The Identity Question III

Why do we live in a time of such staggering racial and cultural decline?

I’ve heard all kinds of answers over the years. I have spent decades researching the subject to satisfy my own curiosity. When I first came across the pro-White sphere back in 2001, the conventional wisdom was that America had declined because Jews had seized control of the media and polluted our culture. Prior to this recent development in the 20th century, White America had been a great place to live.

It turns out that the old timers were basically right. Ask yourself the following questions. What is American identity in our own times? What is American morality in our own times? What is the composition and structure of the current American elite? Is this a recent change that is playing out or something that we see over the long span of American history? Was a foreign element introduced somewhere along the way that rose to the apex of the American elite and altered the course of American history?

Once again, if we were to step in a time machine and return to the age of Theodore Roosevelt, William Jennings Bryan and the old Eastern establishment, we would find a vastly different America. There was a common identity and morality and respect for culture. Eastern WASPs still dominated this country as they had done since the War Between the States. These people had their own media and cultural institutions. The Victorian mainstream of 19th century American was dominated by what was stigmatized and attacked by its critics as the Genteel Tradition. These people were the custodians of our culture and set the standards of identity and morality. They wielded their cultural power to select our elites and elevate some figures while marginalizing others. They were the creative class of their time.

The origins of our world and the end of their world stem from the same causes. In the years around World War I, Americans lived through a cultural revolution in which what had been the “mainstream” of 19th century America collapsed and gave way to what evolved into the “mainstream” of 20th century America. The rise of Hollywood, for example, can be traced back to the development of film in the 1910s and 1920s. The rise of the “mainstream media” can be traced back to the founding of radio networks like NBC and CBS in the `1920s. The New Republic which became the flagship of the new liberalism was founded in 1914. The New Yorker which became another one of its key institutions was founded in the 1920s. The New York Times only became the “newspaper of record” between the World Wars. Oswald Garrison Villard remade The Nation from a Genteel publication and young modernist editors gradually took over control of older Genteel institutions like The Atlantic. Mass circulation magazines like Time were founded in the 1920s. Modernism was popularized by the advertising industry which embraced the modernist aesthetic to sell more products to consumers through glamorous Hollywood celebrities and the literature of the era. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and the Losters who decamped to Paris and the South of France in the 1920s were paid to shape the tastes of Americans back home. VogueCosmopolitanEsquire, Vanity Fair, The Smart Set and other “smart magazines” that were dialed into the expatriates and French culture popularized the modernist aesthetic and sensibility among liberal elites in the 1920s.

After this cultural revolution, there is a decisive shift in power to the new modernist liberal elite in New York and Los Angeles. The technologies of film, radio and later television shifted and concentrated cultural power into the hands of a small metropolitan elite, which from this point becomes increasingly although never exclusively Jewish, who became gatekeepers of the new “mainstream.” In every small town and rural hamlet in America, culture becomes what is playing out on a national stage in movies or on the radio or television from the 1920s down to our times. The creation of the mass media and mass culture and this concentration of cultural power in New York and Los Angeles inevitably gave the new cultural elite in these places the canvas on which to reshape America’s national identity, sensibility and moral sense in their own image which is exactly what happened. The dominant culture is no longer Christianity or local and regional custom passed down through tradition mediated by, say, local newspapers and state universities. It is beamed out from New York and Los Angeles and passively consumed in the Heartland.

You could say that it is an exaggeration or embellishment to lay it all at the feet of the Jews taking control of the mass media. This is still the central dynamic though. The cultural insurgents who toppled the Eastern WASPs and their Genteel culture and who killed off Victorian America came from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. Some were Anglos like Randolph Bourne. Some were Germans like H.L. Mencken. Some were Jews like Walter Lippmann and later the New York Intellectuals in the 1930s. The thing that they all shared in common was a modernist sensibility and specifically an animus against the Victorian status quo and an iconoclastic commitment to its central doctrine of cultural liberation. Perhaps it would more more accurate and say that Jews were the conductors of this cultural revolution and lots of shortsighted Whites participated in the insurgency for their own reasons. World War I was exploited to topple the old Victorian mainstream and World War II was used to legitimize the new “mainstream.”

The creation and popularization of the -isms were a way that this new modernist liberal elite expressed their rejection of the old mainstream. They stigmatized it as immoral. We see “racism,” for example, going from a term which was virtually unknown in America to the greatest of all human failings in the years between 1938 and 1945. Racial science had recently only fallen out of favor in the 1920s. This development was due to Hollywood and the mainstream media and World War II propaganda. Similarly, everything that could be associated with the Third Reich – anti-Semitism, nationalism, eugenics, racial science and so on – becomes tainted and taboo only in the wake of World War II. The Victorians had been perceived as “racist.” Their successors were “antiracist.” They were rejecting the old mainstream.

We can go on down the list. The very origins of feminism can be traced back to modernism and its ideal of the “New Woman.” Sexual liberation had always been one of the causes dearest to the insurgents due to their ideal of cultural liberation and their love of H.G. Wells and their uncritical embrace of Sigmund Freud. Women had to be liberated from patriarchy. Homosexuals had to be liberated from heteronormativity. Blacks had to be liberated from white supremacy. Immigrants had to be liberated from the natives who demanded their assimilation into America’s Anglo-Saxon culture. It was necessary to create new -isms like racism, sexism, nativism and homophobia to stigmatize and pathologize the old order.

America had not always been this way. The best way to understand our world is to see the 20th century mainstream as a rejection and inversion of the 19th century mainstream. The current elite which is progressive with a modernist sensibility has a stereotype of the past and its values and ideals are based on rejecting the past. If blacks were once repressed under white supremacy, they are now put up on a pedestal. If White males once ran this country, now they must get woke and check their privilege. The current elite defines their own negative identity and values based on this image of the past.

This is how we ended up in this place. Over the course of the last century, our current elite had no grand idea beyond tearing down and debasing America’s traditional identity, culture and morality. Morality is now nothing but a collection of -isms and -phobias which have been developed and nurtured over the course of the last century. “Culture” is nothing but keeping up with the latest trends and fads. America’s national identity is a negation and inversion of what used to be its old identity. You could say that a new elite rose to power in the early 20th century and essentially have been vandalizing the country that they conquered ever since. They understand themselves as rejecting what came before their reign.

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  1. German cultural areas were broken up, legally harassed or just plain outlawed. After German culture was removed the WASP and the Jew were like the frog and the scorpion.

  2. The African-Asian surplus population bomb engineered by Judaism-Christianity via the importation of ‘western medicine/aid’ into the Third World is now exploding upon the West. Added to that, the CIA/Pentagon creates wars, chaos & geoengineered storms, earthquakes, droughts, fires in these nonwhite nations, providing the pretext to direct/transport the scum into USA/Europe/Australia etc.

    But what did you expect to happen? You fought for these Jewish Marxist mongrels in WWII against the profit & victory of your own race. Cause & effect. Might makes right. But the only problem is, the Whites don’t have any might anymore to fight back. There’s no longer a Wehrmacht or Einsatzgruppen around to combat & liquidate this anti-white scum, because millions of Christianized white Allied idiots terminated them…

    • Jews have been so keen to destroy White Christian America that they’ve dug their won grave. Consider:

      – Importing millions of Middle Easterners and Latin Americans (Muslims and Catholics) who are far more anti-Semitic than the founding WASP stock of America ever were. This is reflected in increasing support for the Palestinians.
      – Importing millions of intelligent, hardworking and networking Asians who are now challenging the Jews’ privileged position atop Harvard, Yale and other bastions over which they hold sway. Direct competitors with no guilt complex over WW2, who will show no quarter and (especially in the case of South Asians) are even more clannish.
      – White resentment of Jewish betrayal grows as more and more of us become aware of 1965 and the undermining and betrayal (e.g. Perlo Group, Rosenbergs) since large numbers of Jews were allowed in through Ellis Island. Fewer and fewer of us are inclined to continue military, diplomatic and financial support for Israel.
      – Weak, decadent modern America, softened up by decades of Jewish-directed TV, cinema, pop music, pornography, media, “education”, etc. is in no position to fight any new Hitler, should such an enemy arise. FFS the Taliban just defeated us!

      I’d call it “Jewpidity”. They could have supported a nationalist, united, majority White America and secured their safety and future (along with Israel’s). But oh, no…

      • @Yunus,
        Oh I’m sure they’ve thought ahead and have something figured out. They may have plans in place to keep the Wests white portion of the population permanently at 30%…….just enough to be their bitches when needed.
        Remember, they killed 80 million Russians during the Bolshevik revolution, so they’ll just kill anyone else who doesn’t behave.
        One thing you can give them credit for:- they aren’t stupid!

        • They’re as stupid as the next bunch of fallible humanoids. In the case of Christians/Europeans, their judgment is skewed by ancient hatred and the recent Holocaust (which few Jews at the time saw coming, even when they were on the cattle trains). Europeans are also intelligent, but we’ve allowed ourselves to be subverted, with Orc-folk by the millions desecrating our beloved homelands.

          • Yunus,
            Thanks for your intelligent comments. From your name and comments, I understand that you are of Arab Christian extraction although you identify as a European. I have no issue with Middle Eastern Christians identifying as European – after all, we were all part of the same Imperium Romanum, which later became Christian on all three sides of the Mediterranean. I would dare say that the Middle East and North Africa were “Europe” before the Islamic conquest.

      • You are correct, but it won’t matter if Whites are blended out of existence. That is going to happen if something doesn’t change.

  3. The jewing of Western civilization goes back a lot further than this … I mark it at the crushing of the first jewish revolt and the destruction of Herod’s Temple in 70 AD by the future Roman Emperor Titus. For one, it started the jews to write their talmud (everyone spit!) and second was Titus Falvius’ foolish decision to spare the remnant of jews who remained loyal to Rome and allow them to spread their cancer across the Roman Empire, aiding and furthering the spread of the Jesus cult, leading to the fall of the empire to what, you guessed it, (judeo-christian encouraged) degeneracy, uncontrolled foreign immigration, dilution of the martial spirit and multiculturalism.

    It really got going in 1492 when three things happened … first, we all know about Columbus, New World, Enlightenment, etc. … but also in that year … Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the jews from Spain (many went to Holland where their descendants would later finance Cromwell’s “judeo-christian” rebellion and conquest of merry old England, allowing the jews and their moneychanging ways back) and thirdly, Rodrigo Borgia purchased the papacy and accelerated the church as a Western European cultural institution’s descent into evil (e.g, the Jesuits).

    The Fall of Jews$A in the “Jewish Century” (1913 to present) is just one link in a long chain of jewish evil, going back a very long way.

    As the Germans once noted, “the jews are our misfortune”.

    • You project current Jews in the west onto the Hebrews of 70AD. They were nothing alike, the Hebrews were a Semitic nation of all ranks and files. Current Jews are a people that evolved over the last 2000 years. The Talmud was a response by the urbane, overseas survivors of the 70AD revolt catastrophe that tried to create a more realistic, Machiavellian form of their religion that wouldn’t embrace suicidal messianism that lead to the destruction of their nation. Over the next two thousand years they evolved into the urban people we see today.

      I’ve come to theorize that urban living evolves populations not into Neitze’s “Superman” or a Paul Atredies, but turns them into Ferengi just like on Star Trek Deep Space 9. (No doubt subconsciously inspired by all the greedy Asiatic Peoples the script writes encountered in the LA area from Persians to Chinese, Hindus and Arabs, Hasidic Diamond Merchants, Armenian peddling real estate, Jewish Hollywood talent agents, you name it.) The peoples of the east have been living in cities for millennia, less than a thousand for NorthWestern Europeans. Millenia of tyrants chopping off the heads of any individualistic peoples has sapped creativity from the east. Millenia under basically martial law while the land was overpopulated to the brink of starvation has made them ultra clannish to the extended family and super greedy where it’s OK to cheat anyone outside the family clan like Quark selling fake shoddy goods in his bar. Jews are much further along this process than Northwest Europeans who didn’t stand a chance against them when they extended their “Hobbit in the Shire” style openness to them. Yes Hamilton was correct in his debate with Jefferson as to how to create a powerful new country, but Jefferson was on to something about staying pastoral as it’s important for any eugenic type plans to avoid creating “Ferengi” and living in highly urbanized society drives populations in that direction.

      • It seems like there’s this big thing to absolve the Jews by saying they aren’t the real Jews.

        It would make no sense for Jews to claim they are Jews, if they weren’t, because then, who are the real Jews??? The Christian Identity people? Turko-Asiatics?

        Jews are Jews. Are they smarter than whites? Heck no. Study some science and history.

        • I get so tired of this question of who are the “real” jews. Their own bible boasts about scouting Canaan for conquest. Their deceit precedes contact by Whites by centuries.

          Were there any significant technological or scientific discoveries by jews before they lived among Whites in Europe? I am not even aware of any such advances in knowledge by any jews at the House of Wisdom during the Islamic golden age.

      • You watch too much talmudvision. Are you going to quote from your favorite comic book, oops I meant “graphic novel”, or its CIG addled (((hollywood))) adaption next?

        Go outside.

        Feel the sun on your face.

        Become a White Man.

          • Absolutely; I agree. All the more reason to get out of The City and back to The Land if you can. To be able to sit around the fire-ring swapping lies/tall tales or watching a thunderstorm roll in during late afternoon. It beats watching a big screen electric jew, and will be a whole lot better place to be when SHTF.

    • that’s right. The Jews have been at war with White Western Civilization for 2,500 years. Now (((they)))
      sense imminent victory and are riding hard and dirty. I also see the key date as 24 December 1913….which led directly to August 4th, 1914. All downhill for us since then.

    • Didn’t many of the jews who were kicked out of Spain wind up in the Spanish Netherlands, where they helped foment the Protestant revolution?

    • The origins of the Christ cult have always intrigued me. It does seem that it remained largely confined to Judea until the destruction of the “Second Temple”. The “Gospel of Mark” is believed to have been written a short time after that.

      • There is some informed speculation that christianity was actually a Roman psychological campaign to pacify the jews in Palestine. Joe Atwill and Rose Mary Sheldon at VMI have written about this.

        It apparently worked so well that emperor Constantine decided to try it on his Roman subjects.

      • Paul created it and spread it among Greeks. Paul was probably a Herodian, a member of the huge extended Herod family, who else in Judea was a “Roman Citizen.?” Herod was a Greek who the Romans imposed as King on the Hebrews and nominally embraced their religion. But these foreign kings were deeply unpopular in Judea and fled at the start of the revolt in 66 AD, the first thing the crowds did was burn down their palaces. Paul sort of like the monotheistic parts of the theology but hated Mosaic law, such as the dietary restrictions so crafted his own version of Judaism based on a dead Essene who was part of the early Zealot messianic movement against Roman rule. He instead crafted a pro Roman version of monotheism that appealed to the larger Greek Eastern Mediterranean. Some scholars think maybe one sixth of the so called sayings of Jesus in the Gospel are authentic, probably the ones predicting the end of Rome, the “live and let live, give to Caesar stuff” was made up by Paul.

  4. Re: “the old timers were basically right. Ask yourself the following questions. What is American identity in our own times? What is American morality in our own times?

    The predominant “morality” (not Christian) of the U.S. population from the beginning was the same as it is now, regardless of changing racial and ethnic composition. The U.S. did not “go wrong.” The present Empire is the logical, necessary outcome of the nature of the U.S. at its founding.

    “What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.” Ecclesiastes 7:10

    • When the capitalist global hegemon begins to run out of foreign victims to consume or parasitize, it begins to feed on its own “homeland” population.

  5. An excellent summary. The seeds were already well-planted in the 19th century. Jews and Masons have been working to destroy Christendom for a long time – well before the founding of the United States. There were indeed more than a few Masons amongst the founders, and there is plenty of Masonic symbolism present in even the earliest American iconography. How many of these were at the deepest (Satanic) level like Pike is an open question.

    Satanists – whether of Masonic or Jew variety – still had very effective enemies in the early era – Andrew Jackson in particular. The civil war was not about the abolition of slavery as much as it was about the abolition of the republic and the establishment of the empire. The 1865-80 period marked the end of the republic and the establishment of the empire. Women’s suffrage was first established in Wyoming Territory (1878) and steadily advanced throughout the states in the next three decades. By 1914 (popular election of Senators, Federal income tax and elevation of the “Federal Reserve” banking cartel to control the issue of money), the die was cast.

    • General Jackson was a Freemason, as were Dr. Franklin and General Washington. Were they all enemies of the Republic?

      • Not necessarily. The Satanism isn’t fully revealed in Freemasonry until one gets to a very high level. They definitely work hand-in-glove with the Jews, though. It’s also not as prevalent in America as it is in what was once Protestant Europe (soon to be Negroid-Muslim Europe).

      • “Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pigs (gentile masons) will never understand the final objective of masonry.”

        – Theodor Hetzel

        Switzerland 1897

  6. Now is the time for our jew masters to step up and tell us how their Moshaich will be superior to the Christ. But they won’t because everything they have built and constructed, by way of destroying has been in open defiance of God his law, his plans and his wants. Evil thy name be the Jews. And when it is out in the open and every one comes to know we are ruled over by such evil what is to become of the Jews? And the Irish and the queers who prostrate themselves before the Jews? Do you think humans will submit to be ruled over by evil?

    • Religion won’t save the West. It demands more and more charity to low IQ foreigners, which means bringing them here and setting them up to live like us, all on our tab.

    • The religious jews aren’t the ones doing this to us. It’s the secular, rootless cosmopolitan “Yankee” of jewish decent who inherited that bitter, acerbic, neurotic “jewish personality” and seeks to subvert things. Why else would anybody create an ED drug TV commercial showing a very black guy walking into a bedroom with a white woman? That’s the kind of thing you’d wish on your worst enemy. Even jews themselves slip up, Solderberg got criticized for showing the rich white girl, turned junkie’s ultimate rock bottom as sleeping with blacks in that film “Traffic” from a few years back.

      • The religious ones aren’t even speaking up about the secularized ones. They aren’t going to stop them. So it’s no advantage to single out the religious ones. They aren’t on our side.

      • Wrong. the Kushner crime family is Chabad Lubavtich for example (very religious). Numerous other flavors of religious Jews follow the Talmud, which is essentially a Satanic guidebook. The Talmud is the source of Rabbinic statements describing how goyim are animals placed on earth by their ‘god’ to do with as they like. It also describes Christ and his mother as swimming eternally in a vat of shit. There are very few Jews who are not subverting/inverting and working ceaselessly to destroy whites. They tend to be non-religious and not brought up in the other Jew-religion: Zionist Bolshevism. Saul Alinksy – who dedicated his most famous screed to the devil, is an example of this more common type. Ben (the Littlest Chickenhawk) Shapiro or Kushner are religious. Synagogue of Satan fits 90% or more.

      • The ties that bind.—-All Jews reject Christ and his teachings. There is unanimity among the Jews in this regard. Why? Every though or want to to know why the Jews hate an innocent man who did no wrong? There has got to be a reason.

  7. Brad, good to see your Jew criticism! You are one of the few people with an audience who isn’t afraid to criticize or analyize the Jews. There are a few others like James Edwards, Keith Alexander, and to some extent David Duke. But, for the most part, including Duke, criticism of the Jews is too one dimensonal.

    For example, didn’t the Jew “Roberts” family who own NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Comcast start out down in Mississippi and Alabama, even though they were Philadelphia Jews? I’m sure there were Southern politicians who were enriched by the “Roberts” family? That would be an interesting angle for you.

    From reading you and others, Catholics have not reached critical mass in the lower South, the way they have in the upper South including North Carolina & South Carolina, and the mid-West. With all of the Roman Catholic immigration from Latin America, and various African Roman Catholics like the Haitians & Nigerians—you appreciation of the Roman Catholics no matter what they claim will diminish because of the facts! Get ready for it.

    • If you don’t have to worry about a job, you can criticize Jews all you want. Obviously the people you named don’t have to worry about an income.

    • Re: “With all of the Roman Catholic immigration from Latin America and various African Roman Catholics like the Haitians (…) your appreciation of the Roman Catholics no matter what they claim will diminish”:

      The Papist system supports the plutocrats and neoliberal and neofascist regimes that rule most Latin American countries, and it has a stranglehold on Haiti. Roman Catholic officials help to organize and assist coups to overthrow popular, democratically-elected socalist leaders. Papism is a perfect fit for the U.S. empire.

      • @anonymous Yeah, the religion of the Federal Government is Roman Catholicism. Fitting, huh!

        We have lost California, how many more States will we have to lose before these so-called “White” Catholics get it?

    • Hunter, why do you allow this troll to post here on every single thread? Don’t give some lame excuse that you are too busy to moderate. You see the names when you approve them. Just stop approving comments from KW/Tom Watson, or any other comment introducing off-topic Catholic bashing. It’s all the same troll. There is no reason to ever approve a comment from this troll again. It adds nothing and takes away much.

      • LOL. @ATBOTL If you can’t take even mild criticism, you should get another hobby besides political commentary. I’ve always noticed that Roman Catholics like Jews can dish it out, but, they can’t take it.

        • I’d sure like to know why HW allows abusive comments against Miss Christina to always go through unfiltered but he will either sensor any criticism of Olde Dutch or strongly condemn it?

      • It’s getting to the point that my donations will be ending because HW is allowing idiots like Krafty Wurker and Robert Browning to spew their religious stupidity on every story. I mean, how in the hell is White Nationalism ever going to get off the ground if idiots insist on disenfrachising huge swaths of the White population with their attacks on various Christian sects.

        • Hunter is may be sympathetic to the troll on some level. It may be something he sees as being part of his Southern identity to be hostile to Catholics. I don’t know about Hunter’s religious background, but nothing he has ever written suggests a personal familiarity with America style(ie Puritan/Evangelical/Bapitst) Christianity. Everything he writes about religion is from books, like the trolls’ comments.

          It’s really bizarre as someone who, unlike seemingly 98% of people in the alt-right, was raised Evangelical and taught mildly anti-Catholic beliefs growing up, to see this troll who is clearly not a real Protestant attack Catholics using 19th Century concepts, rather than the actual things that real world Protestants who are strongly critical of Catholics say today.

          KW and “Tom Watson” are definitely the same person and “Robert Browning” is probably the same person. This is the historical person that handle is named after:

          It’s pretty funny, because his life shows the Evangelical to secular liberal pipeline in action. That may be part of the troll’s joke.

          • I think that commentators should be able to discuss the issue because White people have legitimate religious differences. I’m less interested in the issue though. It seems to me that class divisions loom much larger these days. Christianity is a marginalized sub culture and fighting over its historic divisions isn’t really relevant to who is running the country today

        • The only way White nationalism would ever get off the ground is by cutting away the dead weight. Shitlibs, papists, libertarians, etc. Including these people would just be shooting yourself in the foot. Imagine you create the White ethnostate and invite all the papists and libertarians. They would destroy it within two decades by importing a bunch of Africans and mestizos. At least 50-60% of Whites aren’t even worth dealing with.

          I agree with critical race theorist E Michael Jones that papists aren’t White. They should go live in the papist ethnostate: Brazil.

        • @c d

          Hey c d change your handle to c k. It suits you better Christ killer. It is the Jew who can’t stand the truth about himself to be spoken out loud by others and it is the Jew in you that wants others silenced. Take that to the bank Christ killer.

  8. I’m a little surprised to see you basically go with “it’s the Jews.” Your own writing has regularly made the point that what we’re seeing now looks an awful lot like the sort of nutty religious revival that’s always happened every so often in Yankeedom. And why does what’s happening to us now look so much like what happens to every great civilization after they’ve been successful for a while?

    I can get behind a more qualified form of “it’s the Jews” – and to be fair, you did hedge a little later on – but laying all or even most of it on them seems like it’s letting us off the hook far too easily.

    • Who controls the currency of the US, the legal system, the education system, medicine, big business, and medicine?
      Who controls the print media, the news, the movie industry, radio, and more?
      Who controls both parties and the government, all of the way to the top?

      If you don’t know, you owe it to yourself to look it up.
      Because what you wrote has all of the naivete and ignorance of a well-off person who only has to worry about where his next vacation will be.

  9. HW, you wrote this article well. European American ethnonationalists undoubtedly must oppose Jews and dispossess them since the Jews will remain the foe of Europeans as long as they live. However, we should respect Jews for their successful campaign against their hostile gentile hosts. We need to view the Jews as our teachers in the art of the domination of host peoples since Europeans will likely become minorities in their former territories like the Afrikaners. European ethnonationalists have lost any state support in the West. We like the Jews of medieval and early modern Europe cannot organize openly for our own ethnic interests without de facto or de jure persecution. We like the Jews have been persecuted. Interestingly, the Jews now persecute us. Historically, we persecuted the Jews. The Jews now have the whip in hand and love to use it. We must learn how they stole the whip from us.

    Like you, I do not like blaming Jews for all of our problems in a moralistic sense. However, we must dispassionately understand the threat of and wage war against the Jews. We should not hate Jews. We should not love them. We should fight them. Jew hatred, or moral antisemitism, eventually morphs into David Duke’s hysterics about how the Jews violate the human rights of Palestineans. This feminine mode of antisemitism uses the language of the Civil Rights movement. David Duke deceptively describes himself as a White Civil Rights activist. Instead of dismantling White Supremacy, we will dismantle Jewish Supremacy. Instead of uplifting blacks, we will uplift global gentiles especially the Palestineans. Rather than divest and sanction the White supremacist apartheid state of South Africa, we will divest and sanction the Jewish Supremacist apartheid state of Israel. Rather than railing against Jewish supremacy like low-agency blacks, Europeans should seek to emulate the ruthless tribalism of Jews. Jews are highly ethnocentric and place the interests of their tribe above other “humanitarian” moral considerations for good reason. What is good to the Jews is what is good for the Jews. They embody a master morality. They conquer nations by subversion.

    Jews subvert the elites of their host nations. Jews seduce gentile elites to betray their own kin through money, flattery, and sexuality. I do not blame the Jews for acting ruthlessly in their collective self-interest. In fact, I applaud them. If I was a Jew, I would ruthlessly subvert gentile elites and destroy hostile gentile host nations in the process. I believe this behavior of Jews is highly moral. They take their ethics intuitively or rationally from evolutionary biology. I do the same. But should we blame the Jews for their seduction of gentile elites and their triumph of establishing Israel and safeguarding the world for Jews?

    No. We should view this as highly moral behavior for Jews as they are acting to maximize their offspring and to minimize the power of their hostile host populations. We must learn from them. Jews accuse other Jews of being antisemitic and used to kill their fellow Jews for collaborating with their ethnic enemies. The Talmud instructs the Jewish community to kill a Jewish member who betrays them by informing on the illegal activities of a Jew to a gentile authority. Jews ruthlessly police their ethnic community for traitors or those who work against the interests of their community. Europeans must do the same. Before criticizing the Jews, we must criticize European gentile traitors. Without the gentile traitors, the Jews could not rule over us. The worst punishments should always be reserved for traitors. We should not preach White solidarity with George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, or Bill Clinton. If these traitors meet a terrible fate, then we should be happy. We should blame our plight not on the seducers but those who were willingly seduced, gentile European elites. Our fiercest fight should be directed to them before we fight the Jews. European traitors are far more dangerous to us than any Jew. We should act accordingly.

    • MATTHEW 7:3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

      4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

      5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    • “We should not love them. We should fight them. Jew hatred, or moral antisemitism, eventually morphs into David Duke’s hysterics about how the Jews violate the human rights of Palestineans.”

      Zionist shill detected. Supporting Palestine is the most effective and easiest way to fight Jewish power. Anyone coming into our spaces and advocating against support for Palestine is an obvious Jewish shill, no matter how much the sock handle they use claims to dislike Jews. This one makes it extra obvious with paragraph after paragraph of fawning all over Jews.

      Jews fear whites supporting Palestine more than anything.

      • Get beyond the hatred and understand the example. Jewish behavior is a clear model of how Whites need to behave, if they want to keep existing. The morality of survival and supremacy. Nazism was basically Judaism turned 180 degrees and directed back at them. Put the interests of the White tribe first.

  10. None of this is new ground, and leaves the conclusion as to what can be done in exactly the same place as it always has been.

    Assume you are right, and its the Jooooz, man.

    Ok, now what? Do we grab tiki torches and march through college towns hollering about things basically nobody else understands or agrees with, (jooz will not replace us, man!), frightening the general populace thats got absolutely no idea whats going on, and giving the establishment we already know is corrupt the absolute best hollywood caricature of us that they could ever cook up so they can crack down on normie Whites even more?

    No thanks.

    I’m tired of being told what the problem is. I’ve got my own ideas about such things. We all do.

    I’m more interested in how we can turn things around in a way that doesn’t get every honest, non autistic working class White even more heavily persecuted than they already are cause thus far, none of this has produced anything but destruction so far.

    For the accelerationists out there that might be enough, but the only interest i’ve got in seeing this shithouse go up in flames, is to clear the way for something better.

    Talking about the jooz, when in reality now, right now there is no discernable difference in the average shitty leftist joo and the average shitty leftist White, is a waste of time, and an embrace of the exact same autism that this thing has been mired in unnecessarily for 6 years now.

    Like a dog eating its own puke. You people never seem to learn.

    Yeah, it was the Jews. Now? Its Jews, Blacks, suburban shitlib White Pmcs, fucking indians, mexicans, a growing number of Chinese and don’t forget the italians, who i’ve personally never trusted. All tgese fucking people are playing the exact same game with the exact same goal, fuck Whitey. It doesn’t MATTER ANYMORE WHAT THE JEWS ARE DOING because now everybody is doing it.

    Get into the 21st century people. Facts on the ground demand a reevaluation of priorities.

    • What does turning things around mean?

      How can you turn anything around without confronting the problem? If Jewish money is corrupting our politics and Jews are dominating all of our cultural institutions (news media, entertainment media, elite universities, foundations), please tell us how you get around that.

      • He doesn’t get it. He names all of these other groups and doesn’t get it that they are being used against us. Yes, bad traitorous low life whites are a problem, but most of them don’t have the money that the tribe has. He needs to look at who runs things, who owns things, and who controls the money. He can’t come up with one thing that is to blame, it’s everything and everyone, which is like saying, it’s no one.
        “Turning things around’ probably means a Republican election win.

          • “Yes, they might have the same degenerate morals, but the difference is the money, organization, networks and ethnocentrism which allows them to dominate institutions”

            That’s right. There are many kinds of enemy, but kikes are the epicenter of it all: they shoulder-chipped the various racial also-rans against Whites; they organize, finance & protect them.

            You don’t strike the branches & tendrils of a poisonous, parasitic vine, you strike the (((root))).

      • It isn’t important to differentiate between the Jewish money or the old WASP money thats being used against us, or increasingly the bankroll of corporations that are actually funded in large part by hedge funds, retirement funds (our own money) and activist investors, of foreign countries filtering in through our corrupt political system.

        Why? It gains us zero tactical or strategic value to do so. And in the eyes of normies it costs us dearly because there is almost no chance they will be as autisticly obsessed with Jews as we’ve been and will view it correctly as unrealistic to blame Jews exclusively or even specifically in a disproportionate manner like above. It may have been true 20 years ago. But its not now. Now everybody is in on the grift and its popular for everyone to hate Whitey. Even white people are doing it.

        Every institution of power and every racial and sexual subgroup that comprises the rainbow coalition hates White Christians.

        Your polls show it clearly. White Christians feel under attack. None of those fucking polls felt it necessary to ask by whom. Its not salient.

        “What does turning things around mean?”

        Its not enough to identify the outgroup, and then defacto define ourselves as whatever is left. I’ve talked about this extensively in the past. A worldview that defines itself in opposition to the other is a weak one doomed to a neurotic circle jerk of autistic proportions. Look at the Jews and what its gotten them. They are a mess.

        We should focus instead on the reinforcement of the identity of the ingroup. “Its ok to be White”. That flyer campaign was uniquely powerful. It was positive. Its exact opposite is “Jews will not replace us”. Negative. Doesn’t define the us, doesn’t care, only cares about opposing Jews, as if they are the only threat now.

        We must focus on figuring out who Whitey is and reinforcing it as ok to be that. That will obviously not be Jews, blacks or italians.

        Turning it around means lifting up a banner that represents us, so we can know our own again. What banner can we, the remnant of White all stand under?

        Stop hyperfocusing on the Jews. Lets look at who Whitey is now. We’ve spent plenty of time talking about what Whitey used to be, and how we all want to be that again, but its too late for that.

        Its time to look forward and figure out whats left and consolidate. Whitey needs to do a personal inventory and come up with a new 5 year plan.

      • You turn it around by rebuilding the thing the Jews set out to destroy so they could sew discord and division.

        We must rebuild our identity and reinforce it as a safeharbour for average Whitey. Something to be proud of, to have allegiance to, to fight for if need be.

        If: Its ok to be White.

        And: They hate us for being White

        Then: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

        But what is White? Whites are in on the scam, attacking their own identity now. Why? Its all they feel they can safely attack and by dling so earn themselvessome repreive from the rainbow coalition. They see no value in what we were. Nobody is modeling the reasons why they shouldn’t attack their own heritage and brethren.

        White is being defined now only by the left, our enemies.

        We’ve totally ceded this ground and let them have it.


        Why is the JQ the only thing we seem to have any real energy for?

        It was the Jews! I agree. SO WHAT NOW?

        • What now?? You have some fun.

          You mock, you ridicule, you make fun of these Jew stuffed shirts and their Moshiach.

          It bothers the living crap out of them and they can’t answer back.

    • He wants a special exemption for the jews. They must NEVER be recognized as anything but perfectly innocent pure angels according to him.

      Therefore, he is either:

      1. A jew defending jewish interests
      2. A shill paid to defend jewish interest by jews.
      3. An idiot.

  11. Even if you convince everybody in the world that the Jews suck, it will gain us, WHITEY, absolutely nothing.

    Tell me why I should give money or time to anything that accomplishes absolutely nothing of value for what I care about.

    I want free and happy Whites, having lots of free and happy White babies in a land where they can feel safe.

    Obsession about what Jews have done, doesn’t help this. Arguably it hurts this because it diverts from more important issues of focus.

    • If you want to know why things are the way they are today, you simply can’t ignore the fact that we began the last century with a WASP cultural elite which had its own values and sensibility, not to mention a settled national identity and morality, and when, why and how that all fell apart. You seem to believe that you can ignore that. It is hilarious.

      It is not an “obsession” with Jews either. It is true there are people who are obsessed with Jews and who blame everything in the world on Jews. We’ve exhaustively covered and acknowledged and ran down all the important other factors. None of it changes the reality that we have a Jewish elite. We have a degenerate culture that reflects the tastes and preferences of that elite. Conservatives have always tried to dodge and ignore and downplay the issue and countless electoral victories have gotten them nowhere.

      What isn’t ultimately determined these days by these Jewish networks that have infested and taken over pretty much all American institutions? Foreign policy? Art? Music? Film? Politics?

      • We all know why. The Jews. They control the institutions and money to a disproportionate degree. And have created a system of persecution against heritage breed Whitey.

        So what now?

        We’ve all read this material. I’ve been reading it over and over for 6 years now.

        I want to know, what now.

        How do we move forward and who is we. I’ve given my opinion. I’ve given constructive input and laid out a potential direction forward.

        I’ve been doing so for years and still here we are talking about the JQ like its 2015.

        • Good question.

          What can you do about it? You can vote for one of two parties both of which are financed and controlled by these people who shut out anyone who criticises them.

          You can go postal. It won’t solve anything, but it will end your own life.

          You can try to organize outside the system. Good luck with that because you will be subverted by the “intelligence community” and no one will put themselves at risk to join you.

          You can complain about it on the internet and try to persuade others that this is a problem and win people at the margins

          You can wait it out and hope that some unforseen event topples the elite

          I’m sorry, but there are no good answers to the chokehold that these people have over every institution in the country. That’s just the way it is

          • Working on things that advance our interests without explicitly being “pro-White” works. Crypto, building/promoting censorship resistant platforms, etc. Since we are completely locked out of the system, we need to work on building up the infrastructure outside of the system and getting as many Whites as possible to use them regularly.

            I would also advocate trying to make inroads with competitors of the USA. Learn Mandarin, Russian, or something. We will need foreign advocates in the future. Just don’t do anything stupid, obviously. It should be basic stuff like writing blogs or making videos for foreign audiences about American degeneracy that they want to export. Or videos on state discrimination against White Americans, not hooking up with spies or engaging in any “foreign meddling” or anything like that.

            American media gives foreigners the false impression that America is a White supremacist state where White people go around lynching random Blacks and dragging them behind pickup trucks every weekend before church. We need to show people that it isn’t reality, or 20 years from now we will be facing a situation where all people on Earth believe White Americans are the ultimate evil and we will be screwed.

          • Who are these people calling me a shill?

            I’ve been posting under this name for the last 6 years here and everywhere else. There’s absolutely nothing i need in the way of confirmation or recognition from anybody.

            My good faith is irrelevant. Take what I say on the merits, post by post.

            I could care less if it rustles jimmies.

          • “What can you do about it?”

            Build WHITE media, then educational material, start the nucleus of WHITE associations. Small things, such as a WHITE scholarship (must be anonymous for the beneficiaries).

      • This Ironic Sock Account is clearly here to try to prevent anyone from recognizing the jewish role in the destruction of European and American society, through the age-old, all-too-familiar tactics of shaming, mockery, blah blah blah.

        He’s either a jew, or a frenzied Zionist with a copy of the Scofield Bible embedded in his mind.

        At this point, its like talking about someone being “obsessed” with the British in the 1770s. Sure, the Americans supporting the British empire were a problem, too, possibly even the main problem. But this character is like “Come on, man, stop mentioning the British, it’s the 19th century. Get with the times.”

        • Several of the long term regular commenters on this blog are shills and trolls pretending to be white nationalists. Some of these people have been posting on Hunter’s various blogs for 15 years or more and may have followed Hunter from other sites like the Phora.

          They are here to poison the discourse by sowing division, derailing topics and behaving in an obnoxious way that repels people.

    • @IronicSockAccount “I want free and happy Whites, having lots of free and happy White babies in a land where they can feel safe.”

      Kumbaya. More whites means more slaves to work and tax. Whites are not free in America. White kids go to schools where they are told how evil they are. Whites are constantly denied what they have earned or are qualified for. Nonwhites get free passes, special grading systems, and they get to act like a bunch of monkeys.

      The Civil Rights Movement took our rights away. Read up on who got that going.

      • It was the Jews. So what?

        Right now, in this reality with current facts on the ground and knowing what you said is true, that Whitey isn’t free in his own country, is it then a good idea to run to the local Lowes and buy up all the tiki torches so we can descend on our nearest college town to march around scaring people and screaming about the Jews?

        Cause i’m pretty sure we tried that already.

        All I’m saying is maybe that wasn’t a healthy way to try to make our point to the vast majority of normal healthy people that don’t understand and are just feeling scared and persecuted.

        Its like trying to help a rape victim to cope by forcing them to face their attacker, knowing full well they wore a mask, and only you know who they were cause you got the DNA results to prove it. Does forcing that victim to confront the person whose face they never saw actually help them? No. Does it protect her from other predators? No. Does it make her feel better in the least, knowing who it actually was? No. Why? Because the damage has been done. The only thing that can help her is to be surrounded instead with good men, who will protect her, who she can trust as her own family, and slowly that pain grows less and the victim can move on, as we must.

        We don’t need to be the ones screaming jew in a crowded theatre. We need to be the ones manning the wall, keeping the rainbow army of the apocalypse from getting inside to hurt Whitey again.

        The wall. The dividing line between us and them. We need to build it first. But where. What differentiates us from them? Where do we build it?

        • Never underestimate your enemy. Stop trying to neutralize the threat over us. Stop talking about “a wall” and other mental gymnastics.

        • “We don’t need to be the ones screaming jew in a crowded theatre.”

          Whatever, shill. That clanger will be posted here over and over in the future. I saved your awfully written comments from this thread and will be posting excerpts from them when you post again, so everyone knows you are shill pretending to be pro-white.

    • Anyone who characterizes HW’s entirely reasonable and factually unassailable criticism of “Joos” as “obsession” is either a Jew, a coward or a collaborator.

      Make a straw man and demonize it, cry out as you strike. Same old playbook, every single time.

  12. Your analysis is rather lacking in substance, HW. Give us examples of American popular culture from the 19th and 20th centuries which strengthen your assertions, e.g., the songs of Stephen Foster, minstrel shows, vaudeville, the Carter Family, the Grand Ole Opry, Elvis, jazz, etc. To simply state that we had a wholesome society prior to the arrival of jews from the Pale of Russia in the late 1800s is simplistic and unsatisfactory.

    • Well, they didn’t have trannies and crossdressers publicly grossing everyone out. They didn’t have people defecating on public streets. They didn’t have Negroes constantly assaulting and murdering Whites. I think most people get that.

      • Alcoholism, prostitution, venereal disease, gambling and other social ills were widespread in America long before the jews and Hollywood came along. Most people with an IQ above room temperature know that.

        • I don’t know where you live, but most large to mid-size cities are worse off now than decades ago. Yeah, those evils were there, but not like they are now.
          It’s not even called, “out of wedlock” anymore.

        • I’m reasonably sure everyone knows that humans have always gambled, whored around, and drunk alcohol for all of time. This is just misdirection.

          I’m also reasonably sure you’re not the “real” Spahnranch, who is a determined NatSoc.

        • Those things were all on the fringes of society – now they have become been normalized and mainstreamed thanks to the entertainment industry’s glamorization of things like drugs, alcohol, pornography and deviant sexuality starting in the 60s. In behavioral science it is known as the Nudge Theory and two kikes – Thaler and Sunstein have written extensively about it – it is basically gently pushing society in the direction that the elites want it to go in. It is infinitely easier for the Cabal to do now even compared to 30 years ago with the internet, social media and the 24-7 news cycle.

    • Are you trying to say that Stephen Foster was as degenerate as gangsta rap? Whatever you meant, your comment is poorly written, as always.

      Notice that “Ironic Sock” and “Spahnranch” are backing each other up in telling us not to talk about Jews. Let’s all remember that going forward. The two shills may be the same person or working together. They both write in the same ranting, incoherent way.

  13. Jews invented the Left, Communism and Feminism. They also control every institution of influence or power. Until the cause is dealt with, nothing will change.
    I don’t want to hate other groups. I’m a nice fellow, but if they conduct themselves in this manner, I’m kind of………not okay with it. If they lived like ordinary people, ‘anti Semitism’ wouldn’t exist.

  14. Twitter/Bill KristolWe can debate infrastructure, tax policy, government spending, etc. But it’s not a close call as to the one thing that would do the most for our economy across the board: More immigration. Both “skilled” and “unskilled.” Which the Administration and Congress have done nothing on.

    Check out all the faggots in the replies (e.g. ‘Maybe vaccines first. Immigration second’) — unreal.

  15. “technologies of film, radio and later television shifted and concentrated cultural power into the hands of a small metropolitan elite,”

    Is that ever the distilled truth !
    The entire article is spot on.

    It’s a crying shame that the moneyed elite gentiles didn’t seize these new technologies for the betterment of WHITES.

  16. This thread really brought out the shills. The people like “Ironic Sock” and “Spahnranch,” who always say stupid things and try to sow division among whites really hated this post.

    • When people try to blame whites, it’s really odd, because while there are low life whites and traitorous whites, it isn’t the normal current flow of our race. For thousands of years, our race has built and sustained first world nations. So when they say it’s not the jews, they ignore this. One only needs to look at who started the Civil Rights Movement, that unleased negroes upon the white population of this country.

      I’d imagine there are all sorts on this site, maybe mulattos, mexi-mixes, you name it. There are also people who have not been exposed to how things really are. They spend their lives in gated communities and cruise ships.

      If anyone thinks that the US in the past is as bad as it is now, they must have grown up in a literal trash ghetto, because even the lower class areas were safer and cleaner than they are now. Nowadays, you have drug abuse and race mixing in even the classiest suburbs.

  17. Hunter, your response to me was totally inadequate. The people coming under criticism here are obviously trolls and not arguing anything in good faith. You have a guy who derails every conversation here with lies against other white people and you support him doing that. That’s unacceptable. You marginalize yourself and your website with this behavior. Your excuse about religion not mattering is absurd.

    I have had it. I will not be reading or posting here again and I am taking several real world WN friends I encouraged to read this site with me. After submitting this message, I will be deleting the link I have saved to this site.

    • Okay, fine.

      I’m also sick of you coming here and demanding that I censor all discussion of religion because discussing the topic is “trolling.” You’re also right that I do think there is some merit to the issue. I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings to say it, but Northern Catholics like JFK have been aligned with Jews in the Democratic Party through most of the 20th century. This is definitely true of the upper tiers of the conservative movement. So there is something to the issue.

      It is not true of all Catholics. It is not true of all Protestants. White people have meaningful religious differences though. I don’t really have a problem with exploring them. I don’t get massively offended when commentators point out that millions of White Southerners are Christian Zionists and Dispensationalists because it is true. Basically, what you want me to do is to pretend that Whites do not have religious differences and censor the subject because it offends your idea of White unity.

      • Like our friend Kevin MacDonald, he’s a great anti-Semite, but, he forgets that the co-author of Hart-Celler was US Senator Phil Hart a wealthy and connected Roman Catholic lawyer from Michigan.

        They need to be reminded about the likes of Biden, Pelosi, and Fuaci.

        Over the years I’ve reduced more than one Roman Catholic lawyer, and other professional, to tears. LOL. They deserve it.

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