NY Mag: No, We Can’t Get a National Divorce

Ed Kilgore gives the game away.

NY Mag:

“Now as then, some elements of the left are happy to let the reactionaries go in order to liberate themselves from the gridlock and paralysis that big national divisions operating under a limited-government constitution encourage. This February at The Nation, Nathan Newman argued for “blue-state secession” in adopting this point of view. And back in 2018, here at Intelligencer, Sasha Issenberg offered a vision of a breakup of the United States via the construction of two big coalitions bound by interstate compacts that were blessed by the federal government, with Red and Blue Federations restrained by a Neutral Federation that contained the old federal capital and many of the old battleground states. …

I don’t know if the hypothetical leaders of an America facing red-state secession would have the unshakable will of a Lincoln. And it’s not at all clear that young men and women in Blue America would be willing to take up arms in large numbers to resist secession with fire and blood. But this Union is still worth fighting for, no matter how frustrated we all are with congressional chaos, with elections that feel like nuclear exchanges, and with “debates” taking place between people who can barely communicate with each other. I’m not willing to peacefully give up our Constitution, abused and abusive as it has sometimes been; our Capitol with its surly bureaucrats and devious pols; or the bonds of kinship and history that connect me with so many red-state people, much as we disagree on most everything other than college football and fried food. …”

Are the young men, women and “trans” people of Blue America willing to fight to preserve this Union? Would they rather have their own country where they can implement their own socialist agenda? If we are nothing but a bunch of unvaccinated racists, why would you want to share the same country with us?

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  1. “”…Would they rather have their own country..””

    Without productive people, communists starve to death and they know this. What proves again that throwing useless freeloaders over the board will increase the material welfare for every normal human.

  2. The truth is the idiots in Blue State America are good at going to college, arguing about politics, protesting, 57 genders, lawyering, Tik Toc videos and other useless and destructive things. These people are found all over every region though, both Red and Blue types are all mixed together. The coming national disintegration will focus these idiots’ attention on getting food, remaining safe, medical care and necessities instead of frivolities.

    We just aren’t there yet.

  3. People are not frustrated with “congressional chaos.” It’s the opposite. People are frustrated with congressional unity and their bipartisan support for extremely unpopular policies that nobody wants except for a handful of oligarchs.

  4. I don’t get it….the ZOG press does everything it can to encourage divisiveness, pitting one group of goyim against another. Yet they become alarmed at the prospect of the country breaking up!

  5. There is a no “union” – only a common currency which tenuosly holds the US together. The Dollar is the bailing wire and bubble gum which keeps a 600 ton steam locomotive from flying apart.

  6. Notice how NY Mag. states our issues for us and they are largely not our issues. This is similar to what the so-called “fact checkers” do. They claim to address your argument when in actuality they put words in your mouth that you did not speak (or write), something easy to refute, and then they correct you. Of course they also practice other forms of deceit.

    BTW Just as anti-racist=anti-white, fact checker=communist commissar.

    Merriam Webster Dictionary Online definition of commissar:

    com·?mis·?sar | \ ?kä-m?-?sär

    Definition of commissar

    1a : a Communist party official assigned to a military unit to teach party principles and policies and to ensure party loyalty
    b : one that attempts to control public opinion or its expression
    2 : the head of a government department in the U.S.S.R. until 1946

    A good definition of “fact checker”:


    Definition of fact-checker

    1a : a Communist party official assigned to the internet and mainstream media propaganda outlets to teach party principles and policies and to ensure party loyalty
    b : one that attempts to control public opinion or its expression
    2 : the head of a quasi-government department, corporate entity, or a government department in the U.S.A.
    3. one who performs public relations tasks for powerful groups of organized criminals, including mass-murderers and bioterrorists

    • Bingo! The Inquisition failed because the Spanish were too nice and allowed “conversos” to stay. Their reward was the eventual destruction of the Spanish Empire. More of a Crusader spirit is needed next time. They have their own country with a wall we paid for to hold them in this time.

      • Agreed. Isabella should have permitted them to convert if they wanted to – provided they would then be sent away as missionaries to the Muslim world. After all it was Jews who opened the city gates when the Muslims invaded Visigothic Spain. There would have been far fewer takers of that offer, since either way they were expelled.

    • @ Haxo Angmark Once they’d milked and destroyed the US, like they did with Russia, they will move onto China. They just keep getting more and more powerful.

  7. Worth noting these people turned on a dime from worrying about taking the rushed and dangerous Trump/Operation Warp Speed vaccines to demanding they be forced on every man woman and child on the planet.

    What they want and beleive in today, and what they’d be able to be convinced they want and beleive in given a few months of hard propoganda, are different things.

  8. The primary goal of a leftist is to own your mind. If they cannot rule your thoughts, then in their pea brain minds, it is justifiable for them to kill you. They are nothing but pathological parasites, that is all they have ever been, and all they will ever be.

    They cannot allow you to have your freedom, and especially your own land, for they would lose face. They will never accept that anything they believe or say, is wrong. They cannot allow you to live and thrive without their righteous oversight. They cannot allow you to walk away from them, in their minds, it is their mandate to own you.

    There is only one way to be rid of them, to enjoy the relief of not having to deal with them. You are not “voting” your way out of this mess. There is no one coming to save you from them. And, time is running out. If White people do nothing, they will be genocided.

  9. LOL Blue states are not a thing. “Blue” cities are. If the producers leave, those blue cities die quickly. It’s not like these lunatics are stupid, after all.

  10. The two voices you quoted, saying, ‘No, you can’t leave Jewmerica’…. are… Jews!

    “What fellowship hath Christ with Bell?” – St. Paul.

    In other words, (for the pagan ‘tards out there) what fellowship/concord/friendship/reason do WE have….
    to have the Yid/Kike/Shyster/Deicide/Schmuck/Traif/POS/JEW… LIARS

    live among us? I can think of 6 million reasons against, and 109 previous decisions on the part of Christian/White Nations, to corroborate them, as rationales for their expulsion- I mean, if we are looking at Secession, might as well go the whole PORK enchilada.

    Because they aren’t Semites, nor ‘God’s Chosen People’ and they’ve bypassed their ‘expiration date.’
    The wrath of God destroyed Jerusalem twice before. Third time’s the charm, someone said…..

    But my only rationale for godly hatred of them, [Ps. 139:22] is that the Jews killed Christ. Their Messiah, and ours. Their king, and ours. Regicide/Deicide/Fratricide. Why? Because ‘Ye (Jews) are of your father, the devil, and the deeds of your father ye will do.”- J.C., Gospel of John, Chapter 8. Verbum Dei.

    “In the beginning, God created inequality.”

    “The Baal religion of the ancient world was a sexual fertility cult which compelled people to commit fornication, and its purveyors were the Canaanites, who are indeed the antecedents of today’s Arabs and Jews.” – quoted in https://christogenea.org/podcasts/unpardonable-sin

    Jews- Not nice people.

    “If my son’s did not WANT wars there would be NONE”. Gutle Schnaper Rothschild, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, on her deathbed, 1849.

    ‘Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.’ (Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869.

    Not U.S., in other words.

    Just sayin’-

    Oh, yeah. We have our own evils, but they are ALWAYS ARE AIDED AND ABETTED BY THE OTHER. IN THE LAST CENTURY, THAT “OTHER” WERE THE JEWS. Deport (((them))) and we might just stand a chance at moral Reformation- that, and a state Church…with fines for blasphemy, death penalty for sodomy, burning of Bitch- errr, Witches, at the stake, etc.
    You know… the good ol’ days.

    “ ‘Americanism’ is expanded Anglo-Saxonism. It is the spirit of England, transplanted to a soil of vast extent and diversity, and nourished for a time under pioneer conditions calculated to increase its democratic aspects without impairing its fundamental virtues. It is the spirit of truth, honour, justice, morality, moderation, individualism, conservative liberty, magnanimity, toleration, enterprise, industriousness, and progress—which is England—plus the element of equality and opportunity caused by pioneer settlement. It is the expression of the world’s highest race under the most favourable social, political, and geographical conditions.’

    ‘Those who endeavour to belittle the importance of our British ancestry, are invited to consider the other nations of this continent. All these are equally ““American”” in every particular, differing only in race-stock and heritage; yet of them all, none save British Canada will even bear comparison with us. We are great because we are a part of the great Anglo-Saxon cultural sphere; a section detached only after a century and a half of heavy colonisation and English rule, which gave to our land the ineradicable stamp of British civilisation.”
    – H. P. Lovecraft

  11. “that contained the old federal capital”

    Nope, DC and the people who staff it are irredeemable. The first thing that needs to be done after letting the coastal elites go in their own big “Singapore” is a new capital with new people instead of the “professional managerial elites” of the deep state. I was thinking somewhere in the heartland like around Branson would be good and centrally located. Even if the US stays together I’d still like to pink slip DC and put a new capital damn smack in the middle, like Nebraska. DC is obsolete, it’s nowhere near the center of real America.

    Of course this is counting the chickens while the eggs are still in the basket. I am actually pessimistic and think the US’ problems are unsolvable and we will fade into decline and end up an impoverished bankrupt basket case like Argentina with a puppet government run by Beijing. That is where all the trends are heading and the youngsters are just bad and stupid. Such a shame, look at a film like The Right Stuff and tell me that wasn’t a glory age? Those type of virtuous people are gone, Generation Bastard and their foreigner Fake American classmates have usurped their legacy.

    • A puppet government run by Beijing would be a great improvement. Whites have proven themselves to be unfit for leadership. Even if we seceded, the Whites in charge would just end up inviting in a bunch of Jews to run things for them, and then they would start waging perpetual class war against lower class Whites.

      • The Germans did pretty gud back in the day. It took all the resources of international Jewry to bomb them into submission.

    • Those elite government workers, that we support from age 40 to the grave. When auto and steel unions had similar plans, there was such an outcry to stop it.

    • We aren’t heading toward Argentina….we are heading towards Brazil. Mixed-race mongrels and anal sex for everyone!

  12. Liberals, and by “liberals” I mean Jews and their close collaborators, would rather wait until demographic change engendered by mass non-White immigration has given them such an overwhelming advantage in numbers and until their infiltration and transformation of law enforcement and the military has advanced to the point that they can impose whatever they want on the rest of us, including extermination. Their philosophy has never been “live and let live”. It always was “live off the fat of the land; enslave, rape, and exterminate everyone else”.

  13. Gaslighting, a leftist’s speciality. He’s pointing the finger to accuse others of doing and being, All the things he is himself. It’s Plato’s allegory of the cave, Leftist’s throwing their own shadows against the wall, then calling upon an infantile audience to gaze at the gruesome, ghastly sight and denounce it as if it were real. Voodoo witch doctors do that, too, and the FBI, coincidentally.

    “What force could keep us from coming apart?”


    “The Confederates, having been denied control of their native country via the organization of a sectional party united by opposition to national recognition of property rights in human slaves, sought a new country rooted in what they viewed as the better parts of the old. And not for a moment did they admit to themselves that they were the aggressors.”

    Using Force to remove property rights over human slaves, liberates those rights from individual citizens, and hands them over to Gov & Co… making everyone Slaves of Gov & Co. This is Progress, full-circle, right back to the European Monarchy model.

    “So might we drift apart more or less peacefully this time around? Possibly, but count me out when it comes to agreeing to a National Divorce. Yes, I might derive great joy from the overthrow of the U.S. Senate and its filibuster and the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. I would feel much safer in a progressive nation that didn’t arm its citizens to the teeth, didn’t view other nations as “shitholes” full of subhuman orcs to be subdued, and didn’t accept calamitous climate change as just the price of doing business.
    But how could I happily accept the accelerated subjugation of women and people of color in a new, adjacent Red America, any more than abolitionists could accept the continuation and expansion of the slavery they hated? Would it really be safe to live near a carbon-mad country in which the denial of climate change was an article of faith? And could I ever trust that a “neighbor” whose leadership and citizens believed their policies reflected the unchanging ancient will of the Almighty would leave our fences intact?”

    Hypocrisy & Gas-Lit Projection.

    “I’m not willing to peacefully”, “let’s have it out right here”, “if we continue to battle for control of our common country, one side or the other might win a popular mandate to exercise real power and change the facts on the ground, breaking the perpetual stalemate. If not, then let’s consider the wisdom of those who crushed the Confederacy in the belief that the misery of political conflict is better than the literal civic death of national disunion.”

    Kilgore Trout and his fellow fish, are Totalitarian Communo/Fascist Supremacists, wrapping in shiny, Virtuous packaging their desire to Enslave and Genocide targeted population groups, at leisure, like the Royalty they clearly believe themselves to be.

    The UK/US never abolished slavery, they abolished free Competition to Monopolisation of The Slave Market by Gov & a carefully curated selection of their corporate cronies.

    Plantation Slavery is a Business Model, and it’s booming now more than ever before.

  14. What about this cursed Union is worth preserving or defending? Its racial and moral decline? Its infation and monetary decline? Its warmongering abroad?

    To hell with the USA.

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