Happy Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples’ Day

I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk since July.

It gets boring sharing YouTube clips and keeping up with the news cycle. I also don’t want to get trapped in the same old partisan politics. We covered the Biden administration so intensely in the first half of the year because it was new and interesting and because of the threat it posed to our civil liberties.

A new president only has a brief window at the outset of his term to make an impact these days before he loses his political capital and altitude in Washington. We saw this with Donald Trump whose first year culminated in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act before jockeying for the 2018 midterms set in and he lost control of Congress and as a result legislation ground to a halt over the next three years. Donald Trump’s window to act closed in 2017. We’re approaching the same point with Joe Biden. We’ve likely seen all that Joe is going to do unless events intervene and there is a major foreign policy crisis or economic collapse.

I’ve been searching for a new theme to write about. I think I have found it in the concept of two Americas drifting apart. This seems to be the long term trend that is going on under the background noise of current events. The gap is widening by the day. Is it Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Is it October or LGBTQ History Month? Should I write more about the complete unraveling of American culture?

We’ve seen a huge assault on the memory of Christopher Columbus over the past year. Dozens of Columbus statues were torn down by mobs during the George Floyd riots. Columbus seems to be the most hated and politically incorrect non-Confederate figure whose memory is still celebrated in the public square. The Washington Post has put a map up of where Columbus statues are still standing to encourage vandalism. As a federal holiday, it is worth noting that Columbus Day didn’t exist until 1968. Both the Christopher Columbus and Confederate monuments went up in the 20th century. The Columbus statue that was torn down by the mob in Baltimore last summer went up in 1984.

The fate of both the Confederate monuments and Christopher Columbus monuments reflects a point that I have been making here in recent weeks. The roots of our present crisis are in the recent past, not the distant past. In the early 20th century, The Birth of a Nation and Gone With The Wind were blockbuster hits. Nostalgia for the Old South was ascendant in the early 20th century. The Dunning School was ascendant and Reconstruction had been broadly dismissed as a failure. Union and Confederate veterans got along better in the early 20th century at Civil War reunions than Americans to today.

The rift that caused the War Between the States – the one over slavery and secession – closed in the early 20th century. The Civil War generation died off. New issues arose. American politics shifted to addressing the consequences of industrialization and later to foreign policy. The country moved on as it made the leap to Empire. The federal government named 20th century military bases after Confederate generals. Until recently, only a tiny handful of Americans were pessimistic enough to consider dissolving the Union. American politics wasn’t nearly this polarized and toxic in the 1990s. This is a recent change.

This new cultural rift that has opened up between rural America and urban America can be traced back to the 1910s and 1920s.. It was in the 1920s when the urban population overtook the rural population for the first time in American history and began setting the tone of American culture. The earliest modernist cultural enclaves appeared in Chicago and New York City shortly before World War I. The culture of these urban counter-cultural enclaves became the new elite “mainstream” culture in the 1920s.

In retrospect, we can see that the new “mainstream” culture soaked down from metropolitan elites into the college educated professional class between the 1920s and 1970s. The Baby Boomers didn’t create the counter-culture. They were raised in it and exposed to it on campus. The 1960s and 1970s were only the point where the new modernist culture hit a critical mass. The “culture war” that followed and which has raged ever since down to our own times was a reaction to it hitting this tipping point.

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    • Well, unlike the Vikings making it to Greenland and perhaps North America, after Columbus “discovered the New World,” it remained discovered.

  1. The US needs a Leif Ericson Day – Leif the Lucky was a tall, bearded, blue-eyed Norseman from Iceland who never exploited any Injuns and came to North America half a century years before that short, swarthy (jewish?)dago did.

    • I seriously doubt Columbus or any of his crew were Shlomos just by the nature of the work. For whatever his failings Columbus was a MASTER seaman. His fastest crossing was close to three weeks. Insane.

      • I doubt that Ferdinand and Isabella would have given the time of day to Columbus if they even suspected he was jewish. The jews had just been expelled from Spain.

        I don’t think even the jewish-owned slave ships were actually piloted by jews.

        Notice how jews no longer suggest Columbus was jewish.

    • As far as we know, they didn’t mix with the Indians, either. The race-mixing of the Spanish was a horrible mistake, propelled by the Church, giving them their names and language.

      • British derived Americans were both ‘squaw men’ and had a sweet tooth for ‘brown sugar. ‘ How else could you explain all the half breed injuns with Anglo with Anglo surnames and mulattos in the 18th and 19th centuries.

        French trappers also were notorious for taking up with an injun bride too.

        Spanish, Anglo, and French missionaries were busy beavers proselytizing Christianity.to the paleolithic inhabitants of North, Central, and South America.

        Did not your “messiah” say something about letting the person (or in this case) without sin cast the first stone?

        • I don’t have a “messiah”.
          Yes, there was a lot of mixing, and there’s plenty of people getting a check every month, who are only “1/4 Cherokee”, that look white.

          But the Spaniards created a whole new group. Most Mexicans are just Indians now. They haven’t been mixing with them since 1492, but they did enough back then, giving them their names and language.

          A lot of people think there are very few Indians left, because Mexicans and other Central Americans, and South Americans, are not called that now.

        • Also, I’ve never race-mixed, and no one in my family has. We know our lineage going way back, and they come from Europe. They would have been repulsed at the idea of that.

        • I thought that the lack of documented breeding between the Vikings and Indians might have been due to Erickson’s pagan beliefs but he had been converted to Christianity.

          I don’t think the Vikings were in North America long enough unlike the Spanish, French and the English.

    • c d,

      That statement is as full of bovine excrement, as your ICUs are filled with COVID-19 patients.

      I agree that the Vikings landed in eastern Canada , and setup a settlement 500 years, before Columbus stumbled into Santa Domingo. The thing is that once the New World was rediscovered by the Spanish, it never was abandoned.

      Not that it mattered in 1492, but Columbus was a Northern Italian. The fact that his first name was a version of the word Christ should eliminate any doubts of his gentile bona fides.

      If you want to look for swarthy Sephardic jews on league with Europeans, look no further than the privateers aka pirates in service to the English.

      • November,

        The part where you wrote that the importance of Columbus is what came afterwards. The world has never been the same since. Until the 18th century I thought that Spanish America was way more important than Anglo America (the United States).

        Now the USA dominates the Americas. And exercises more influence over Latin America than is probably good for both the United States and latin America. Free money from the USA comes with a price.

      • You must have me confused with my wife – the ICU where she is a nurse practitioner at is full of Covid cases.

  2. They are not the least bit serious about the White Racism-Native American Genocide!!! mantra….White Leftists-Liberals just want to hand America over to the Chinese…Hindu…Sihk…Korean….and Pakistan Muslim who will happily make good use of the European Conquest of North America….AOC natural talents do not exceed that of a 42 street street whore……

    • Anglos brought the Chinese for cheap labor, in order to work on the railroads.

      Both jews and Anglos brought West sub-Saharan blacks to North America. Again, outside of a few outlier negros with jewish surnames, 99% of the other descendants of black African slaves in the USA have Anglo surnames.

      Every White murdered, raped, or otherwise the victim of violence at the hands of those same negros is blood on their hands. That’s not mythology like the holohoax, but cold facts.

    • Patrick, you are old like me, aren’t you? 42nd street has been clean for the last 30 years. Family businesses all around.

  3. Everyone race is allowed holidays even though they contributed nothing except Europeans who built and tamed the nation.

    • That’s good. What have Indians ever invented or contributed to society besides genocide of other Indian tribes and White settlers? More Indians were killed by other Indians long before they fought the White man for the land. That’s something the jews will never tell you while they push for ” ingenious” peoples day. The True ingenious of this land were the Europeans (Solutreans)

      The Indians have it way better than the White man. They have their own lands, pay no taxers or very little and have many states named after them. I guess the Indians were victorious while like the jews, playing the victim.

      • John,

        I have heard of the Solutreans from November on this site last year. Information like that alone has made being on this website worth the price of admission. Most of the time anyway.

        I am constantly amazed at some Anglos in Texas who seem to be always dying to tell me about their Indian blood. This even coming from some who are creamy white and blonde. I smile politely and refrain from telling them that most Mexicans have Indian blood. It is nothing for them really to get excited about.

        • A lot of whites can’t wait to tell everyone if they discover they have Injun blood. But if they find out they had a Negro great grand pappy they are extremely embarrassed and ashamed!

          • It’s like the Melungeons in Appalachia: for many years, it was thought that they were the descendants of Turks who had been shipwrecked in colonial days – then the DNA results came in revealing the nigger in the genetic woodpile.

            There was doubtless great gnashing of teeth among those olive-skinned mountaineers who had no love for Niggy…

      • @John I ask the same questions. Just another group we have to support forever, in every single way, because they are our “victims”.
        Mexicans, blacks, Central Americans, Haitians and Carribeans…these people are either Amerinds or blacks, or a mix of them.
        If they had won, you can bet they wouldn’t have given us a dime.
        Most people have no idea how much money they get.
        That’s exactly why the whole Eliz Warren thing with the minority claim to get into college.

    • Schools for the Spanish upper class will not destroy upper class solidarity by teaching acurate history. The Catholic church always supports the less- or non-indigenous, mostly or purely SPANISH upper class, even when it pays lipservice to liberation (theology) for the mostly indigenous poor masses.

      Fascist coups of democratically-elected populists and socialists are plotted with the church in Latin America.

    • So in Cristina’s private school in Mexico, they didn’t call it Dia de La Raza? Interesting.

      • Flax,

        The Catholic private school I went to in Mexico generally only celebrates Catholic Saints/Feasts etc. The school would notice secular holidays but they do not have religious significance. Loyalty to race is a temporal virtue. My religion is more important to me than my race.

        The school I go to in the United States noticed Columbus Day and honored it. The religious significance from our viewpoint is tremendous. The Sunday sermon was in favor of Columbus,

        Traditional Catholics are aware of the evils of modernism/liberalism etc. and are quite aware of the revolutionary principles sweeping North America.

          • Flax,

            You are clever. Celebrating our race and heritage is big among Latins. It is a source of strength. I too am fiercely loyal to my race despite putting religion first. Columbus Day is a way for many of us to celebrate this.

  4. Of all the minorities in North America, the only one whose temper tantrums I can understand and patiently endure are the pre-Columbian indigenous people. After all, they did not “invite” us to expropriate their land in contrast to how our elites are “inviting” people from all over the world today. Even if it was “common” land, the sparse population of hunter gatherers had full rights over it, as do the Amazon tribes today over the Amazon basin.

    Not to worry, we are going their way – into relative oblivion unless we have the wisdom to demand and create our own white reservations (like the Orania Afrikaaner Bantustan), while the mixed multitude of woke-ruled helots inhabits the rest-of-the-USA-or-Canada.

    • “The weak should fear the strong.” – Sam Hyde. The pre-Columbian “natives” took what they wanted by violence – so – fuck them too.

    • Amerinds, which make up the majority of “Indians”, Mexicans, and Central and South Americans, are invading the US by the millions. The ones here get a check every month, just guaranteed by who they are. Mexicans and Central Americans come waltzing in, and demand housing, food, utilities, and that we raise their babies, and pay for all of their medical care. They get it all, too.

      Amerinds get their own hospitals. You can work there, but you cannot use it. You’re white. You just pay for all of it, for them.

      There was no nation here. Throughout history, if you can’t defend your land, you can be taken over. If anyone has a gripe, it’s the Palestinians.

      They aren’t “native”. There are NO native peoples to North America. They came here from Asia, via the Bering land bridge, long ago. But Europeans were also coming here, and “indians” have made sure that they get the burial rights to everything, and they shut down all claims by whites, lest their big gravy train stop. There are definite white skulls, weapons, and other artifacts, that date back thousands and thousands of years.

      No one will give whites any “reservations”, nor will they pay for everything for us.

      You need to read real history, not the crap they indoctrinate you with in school.

    • The premise of your argument is faulty. Pre-Columbian tribes fought among themselves for thousands of years for control of territory. Some even ate their defeated enemies.

      I’d still like to know what Olde Dutch has on HW.

      • My argument is tongue-in-cheek. I am just saying it does not spark moral outrage within me if Amerinds (the North American ones, not their Meso-American “Hispanic” cousins) rant and rave. They have a point, but I am not for “returning” whatever they want to them. I do get outraged when new immigrants from South Asia or from Somali blather about civil rights and racism.

        Also, I did not say I wanted to beg anyone for white reservations. We will need to use a Machiavellian combination of cunning and strength to get what we want. Fourteen words.

        And to the one who said I need to read real history – I taught history in a community college, and did a great job of it. I could skirt the requirements of political correctness with Machiavellian cunning and give my students the real facts in a way that I could not be accused or wrong-think. Test me! I know all kinds of weird facts such as the real ethnogenesis of ancient Israel, and the history of the Iranian plateau before there was an Iran (i.e. before the Yamnaya-Aryan colonization of the Iranian plateau, and history of the vanished Celtic civilization of the Tarim basin in Xinjiang. Do you know that the Bantus (blacks) are not indigenous to South Africa? That the Khoi-San whom the early male Dutch settlers colonized live on mostly in the mixed-race Cape Colored population? If there are true aboriginal South Africans, it is the Khoi-San and the Cape Coloreds, not the Xhosa Bantus and Zulu Bantus. Test me before you think I a idiot spouting off what I learnt from our pseudo-academies.

  5. When Crypto Columbus first met the indigenous on “Hispaniola” (originally called “Hayti” in the indigenous language) he remarked: “They will make good slaves.”

    Throughout the Western hemisphere, from the western Canadian plains to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere are still being displaced, enslaved and genocided, more slowly than before but steadily. “Indigenous Peoples Day” is capitalist propaganda, a fog, a papering-over of the same System that CONTINUES to do exactly what it has always done, but ever so slowly.

    • If this was true, why would they live off of us? You have no idea how much free money they get.
      Just more powerful victims.
      But they won’t stay in their own countries.

  6. All contemporary accounts of Columbus described him as a decent, morally upright person who never even used off-color language. Funny how the “woke” government employees who hate Columbus but get his holiday off with pay are not quite principled enough to go to work on that day instead.

    • Spahnranch,

      I was thinking that as well. Also for some of the same reasons I have more liking and sympathy for usa citizens and the country than most people on this website.

  7. Because both Washington’s and Lincoln’s respective birthdays have been removed, and in their place was the generic “Presidents Day.” Now with Columbus Day on life support, the only person with their own national holiday in the United States is negro Martin Luther King Jr.

    Let that sink in.

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