Rich Lowry: A Surprising Share Of Americans Wants To Break Up The Country

Rich Lowry is also against a National Divorce.


“Divorce usually isn’t a good idea, and that’s especially true of a nearly 250-year-old continental nation.

The notion of a national breakup has long simmered as a fringe argument, but it is increasingly popular in certain precincts of the political right and has gained at least some traction with partisans of both sides. A recent survey by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia found that about 50 percent of Donald Trump voters and 40 percent of Joe Biden voters agreed to some extent with the proposition that the country should split up, with either red or blue states seceding. …”

Here are Lowry’s top arguments against the idea:

1. We’re no worse off than in the 1970s.

This is mind boggingly naive.

The American population has shifted as the GI Generation and Silent Generation have died off. The Boomers weren’t in charge of America in the 1970s. Fewer Americans can remember the good old days or a major war. Trust in institutions has collapsed. We’ve had decades of global labor arbitrage. We have a massive elite overproduction and fragmentation. We have surpassed the income inequality of Gilded Age America. In the 1970s, there were tiny radical groups like the Weather Underground who engaged in violence, but that radicalization hadn’t filtered down into the population. The American elite wasn’t radicalized either. Obviously, a third of the country wasn’t willing to dissolve the Union in the 1970s. There is also no external adversary like the Soviet Union that poses an existential threat. The United States was just passing the peak of its power and influence when the Vietnam War was raging.

2. The United States would instantly be less powerful.

This recommends the idea.

All the wealth and power in the world isn’t worth the loss of your homeland.

3. There would be severe economic consequences.

Granted, the dollar would cease to be the world’s reserve currency overnight, which would force a wrenching economic transition from being an imperial parasite with an economy driven by financialization back into a normal country with a productive economy. This transition is necessary and eventually it is going to happen anyway regardless of whether there is a secession crisis.

4. The collapse of the United States would strike a blow to the prestige of liberal democracy.

Yes, it would likely discredit liberal democracy, but this would only reveal what we already know to be true. This country has been rotting from the inside out for decades now while a tiny elite of plutocrats has grown fabulously rich. We’ve been steadily losing cultural cohesion as we have been transformed into an oligarchy that presides over a continent sized economic zone. The government has been growing more dysfunctional as a result. Everyone already knows this. It can’t continue to go on like this forever.

5. There will be no clean separation.

This isn’t necessary.

Politics would continue to go on as before under a new national government that is homogeneous enough to function. Aggrieved minorities would pack their bags and resort into Red America or Blue America. Most of the people who now live in Florida weren’t born there.

6. National Divorce would end in war.

A war is less likely because the partisan fear and hatred is so much deeper that one side leaving the Union would end the gridlock and allow the other side to implement its agenda. Americans no longer believe the preservation of the Union is sacred. The two sides hate each other so much that they are much more willing to let the other side go in peace. Disunion would come as a relief to partisans on both sides. This is why people on both sides of the partisan divide see it as a way out.

7. The nuclear weapons issue is insoluble.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union is a precedent for this. Ukraine and Kazakhstan had thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons in their territory when both became independent states in the 1990s.

8. The Blue States wouldn’t let Texas go because of its oil and natural gas production.

Why not?

Getting rid of Texas and other Red States whose representatives obstruct the progressive agenda in Congress is necessary to fight climate change and create a green economy and save humanity.

9. Disunion wouldn’t stop the cultural tide.

Yes, it would.

The problem is the federal government and coastal shitlibs back East and out on the West Coast. Get rid of them and everything changes overnight within the new political context of Red America. CNN and MSNBC would doubtlessly continue broadcasting like Radio Free Europe into a hostile country.

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  1. I just want to live away from the control of Jews and to a lesser extent Muslims. I would even be OK with a few blacks and beaners.

    • Those few beaners and blacks would multiply over the years and decades and you would be back to the same problems we have presently.

      • Those numbers were subsidized and fostered as a deliberate policy. Many would feel very uncomfortable in a largely White environment that didn’t worship them or subsidize them.

  2. Discrediting liberal democracy? USA becoming weaker? Yes, please.

    Also lol at the “cultural tide” comment. Controlled opposition conservatives maintain the lie that American culture has risen organically from the grassroots because otherwise they wouldnt be able to explain why they get rolled on every culture war issue. It’s just the cultural tide, nothing that can be done about it. Ignore the decades of relentless neoliberal funding, propaganda, organization, and agitation that creates this unstoppable “tide.”

  3. Obviously the author HA Covington had some serious personal “issues” – HAC spread terrible lies, slander against both OC editor Hunter Wallace and yours truly. But…..

    HAC’s Northwest Revolutionary novels were awesome – “The Brigade” is the best.

    This is like the Turner Diaries only much more realistic, with much better characters.

    As far as being realistic.

    Any separatist movement must include some trading posts, especially Ocean trading ports.

    It’s not realistic to have fantasies about land locked areas of West Virginia, Ohio or Montana becoming independent nations from the Zio USA. And lots of Red State areas in places like Wyoming and Montana are dominated by ranchers and mining interests that just LOVE POC, cheap migrant labor.

    We’ll need to trade with somewhat sympathetic countries societies in Asia, South America and yes, trade with ZOG, BLM, BRA USA. They won’t like us, but they will purchase our food to feed them, so will India and China.

    Also, a current separatist, autonomy movement must be focused on what is possible this year 2021 and going forward. We can’t turn back the clock and just re-install the Southern Confederacy or Ike’s 1950s America.

    We’ll need to recognize racial realities and finesse racial realities. Thus Libertarian Constitutionalist race denying, immigration denying cults can’t be tolerated.

  4. Ok, Rich, so what’s the alternative to secession, staying in a union where every conservative policy will be democratically outvoted by the likes of future Democrats now surging across our border?

    Rich and his fellow “true conservatives” don’t really care, All they’ve ever wanted to do is slow down the process long enough so they can enjoy what’s remains of their greedy status-seeking lives.

    I detest the Left, but I can feel a grudging respect for their dedication to their evil agendas. “True conservatives” are utterly loathsome.

    • The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. Neither party represents us. They’d rather replace us with low IQ beaners. You know, the ones Bush claimed “work so hard’…so many of them don’t work at all and live off us.

      • They are also well known for driving drunk. Sometimes they even kill little White girls while doing so.

  5. Why would any of the nations formed from a US breakup even need nuclear weapons?

    The warheads could easily be blended down for commercial nuclear power plant fuel as was done for the Soviet warheads. The ICBMs could be scrapped or easily adapted for space launch vehicles. The 1.3 million “under arms” would get a handshake and an opportunity to put their skills and discipline to work in the private sector.

    I think the biggest problems would be disposition of federal pensions/social security and regulatory agencies such as the FAA, NRC, FDA etc. Social security/medicare might be broke by then anyways so it could be a moot point.

  6. Events are in the saddle now anyway, not theorists. The Left and their “conservative” allies have run the well dry on the U.S. There is debt piled up to the moon, the loss of most of the productive industrial base, huge social pathologies like bastardy and addiction and popular support for the Government in a crisis from Whites, the people whom the Government turns to in a crisis, is gone.

    Goodwill has been dissipated by decades of Government abuse and unconstitutional actions such as the so-called “Civil Rights” acts, selective enforcement of laws such as ignoring illegal aliens invading and now using big tech to censor and violate rights. Never ending wars and Imperial commitments fall disproportionately on a small segment of the population while Government pursues irrational, contradictory policies such as “invade the world, invite the world” discrediting the corrupt elites who set failed policies (Afghanistan) in Washington.

    With this background and China as a new rival on the world stage the Imperial Regime is headed for a fall which they will blame on White people, just like everything else. What cannot go on forever won’t.

    A foreign policy crisis such as Taiwan or Iran will also trigger financial crises such as the 1973 oil shock and the 2008 markets crash. This will cause the economy, such as it is to also implode through runaway inflation, shortages and social turmoil. People will be focused on their daily bread and safety from the colored folk who neither care nor know anything about ideology, they just hate White people.

    It will be: “Every man for himself and Devil take the hindmost” in the next national crisis, not:“Rally ’round the flag, boys”.

  7. The whole system needs a huge overhaul otherwise we will are back to the same problems. If Whites are to live in harmony in our own lands somewhere in the US, we need to impose strict rules and regulations that can’t be amended through voting changes. The constitution was supposed to be that way until the jews tore it apart with amendments and law changes. All law makers and politicians will be put on strict term limits.

  8. I tend to think blue will not let red go peacefully. Blue wants to rule red, not really live with them. They want to change, rule over, and ultimately eradicate red. The impulse is one of destruction, not anything rational. Blue, inherently parasitical, thinks by destroying red they are creating value for blue. To put, perhaps, a philosophical tint to the discussion.

    I personally would love a separation. I hope a divorce along the lines of USSR circa 1991-1992 works out, but I think violence is inherent in the process. I’d love to be wrong about that too.

    By the way, Hunter, long-time lurker, first time commenting. I enjoy reading the site, and keep up the good work.

    • I don’t think it will be violent except in the large non-White urban areas as the economic dislocations cause the EBT cards to be depleted and the influx of resources such as food, water and energy dries up.

      The reds and the blues are largely divided between urban and suburban/rural.There is some interaction between the two in suburban areas but these are not the types to have it out. Plus you have blues who are not known for martial characteristics. Many of the reds with firearms being older, are frankly not healthy enough for any kind of sustained violence. There would need to be a reason for either to go out of their way to engage each other.

      Whatever is left of the US government’s military authority will not be of much use. Only a very small fraction of the US military has any personal combat experience/capability. Most are clerks, technicians, orderlies etc.They will be stretched thin protecting critical infrastructure for the government and the larger cities.

      Most firearms use will probably be for defending your home and property from looters or tge desperate if you are unfortunate enough to live too close to an urban area. Or hunting if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where this is possible.

    • You’re right about the red/blue relationship. History has proved it several times. Leftist regimes always end up mass-murdering.

  9. Losing the ‘prestige of Liberal Democracy’ and being less powerful? Have those things made the average white American happier or better off? If not, then they mean nothing to anyone.
    In my nation, our political leaders are often on TV reminding us that we are part of a ‘wonderful, multicultural, peaceful, tolerant and successful democracy’. Well………it’s not peaceful, successful or democratic in any real sense. China has given us too many of it’s overflow population……….but has taken all our manufacturing. We had no say as to the path the nation is being led down.
    Having suited wretches on TV telling us how ‘wonderful’ they’ve made the country is a fucking insult.

  10. Also, the median age in the 70’s was probably about 25 and I would guess it is closer to 50 now. Boomers had waaaay more opportunities too before everything was asset stripped by Shlomo and sold off to China.

  11. “In the 1970s, there were tiny radical groups like the Weather Underground who engaged in violence, but that radicalization hadn’t filtered down into the population.”

    The WU were like rock stars, millions of boomer idolized them. They weren’t tiny either. You are downplaying the social chaos and violence of the “sixties.” All the most popular musical artists and young celebrities were endorsing this kind of violent left wing radicalism at some point in their careers. It was massively trendy, much more so than antifa or BLM today because even conservative youths loved all the rock bands endorsing this stuff.

  12. Restore the Confederacy (with all Red states joining)! I’d rather see an independent Dixie take up the mantle of Columbia’s protector than see an ineffectual Federal government reduce America to that of a Balkanised mess!

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