How To Solve America’s Anger Problem

It is not a new idea.

We’ve been talking about dismantling the American Empire and dissolving the Union for over a decade on this website. At some point, we stopped talking about it as much because so many people were going through their MAGA phase and Trump had absorbed all of their attention. Even before the 2016 election, I said that “Taking Back America” would be a spectacular failure, but that it was a phase that most people would have go through in order to become radicalized enough to support disunion.

“It is safe to say that a Trump victory will be interpreted by Middle America as the moment they succeeded in “Taking America Back.” By promising the world to his followers, Trump will have raised expectations like never before. They will soon find out that not even Donald Trump can “Make America Great Again.” The disillusionment and radicalization that will follow will be something to behold. …

Without Hillary as his opponent, I think Trump will have a hard time getting reelected. It is easy to imagine an ascendant Left that has radicalized under Trump sweeping to victory in the 2020 election with a more popular champion. In such a scenario, secession would be far more likely than it is today when the would be secessionists are disgruntled leftists.”

I spoke about this at the Arkansas League of the South conference.

Most of these people are still on the Trump Train although their faith is wavering. Trump told his followers that the 2020 election was stolen from him. He might have to run and lose again in 2024.

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    • @Dart any clean split like this would be a disaster. I have shitlib family in the Carolinas, Magatards in Florida and the few based ones are in New York, Jersey and especially Pennsylvania. Outside of New York City you have hardcore right wingers and the same outside of LA. Major cities skew demographics. Add in the massive hundred plus million Pakistanis, Afghans, Haitian and Hispanics that have come the past fifteen years? It ie a total mess which those in power always intended.

      Regional solidarity is a thing of the past. I was in Virginia last weekend and it was worse than anything i have ever seen

      • Not necessarily.

        Search for “Population exchange between Greece and Turkey” in Wikipedia. Totally peaceful, and totally complete. Not one soul left on the wrong side of the fence.

        For background, search “Treaty of Lausanne” in Wikipedia.

        This is unlike the incomplete and bloody partitions of India-Pakistan and Israel-Palestine, with the Palestinian areas being annexed in 1948 by Egypt and Jordan and later by Israel in 1967.

        Another transfer of population that was complete but bloody was the expulsion of Germans from their home provinces east of the Oder-Neisse (Pomerania, East Prussia, Silesia etc.) in 1945.

      • @Captain Shill,


        Also, there’s absolutely no way to keep New Mexico and Arizona. They aren’t a real loss other than land. Neither one has the most valuable natural resource in the world: fresh water.

  1. Trump lost a lot of his sycophants when he said everyone needs to Get the Jab. And speaking of the Trumptards – their favorite RINO South Dakota MILF – Kristi Naomi – is in a bit of a pickle over a supposed tryst with Corey Lewandowski. Quite the Clown Show that Trump is overseeing.

  2. I’ve got serious doubts about anything west of Texas or North of the Ohio.

    Alaska will never be ceded by the Empire. The ROI on that state given how little we paid for it, and how much its arctic access is going to be worth is staggering.

  3. The secession talk comes mostly from disgruntled proles and their contard managers who have no nonviolent means of addressing their grievances. The violent means of redress against the US military industrial complex will fail undoubtedly, so these contard “intellectuals” ostensibly try to peacefully compromise from a position of powerlessness with the most powerful empire in world history. The American Empire will disintegrate slowly and will not make deals with powerless proles or their enablers. The elites of the US will not listen to the petitions of a demographically declining underclass that they despise.

    Secession currently is a pipe dream like most white nationalist fantasies including the always imminent sudden collapse and the spontaneous populist uprising that will eradicate all nonwhites. These fantasies are used by white nationalists to justify their mass activism approach. We must get everyone based and red-pilled. Secession, collapse, and genocide have been thought up in this manner. We must reduce white dispossession. This fantasy scenario will make reducing white dispossession feasible. Thus we believe in this scenario. No serious student of power thinks this way. This fantasizing does not surprise me since white nationalists are not serious. Most of them view their anonymous activism as a hobby to let off steam or to stir their resentments. If these people were open and honest, then they would lose their jobs and maybe even their families. The only thing whites can accomplish in this empire is on a local level. Change the world by changing yourself. Endless theorizing distracts from breeding and growing. We are all works in progress. We win if we survive. Fantasies like secession distract us from self-improvement.

    • “The American Empire will disintegrate slowly ”

      Might not be so slow.

      Otherwise, I agree wi everything you state.

      • It is already disintegrating slowly, an inch at a time and has been for quite a while. The problem is that these things crystalize suddenly then it’s an avalanche: unstoppable and it buries everything in its path. The problem for the Ruling Class is that the country has been going in only one direction for years, towards disintegration. Every day brings the country closer to the avalanche, we are just waiting for the catalyst.

    • What needs to be done is a general campaign to “delegitimize” the current federal government that uses the majority coalition of Blacks, Post 1965 Immigration “Fake Americans,” Brainwashed Youth, Coastal Elites, and Bastard Breeding White Women. This is exactly what the Founders warned about when they said we needed to “keep” our republic and have a “virtuous” population. Well we lost it and have a majority of quite simply bad people. The remnants of the formerly prosperous and civil Mid 20th Century America need to understand they can’t play the popularity contest game anymore with mass democracy and will need to seize control someday regardless of what the majority cretins think. The proliferation of “The Great Replacement” idea is a wondrous thing, if they view this mass immigration not as “an accident” or “just the way America is supposed to be” but rather as a hostile plot against them by the elites to replace them on purpose it will pretty much delegitimize the system all at once. Then of course understanding who exactly the elites largely are and their ethnic animosity against the people they found here when their great grandparents stepped off the boat at Ellis Island would only further the disenchantment with the civics class propaganda they got in school.

  4. Segregation now and segregation forever will solve the race problems. Banning jews from political office, media, banks, ans owning of any institutions will solve another. I could go on but what would be the point? We know what needs to be done

    • Segregation now and segregation forever will solve the race problems

      WRONG !!!!

      Only absolute and total separation will work.
      Blks are always an encumbrance.

      • Segregation worked fine until Whites were forced at gun point to be around blacks. The jew sponsored civil rights act made sure of that. Segregation is more feasible and realistic than total separation. They will not leave on their accord.

  5. Any breakup or civil war wouldn’t be state by state, it would be at the county and city level. And probably involve Mexico in some way as well.

    We’re better off hoping that the Nationalist Front somehow comes to power in Mexico and then swearing allegiance to the new Habsburg Emperor in exchange for having the blacks and liberals deported to prison camps in central America.

  6. Re: “It is easy to imagine an ascendant Left that has radicalized under Trump sweeping to victory in the 2020 election with a more popular champion. In such a scenario, secession would be far more likely than it is today”:

    It is easy to imagine only a FAKE left, that campaigns “light” or “soft” (reforming) capitalist and governs hard capitalist after it wins. A REAL left could ascend only by revolution, and revolution is impossible as long as the masses continue to love their chains, worship the Dollar, and believe in the “American Dream” – the anti-Christ belief system of private property and profit, getting ahead of others, doing it to thy neighbor before they do it to you – selfishness. Yes, at some time the system might be sustained by appearing to split the U.S. territory into two or more capitalist “nations.” The difference between the future “red” states’ “nation” and the future blue states’ “nation” would be all style, not of substance.

  7. It will take more time for your average normals to accept the idea, despite it being something we all accepted long long ago.
    Once we get enough people and enough momentum, things will likely go very quickly. Things are actually going faster than I even expected, in regards to general sentiment

  8. America would have been better off if Black Lives Matter was never formed and Trump never ran for President. These 2 have greatly caused the most partisan political environment in manly many Years. The divide is on a “Civil War” level as Andrew Yang recently said and he’s now formed his own Third Party. I’ve always been a strong supporter of voting Third Party and I think if the US wasn’t stuck on the D vs the R..,things would be much different. The more political voices the better and us Southerners and Nationalists could finally win elections. Deo Vindice!

    • I’ve been thinking a third or even fourth party is the answer for about ten years. Unfortunately the Democrats and Republicans have had decades to rig the system against any outsiders, it’s really difficult for third party or independent candidates to get on ballots or in debates at presidential level.

      It can be done but Perot saw how hard it was, and the main stream media name calls anybody not part of the establishment, and wrecks their reputation.

  9. Wife and I drove through WV last weekend- and we saw at least 10 “Trump 2024” banners.

    Do these fools not get it?
    I’ll be the first one to admit that I was wrong, but this fetishism over that Jew tool, is mind-boggling.

  10. There’s a lot to be angry about nowadays, but the best way to deal with it is productively. Channel your anger towards things that will achieve something. Also, exercise, eat well and communicate with loved ones, as well as like minded people. Going on shooting sprees and reducing the world’s brown or Jewish population by five people achieves nothing. It means you’ll wind up in the can or chair, and be of no further use to your cause. And it sets our cause back decades as the elites have another excuse for further restrictions.
    Don’t let anger ruin your life. That means they win.

      • The guy was charged with 6 counts !
        Talk about shotgun prosecution.

        I’m sure the ‘wana be future rapper’ was totally innocent.

        “He’s jus a gud boy”.

  11. A successful secession must include very large scale population transfers, a la Pakistan-India, but larger.

  12. This map or any map is a good beginning. The details of what state goes into red or blue can be worked out in more detail. What’s good to see is more and more people acknowledge the nation cannot be saved. Too much diversity, too much hostile ownership of media, too much financial disparity, too much greed and a whole bunch of other things has made this country a carcass.

    What would have to be done is an American refugee program where people are given, say a year, to decide which new country within the old America they would move to. After a certain time period the decision would be made to ” move” to your new country or ” stay” in another new country.

    A new Constitution would have to be guarded over with extreme care. The old Us Constitution has shown to be very weak and vague in too many areas. Our enemies have used this vagueness to weaken America in too many ways. Just by not declaring America a ” Christian” nation has created tremendous problems. The founders were clearly not expecting such issues like not calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree. Or saying a prayer after a ballgame creating issues.

    We are not a young country any longer. Our media is nothing but a shit stirring pot of evil. The entire Democratic Party is dedicated to destroying White people and Christianity.

    Yeah, it’s good to see next level realities being discussed because this United States of America is on a ventilator. Chop it in half and put up a real Constitution and a wall because you know the ” leftist country” will be a mess in no time.

  13. Particularly in the midwest state boundaries need to be redrawn. IL outside of Mogadichicago is not communist and actually quite red. WI is red except for the governor and the urban commies that likely fraudulentely put the bastard into office. Most of MI is red. Parts of MN are red. In the midwest, simply expelling the blue shit hole cities would solve those states’ problems. Make them “free cities” and let then stew in their own shit, leaving the rest of us alone. The plandemic has exposed cities to be less than useless to the US economy in any event – no one needs to work in one of them to be frank.

  14. Anyone still talking red/blue is a retard. The division is white/not white.

    We need to hold the west coast, as some kind of auxillary state. After the coming wars it will be easier.

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