David French: A Whiff of Civil War in the Air

David French is against a “National Divorce.”

The Dispatch:

“On Thursday the University of Virginia released polling results that should shock exactly no one who closely follows American politics and culture. A majority of Trump voters (52 percent) and a strong minority of Biden voters (41 percent) strongly or somewhat agree that it’s “time to split the country.” 

Why would they even contemplate taking such a drastic step? Well, the poll provides the answers, and they’re not surprising. Competing partisans loathe each other and view the opposition as an existential threat. This also isn’t new. It’s been tracked in poll after poll for year after year. This one found that a “strong majority” of Trump supporters falsely believe there is no real difference between Democrats and socialists. A majority of Biden voters falsely see no real difference between Republicans and fascists. …

I’ve written about all of this before. I even wrote a book about it! Divided We Fall came out a year ago last week, and it presented a simple argument—that America’s strongest social, political, and cultural forces were driving America apart, and that if we did not arrest the trend and address the culture of grievance that animates our politics, the future unity of the nation could not be guaranteed.

I think I released the book a year too soon. Now the trends are so abundantly clear that warnings about potential coupsrising hatred, and civil strife appear in virtually every major American publication. Secession talk has moved from the fringe to the mainstream with alarming speed. 

There’s something else that’s going on. With rising hatred, I’m seeing a rise in a purely destructive spirit, especially on the right. …”

I have nothing else to say.

This is a slam dunk argument in favor of it.

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  1. Why would they even contemplate taking such a drastic step?

    Beats me. The US is getting better all the time, ever more vibrant. The millions of Haitians streaming illegally across the southern border will solve two of the nation’s biggest problems: excessive uptightness about the rule of law and the limited availability of goat stew.

  2. Secession is an end result that leaves out many details. I suspect the elites are pushing this discussion because they sense they can obtain an advantage from it. Secession has to be dictated by someone. It won’t be us. What I’ve noticed is that the conversion always leaves out the most important detail:


    The elites may let you secede, but only if you agree to pay your share of the former nation’s national debt(into the international jewish banking system). That is entirely off the table for me. The whole point of our political movement is to turn the tables on the elites. I don’t really care how that happens, as long as it does happen.

    Secession isn’t just automatically good. YOU have to be the one in control of it.

      • You probably aren’t half as clever as you think you are either. You didnt’ even understand what I posted, so why did you post at all?

        • You’re right, PMS Mike. We should all stay at home and take care of our wife’s black son, like you do.

    • So how should debt be divided? Among all 50 states? One thing that got everybody to come on board from the Articles of Confederation to the United States Constitution is the Feds assumed resposibility for debts occured by individual states fighting the revolution. The debt can never be gotten under control because they just raise the debot limit and then print more fiat money. So if we are waiting on that before we secede we will never secede.

      • @Heartland Separatist,

        The debt should be repudiated, completely. The only thing that saved the common man in the beginning was the promise of cheap land. That model is dead now. We owe them nothing.

        Aside from that, I think the elites are pushing the conversation to bait the politically discontent. We need more unity among ourselves to form a real political base. We should focus on unity first, not secession talk imo.

  3. It would be like partitioning a pizza:- every slice will still have the same ingredients in/on it. Both sides of the border will still have dieversity inside of it. You lose the Washington sewer, yes, but still have the demographic issues. I agree with the sentiment, but question the logistics and policy.

  4. We get it, there is an on going orchestrated campaign to provoke whites to violence. A reason is needed to crackdown and law abiding Christian loving whites are not being of any help. The next step is an FBI staged false flag to create a reason for a crackdown on whites. The Irish excel and waging war on the innocent, it is the reason why the Jews love them the way they do.

    • (((Merrick Garland))) has found a way to crackdown on Whites: Going after anti-CRT “domestic terrorists”. The Irish heavy FBI will, no doubt, gleefully assist. It pains me to say this because I’m mostly of Irish descent.

    • Fookin’ WARNIN’ ye, Browno. Eedjit! Sendin’ South Armagh Brigade tae yer hoose NOW!

  5. Well, the latest hate hoax is some black made up “swastikas everywhere” at Tesla in the liberal bay area and a commie local jury gave him $107 million dollars. Of course it’s not true but even if it was why should the bum get a dime? So you saw something nasty, toughen up. Is it any wonder why companies operate overseas? I wouldn’t be surprised if despite all his lip service to the democrats, Musk decides to move Tesla to China or Vietnam.

    • Jeez, exactly how much money is that mischling/Israeli citizen Elon Musk getting from the US taxpayers?

  6. Every “Red State” has the same shitlib/rino/Jew stranglehold that every “Blue State” has. It’s just a matter of degree. For that reason, “secession” – besides being more or less a ridiculous pipe dream, is also useless. You should stop amplifying National Review.

  7. What is the use of secession is Roy Moore can’t even get elected in Alabama?

    If they can cheat Roy Moore out of his victory in Alabama, secession is like giving the Jews 50 petty tyrannies to work with, instead of 1 big tyranny. And secession is a moot point unless the government utterly collapses, in which case, why be so concerned with existing state boundaries?

      • Right you are Spahn! The Western Roman Empire broke up and became the nations of Western Europe, the Ottoman Empire the nations of North Africa and the Middle East. We most recently saw this with the Soviet Union. So the United States cannot evade natural law as there comes a time in which a nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. The United States will soon reach that point. No nation can long survive on open borders and deficit spending especially when it outsources its industry and incources it professional and technical labor and defames its founding stock and operates on fiat money.

        • Most of those were organic nations, though. We are so mixed up in America, I’m not sure organic nations would be able to be formed. Any that could be, would still likely have cancerous tumors, otherwise known as American cities, within them.

  8. If that creepy neocon faggot David French is in favor of something I’m going to support the exact opposite. Perhaps by this time next year American Blackshirts will march on Washington and seize power, the way Il Duce’s Blackshirts did in Rome exactly a century earlier?

  9. As long as the masses remain complacent and docile, the govt will continue to oppress us. Voting and voicing concerns hasn’t worked and won’t. The only way is to make the govt fear the us again but not when everyone has sports fever again.

  10. Here’s what modern ‘conservatism’ ala David French looks like in the UK:

    Jumping on to a sinking ship — Carrie Johnson’s bad timing

    This week the UK prime minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, while flanked by Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley and Crispin Blunt MP, spoke at the Conservative Party Conference to reveal that her husband is committed to ‘extending’ LGBT rights. … She did not reveal what rights LGBT people do not currently have but added “The government he leads is banning conversion therapy”.

    Here she’s talking about transssexuals — by ‘conversion therapy’ she means trying to talk people out of the idea that they’re somehow trapped in/were born with the ‘wrong’ body — a body of the ‘wrong’ gender.

    Carrie Johnson is married to Tory (the ‘conservative’ option in the UK) PM Boris Johnson — she is 24 years his junior: he was born in 1964, she in 1988.

  11. This is what I fucking hate about the “DR”.

    We finally have the word secession being buzzed around in nominally “mainstream” media, and talked about in a semi-serious sense, and all of a sudden all the dissidents are against the idea of secession or critical of it.

    The reason we never win is because none of you really want to.

    • So by some alchemy states gain independence, some “redder than red” – White Nationalist strongholds, and others forming a Communist Colored Bloc. How’s that going to work out?

      In 1860 states were a power base in themselves. Today they are not. Power is power, the notion that principles of political freedom and independence will permit an amicable solution to this is utterly delusional.

  12. For anyone counter-signaling secession, what is your alternative future and how does it happen?

    How do Whites take power in and keep 50 states together from where we are stand right now?

    It’s pointless to debate whether we are going to “give up” places we don’t actually hold power over now anyway. I’d love to have California as a White state but it’s gone. We need to worry about what we can hold and control now and the near future. The ACELA corridor isn’t ours to keep or give up. Atlanta isn’t ours to give or keep – no one is asking us, they already took it.

    The “pizza/same ingredients” argument is a strawman. There are still vastly White states with very small populations like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Nebraska, and West Virginia which are logical anchors for White power. And there are many more states with 75%+ White population, especially outside the metroplexes.

    The shaky Rainbow Empire is going to have to focus its own efforts on holding onto what it considers its core. The areas outside that will be open for “soft secession” (undeclared/de facto) to start and that’s where we should focus on building our strength. It’s what happened in outlying or “non-critical” places in past empires.

    Whites should be the ones occupying that space rather than fighting over fragile cities full of oooga-boogas at the wrong end of the food/supply chain.

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