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As indicated in my articles on the Christian Question, I don’t take the White Nationalists who are so obsessed with it seriously because Christianity is nothing but a marginalized sub-culture in our times. The people who actually control this country and wield power are not Christians. Mainstream culture is getting more aggressively anti-Christian and anti-White with each passing day.

This is a much better way to put it.

Tablet Mag:

“The Cold War ended over three decades ago, as did the radical social mobility legitimated by a dash of the hereditary elitism that democratically inclined Americans loved to both celebrate and mock. Today’s American “elite” is something else. First of all, according to current definitions, there are over a million of them—from executives at Google, Facebook, and Apple to the ambitious lawyers and bankers who serve them, to their outward-facing flacks and fixers, to journalists who spend their days on microblogging platforms, to the graduates of elite universities and liberal arts colleges who are read into the governing jargon of corporate and governmental HR and therefore are suitable candidates for possible employment in subsidiary verticals of the Democratic Party.

Of course, a million people is far too many to be the elite of anything. In reality, they are the sprawling servant class of an oligarchy that lives in the clouds and has arrogated all real decision-making power in the country to themselves. As a class, the servants have power over the supplicants who stand outside their masters’ mansions and country houses, but as individuals, they are more or less interchangeable with each other.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, and Peter Thiel are not part of “the elite.” They are nobility, as measured by the immensity of their private corporate holdings and mastery over technologies and logistics nodes that are key to the operation of advanced societies and the activities of states. Eric Schmidt’s private jet is paid for directly or indirectly by the nobles who send him on errands. He is therefore an exceptionally well-paid member of the professional-managerial servant-retainer-optics class, i.e., the elite. …”

At the apex of the American elite, you will find the top 0.1% – the multibillionaire oligarchs who are predominantly Jewish like Nanny Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos. Immediately below them, you will find their lickspittle servant class, the PMC (professional managerial class), who are the top 10% in wealth and who are defined by their possession of college degrees.

Michael Lind nails it here:

David Samuels: What is the proper name for the current American system? Oligarchy? Democracy? Technocracy? White supremacy? Rule by a “New Class” of bureaucrats and managers who believe in science?

Michael Lind: To use James Burnham’s term, the United States today is a managerial regime dominated by those who hold high offices as a result of selection rather than election in major bureaucracies—corporations, major banks, government agencies and the military, major foundations and NGOs, the corporate media, and the universities. The regime is technocratic in government, insofar as decision-making authority has been substantially transferred in the past half century from elected legislatures and elected executives to less democratically accountable entities: government agencies, the judiciary, corporations, banks and nonprofits, and transnational courts and other transnational institutions.

The personnel for the managerial elite that controls the commanding heights of the private, public, and nonprofit sectors are recruited almost exclusively from the much more numerous overclass, a largely but not exclusively hereditary class of college-educated families—who make up about a third of the U.S. population, compared to the two-thirds without four-year bachelor’s degrees. The college-credentialed American overclass as a whole corresponds to the Outer Party in George Orwell’s 1984, from which the fewer and more privileged members of the Inner Party are recruited. …”

The phrase “our democracy” refers to the rule of the top 0.1% and the top 10% – the oligarchs and the PMC – who are accustomed to ruling both parties, winning every election, buying their preferred policies and essentially managing the direction of the country as they see fit.

This is why Trump drove them insane. Trump is a gauche opportunist, a demagogue and a narcissist who had the audacity to upset the apple cart and seize on all of that festering working class resentment in order advance himself. Here is someone who is only worth $2 billion trying to seize control of “our democracy.” He changed the demographics of the Republican electorate in the process. The overclass lost the 2016 election and spent the next four years breaking all the “norms” to subvert the Trump presidency. The fact that Hillary Clinton had lost an election was a national emergency.

Wesley Yang puts it this way:

Wesley Yang: The Trump presidency radicalized America’s governing and chattering classes, who saw in his election the fulfillment of one of the dark possibilities of democracy—that the people would elect a demagogue intent on bending the arc of history backward—and felt themselves summoned to act as guardians of the Republic righting the course of that arc. We were in a state of exception that it was both their warrant and their duty to decide.

The standards and practices that marked our professional classes as elites deserving of our trust in ordinary times (impartiality, procedural correctness) were no longer applicable. In a time of “literal white nationalists in the White House” putting “babies in cages,” these protocols would in practice end up colluding with an existential danger. Departures from those practices become not just excusable but a moral imperative. Thus was undertaken a principled abandonment of scrupulousness in reporting, proportionality in judging, and the neutral application of rules once held to be constitutive of professional authority, all in favor of a politics of emergency. The new politics demanded loyalty and unanimity in an effort to defeat the usurper at any cost. The loss of proportionality in judging and scrupulousness in reporting created an echo chamber in which the bulk of the governing and chattering classes confirmed and exacerbated self-generated fantasies and fears of foreign subversion and fascists on the march.

Did you know that Russians hacked our electrical grid? Did you know that Trump was connected to a server communicating with Russians? Did you know that Russians were paying bounties for dead American soldiers in Afghanistan? Get his taxes—the answers are there. When The New York Times eventually got ahold of them and parenthetically noted, amidst a cloud of dire innuendo concerning profits and losses of his real estate business, that no evidence existed in them pointing to any ties to Russia, the narrative was already too well entrenched to dislodge.”

Yes, this is what happened.

The “fascism” industry sprung up to explain the rise of Trump and to justify all the draconian actions that were taken to stop him like censoring the internet or weaponizing the “intelligence community.”

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  1. If the Jews were really truly gods chosen people, destined to lead and to rule over human kind by the hand of God they would have been on top of the heap eons ago. It is God who says the Jews are unfit to lead and rule. And it is God who once again will prove it to the Jews. It is only a matter of time.

    • One must keep in mind the offer made by Satan to Christ during his 40-days in the desert (to rule over all the kingdoms on earth if he bowed the knee to Satan). The fact that Christ rejected this offer – note also it would not have been a real temptation if it were merely a boastful lie – in no way negates the probability that others accepted the offer or some variant thereof. Among those who’ve obviously accepted it are the Talmudics. They were Christ-killers then, now and forever. Same for the Freemasons, most of which would include what Brad refers to as PMC (Protestant Mainline Christianity). So are those Catholics who embrace Vatican II (apostasy). Orthodoxy is not immune but its structure prevents complete subversion.

      The empire is already at work to split the Orthodox in Ukraine, Georgia, Greece and other countries under their control from others.

    • Well…maybe it’s comforting to think God is on your side, and that eventually, there will be a leveling factor, and God will make everything just right. Just like the notion of heaven.

      Or, maybe God is giving them what they’ve always wanted and rewarding them for their loyalty to him.
      It really gets crazy putting God into the equation. Either way, they have the power and are running the global show.

  2. I don’t believe the Tablet analysis is correct. It’s clear that there are people with more power than Bezos or Elon Musk in the USA. The “intelligence community,” for example. While the IC does side with the super-rich more often than not, and work to further enrich them, they still reserve the right to say “no.”

    Zuckerberg is a good example, because he was basically forced to cave into political censorship by the “intelligence community.” He did not seem to personally care about it, and he resisted employing heavy-handed censorship on facebook for a long time, even after facing criticism from groups like the ADL for allowing “anti-semitism” and holocaust denial there for years. What caused facebook to cave in the end was the collective freak-out from the IC, military, and the bureaucrat class after Trump was elected. If these people were merely a managerial class serving the capital-holding nobility, that would not have been the case.

    Lind is more correct. Class in the USA is not just a function of personal wealth, and analyses that focus solely on net worth will end up being flawed.

  3. Re: “a million people is far too many to be the elite of anything. In reality, they are the sprawling servant class of an oligarchy that lives in the clouds and has arrogated all real decision-making power in the country to themselves. As a class, the servants have power over the supplicants who stand outside their masters’ mansions and country houses (…) Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, and Peter Thiel are not part of the elite. They are nobility”:

    Exactly. In fully-developed capitalism there is a very tiny (perhaps .1%) upper-upper class that stands above the 1% upper class that stands above the middle and lower middle classes – which all exploit the essentially property-less vast majority, the proles and peasants. There can be no successful revolution without widespread development (among the proles and peasants) of class consciousness (clear understanding of the class system and exploitation). Class exploitation is the hard reality that the pleasant propaganda of “the American dream of success” is designed to obscure.

  4. This Christmas when you see that large Menorah light in front of the White House it’s meant to be a statement off subjugation on the Nation.

    A large Menorah is light every Christmas in front of the Brandenburg Gates as well, Germany (((subjugated))) ?

  5. Jews dominate America as they did in 1920’s Germany. The msm amplify Jew voices above all others. Yesterday, it was that superannuated rhesus Sarah Silverman. Today it will be kikey little fart Ben Shapiro. What will it take to change this?

    • November? Is November coming?

      Your always to cool in my book!

      In your honor!

      I’m going to listen to Roxy Music tonight!

      Fight Fire With Fire!

      My Friend!

  6. We are not really arguing over that. We are arguing, whether Christianity, specifically as it exists in the USA and (western) Europe today, offers a solution to this problem. And it doesn’t. Almost all the churches, just like the unions, have become part of the PMCs and are thus utterly useless now, even if there once upon a time was some trad purity to be found in them. Father Coughlin is now even longer ago than uncle and was even more powerless even at his own peak.

  7. Always remember:- we have ourselves to blame first and foremost. Whether slavery was bought to America by Jews or whites, we could have stopped it much earlier. We could have kept Jews out of the West and it’s institutions. We could have stopped technology and manufacturing transfer to Asia. We could stop mass immigration if we all stood together as one. Instead, we are weak and divided. The southern border is broken through like a wet, paper bag daily as our snouts are preoccupied with the business of far away third world cespits.
    Our enemies are only ever as bad as we let them be.
    Rather than stand up, we stand aside. Being nice doesn’t serve us, just the enemies. Our schoolyard years should have taught us all this.
    You can’t have effective nations or cultures without effective defenders.

  8. 10% is way to large an estimate of the elite managerial class. There is far less opportunity in this country than that. I recently saw some pretentious woman talking about being a “doula.” I thought “what the hell is a doula? I never heard of that?” So looked it up and strangely it is someone hired to provide emotional support to someone going through a long term medical crisis who is not authorized to provide any medical care, only emotional support. And I instantly knew this was a super small “niche” profession that could only exist in a tiny handful of pockets of the super wealthy like New York City, DC, Hollywood or the Bay Area. Nobody in Peoria can even afford their Obamacare HMO’s “preferred provider” for their darn colonoscopy, let alone have thousands upon thousands of dollars sitting around to blow on hiring a “doula.” A small handful of cities are just super wealthy and completely alien to even how the affluent people live in places like KC, Boise, or Tampa.

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