why? Because the government will buy hundreds of thousands of them — with YOUR money. Federal agencies, school districts, universities, municipalities, government contractors — ALL will buy fleets of them for purposes of virtue-signaling.

      Only the people who actually work for a living think electric trucks are a bad idea.

      • @X
        Electric trucks will be more than capable of hauling loads and towing. Infrastructure will be set up in appropriate locations as demand increases, to eliminate range anxiety. How is running short of charge any different to running short of gas? You just head for the nearest charging station when required.
        Like with the gradual uptake of pop music or mobile phones, it’s a worldwide trends, not determined by one government or company.

    • @Krafty,
      They will be a roaring success. They’ll have to be…….every company in every nation is heading down the electric path. It’s not a trend started by Ford, but it’s worldwide. Love them or hate them, they’re here, they’re happening, and will rightly not go away. I’m quite excited about it.
      A lot of these vehicles will be American made, and WILL provide jobs for people. Don’t fight it. Go with it.
      The last of the ice vehicles will likely still be around in decreasing numbers for at least the rest of your lifetime. The transitional period will likely take that long to complete. Study after study shows they will be overall better for the environment despite some logistical issues. One step back and two steps forward.
      I say this as someone who’s hardly a leftist, but who is concerned about the only planet we currently inhabit.

    • Maybe he is “conservative” at the NYT, but he’s a wacko neo-Marxist to any rational person.

      He’s just a shill, playing a part on the media stage.

  7. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about & agonizing over changing demographics for a long time. There is nothing that will boost White birthrates more than bare bones economic security.

    We can pretend being poor or working poor (formerly middle-class) is a non-White problem but we know better.

    Nothing will happen elsewhere, including at the border regardless of which “party” is in charge because they both want replacement low-wage workers.

    Illegals do not vote, BTW. This is a republican scare-tactic lie. They also do not receive free food or medical welfare, but their children do.

    At some point a lightbulb will go off & it’s this. “I am hurting my own cause because I’m so bitter about somebody else”.

    Truth is, those “somebody elses” are doing just fine. Are we?

    • >Illegals do not vote, BTW.

      LOL — I’m sure non-citizens, including illegals, vote — how extensive that is no one really knows — I doubt it’s extensive.

      >This is a republican scare-tactic lie.

      No, it’s not a lie — is it a ‘scare-tactic’? — maybe.

      But the truth is everyone, Republicans and Democrats, should be concerned about non-citizens voting — to the extent Democrats aren’t, and accuse Republicans of ‘racism’ etc for being concerned about it, they are scum — but then you already knew that, right? — you knew it due to the way Democrats systematically oppose (usually as ‘racist’) even the most reasonable voter ID measures designed to help make sure elections are fair, and that only those entitled to vote can and do vote.

      • We are racialists, No?

        I have no problem with who we are. I am asking how we Win.

        I suggest we do what my sons are doing. Having children.

        I am even coming around to their mothers. I could tap out, but No Way.

        We will not be able to keep our sons away from all liberal women. Just keep them White.

        My grandaughters all have red hair. I do not think we need to teach them to be racialists. It is either In Them, or it is not.

          • The whole “racial realist” thing comes from Amren. They think Jews and Asians are superior to whites, anyways. Which…history directly contradicts that thinking.

            Young people are indoctrinated early in school, so having “red hair” means nothing out there.

        • >Having children.

          There’s a meme for that –> linkconcerned about open borders and infinite mass migration? why don’t you just outbreed 92% of the planet you stupid nazi

          Whites are now heading toward being only 10% of the world’s population, down from 30% as late as the early 1900s — so I don’t think just having kids is going to be enough.

          >We are racialists, No?

          Whites are in a perilous situation — decades of brainwashing and foolish policy has gotten us here — if I was to say ‘how we win’ I would be accused of fed posting.

        • “Illegals do not vote, BTW. This is a republican scare-tactic lie. They also do not receive free food or medical welfare, but their children do.”

          You’re just WRONG. I see it every SINGLE DAY. They receive free food, utilities, housing, you name it, and all of the free medical care they want. They, and their children, do NOT pay a cent.

          Having more children will just produce more slaves to generate money to support the “hispanics”, who are really Amerinds.

          Having more kids, without having power, just puts them as victims of liberal and nonwhite politicians and schools. We WERE the majority, and look what happened. It’s proof that just a few can take over us.

          Your grandkids may have red hair, but if they are taught history in the schools, public OR private, they will learn the false history. No teacher is going to teach them about all of the scientists and inventors who were white. Just Scotland, alone, produced a LOT of scientists.

          Where the heck are you getting your information????

    • Even if the illegals do not vote, they are used to inflate democrat congressional districts and allocation of federal funds.

  8. I am so exhausted. Nothing works. Except for the goddamn thing that puts money in our pockets to have a chance to have more White Children.

    And yet we Vote to lose this $300/month per child because Democrats.

    Yes, Trump thought of it first. Okay?

    I just cannot stand us anymore. I’m sorry.

    • @ Vickey – Re illegals, “They also do not receive free food or medical welfare, but their children do.” Under a rule entitled Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) illegal aliens over age 18 may be qualified for EBT/food stamps soon after arrival. There are numerous other loopholes in the policy that would allow other ways in which illegals can obtain EBT/food stamps, immediately or soon thereafter, depending upon their nation of origin. In reality, NO ONE in this country will be forced to starve or go without medical care, regardless of their immigration status. Also, if an illegal is getting EBT for six children, they de facto are getting enough in benefits to feed themselves, too.

      “I just cannot stand us anymore.” You know, I hadn’t admitted it to myself until I read that line in your comment, but I have arrived at the same point too, just recently — albeit probably for somewhat different reasons. Mostly, I am just sick of the herds of White sheeple stumbling along towards oblivion, and the sick self-haters prodding them on. Sick to death of it.

      Your comments are always passionate and rational, and I do wish you well.

    • For most whites, the idea of being subsidized while having kids, is rather foreign. Most whites supported their own kids.
      So when we want to “lose the $300/ month”, it’s because every nonwhite will get this money, and it’s going to further erode the nation.

      You just can’t look at it, like, “Gee, how can WE get our part of this?”

  9. The US is in really bad shape. I don’t think anybody can deny that. Even people with no interest in Politics knows it now. The Democrats and Republicans have been constantly divided since President Obama was in office. President Trump made it 10,000 times worse. Now Joe Biden. It’s all a giant mess and it’s really sad seeing it. Democrats and Republicans have become so extreme left wing and right wing that none of them can even see each other anymore. Nobody shakes hands and says….heck we all still live in America and we should be happy about that. Now everybody hates each other and can find no common ground. It’s good seeing all the Games with full stadiums. Concerts with full arenas and so on. I think that Glue (I call it Moderate respectful views) is still around for many people. It’s the absolute garbage being pushed through Conservative and Liberal media that keeps this division going. We in the Pro White community talk about White Civil Rights and rights for all races and people. That everybody should be doing good including White People. That the Super Rich and the New World Order hate us all. I think if people would go watch a local Football game in person, sit around people of different backgrounds, and show mutual respect for each other….things would be better. However you’re never ever gonna get the D or the R politicians do that….these scum hate each other and all of us. All they care about is money and power. The extreme nuts on the right wing vs the left wing are the problem. These nuts are all our enemy…White, Black, Mexican, and so on. We might not always agree on race but I think all the races wanna have Faith, Peace, Happiness, Security, and Prosperity…White People included. Deo Vindice !

    • There has been no “extreme right” shift in America, just the left has gotten so extreme they find normal attitudes from just 30 years ago to be beyond the pale. In the 80’s a routine conversation with the typical “Meatball” lower class white from Chicagoland would often hear the N-word routinely used about blacks and the “death penalty” suggested for gays. That was common lower class white attitudes 35 year ago and are virtually unheard of now. Even the right has drifted leftwards, Trump had typical Reganesque attitudes, nothing he said would have been controversial in 1985, these commie bastards these days just think that is completely beyond the pale now. You can’t even call a transvestite like Bruce Jenner a “he” anymore. Nope, it’s not the right’s fault, this is a result of the extreme leftward drift of the garbage now making up the majority of the so called citizenry of America.

      • “An economic disaster is inbound and will be excruciatingly painful.”

        Yes, and I don’t want to be in it.
        Let the libtards, feminists, self-righteous etc. suffer. I’m frantically looking for the ejection handle.

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