The Christian Question

The true purpose of Matthew Rose’s book is to create a caricature of the “Radical Right” and argue that the “Radical Right” is reactionary and anti-Christian and because of this it is “anti-Semitic. In this respect, there is plenty of material to work with because it is true that there has always been a deep anti-Christian current or tendency in these circles. Just look at our comment section.

There are people who are inspired by writers like Friedrich Nietzsche or Francis Parker Yockey or Julius Evola. There are atheists and pagans who identify with the “Radical Right.” There are Odinists and Apollonians who hate Christianity. The truth though is that there is broad agreement within the “Radical Right” on the reality of race and its importance, but there has always been considerable disagreement on religion. In fact, the polls show that the vast majority of White Americans who still have some degree of racial consciousness are Christians and support for wokeness is strongly correlated with atheism.

“But in criticizing Christianity, the radical right comes from a radically different perspective, one so opposed to dominant assumptions as to be incompatible with them. To understand these thinkers’ angle of vision, and to perceive Christianity as they do, requires more than intellectual curiosity. It requires the ability to see modern society and to read secular arguments from a potentially disorienting vantage point. To state their views succinctly, if also crudely: the radical right critique Christianity for nurturing individual freedom, not suppressing it; for undermining human inequalities, not upholding them; for being rationalistic, not irrational; for its openness, not its exclusivity; for being apolitical, not political; and for living up to its ideals, not betraying them. What is shocking about these formulations is that they invert the conventional terms of intellectual discussion. They accuse Christianity of being the cause of modern values it is often blamed for impeding or rejecting.”

This is not my critique of Christianity.

The truth is that the conquest and settlement of the New World was justified by Christianity. This was true of both Protestants and Catholics. Christianity fueled European expansion. By the early 20th century, virtually the entire globe was dominated by Western Christian imperial powers.

It was also Christians who created the very language of racialism that we take for granted today. The Portuguese and the Spanish were the first to develop modern racial theories which were picked up by the Dutch, the English and the French. All European powers attempted to convert the heathens to Christianity and only gradually developed racial consciousness through experience with them in the process. A sense of whiteness only became important in this colonial setting of racial tension and conflict.

It was Christians who justified slavery on the basis of the Bible and presided over the trans-Atlantic slave trade for centuries. Human rights theories were only developed centuries later. Originally, barbarians and heathens had no rights or status under European international law. The Caribbean, for example, was considered “beyond the line.” European rules and norms of warfare didn’t even apply there.

Insofar as “white supremacy” ever existed in the world, it was practiced by Christians. There has never been a racialist pagan or atheist state. As recently as a hundred years ago, Christians were quite comfortable dominating all Africa and most of Asia. Jim Crow was practiced in most of America. As late as the 1920s, America wasn’t just a White country or a Christian country. It was a Protestant country too.

Some would say that Christianity fostered radical egalitarianism. If one could step into a time machine though and return to any point in the past before the mid-20th century, you would have trouble finding this egalitarianism. Most people were convinced of the superiority of their own race, ethnicity, religion, class, etc. We don’t have to venture that far back in the past – a generation or two ago – to return to a time when both patriarchy and white supremacy were ascendant in this country and elsewhere.

If you could be transported back in time to the year 1912 when the Titanic sank, you would find that the overwhelming majority of people you encountered would be astonished about your tales of the future. No one would believe you. You would have been institutionalized in an insane asylum for saying that it would get this bad. No one would be surprised by technological progress which was anticipated by everyone. Very few people anticipated racial, cultural and religious degeneration on this scale.

The Church of Sweden of a century ago would have been shocked to learn that in the near future it would be a “trans church.” Americans would have been shocked to learn that negroes would be worshipped as gods and that the White man would be denigrated by all institutions. What if you told Americans in 1912 that statues of George Washington would be torn down and lynched and that Juneteenth would replace Independence Day and that in the future men could become women by wishing it were so?

Christianity and even liberalism was comfortable with racialism until the early 20th century. The typical Victorian era Christian and liberal had no problem believing in the existence of race, the salvation of his own soul and the free-market and was unbearably prudish by our own standards.

Circle the years between 1914 and 1945 because that is when everything abruptly changed. There were two World Wars. The mass media was developed which forever changed how culture is transmitted. Jews rose into the American elite. Young Americans started going to college. The United States became a global superpower. The old WASP elite began to lose its grip on power.

It was “antiracism” that changed Christianity, not the other way around. This can be seen in peculiarities of our own culture. No one has a problem with race-based black churches or black racial chauvinism. Blacks can even use racial slurs which are verboten for Whites under the current racial etiquette. Non-Whites can adapt Christianity into an infinite variety of forms like Pentecostalism without any objections. We explicitly discriminate in favor of blacks which is technically racist. It is only whiteness that is attacked. This is because we live under the cloud of an “antiracist” culture now that targets Whites.

This is a peculiarity of our own times. All kinds of things which are omnipresent today were novelties a hundred years ago. Feminism, for example, was just getting off the ground in 1921 and even then the range of the “New Woman” (a creation of a modernist cultural vanguard) was limited to a few of America’s biggest cities. The origins of modern culture only really go back to the late 19th/early 20th century and a few of its towering progenitors like Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche and Freud. Dispensationalism and Christian Zionism was spread through radio and by televangelists in 20th century America.

Trends get started in our dominant secular culture. Some Christians feel the need to respond and adapt to those trends while others do not. A century ago, the churches split between modernists and fundamentalists over issues like Darwinism. For the better part of three centuries now, this has been going on as Christians have adapted their beliefs to reconcile their faith with Galileo or Newton or Locke or Hegel or Marx or even now with more recent trends like CRT, “trans” or feminism. Entire branches of Christianity like the Church of England have all but collapsed in the process of keeping up with the latest fads. The church has repeatedly adapted itself to power up to and including even the Nazis. We could take this insight back to the Middle Ages when Thomas Aquinas reconciled Aristotle’s work with Augustinianism or further back to Late Antiquity when Christians did the same thing with Plato.

Christianity has adapted itself to liberalism and “antiracism.” It is possible to study what Christianity was like though before either of these influences when it wasn’t liberal or “antiracist.” Had America always been liberal or “antiracist,” the country as we know it today would never have existed. Many of its leading institutions like the Southern Baptist Convention which has recently gone woke only discovered that “racism” was a sin in the 1990s. Southern Baptists also apologized for slavery in the 1990s.

To be sure, there are Southern Baptists who will insist a decade from now that their denomination was always woke, feminist, anti-slavery, pro-LGBTQ and “antiracist.” There are also White Nationalists who will insist that the Southern Baptists were always woke too and that it took them centuries to figure it out that wokeness always there in the Gospel. Neither of these sides is correct though.

White people are currently being demographically replaced by the Amish and Mormons who will be a much larger share of the White population in 2050. The same is true of Jews and the ultra-Orthodox. In the long run, it is entirely possible to imagine Christianity decoupling itself from liberalism, “antiracism,” modernity and all kinds of trends. Christianity has been authoritarian and anti-authoritarian. In the past, Christianity has adapted to all sorts of influential figures which are now long forgotten.

Christianity as it has been practiced for thousands of years is a survivor and a shapeshifter. It has been philo-Semitic and anti-Semitic. This isn’t a new insight. It was well known by the Reformers who took issue with the Late Medieval penance system and who got rid of celibacy, the church hierarchy, monasteries, the Papacy and who took wives and created state churches. This was radical at the time. It was far more radical and impactful than dumping a mere fad of American elites like “antiracism” which only goes back to the 1930s.

I think some people are way too pessimistic and have derived the wrong conclusions from their own lives. “Antiracism” peaked back in the early 2000s. The issue is controversial now. Consensus has collapsed. White racial attitudes are polarizing and hardening on both sides. White identity has waxed and waned many times before.

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  1. Anyone holding the views overwhelmingly held by practicing Christians 100 years ago would be considered “Radical Right” today. People who embrace Leftism call people who hold fast to traditional values “Anti-Christian” – such people have ZERO respect for Christianity, the churches are strictly instrumental residues of the past to be used to accomplish the goals of the Jews.

    NEWSFLASH: If you’re allied with the Antichrist Jews, you are not a Christian, and you will be condemned to Hell unless you repent.

    • Whites were best as pagans.

      Christianity is rope around our necks. You have to accept anyone who wants to live off of you, you have to put others first, you can’t have a homeland to yourself, and you cannot challenge the Jew.

      • Ridiculous! Christian Europe conquered and enlightened the world. The greatest scientific advances were made by Christian nations, often by Christian scientists. The greatest art, music, architecture, etc.

        • Christian Europe did not conquer the world. Jews conquered the world using Christian Europeans as cannon fodder. All European empires were packed with Jews at the very top, and Jews were the ones to primarily benefit from imperialism, not White Europeans. Saying that Christian Europe conquered the world is like saying that White Americans conquered the world in the 20th century. Completely ignores the power arrangement of these empires.

          • @Dart Agree. So many scientists are atheist, too. I think Christianity could have a real place in WN, as religion is the ONLY real place to unify and congregate these days. But they’d have to give up the “everyone is God’s children” and the relentless caring of nonwhite peoples. They’d have to give worshipping the tribe and telling us how wonderful they are, too.

        • @Jannie,

          You are the one being ridiculous.

          Christianity brought on the Dark Ages. 500 years of zero scientific innovation or progress and much misery.

    • The Pale Face Heathen looks a lot better with adequate exercise, weight lifting, proper nutrition, vitamins, hydration, daily sun exposure, manicuring, and proper attire.

      Help yourself. Stop waiting for God to do what you can easily do.

  2. The question isn’t one that is salient at this point in time.

    The issue of racial distinction, and thus the necessity of our preservation as distinct is salient.

    The only thing the so called pagans, odinists and atheists have done is set about dividing the already few of us along ever finer and more autistic lines out of a common hatred of christians (what the hell is an Apollonian?)

    This isn’t any different than what queers, feminists and leftists do and its for the same reason. These groups define themselves by their opposition to us.

    • So the followers of the original White religions are the divisive ones. How brilliant of you.

  3. Christians were created by Jews, to be their slaves. If white gentiles are stupid/insane enough to believe in a Jewish created religion for centuries, where their ‘god’ is a circumcised rabbi, who teaches ‘Salvation is from the Jews’; its only predestined that Jews are ultimately going to control everything in your nation/society: banks, media, government, education, economy, religion etc..

    Crowley & Hitler warned you & offered a religious (The Book of the Law) & political (Mein Kampf) solution to end this Jewish-Christian domination, & a path to a new order; but the white race preferred to continue being slaves to their Jewish Overlords…So this is the world you get.

    • Did you read the article?The Church was pro-white well into 1950… 1950 years of being pro+ white is bad then? So what is good? Never being pro white like the pagans?( If you follow the book of the law,you end with the same society you have now,with your women marrying nogs)

      • Depends on which “church” you’re talking about. The papist church was anti-White for centuries before the 1950s. That’s why South and Central America are mestizo-mulatto mixed continents, because their church has always advocated miscegenation as a positive good. Many protestant churches were also anti-White well before the 1950s, and these protestant churches played a role in radical abolitionism.

    • Agree. It’s not the “philo-semitism” that’s the biggest problem. It’s the worship of every single Jew and giving them a free pass no matter what they do.
      The whole antisemitism thing has allowed them to become in charge of almost every aspect of our lives.

      • Oh Crowley was pro white was he? Offered a better religion then Christianity?! Absolute lies and madness You aren’t nearly knowledgeable to know what the hell you are talking about.

        Crowley hated Hitler btw didn’t agree with Aryan supremacy the fact you would mention them in the same breathe as their politics/ ideologies were similar is stupefyingly naive

        Even if Crowley was pro Anglo he wasn’t btw what makes you think he was pro white or had a better pro white religion?! He was a notorious kabblahist and practiced every foreign type of occultism known

    • Yes, the Jews created Christianity which is why they tried so hard (and are still trying) to stamp it out!

      Crowley and Hitler both lead to the Devil and “Mein Kampf” is moreover unreadable tosh.

      • I wish the Hohenzollerns were restored to the German Imperial throne, along with restoration of the Kingdom of Prussia, madam. Hitler and his boys had no respect for the Kaiser, something which always bothered me.

  4. It’s natural that many on the right would be repelled by Christianity when 99% of what presents itself as “christianity” in the west is fags like Rod Dreher telling you that racism is the gravest sin of all and that you have to take the entire population of Africa into your country while accepting feminism and sodomy. Or this loser Matt Rose trying to sell a watered down George Soros neoliberalism as “christianity.” And that’s from the “right wing” version of christianity. The left, of course, is even worse.

    A good book that addresses Nietzsche from the Orthodox Christian perspective is “On the Absence and Unknowability of God: Heidegger and the Areopagite” by Christos Yannaras. Nietzsche was right about a lot, only when it came to western Christianity. But he was ignorant of Orthodox Christianity.

    • Dart et al.- part of America’s problem is this:

      The 19th century Russian philosopher Alexis Khomiakov… stated:” All Protestants are crypto-Papists… to use the datum a; whether it be preceded by the positive sign +, as with the Romanists, or with the negative -, as with the Protestants, the a remains the same.”- Birbeck, W.J. Russia and the English Church, p. 67.

      It is this “cut off from the vine” attitude of the West, that has given us the apostasy we now witness.

      • The various Anabaptists, and we Friends, say we are “neither Catholic nor Protestant” and that Christianity, or Christians, appeared first in the east, not the west – in Syria (Antioch) not Rome.

  5. A Christian may do things that are incompatible with scripture. Instead of looking at the historical actions of those who said they were Christians, you should be evaluating what’s actually in the Bible.

    • If I thought something was real, I don’t know how I could live in an opposite way. So maybe most of them really don’t buy into it. Because if they thought God would send them to hell for this or that, they wouldn’t need to convince themselves of it.

    • “you should be evaluating what’s actually in the Bible”

      Yes, you should, because it contradicts itself everywhere. Often on the very same page.

  6. If anyone ever had a reason to withdraw from Christianity, the top image is that reason. Who wants to attend a building full of dirty Sodomites?
    I don’t find Blacks, Browns or Muslims’ discusting, but have always found Gays discusting. I just don’t want them near me! Just the sight of a manly, tattooed Dyke puts me off my food……. literally!

  7. The Protestant Reformation brought on the greatest burst of learning, science and technology the world had seen since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. Basically because the foot of the Roman Catholic Church was removed from the neck of the northern European peoples. Up until the time of the Reformation, any learning, science or technology might be considered heritical by the Catholic Church, and the individual broadcasting these views burned at the stake.

    Here in the US we were lucky, 99.8% of the population was Protestant, with only a few Catholics on the eastern shore of Maryland. It remained this way until the potato famine in Ireland and the socialist revolutions in the German States. Then we got our first shot of Roman Catholics in the 1850’s. It has been all down hill since then. LOL.

    You would be hard pressed to find a Protestant who believed that a man could be infallible under any conditions, or that a man was God’s representative on earth! That’s just crazy, and that’s just starters.

    • search results for “catholics in the united states in 1790s”

      The Catholic population of the United States, which had been 35,000 in 1790, increased to 195,000 in 1820 and then ballooned to about 1.6 million in 1850, by which time Catholics had become the country’s largest denomination. … By the end of the century, there were 12 million Catholics in the United States.”

      • LOL. Not very good at math are you? In 1790 1% of the estimated US population of 4,000,000 would have been 40,000. So if you want to call me a liar for a few tenths of one percent go right ahead, you Roman Catholic asshole.

        • 35,000 in 1790 is almost 1%, not 0.2%. Yes, you are indeed a pathological liar or just really, really stupid. “Our first shot of Roman Catholics in the 1850s.” – when in 1850 Catholics were the largest denomination. Of course, The territory that was in the future to be annexed to the United States in 1790 had considerably more than 35,000, not that that is relevant, but it’s important to remember that the Louisiana territory and the Southwest already had settlements at the time of the founding, people who already lived in this land. Those were not immigrants permitted to come to the US.

          • 8,000 versus 35,000 – that is to say, less than half the population of Boston versus almost double the population of Boston, more than a factor of 4. “A few tenths of a percent” – which amounts to half an order of magnitude difference.

          • LOL. Order of magnitude my ass and your mother’s face. 35,000 was your number, I gave you the more generous 40,000.

          • Krafty’s picture is more accurate, because the concentrations of Papists in a few small areas such as central Maryland, northern Florida and southern Louisiana are mere anomalies – localized exceptions that prove the general rule of originally Anglo-Protestant America.

            Papism’s boasted jump to “being the largest” denomination by 1850 was due to: (1) recent mass migrations from Ireland and southern Germany, and (2) because there were/are MANY Protestant denominations and only one Papism. Krafty has the correct view.

          • It’s fair to say nobody knows how many Catholics actually lived in the early US, but 0.2% is a deliberate falsehood. The number was not insignificant, even if small. After all a signer of the Declaration of Independence was Catholics, as was the owner of property donated to build the US Capitol. I’m not sure it’s worth responding to someone who said 99.8% of the population was Protestant, then says we don’t understand math, he must not understand that 10,000 is 1% of 1 million. But if he’s not some sort of fed putting us on, he believes in all that Millerite-Adventist-Watchtower apocalyptic crap. Not playing with a full deck, belonging to one of those porch-monkey sects.

    • The only thing protestants did was bring to light was the heliocentric model,billions of light years,things so distant that you are seeing their past,dark matter,gravity sustaining the whole solar system but not,going to the space that is a vacumn but at the same time not and other crap you muttmericans believe,you indeed deserve all that is to come.

      • The Catholics and Jews are political allies in Congress, the State Houses, and City governments! That’s a fact.

  8. The desert religion syndrome was invented outside of Europa, as a tool of division, and forced on Europeans. Converted Europeans then murdered their own people, millions of them, who refused to accept the alien mythology. It was not Christian Europeans who presided over the slave trade, but you know who, who also routinely sold European Christians, as slaves, to the muzzies. But, it was the adherents of Christianity who used their religious fantasies to help slowly break the solidarity of White people. Western Civilization has all but fallen, Christianity has played a major role in it, either through it’s adherents using their religion to hide their cowardice, or the religion being used as a mask to shield the destroyers.

        • You can travel over there and see, still standing thousands of years later… the Coliseum, the Pantheon, a vast system of roads, and the aqueducts, which are still standing to this day. The aqueducts brought water into the populated areas. They had laws on lands and ownership. They invented concrete.
          To say they invented nothing, you need to read history!!

        • Jannie,

          You sound like a student of E.M.J (Whites have no culture) but all other races do. Look at the Colosseum the Roman’s built over 2000 years ago and the what the Greeks built. They’re still standing today.

        • The Romans didn’t have the refined artistic, intellectual or philosophical sensibilities of their Greek predecessors but they were great engineers, architects, artisans and craftsmen.

        • Jannie,

          A flushing toilet was discovered in Britain that was built for common soldiers. It was constructed nearly 2000 years ago.

          • In addition to public waste disposal with plumbing, the Romans also built pubic baths everywhere, with aqueducts and plumbing to bring the water to the baths – thus promoting the immorality of public bathing that Christianity avoided and condemned.

            The Empire might not have invented, but did make maximum use of: concrete, arches and domes, military weapons technology, and road-building technology so the imperial military could move rapidly on land.

    • You are correct. Whether it’s High-Fellatin’ Franny the Fake-Pope or Hageeite Pro’tards regurgitating the heretical commentaries of Cyrus Scofield – whose notorious book was bankrolled by Jews over a century ago – Christianity as it presently exists in the west delenda est. As was noted last year: In Russia, they’re building new churches every day. In Murika and elsewhere in the “Christian” west, nogs, Antifa et al are burning them down every day – egged on loudest by Schlomo (naturally). Western Christianity has turned its back on Christ – exemplified by clowns such as those at First Things. They are so completely evil and depraved that living under Muslims would be preferable.

      BTW, has Vox Day ever admitted you were right about Cheetohead the Clown, the God-Emperor of Grift? He posted something the other day which seemed to indicate Trumpstein is no longer the admired alpha.

      • @ exalted: no, VoxDay has never admitted that Haxo was right about anything. I still hit his site everyday tho because he puts out a lot of good material, e.g. on the Jews’ (((globohomo))) covid scam. Also like OccDiss, Banned Hipster, Unz, and Anglin for the same reason.

  9. The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations, a greater Judaism in fact; and all the
    separate races and religions shall disappear.

    The Jewish World,
    February 9, 1883

    (A.D. 1907-1908) Widespread demand by the Jews during this year for the complete
    secularization of public institutions of this country, as a part of the demand of the Jews for their constitutional rights.

    Supreme Court Justice Brewer’s statement that this is a Christian country widely controverted by Jewish rabbis and publications.

    “No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and unusual people.That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. You cannot be English Jews.

    We are a race, and only
    as a race can we perpetuate.

    Our mentality is of Edomitish
    character, and differs from that of an Englishman.

    Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.”

    Manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman

    Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.

    Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament, 1966. p159.

    British Architect Peter Kellow Stripped Of Professional License For Stating Jews ‘Invented’ Racism In Europe:

    It was “not far from the truth” that Jews “were the inventers of European racism for they asserted they were racially different to the rest of us,”

    Kellow wrote. He added: “Judaists have got themselves into a lot of trouble thoughout history being subject to pogroms, ghettos and expulsions. I am not saying this was justified, but why do we see this consistent pattern?”

    August 2020

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith had issued a series of leaflets for Fireside Discussion Groups.

    Number 7 states:

    The question “Are Jews a Race?” is answered, briefly, with the conclusion that Jews are part
    of a “general admixture” of races.

    “Are Jews a Nation?’ is answered with the idea that Jews form parts of all nations; that some of them have the Zionist ideal of a Palestinian nation but “Jews have a consciousness of world unity.” To quote:

    Jews are “definitely a type, and consciously a unity, we are an historic people; a world

    The question “Are Jews a Religion?” is answered by the assertion that “There are hundreds of thousands of Jews who are unbelievers. Yet they still consider themselves Jews.”

    The incident of Jews converted to Christianity asking to help build a Jewish Palestine is related. “It is true that there are hundreds of thousands of atheist Jews, but they need not fear to be represented by Judaism. Of this they may be sure: that Judaism will not misrepresent them.”

    The B’nai B’rith pamphlet previously quoted also states:

    “We want a world in which nationalism shall definitely diminish.” And. Jews feel “they
    belong to one world unity.

    • Everyone knows “Jew” is a biological group and Judaism is the religion unique to them. It’s not a big mystery.

  10. What the hell is a Jewish Christian or a Christian Jew? First Things is chock full of this psychotic non-sense. Either you accept Christ and his teachings or you do not, make up your minds you retards over at First Things.

  11. I’m guessing the jews had a lot to do with destroying fundamental Christianity by encouraging the pastors and priests into praising Israel and the jews. The Scofield bible didn’t help either.

  12. The problem with the Christian Right has always been that it thinks the Republican Party actually cares about Christians. Not and never gonna happen. Just look at Abortion…Republicans have talked about it for years and it’s still legal. The Republicans have cucked on every single moral issue. Nearly every Sin you can think of has been legalized while Democrats and Republicans have been in office. God will never bless America or any other country until we become Christian 100%. We have this problem in the US because the Founding Fathers had a Libertarian moment in writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This country should have been a Christian country 100% in Law and it should have highlighted the European American founding of the US. The American People should have took the country over from the rich and deported all the Slaves. Slavery has doomed American racially. It’s time we reverse these trends now and embrace White Christian Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  13. “Christianity as it has been practiced for thousands of years is a survivor and a shapeshifter.“

    This goes to the core of my reason why I hate Christianity.

    On the one hand they go around telling me I’m going to burn in hell forever If I don’t subscribe to their narrow view of the world and their “eternal truths”.

    Yet it is obvious their beliefs are not eternal, and have changed radically in recent history.

    It is transparent manipulation ie a “LIE”.

    • “Yet it is obvious their beliefs are not eternal, and have changed radically in recent history.”

      An institution’s only purpose is to perpetuate itself.

      When Christianity changed from small groups of people meeting up once a week at friends house to read and discuss the Bible, to maintaining large buildings, priests, and bureaucracy it became an Institution. Paganism, if it was as large and wealthy as Christianity is today, would also be anti-white and gay under the current conditions.

      There isn’t a single Institution in the West that has not turned against the race that built it. What is the solution? Defund the institutions.

  14. Christianity, like the Greco-Roman pantheon before it, has pretty much run its course in the West. It may continue in the Orient, but it will have to adapt to Oriental culture. I have read the Chinese are not a religious people, however.

  15. Liberalism is anti-Christian. It’s not Christianity that birthed liberalism. The bible outlines an illiberal worldview beginning with God choosing you, and not you choosing him.

    Most of the racialist hatred of Christianity comes more from a hatred of Whites becoming less violent. So the critics over-compensate with violence enabling/worshipping ideologies. From the Roman and Norse pagan religions that venerate violence, to the insanity of (right wing) accelerationism. People are mad we have been sold out and want vengeance. They are naturally going to lean toward more morally relativistic ideologies in a time like this. This, combined with the critics of Christianity generally knowing little, or trying to know little, of what the bible actually says, is where the hatred of Christianity comes from imo.

  16. @ After babylon falls, I refer you too Revelation 18:12 we .who survive, desire too ,if it’s gods will, too see the Confederate nation reborn, A christian nation, with a christian government, that’s purpose is to obey and serve the living God and the people of our republic, not keeping their nose up everybody’s Ass, after much thought about this, it will.probably be best if you athiest ,stay up north and live out your national socialist fantasies, this bickering back and forth is a waste of time.

    • I would rather have a Yankee NatSocialist White Supremacist atheist at my side in a Race War than some Southern Baptist cuck clutching his Bible, Black wife and rainbow flag. The US’s nigger problem is a direct result of a few dozen powerful Southern families who were too cheap to pay a decent wage to pick cotton and instead brought in African slaves purchased from Jew slave merchants.

    • No one is stopping a Protestant from telling a Protestant clergyman how they feel about anything. If the clergyman does not like it, tough. Protestants believe in Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ—not by works/sacraments like the Roman Catholics.

      Remember this, many, if not most of these so called pagans are either former Roman Catholics, and, they come from Roman Catholic families. They do not have a Protestant history.

      • I do not see any Great Revival of American Christianity ever occurring again, Olde Dutch. But that old time religion has to be replaced with something – maybe the New Age worship of redwood trees and timber wolves?

    • “…to see the Confederate nation reborn…” You’re dreaming. You all really need to get a grip on reality.

      • @ It’s a worthwhile dream, it helps with reality, having something tangible, too look forward too,

  17. I’ve been enjoying Sydney George Fisher’s 1902 book The True History of the American Revolution.

    The way Fisher tells it, the patriot mobs were far more disgusting than today’s Antifa. The problem with America, it seems, is America.

    • McCullough’s 1775 painted a far different picture. Some of the men were so ragged and spent, at the end, one officer didn’t even recognize his own brother.

      They were willing to die, to be free.

  18. What I find truly repulsive about Christianity now – and many on the Far Right do, as well – is its promotion of open borders, unchecked immigration and the welcoming of immigrants – Christianity is truly another tentacle of the Jew World Order now. We attended mass regularly up until the time Covid began and offering prayers for immigrants(legal and illegal) was included in every single mass.

    • It’s been corrupted. And based on my own limited inside observations I believe there are certain “agents” secreted within churches of all denominations in order to steer, observe, guide, report…

      • I suspect there is much truth to this. Take the Southern Baptists as a good example. Just over 40 years ago, they successfully fought off liberal infiltration of their seminaries. By “liberal” in this context I refer to “liberal theology” based upon what is known as “higher criticism” of biblical texts – a notion introduced in 19th century Germany which was already infiltrating American Protestant denominations by the late-19th and early 20th centuries. This is indeed what resulted in an early 20th century pamphlet called “The Fundamentals” (hence the neologism ‘fundamentalist’ – now applied to Muslims as much as to Christians).

        Back to the Southern Baptists, the victors of the battle in the 1970s rested on their laurels with the advent of Reaganism while the enemy regrouped and infiltrated again. By the mid-1990s the rot had advanced to the stage that the SBC felt the need to “apologize” for slavery – which is nowhere outlawed in the bible. Now we have folks like Russell Moore taking 30-million pieces of fake-silver from the likes of Soros, a very obvious spawn of Satan. Southern Baptists are now converged. They’re done and well on their way to becoming little more than another Temple of Satan like the Episcopalians or the United Church of Christ: Salt which has lost its saltiness and worthy only to be tossed into the flames.

  19. Churches these days appear to be a reflection of wider Western society in general:- it goes with whatever winds of change are blowing at the time.
    The Left appear to be now attacking it from within (check image above) when previously, they were doing it as an outside force. Why are fags, dykes and Libtards trying to enter the church, take it over and change it when they’d never do the same with Islam or Judaism?
    If it’s a symbol of White identity, then it must be interfered with and altered. The Left have changed our nation’s and institutions. Now, they’re after our churches. It’s totally lost on them that if they become a part of the church community of their own volition, the onus is on them to change. Instead, they’re trying to change the church.
    Fuck ’em!

    • 1 Kings 19:18: Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.

  20. Christianity is like conservatism, somewhat similar and with big overlap to the right but mostly useless in the real political struggle. A swing door through which good and bad people can enter and leave. For the most part a weakness because it’s inherently universalist and only in small parts europeanized.

  21. The only Christianity that is useful is what Der Führer called “positive Christianity.” In other words, the parts of Christianity that improve civilization.

  22. You may practice the Old Religions in name, but you will practice the New Religion in deed.

    Only the new can fight the new.

  23. There is no restoring the West without Christianity. There is no restoring Heritage America without Christianity.

    Just as importantly, the atheist and neopagan segments of the right are tiny, if loud, fringes that make a lot of noise on the internet but have no appeal to the tens of millions of Heritage Americans who we’ll need on our side if we ever expect to accomplish anything. That means that they’re not just irrelevant, but actively more trouble than they’re worth, and should be shunned by anyone who’s serious about winning.

  24. >deep anti-Christian current or tendency in these circles

    Since we’re speaking very generally, maybe this is because they recognize and resent the role of the Christian church in the promotion of egalitarianism, i.e. race blind civic nationalism, which they see as seriously detrimental to the interests of white nations and white people, especially white men — as an example, in Germany, the church establishment uses some of its funds (collected thru the Kirchensteuer) to operate ‘rescue’ ships in the Mediterranean, bringing thousands of muslim and African migrants (overwhelmingly men) to Europe.

    In my experience, it’s difficult to separate the ‘Radical Right’ from white identitarianism/White Nationalism.

    linkThe Biden Regime is governing for the America to come. It knows White men are rapidly becoming a neutered political force in America, via demographic swamping, so it no longer bothers to appease that segment of society. It no longer needs the votes of White men, because it has replaced that support with the votes of colored people and vagina-ed people.

    Personally, I’m not anti-Christian — I appreciate the historic role of Christianity and Christian morality in providing the moral underpinnings for the development of western civilization — but within the modern neoliberal state, some modern church doctrine is objectively harmful to Whites.

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