Trump Supporter: “I See Civil War Coming”

We’ve all seen the polls.

Over half of Trump supporters now support secession. Around a quarter of Trump supporters are strong supporters of secession. They are increasingly open to the possibility that America is dead. Maybe it is too far gone to save and we should secede or revolt or do something else.

This woman was interviewed at the Trump rally in Iowa this weekend. It seems to me like a good reflection of the sentiment that is being picked up in the polls. Before the 2020 election, a majority of Americans believed that the country was on the verge of another “civil war” and were worried about a surge in post-election violence. Most Americans also correctly believed that the winner of the election would be considered illegitimate by the losing side. They got that one right.

I think three things are true here:

  • The country is bitterly polarized and only growing more divided by the day
  • Americans tend to believe the situation is worse than it is
  • Nothing much is happening

We’re in a place now where elites have been radicalized. Millions of normies on both sides have been radicalized. Politics is framed on both sides as an existential crisis. The elites are also getting used to breaking norms and taking extreme actions which is making the division worse.

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    • exactly. These Trumpchumps aren’t going to “civil war” anybody.

      brain-dead ‘Murkan Whites will continue to march into

      a Jew-prepared mass grave. So in 2024, they’ll

      vote, yet again, for Drumpf; ’cause he’s gonna

      “make America Great Again”….again….again….

  1. People are being radicalized, they are not becoming radical — they are being radicalized by what the regime is doing to them — and perhaps one man’s radicalization is another’s righteous reaction.

    You seem a little prissy about some things — as I told you before, some kind of denouement is necessary; no polity can go on this way; this is nothing we can leave as a political legacy to our children.

    There is a fitting expression (Spruch) in German: Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken als Schrecken ohne Ende — which means roughly ‘Better a horrible end than horror without end’.

  2. What is Andrew Yang’s solution?

    Answer:A massive increase in Chinese Legal Immigrants coming to America…

  3. I am in Iowa today. Everything seems normal. But the truck stops are very full recently. Nothing to haul. There is a driver surplus. Freight is dropping. It smells like 2008. But most people don’t see it yet. The managers I talk to see it, but not the grunt workers.

    • 147 ships just anchored off Long Beach, nothing is getting unloaded.

      This talk of “revolt” the deep state has thought all about it and if it began they’d pull the plug on the internet and nobody would know anything about it. They control communications, that’s the most important thing to have. I doubt a few ham radio operators and CBs would be able to really get past an internet blackout and TV would probably just start running reruns of sit coms or something. The American equivalent of the Soviets playing non stop classical music when some sudden bad event hit them and they didn’t know what to do yet.

  4. Hopefully the trump-tards are waking up but I doubt it. Blumpf finally mentioned Babbitt after all this time and called for the DOJ to investigate her death. Why didn’t Blumph use his DOJ to investigate her death under his watch? Political grandstanding.

  5. Today, as normal White people go about their daily lives, work, entertainment, whatever, there are another couple hundred thousand vibrant 3rd worlders crossing our “borders”, or preparing to. They are being allowed to invade, by “your” supposed “leaders”. This blatantly treasonous act is designed to destroy this country from within, to cause irreversible damage. You are to be made to pay for them to replace you, and you dare not stop them.

    Meanwhile, your children are brainwashed to hate their own kind, to hate the civilization that took a thousand generations to build. Your “mainstream media” twists and perverts everything it touches, just like the old soviet Pravda; and you are expected to accept every lie. You are to accept every increasingly putrid utterance by parasitic vermin, and you will police your own thoughts and modify your speech to accommodate the increasing slide into retarded leftist insanity, or you will be called names, bullied, and ostracized.

    You cannot “vote” your way out of this, there is no “electable hero” coming to “save America”. It’s done. How many White people still have the Will to survive, how many will die as slaves? There are only 2 choices going forward, and neither of them are good…

    • Agree. Except them “replacing us”…there is no way they can replace us. Their parasitic nature and low IQs will not allow them to become doctors, engineers, and other scientists. They are not here to replace us as workers. Our “leaders” believe everything in the future will be automated. They have some warped, disturbed idea of making the Americas into the land of “Indians” again.

      I agree we cannot vote this away. We had some hope for Trump in the beginning, but he soon became another sellout, just like the rest of them. It really is mystifying, why someone who has a LOT of money, needs to bow down to another country that controls us, instead of throwing them out.

  6. Half-wits like this woman (obviously she is one with her unwavering support of Blumpf) is – and will be – easily led astray from who the true enemy in this country is. Ask her what she thinks of the jews and Israel and she will reveal her gullibility.

  7. Here is a transcript of Biden’s brilliant speech, on how we use vaccine mandates to defeat covid19, given last Thursday during a visit to Chicago at the Clayco Construction site in Elk Grove Village:

    “The Ohio Pennsylvania. The Ohio Pennsylvania. I’m from Pennsylvania. The uh, the ill. The Illinois president of the uh. Of the Don Harmon, state senator Lauren Murphy, state rep um. Uh, Martin Muh Muh Muh Moyland, and uh, we got the great babble lader nip here too,” Biden said decisively. “Tim, where’s Tim? There you go, Tim. Thank you. Thank you, pal. AFL-CIO state President. And Jeff Isaacson, united brotherhood of carpenters unifer, and Don fen IBEW and uh, and Robert rider, reader, Reiter, R-E-I-T-E-R. Re-Reader. Chicago Federation of Labor. And folks uh, that’s how we beat COVID-19.”

    Below you can find a video link to the speech above:

  8. Once the U.S. is no more united, it becomes a different entity. And what used to be the government can then walk away from obligations like paying social security checks etc…

  9. I hope Dixie secedes from the Union for good and then forces all the bindis, slopes and Northern liberal transplants out of Northern Virginia and the Research Triangle in NC. A latter-day Trail of Tears!

  10. If the USA did have a civil war, how many of the recent immigrants do you think would just leave? My guess is 90-95% of them would immediately flee back to their home countries (or try to seek asylum in some other Euro country). I can’t imagine many south Americans, Arabs, east Asians, or Indians who all showed up last week sticking around for a war. The country would probably come out the other end with demographics similar to the 1960s.

    • The jews and “elites” will slip away to safety if the shit hits the fan. And the coloreds won’t do much fighting. That means white working and middle class people will suffer the most in any “civil” conflict – as usual.

    • The same thing would happen if the U.S. Government gets itself in a war with China, probably over Taiwan. Once China successfully captures Taiwan it will then make generous peace overtures. The U.S. Government response will be conscription and an attempt to mobilize the economy for war.

      The wogs won’t stick around for conscription. They came here to make money, not get killed in some stupid, globohomo shopping mall war for “democracy”. Chinese sleeper cells would stick around though to commit sabotage however. One of the many benefits of diversity, cultural enrichment and immigration.

  11. “Nothing much is happening”….

    K. Inflationary pressure is on course to exceed the Carter years.

    The economy is in stagflation. Employment growth is plummeting.

    There is widespread disruption to the national supply chain.

    There is growing widespread disruption of the workforce because of the vaccine mandate that Biden has saddled himself with. Pilots sicking out, nurses being mass fired, hundreds of thousands of current military about to get the same, truck drivers etc.

    There is so much going on right now thats Germane to the topic of this article. How in the world can you say nothing is going on?

      • Report from rural central Utah:

        well, the fat ‘ol Trumpchump boomer across the road from me does have his ”Murkan flag flying upside down. But…. the fat ‘ol Trumpchump boomer down the road from me

        is still flying his ‘Murkan flag rightside up.

  12. Peter Turchin’s theory is that civil wars and revolutions are fights among the elites for power and prestige and wealth. The middle and lower classes merely get recruited to one side or the other.

  13. Secession would be a response to the Bolshevik coup, not a (((civil war))). There is only one aggressor here.

  14. I can’t see Y pepo doing anything much until things get really bad. Things are for the most part,still reasonably good. When you’re not personally affected by things you see in the news, you tend to brush it aside as another person’s problem. I believe the fight should begin before we’re a minority and before we’re a third world country, and being ahead of the curve. Waiting until we’re 10% of the population will make the fight later, but harder.

    • “Waiting until we’re 10% of the population will make the fight later, but harder.”

      Waiting until 10% would mean extinction.

  15. I heard in his Iowa rally speech Blumpf trotted out all of his usual trite/stock bullshit, e.g. the number jobs for our beloved Platinum Americans™ he created, how Ilhan Omar doesn’t like Israel, no one but him could have created the COVID vaccine in such a short time, etc — he’s such a fucking retard.

  16. Cheetohead will lead his followers exactly as he did on January 6: Directly into the waiting hands of the enemy. Babbitt was merely the most obvious example. Fools.

    • Trump is useful as a wrecker against both political parties but not for much else. It’s obvious he has learned nothing from his defeat in ’20 else he would have deep sixed this shit about the Platinum Plan, Our Greatest Ally, as long as they come here legally etc. Many of his supporters have moved on from him now but apparently he can’t move on, he is a one trick pony.

      Trump doesn’t seem to have his idiot daughter and her traitorous husband around much now. If he were to win in ’24 I’m sure they would make a quick appearance in his useless Cabinet of Fools & Grifters. The guy is too old to change now, it would just be the same old shit as last time if he were to get elected in ’24. Trump is good for entertainment but not much else.

      How people can still come out to see him, even driving for miles is just a mystery. He has shown the world, at least those who will see that more than any other quality he exudes incompetence. His skill at picking enemies and putting them in important positions was unmatched. The rest of his staff were on the take except for a few loyalists like Gen. Flynn and Jeff Sessions whom he left hanging in the wind.

      However, as the self described “King of Debt” Trump might be just the shyster to preside over the unwinding of the currency, the debt and the nation in ’24, if we even make it that far.

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