Tucker Carlson: Exposing The Fascist Left

I already know that some of you are rolling your eyes and getting triggered by Tucker using the phrase “the fascist left” and rightly so. It is a clumsy way of framing the problem.

We shouldn’t miss the forest for the trees though. Even if “fascism” isn’t the right word to describe what is happening, we all see the trend here. In the last few years, PMCs have mounted their high horse and have become increasingly brazen in their authoritarianism. These people attack us with phrases like “fascism” and “authoritarianism.” And yet, these very same people have a mindset that is utterly alien to our own. They do all kind things that we would never do. They call you an “authoritarian” as they strike you.

In the last five years, I have done the following as a “fascist” and “authoritarian.”

  • I voted for Trump in the 2016 election
  • I have mocked and criticized the political establishment on the internet
  • I have exercised my First Amendment rights at public demonstrations.

Such is the extent of my “fascism” and “authoritarianism” the entirety of which consists of nothing more than sharing my own opinions in public and on my website.

Consider what the Left has done though over the past five years:

  • Censor all opposition on the internet
  • Deplatform multiple people from their bank accounts and ban them from using payment processors over their politics
  • SLAPP civil lawsuits have been used to silence and intimidate dissidents
  • Organized violent Antifa and BLM riots which were the most destructive riots in half a century
  • “Journalists” have organized mass doxxing campaigns to get people fired from their jobs over their politics
  • Amazon has engaged in digital book burning and now publishers are censoring books for political reasons
  • Weaponize the “intelligence community” against Trump and his supporters
  • The Pentagon has begun to purge people from the military over their ideological views
  • The Department of Social Justice is launching investigations to demonize and intimidate local police
  • Unleashed the IRS on political dissidents
  • The government is working with Big Tech to SPY on you
  • The government has asked people to snitch on their own family members and report them to the FBI for “domestic extremism”
  • Universities have kicked out students over their politics
  • The FBI is being unleashed to crackdown on parents who criticize CRT at school board meetings which is being construed as domestic terrorism
  • Hospitals are denying organ transplants to anti-vaxxers
  • Vaccine mandates are being used as an excuse to purge the military and drive people into unemployment
  • Lockdowns were used to crush small business
  • Progressive DAs now refuse to enforce the law equally and allow their own side to break the law with impunity
  • Generals like Mark Milley have gone on record relishing their subversion of the president and his orders

These are just a few of the Orwellian things that are being done in the name of “anti-fascism” and “antiracism” and to fight “authoritarianism.” It is also snowballing. It seems like every problem these days justifies an increasingly extreme response and brazen flexing of power.

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  1. Lol, the entire underlying ideology of America since the 1940s has been “anti-fascism.” That is true of the American state and both the “left” and “right” wings in the USA.

    All of it, from 2nd, 3rd, 4th wave feminisms to anti-Whiteness to LGBT2SSQ2+ have been done in the name of combatting “fascism” and “the authoritarian personality.” It should be noted that “fascism” since the 60s also refers to communist states as well.

    Even in foreign affairs, the justification has always been beating “fascism.” Had to do the cold war because the USSR was “fascist.” Saddam was “fascist.” Fight the Taliban because they’re “islamo-fascist.” Assad must go because he’s a “fascist.” Putin is a “fascist.” Have to start World War 3 over Taiwan because China is “fascist.”


    • Re: “update your firmware (…) it is neo-liberalism”:

      Neo-liberalism is capitalism, plain and simple. The whole world is infected with the love and worship of money.

      • Y’all are all wrong. It’s JEWS, plain and simple. The oscillation from ‘left’ to ‘right’ is merely Arthur Finkelstein’s ‘Finkelthink,’ running the show.

        As Taki mentioned in a recent article:
        1) Tucker Carlson? “Tucker Carlson is a star because he still sounds like a normal man from 1985.”
        2) Lesbian [JEWISH] Bolsheviks like Rachel MadCOW, are today’s ‘witches.’

        And, as biblical comment to the above, ‘There’s a verse for that.’

        Exodus 22:18

        As the above reference article notes, “Put another way, the witches are creating a demand for witch-hunting. If you find Rachel Maddow unbearable today, you will love what happens to her tomorrow.”

        Just sayin’……

        Secession. A White, Anglo, Patriarchal Ethnostate.

        • @Fr.John.+,
          As much as I agree with a lot that you say, you often come across as someone who………needs a holiday, a laugh, and a deep breath!
          I wouldn’t say your take on things was positively fundamental, but it’s essentially pedestrian, and possibly a tad negatively pessimistic!
          You must allow the positive vibes to radiate from one dimension to another.
          One person’s smile or charm can lift the moral of an entire room.
          Strive to be more betterer.

  3. The word, totalitarianism, comes to mind.
    totalitarianism: a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
    But it really IS communism. Making everyone “the same” with rules, laws, and free money, elimination of the smartest people, elimination of European cultures.

      • @CD Hey, Kike. You Roman Catholic Fascists/Communists are too much. Is that because Hitler, and, Mussolini were baptized, raised, and educated Roman Catholics, and Stalin almost ordained an Orthodox Catholic priest? LOL.

        Those are the facts, and not an opinion.

    • Hitler really screwed up with Operation Barbarossa, Olde Dutch. His generals begged him not to go through with it. He dismissed them as defeatists. By doing so he worsened relations between his government and the army leadership, which were already poor to begin with. Then he declared war on the USA six months later, even though Goering repeatedly warned him not to. No wonder the Allies decided against carrying out any assassination attempts against Hitler. It was more beneficial to them if he remained in power until Gemany’s inevitable defeat.

      • I don’t think the tactics were the defining moment but more due to the weather. The winter came early that year and yes they were ill prepared for the winter weather and Hitler’s being over confident in defeating Stalin.

        Hitler had a knack for not listening to his generals in the field but taking on two fronts at once was the downfall of the Germans.

          • I can’t see debating Hitler or Stalin’s military acumen. But, it’s a fact that the Communists and the Fascists were political, economic, and military allies from August of 1939 to June 22, 1941. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

        • If I’m not mistaken, the Germans were steaming rolling through the Russians until they hit Leningrad and Stalingrad where they were stopped by the weather. Would they have taken those two if not for the weather? I believe they would have but it wouldn’t have mattered in the end.

          • I fear the US would have committed a “Hiroshima” against Germany, had Germany won Russia and kept fighting.

      • Yes. It was an agreement of expediency. Stalin’s plan was to let the Western Europeans exhaust each other, then roll over them.

    • Yes Krafty, the mutual non aggression pact, which ended when Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland. The pact never made the two allies.

      • It was an alliance between the USSR and Germany that had shared military, economic, and political goals, besides carving up eastern Europe. That’s a fact. Not an opinion.

  4. I too cringe at Tucker’s use (misuse?) of the term “fascism”, but his point was well made about he galloping authoritarianism. I think his viewers get it, even if his use of the “F” word is probably misplaced.

    • That’s where PCR always goes wrong. Nazi this and Nazi that. It’s Bolsheviks, Mr. Roberts.

  5. The correct word is Judaism. But I understand that is not allowed to be said on (((Fox))) talmudvision.

    Haven’t had a talmudvision since the 80’s. Like Blormf, not missed, not one iota.

  6. Great post, HW!

    “SLAPP civil lawsuits have been used to silence and intimidate dissidents”

    Thirty one states, the District of Columbia, and Guam have enacted statutory protections against SLAPPs. These states are Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington. In Colorado and West Virginia, the courts have adopted protections against SLAPPs. These laws vary dramatically in scope and level of protection, and the remaining states lack specific protections.
    — Wikipedia: “Strategic lawsuit against public participation”

    Shouldn’t all these lawsuits against the UTR people be dropped? These SLAPPs are filed by Jewish homosexual and other LGBTQ!WE#SIN%& lawyers trying to frame what actually took place in Charlottesville into a fight between the forces of “Robert E. Hitler” vs the “mostly peaceful” “mostly Jewish/pro-Jewish” victimized domestic terrorists: BLM, Antifa, Leftist radicals, etc. The whole event was supposed to be about protecting Southern monuments such as the one for Robert E. Lee but these “out-of-touch (money-hungry)” people have hijacked it with their take down Hitler for profit scheme and will twist any case to fit whatever they themselves are fighting for and scam a lot of innocent people to send them money for one last chance to save us all from the gas chambers.

    May God Save the South!

    • I agree. We need a benevolent (to us) dictator that wants a white country, and will do what needs to be done. “Democracy” is worthless. “Elected representatives” are worthless.

      • What you all really want is an Ethnarch. But only a Christian state can give you that.
        So, basically, Pilate, you and your ilk….. are screwed.

        ” To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts,” – Her. 3;15

        • Actually, religion would thrive in a true white ethno-state. As long as you weren’t welcoming and bussing nonwhites in to get on the dole and have babies with.

          But this is all about your God’s will for you, not really about what is happening to whites.
          You don’t have any answers, because it’s all in “God’s hands” and what God wants.

  7. Putting “wokeism” to the side, just look at all the government meddling in the economy and how we live our lives since Early 2020, and not just in the US but worldwide. Now we have all kinds of shortages, some stuff you simply can’t get, (I hear motor oil is coming next so better change your oil now if your close.) Why should people be surprised by this though? Nothing works in socialist counties and stuff is in short supply, and socialism is just another name for smug bureaucrats who think they know better meddling in the economy which is going on worldwide. When people can’t get their Christmas shit and see their heating bill in a few months the anger is really going to set in.

  8. But the White Leftist-Liberals luv China Han Race Power in China…And Hindu-Sihk Race Power in India….And the Democratic Party luvs Israel Jew Ethnic Power in Israel and in America….And they luv the race power of the highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc….

    Black Lives Matter is a vicious anti-white race hate group….

    They want a Pol Pot solution for the White Problem…and the White Problem is that White People exist…

  9. This is TV folks. And on TV Fascism=MEANIES.

    They’re being “meanies”.
    For the shitlibs, Trump was being a big ole meanie. Now for the conservitards, Biden is being a senile old meanie.

    OBVIOUSLY Trump didn’t do shit to anyone, and was spineless. Their accusations of Trump being a meanie were hollow. Biden is a weak old man, but he’s pliable and subservient to the people who pull the strings. (We know who they are but that’s not important here). Biden is complying with the authoritarian wishes of his masters.

    I don’t care what anyone calls him. Fascist, commie, dumb dumb, doofus, meanie, or nimcompoop. The words don’t really matter. It’s what he’s doing in service go his masters that matters…And Tucker is exposing it. No complaints here.

  10. Maybe these people who are being purged from the military will now realise the degenerate and deteriorating system they were fighting to protect. Was it worth it? Their skills and capabilities should be saved for worthwhile wars……….the war on whites domestically. They’d be kept very busy.
    Why fight for a regime that wants your demographic annialated?

  11. Reply to spahn please,go eat some spam .With your advice Hitler wouldn’t made it out of Vienna!!

  12. Clumsy? Nah… Tucker Carlson’s Jewish writers know exactly what they are doing. They could use words like totallitarianism/authoritarianism, which is what the Jews do whenever they get power under communism. But they won’t do that for obvious reasons.

    Next sock puppet Tucker will be reading from his telepromter how the left are the real Nazis, and this makes them the Real Racists, and that is why you, dear viewer, should vote for Donald Trump and the newly black Republican Party.

    Do you want to know what the cure for all of our current woes is?

    Jam the electric Jew signal.

  13. Respectable conservatives, like Tucker, never fail to honor Anti-White weaponized words, like “fascist” and “racist”, giving credibility to them instead of destroying them. This is why our Anti-White overlords keep respectable conservatives around and why we keep losing ground.

  14. HW, I was listening to TPC today and you did a good job but I have to say James Edwards is slow on the uptake when it comes to jews. Keith on the other hand is right on target. Why doesn’t James like to call out the jews? I noticed when Keith brings them up, James will sometimes change the subject. I listen to the TPC only when I can hear Keith because he speaks truth to power.

    • I don’t know.

      I also go for long spells without talking about the issue. It is so basic that I assume that everyone here just knows. The same is true of racial differences. I rarely write about the issue because I just take it for granted now.

    • I think most of us are way ahead of that Cesspool show. I tried to listen to it several times and had to quit. It’s boring as hell.

  15. “I already know that some of you are rolling your eyes and getting triggered by Tucker using the phrase “the fascist left” and rightly so. It is a clumsy way of framing the problem”

    Right winger seem to do this all the time, probably because of how poor the education process is about general world history the public seems to think that Hitler had a monopoly on force. The history of communism is largely hidden from the public, along with the historical horrors of non whites. The deeds of the typical Oriental Despotism such as the Turks or brutal Chinese Emperors is pretty much unknown. That’s what horrified Europeans about Hitler…and Soviet Communism, they violated the Western Christian norms in effect for centuries such as collective punishment. These are practices of the Sultan, Herod, Nero, The Han Emperor, etc. But in the dumbed down school systems atrocities were the province only of Hitler, White Southerners, The Republicans, and The Church. Everything else was The Garden of Eden, The Noble Savage, Mansa Musa’s Mali was Wakanda…pretty much the essence of CRT has been going on for decades.

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