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  1. Why would you even send your DNA to the Jews at Ancestry.com? Did you really need a “test” to vouch for where you came from? What if is came back 30% nigger and 30% jew, would you change your approach to White people and our issues in general?
    Not only do the jews now have your full DNA profile (good luck with that), but you’re basing your genetic heritage on what jews say.
    This is the state of White culture today.

      • @Hunter Wallace – It is somewhat brave of you to post such personal data. It’s quite interesting information; so I do appreciate that you did so.

      • I’ve met people who got back results that claimed they were a small percentage of Negro, and they suddenly became big advocates for blacks. I think that is the desired result with giving them a small amount of Negro blood.

        • Normally if someone finds out they have a nigger in their ancestral woodpile they are extremely embarrassed and ashamed about it.

          • That was probably true in the past. Not people now. The whole SJW thing and virtual signaling thing is rampant. The majority of whites are liberalized.

      • I agree with MPO – I just consider myself German and Luxembourgian based on the family trees my relatives have assembled and leave it at that – there is no way I would send my DNA to some God-Only-Knows-Who-Runs-It testing company. I also agree with the late Norm Mcdonald on the dubious veracity of DNA.

        • From what several people have told me, if there’s some ambiguous, undecided genes in the mix, they go ahead and make them “African”. I’ve known people who were pure white, and it made no sense to see “African”.
          I think we can count on very few people in European villages in the past mixing with Negroes. There weren’t even AF or army bases over there for that to happen, and those people weren’t into worshipping the groids.

    • I haven’t had a genealogical test done but my kids did. I am just thankful my wife and I have no jewish or negro blood.

      I had actually traced my family origin on my fathers side. Turns out he was part of one of the first purely commercial venture to settle New England in 1623. The colony failed because of poor soil conditions but he and four others elected to stay, eventually founding the towns of Beverley and Salem. Before doing so, they stayed with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony but there was conflict with the Pilgrim’s Puritan ways.

      Historian David Hackett Fischer lists my family among others at the end of his book “Seeds of Albion” as the families my paternal ancestor was associated with were outside the 4 main regional British groups that settled North America.The original house he built still stands.

      Actually, I was able to trace my ancestry to about the 1200s in southwest England.

  2. I don’t care.
    I look in the mirror, I’m happy.

    (Why would you trust these DNA companies , much less spend the money?)

  3. I haven’t had any DNA tests; I read that one of them lie (or at least used to lie) that Whites have some nigger DNA, just to puncture any White pride people might have.

    I use a great free ancestry site created by the Mormons: https://www.familysearch.org/en/ . Occasionally they get it wrong, but you often can spot it when they are if you’re diligent.

    I long knew that my surname came from Germany, but most of me is English & Scottish, with some Welsh and dashes of distant French, Scandinavian & Irish. I was especially pleased to learn that Edward I was a grandfather.

    You can spend much pleasant time there making interesting discoveries.

    • The Mormon records are pretty bad. My family was listed as English when they moved to the US from Canaduh for example because English language was on their immigration form. Silly Mormons. If there is an afterlife they will be shocked they worshipped Satan all along.

  4. You are very similar to me on my mothers side but I am more German on my dads.

    Why isn’t there a Scotch-Irish category? That is a lot of my ancestry!

    Also @Brad do you have any connections to South Carolina on there?

  5. Here is the original ancestry of the White race.

    God created man in His own image and likeness, says Genesis. That first man was named Adam, one of several Hebrew words for “Man.”

    Upon close examination, we can see that the concepts of “Man” and “Whiteness” are actually encoded in the linguistic DNA of this Hebrew word Adam. Hence Adam’s identity and
    the identity of the White race are revealed in the first man’s name, the progenitor of the White race.

    In the Bible, names reveal identity. Names tell us who we are. The name Adam is actually a combination of two words “aw-dam,” which when joined together have several meanings: “to show blood in the face,” “to flush or
    blush,” “to turn rosy” and “to be ruddy.”

    For simplicity, we can reduce that list to one word: Ruddy. Adam and his descendants (Mankind or Adamkind) are people who are ruddy of complexion. Our ability to blush or show blood in the face is due to the fact that blood or hemoglobin can show through only pale, white skin.

    This ruddiness is our inheritance from Adam and makes us Adamites. Other skin colors (black, brown, yellow, and red) are not ruddy and cannot show blood in the face.

    Adam, as his name tells us, could blush and only the race that can blush is the Adamic race, the people descended from Adam.

    Note: Jewish ancestry is not from the Ancient Israelites but from the Ancient Canaanites.

    Jews and Arabs Share Genetic Link to Ancient Canaanites, Study Finds.

    https://www.haaretz.com/israelnews/.premium-jews-and-arabs-share-genetic-link-to ancient canaanites-1.8871073

  6. I came up as 2/3 English-British, of which the English was 53% or 54%. This was a much higher English-British outcome than I anticipated! Sex in colonial America? LOL.

    • You Anglo-Saxons lost control of Britain to the Normans and then lost control of America to the Irish and Italian Catholics – LOL!

      • Spahn,

        You’re incorrect. The English in North America lost control of America to the jews long before Italians and Irish Catholics had any political power in the USA.

        Just look at Canada. The descendants of limeys there lost control to the jews first, and the pajeets and Chinese have joined the kykes in their dispossession. Rather fitting for the European ethnicity most responsible for the destruction of the West.

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