New York Post: New Superman Revealed To Be Bisexual, Global Activist

Comic book characters like Superman and Dr. Seuss books aren’t worth defending as cherished American traditions. Both represent an earlier and more subtle stage of cultural subversion and American imperialism. The same could be said of veneration of Martin Luther King, Jr. and liberal antiracism.

This story also says something though about our times. We have a progressive “creator class.” This cultural elite also has a modernist sensibility. It values shocking the bourgeois, tearing down traditions, cultural liberation and social equality above all else. It is predisposed to latching onto fads and trends. It is hostile toward the past which it sees as immoral. It even cannibalizes itself and tears down its own icons. Colorblindness, for example, has been revealed as an insidious form of systematic racism.

What are the consequences of having this kind of deeply alienated cultural elite? You might predict that these cultural termites would rip apart the social fabric and polarize the country into warring cultural camps. They would weaken and destroy the unity of the nation and undermine the legitimacy of the ruling class. By recklessly tearing down and deconstructing everything, there would no longer be any cultural glue or basis of solidarity – except perhaps mutual hatred – that holds the country together.

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  1. This “creative class” is a nod backwards in time to a truly creative class from the past, men like Edison, Westinghouse, Morse, Watt, Ampere, Volta, Pasteur, Avogadro et al. but they have just borrowed the name. The new “creative class” doesn’t really create anything, they just destroy what better men built, discovered, created.

  2. All of the recycled-over-and-over “super heroes” are from the tribe.
    A false way to make the average movie-goer feel powerful.

    • right. It all goes back to the

      (((Golem))) Only now, as part of the Jews’ attack

      on normal sexuality and White reproduction,

      the Golem….is a faggot.

  3. Hard to believe there is really a market for this kind of thing, i.e. it’s a ‘push’ rather than a ‘pull’ phenomenon — so who is doing the pushing?

    linkBonds Wokeness kann jetzt eig nur noch gesteigert werden, wenn er im nächsten Film gegen den Klimawandel kämpft.

    ‘James Bond could be more woke if he battled climate change in the next film’

    Comic book characters like Superman and Dr. Seuss books aren’t worth defending as cherished American traditions.

    OK, if you say so! — can we at least label it as fag bullshit? — then: chill, it’s only homosexual marriage — now: drag queen story hour for kids in the library; ‘misgender’ someone and lose your social media account … or worse.

    You know, believe it or not the ‘slippery slope’ is real, and rather slippery — if you repeatedly decide no hill is worth dying for, eventually you’ll find yourself down in the flatlands and out of hills.

    • The Vax Mandates is the hill worth dying on. Dr. Seuss and SuperShlomo belong on the burn pile. There is a monument in Israel for Seuss on behalf of his energetic and prolific Shlomoshlongsucking.

    • Another thing I heard is that the old 50’s film The Day the Earth Stood Still was really about jews coming to America and being “smarter” than us and Anglo Americans “not listening to them.” The aliens in very jewish director movies like Spielberg’s are always stand ins for the wise jews with universalist utopian messages. When the aliens are evil though, like in the 80s miniseries “V”, the aliens are the nazis.

  4. Everything you post on here is fuel for an under class backlash.

    If Jews control the system and all its institutions, then opposing the system is opposing the Jews, minus the autism and unnecessary downside of having to constantly restock your supply of tikitorches.

    People also won’t think you are a nut, which for a populist, i would have thought was an obvious upside.

    Being wise to the JQ doesn’t mean you have to scream about it, or never manage to move past it to the “and therefore” stage of your worldview.

    • I’m not running for office.

      The only thing that interests is me is the truth of the matter. I believe race exists. I also believe Jewish power and influence is real. I have never have obsessively focused on those issues and have covered these problems from all angles.

      • Who said anything about running for office?

        Besides, you serve a purpose thats valuable right where you are.

        How about covering sickouts though? People are scared to stick their neck out alone, but suddenly feel much safer when they know how many other people are doing it.

        Instead of somber posting about the end of civilization as we know it you could do what all media has done to date, spread propaganda.

        Does covering gay superman really interest you more than any number of current events?

        There are real signs of civil unrest starting and you are barely covering it.

    • @IronicSockAccount “Being wise to the JQ doesn’t mean you have to scream about it, or never manage to move past it to the “and therefore” stage of your worldview.”

      Are you on Amren?? You’d fit right in.

  5. The anal justice movement strikes again. Mock if you will but I am telling you the Jews rejected Christ because he refused to give the Jews the great gay anal, they need, require and must have. Oh but the Moshiach is going to be different, the Moshiach is going to deliver and fulfill all the longings and desires of the Jewish people, thoroughly and completely.

    • The jews rejected Christ because they were expecting a Messiah who would lead a successful uprising against Rome, Browning. And jews do not believe that a god can assume human form and still be divine. Trying to reason with you is like trying to explain the aphorisms of Wittgenstein to a preschooler.

      • Jesus warned the Jews, the Roman Military would over turn every standing stone left of Old Jerusalem. Jerusalem today is a Roman City built over the Old City, made to feel Jewish and Christian/Islamic to appease the Abrahamic religious masses!

      • @Spahnranch—–I know your Jewish, kyke (Midwood Brooklyn). You are not a southerner. WTF are you doing here trying to subvert and undermine as is your blood? You got baited, kyke.

  6. LOL I couldn’t care less. Of all the capeshit, superman was the gayes right from the start. Atleast, they went all the way this time and made it official.

  7. The brothers’ heard about this at work yesterday and were aghast. None of them really cared that much about Superman, just a character on the Saturday Morning Cartoons decades back, but still they were like “C’mon you can’t make Superman gay.” All this gay shit was censored back in the day, however often in the past the villains put off subtle gay vibes that the smart audience could detect. Scar in Lion King was queer, a lesson how the queers team up with the minorities to lead an anti darwinian campaign against the society they resent. A lot of Bond Villains were queer like Bloefeld, the creepy hitmen Wint and Kidd in Diamonds are Forever, Mr Vargas the henchman in Thunderball even gets called out by the “Toxically Masculine” Largo as not liking the babes. Jim Carey even played the Riddler in Batman forever as subtly queer. That’s not the problem, queer mannerisms, without the full acts being graphically descript, should be subconsciously drilled into our boys heads as something villainous to be watched out for. Then as adults they already know the pattern of who exactly will betray them given the chance.

    • Speaking of “betrayal” who exactly was the nuclear submarine engineer with the BLM supporting, purple haired bitch wife trying to sell our secrets too? The nation people here would suspect? Probably, though the BLM types tend not to like Bibi and side with the Palestinians. I can’t really see Russia or China turning them in though and not taking the info. France seems the only other remote possibility, though I suspect our “ally” only deals in spies who are their own people and turn in gentiles who try the same trick.

  8. Political Correctness is our state imposed, Anti-White religion. It demands that we accept lies and embrace them.

  9. Superman is really Superjew. He was created by two Jews, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and his Jewiness is really over the top. For starters, he’s an alien who’s superior to those he lives among, which is how Jews see themselves. He disguises his true identity, presenting himself most of the time as an ordinary White American, just like they do. He claims (or claimed) to be “for the American way”, which naive White Americans take to mean their way of life, but which for Superjew and other Jews means supporting every form of degeneracy, including fagg*try. Finally, his worst enemy is Lex Luthor. Strange name that. “Lex” means “law”, and Jews consider themselves to be above non-Jewish law. And “Luthor” obviously sounds a lot like “Luther”, Martin Luther having famously said, “We are at fault for not slaughtering the Jews.”

  10. I wonder if they know their demographic. Teens and twenty something people don’t buy comics. Its middle aged peoples who grew up with comics. If I see Blacks in a comic book store it is never to buy a comic book, not even Black Panther, but to buy a video game. I suspect Blacks play video games far more that do white millennial types judging from what I have seen.

  11. Imagine if Superman was a black superhero icon. Would they have attempted this nonsense on him, and what would the public response have been? These adjustments of identity seem to target mainly white, straight characters. Please correct me if there have been such instances otherwise.
    Bit by bit, we’re being attacked. They are subtle attacks, but part of a bigger agenda.

    • That’s a good point, there aren’t any colored “superheroes”. I think they tried to introduce a few in the early 70s, during the Shaft and Superfly era.

    • The original Superman was a very, very Jewish character

      Practically a Jewish immigrant fairy tale .

      This alien people from a far away place , blessed with super powers who want to help remake the world , but they are feared and mistrusted just because …

      White Americans are racists and envious of superior people God s Chosen people

      So Superman /the Jews have to keep their identity secret try to blend in with honest White garners in Kansas like Mr and Mrs Kent.

      It doesn t get any more Jewish than that.

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