The Democrats Have a Brat Problem

The short answer: yes.

Speaking for myself, I actually do hate these people, which is reflected in how much more I write about my dislike of them. The woke shitlibs are the worst people in the country.

David Shor:

“Shor observes that “We’ve ended up in a situation where white liberals are more left wing than Black and Hispanic Democrats on pretty much every issue: taxes, health care, policing, and even on racial issues or various measures of ‘racial resentment’, ” before adding, “So as white liberals increasingly define the party’s image and messaging, that’s going to turn off nonwhite conservative Democrats and push them against us.”

Ruy Teixeira:

“The Left has paid a considerable price for abandoning universalism and for its increasingly strong linkage to Kendi-style views and militant identity politics in general. This has resulted in branding the party as focused on, or at least distracted by, issues of little relevance to most voters’ lives. Worse, the focus has led many working-class voters to believe that, unless they subscribe to this emerging worldview and are willing to speak its language, they will be condemned as reactionary, intolerant, and racist by those who purport to represent their interests. To some extent these voters are right: They really are looked down upon by elements of the left — typically younger, well-educated, and metropolitan — who embrace identity politics and the intersectional approach. …”

Freddie deBoer is going off on them for ruining the Left on Substack.

Freddie deBoer:

“They say, for example, that people who come from less privileged backgrounds – there isn’t any such ordinal scale, of course, but hang on – should have special status to dictate the future of the party. And you might imagine that this would privilege conservative and moderate Democrats, of which there are far more than you could ever imagine from Twitter. The young activist core of the progressive Democrat agenda is dominantly white; it must be, as most Americans are white and an even higher percentage of college graduates are white and the percentage of those who went to the tiny handful of elite schools that graduate the vast majority of our politically influential class is even more white. Those activists are thus overwhelmingly young and majority white and almost universally college educated and, while in some cases making bad money now, upwardly mobile and uniquely equipped to navigate the knowledge economy when they move on to getting paid, as they all inevitably will. This would seem to be a privileged class in the most obvious sense, and against them stands a lot of regular Democrat voters. Say, people with some college but no degree, Black, middle aged, middle class, and far more conservative than the average Twitter liberal, favoring “commonsense” abortion restrictions, opposed to major policing reductions, vaguely worried about deficits and taxes, and deeply skeptical about mass immigration.

So the dictate to favor the more marginalized members of the coalition leads to pursuing an agenda consonant with the values of those moderates, right? Good lord, of course not. Instead the activist class just insists that they are the marginalized voice, and if you disagree, they try to ruin your life. Black Democrats have been perhaps the most conservative element of the party since the formation of the modern Democratic coalition, but this fact is inconvenient for those who both claim to speak ex cathedra when discussing racial justice and who hold policy positions far to the left of most Black Democrats. So they just ignore the reality of who favors further-left positions among Democrats, and if you try to bring the reality to their attention, you get white men calling you a white man at best and a digital mob trying to declare you a permanent untouchable at worst. So how can we have the immensely important debates we need to have, under those conditions? In so many domains, the left-of-center is hamstrung by a punishingly narrow range of acceptable positions, a mass assumption of bad faith, and a refusal to insist that everyone play by the same rules. …

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the activist class, the Twitter-obsessed class, the collegiate class, the vengeful “progressive” NPCs that have poisoned the well by normalizing attempts to destroy people they disagree with. No one is saying you shouldn’t advocate for your values. You absolutely should be vocal and passionate, and you are free to invoke moral language, and you certainly don’t have to personally like the people you disagree with. But you don’t get to threaten people’s lives, which is very common in some social media spaces, and you don’t get to silence anyone, and you don’t get to dox anyone, and it’s profoundly fucked up to try and separate someone from their job in a world where you have to work to eat. That can never be an authentically progressive or left-wing action, I don’t care how righteous you think your movement is. There’s no excuse for that behavior, especially given that the people who are guilty of this are almost all perfectly empowered and socioeconomically secure. You can’t run a political party under these conditions, or a social movement, and we shouldn’t have to. Advocate for your values, do the work, build the coalition through persuasion, accept that people will always disagree with you and that this is a healthy condition, and stop pretending that you are the subaltern when you’re really a whole industry of A students who went to elite colleges and have never known what it’s like to not be listened to and taken seriously.

To put it simply, grow up. And stop trying to destroy people. Like you yourselves keep saying, canceling doesn’t reliably work, so why bother? Judging by the utter lack of meaningful change since last summer, neither have the protests or riots. That’s not a nice thing to say, but it’s reality, and if you are sincere about helping those you claim to speak for, your first duty is to efficacy. So maybe time to try something else. …”

If memory serves, the average White shitlib who participated in the George Floyd protests last summer makes over $100,000 a year. It was children of the PMC who rioted.

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  1. Those “woke” assholes could have used their influence and passion for activism to effect positive change, like getting those homeless junkies and schizos off the streets and freeway underpasses in L.A. Or demanding the release of thousands of prisoners from long-term solitary confinement, which is a form of torture. They could have campaigned against Zionist atrocities in Palestine or helped young people in Appalachia kick their meth addiction. But they would rather start race riots to remove 100 year old Civil War monuments from city parks or doxx people on social media in order to ruin their lives. They are worse than the jews and Negroes. And many of them have parents who are “respectable authority figures”. I look forward to the day when I will order all of them to face the wall.

    • Spahnranch,

      No. They like the feral blacks are golems of the jews.

      They are not worst than the jews. They are a product of the jew’s psychological operations to achieve white erasure and genocide.

  2. I don’t want to upset any of the Catholic assholes of any age, but, your Queen of Heaven Nancy Pelosi has endorsed a plan for IRS to monitor all bank accounts containing $600 or more!

    • Dude, you’re obsessed. Say something different for once, it’s not healthy sitting there gnashing your teeth over “muh Catholics” 24/7/365.

      • LOL. Tell it to your priest in Confession. I’m sure the resident Catholic Priest Fr. John will hear your Confession. Holy Biden, Pelosi and Casey.

    • Krafty- You DO want to upset catholics, and to call them by your family name (*sshole) proves it!

      Pelosi is ipso facto excommunicate, and her recent ‘audience’ with the Anti-pope, Bergoglio, PROVES IT.
      They are BOTH DAMNED.

      So, instead of engaging in Romeaphobia all over this site, why not do some of the stuff that Spahn had mentioned your ilk doing- POSITIVE HELP for the nation, instead of blaming those for whom your own sinful nature, recoils like a vampire in the sunlight. You’re not fooling anyone.

      (And I’m not even RC!)

      • Papists are not Catholic, by definition. Papism does not recognize or acknowledge the entire range of natural human differences, due to its abstract essentializing theology derived from rabbinic Judaism and pagan philosophy, therefore cannot be Catholic (universal).

        Papists are members of a satanic cult run by a cabal of pederasts (whose pederastic activities they endorse and support through their tithes). Pelosi is a perfect papist, as is Pope Francis. All of them ought to be deported to the unholy papist ethnostate, Brazil.

        • Dart- you overshot the mark. Those who are Catholic, are those who have followed the Church’s teaching from the beginning. When compared with @ 95% of most Protestants, Catholics still have more innate understanding of the Apostolic faith. Though you are correct in that-if they truly follow the Pope, they are placing themselves in jeopardy, because both Rome AND the Protestants follow the perversion of the patristic theology, due to Augustine and his heirs.

          However- most Catholics are Europeans, and are therefore within the covenant of Adam’s seed and David’s line, incarnated in Jesus Christ, their de facto Ethnarch/Savior. Those who think that Bergoglio is the True pope (vide Pelosi) are truly damned. Trad RC’s like Ann Barnhardt have written reams on this issue, so I don’t need to go into that. But then there are the trad rc’s, or the merely deluded AmChurch folk, who don’t understand that an entire church can go into apostasy.

          As Fr. Seraphim Rose once said ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.’ So, no one is guiltless in this scenario, Dart. Not even you nor I.

          • Papists are obligated to follow the pope, which is Bergoglio. Read up on the decisions of the first Vatican council. “Trad” papism is not a real thing. The people who claim to be “trad” and reject the pope or the teachings of their cult just don’t understand their own cult’s dogma and magesterium.

            And even if only 5% of protestants have a decent understanding of theology, that still makes them better than papists. 0% of papists have good theology because they are dogmatically precluded from it.

        • @Dart Keep it up and “Father” John will threaten to have you burnt at the stake Roman Catholic style.

      • Father John,

        Well written. The only question is are these freaks demented or pretending to be? Do they expend any energy writing/talking to local politicians or sending letters to newspapers? It might have no effect but it would be at least trying instead of them foaming at the mouth on this website.

  3. On the flip side, ~90% of Republicans believe the election was stolen and that the Republican party was complicit in the theft. How many of them will just stop voting because they believe the elections are rigged? Turnout for both parties will be at rock bottom.

  4. I’m starting to formulate a little theory about these brats.

    I’m middle aged, but I’m young enough to have come of age when black hip-hop culture was beginning to be blasted into white suburbia. Millions of middle and upper middle class kids, now adults, have been immersed in blackcentric mainstream culture for three decades now.

    These are the millennials and young adult zoomers who dominate the political climate in the democrat party.

    The joke always was that baggy pants, skull cap and Jordan’s wearing Tyler and Karlee living in their gated communities riding their skateboards were “posers” (IE LARPers). Spoiled white rich kids for whom urban fashion was a fad/statement and not a genuine lifestyle or culture. Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Justin Beiber. These are their commercially manufactured idols, their Pied Pipers, leading them to Ape the inner city without ever actually living in it.

    One cannot understate the psychology of shaping your entire pop-cultural zeitgeist around pretending to be hood rats. They have been led to reject all the historical cultural norms that the elite classes traditionally indulged in. Clean cut hairstyles, tailored clothes, queen’s English vocabulary, etc. and despite having a trust fund, their music tastes have given them a false sense of kinship with people who they would in all actuality be horrified of in real life.

    Even the more genuine hip hop cultural icons like Snoop Dogg, Doctor Dre, Ice T and Ice Cube, all quickly became extremely white-friendly, palpable, perhaps even “safe” when they became multimillionaires hobnobbing with the jetsetters of Hollywood. To fit in, these black pop icons started Aping white culture because they “arrived”. So from the perspective of a white 30 year old progeny of a tech executive in the Bay Area of California, they can “feel” the oppression of a poor black felon in Compton because they got Ice Cube’s autograph at a party one weekend.

    I’ll be the first to tell you I’m all for rich elites being brought down to our level. But my idea of that is for Little Skyler to spend a year scrubbing toilets or working in a warehouse. Not living as a bohemian in a commune with 10 other trust fund kids, pretending to be poor because you borrow wifi from Starbucks to check your Twitter feed rather than pay for it.

    • It’s been going on for a long time. Even in the 70s, there were rich boho hipsters on college campuses, from wealthy families, wearing Birkies, dressed like raggy hippies, but occasionally, you’d see a BMW and wonder whose it was. They pretended to be earthy and poor, ala Jerry Rubin, but they weren’t, and it was just fun for them, just like if they pitched a tent in the park and went camping for a weekend to “rough it”.
      I wouldn’t care if the rich weren’t genuine, if they’d stop being anti-white.

    • That’s definitely part of it. But it doesn’t explain why the White brats are even more crazy about it than Blacks themselves are. The average White brat is more likely to be anti-White and is more strongly anti-White than the average Black person is.

      The fact that they’re mostly upper middle class is important IMO. They are the most overeducated generation in American history, but they’ve been competing for a smaller share of the economic pie than their upper middle class parents had. Because the civil rights act ensures that wokeness will always increase over time (the least woke company leaves itself open to lawsuits, so the business world must always become more and more woke), the people competing for theses higher income jobs have to be more and more woke as well.

      The civil rights act made this outcome an inevitability.

      • White people are more radical in their ideological purity.

        Probably not all of it. But a big part.

        The “white savior” complex lives largest in the white person. Not the black person.

        There is something defective in white people. At least America. There’s this hardcore religious zealotry. The whole George Floyd becoming literally a replacement for Jesus really made me aware of it. The hardcore puritan roots, protestants roots? America was largely founded by people who were considered to religiously hardcore for Europe.

        Also that humans want to live for a higher ideal. Antiracism is their higher ideal. The cross they want to bear and change the world. They see themselves as the leaders leading the change of the world, leading minorities, to a utopia. More so than black people. It’s quite insane.

        Yeah it’s the trajectory of the Civil Rights movement.

        • There is something defective in white people. At least America. There’s this hardcore religious zealotry.

          I’ll be darned. We agree on something! Say it ain’t so. Now then Aspire, here’s the important follow up question: Seeing as Whites – especially White Americans – have fatal, crippling defects that prevent them from defending themselves and compel them to defend their killers and tormenters, what must be done about this?

          This is where the Racist Lefties such as yourself, and the Racist Righties such as me, diverge. I’m not in the business of manipulating people or “leading” them, as I wouldn’t want to be manipulated or led by those who may just be trying to abuse me or lord it over me. Colonial America had it right about each man and each family being sovereign over their own sphere, as opposed to a collective or a “commons” where we submit to hostile overlords, like was the case throughout Medieval Europe (its a good thing we left all that behind).

          So then, if Whites have a defect (which they do), and if they shouldn’t be led or manipulated (which they shouldn’t), then what’s the logical conclusion? Simple: Whites should be allowed to be replaced and subordinated by Jews and non-whites. Defects, I’m sure you will agree, are useless, and useless people don’t have a place in this world.

          What it comes down to is this: Whites like me want to be Left Alone to enjoy life, liberty, happiness, and all that hippie shit. Whites like you want to Rule. But Ruling is immoral, and it also doesn’t work. Allowing defective Whites to be replaced is both more effective and more humane, assuming the goal is prosperity and flourishing as opposed to dominating and subjugating, like your boys Brahmin and Spencer want to do.

          tl;dr We agree that Whites are defective, we strongly disagree on what should be done about it.

  5. Trump tactics works. Swamp ganged up with brats and now can’t get rid of them anymore.

    Stalin did his purges same way. He used brats energy to root out Jews and Old Bolsheviks. In the same time, people went very angry on brats so Stalin got necessary support wipe out brats too.

    Cersei had her green shit to get rid of brats. If Swamp has not then I predict brat victory over Swamp. What angry Americans will do with brats after they wipe out Swamp, this will remain question now. My personal opinion is that patriotic soldiers and law enforcement will stop madness. Basically Q happens.

      • Don`t think on my vodka, is all gone. I drunk every last drop of it.

        Brain is running on vodka pretty well. For example, Russian and Eastern European brains figured out, how to get rid from Jews and communists and keep their countries white.

        Maybe Western problems are caused by simple fact that you are not drinking hard enough to fuel your brains with healthy liquid and find out simple solutions for oblivious problems?

  6. They’re brats because they were never told no because their parents are just as liberal and weak. Discipline and accountability are no longer part of the American value system.

  7. The younger people haven’t lived long enough to know, but the Boomers are like overgrown children with their spoiled entitlement attitudes.
    “You DESERVE to go on a vacation!”
    “You SHOULD go to Europe now!”
    Then the constant bragging on how well they have it, even though a lot of them just lucked out, or really didn’t work their asses off to get in a good spot. A lot of them just lucked out with the pensions, yet they act like they were so smart and strategic.
    I’ve never seen people so loud about their life status, with complete strangers, telling you how they have a villa in this city, how they are on their third cruise this year, blah blah.

    “Look at me! I paid off my home with what my parents left me, and now I have a big pension that allows me to travel several times a year to my timeshares in several states.”

  8. Being in North Georgia, I feel isolated from woke civilization. I live in a large historic plantation style house in a low income city. I work as a grocery manager at a conservative grocery company that stays out of politics. This woke civilization just doesn’t appear on a day to day basis where I live.

    I think most normal people are tuning it out. The woke “mob” is actually a tiny minority of entitled brats who live in super blue states in gated communities. They seem to run things on the national level but locally in more conservative parts of the country, these people wield little power beyond making a lot of noise.

  9. Mr. Klaus Schwab is not some weird eccentric. He comes from a powerful globalist family, with roots in the NAZI ideology, and he also was born of a Jewess. He has a solid background in big business.

    Klaus was chosen as the leader of this war His books should be read. And he is very clear. The bioterror campaign is only one weapon in the arsenal. Manufactured food and water shortages, he mentions often, as well as electricity outages.

    His stated goal is to reduce world population by 90%, to 1 billion globally, half of that or more in the Orient. America’s share would be about 30 to 40 million. The 90% reduction.

    This is not a joke, it is the plan. The bioterror campaign is just the beginning.

    Why am I not off topic? Because the idiots mentioned in Hunter’s post are scheduled to die. And they will.

  10. I once admired certain aspects of leftist thinking. We need animal rights activists and environmentalists as a counter to what is accepted thinking on those issues. But when they push things that will straight out destroy our race and culture, we can’t shut up like they want us to. We must speak……….. LOUDLY!
    Don’t worry about the ‘R’ label. Just SPEAK!
    Support for trannies or Sri Lankan ‘refugees’ who refused to go home are issues that most ordinary people secretly don’t agree with.
    Remember:- Y pepo are the most ‘orrible cretins on earth………..until everyone else needs something from us.

  11. The commie race traitor punks don’t speak for anybody but themselves & the Ivy League-usurper kikes who created them. They silence & destroy anyone who disagrees with them because of this. They must abuse the gatekeeper positions they weaseled their way into in order to instill widespread fear to make up for their lack of numbers & the unpopularity of their White genocidal jewshit, And of course now that the the sadistic scum have the whip hand, they will never stop, so they must ultimately be physically destroyed, along with their enabler cowards in corporations & government,

  12. Is it driving them into the abyss in California? In New York? The Democrat are about to assume a one-party dictatorship thanks to (Republican supported) mass immigration. These nonwhites are going to vote anti-white regardless of how goofy the anti-whites are, and nearly regardless of how destructive they are. It isn’t political it’s a government-led race war on whites, I’m surprised as site like this doesn’t fully get that. The bullshit being spouted in these quotes mirrors the bullshit of the grifters of Con-Ink, – “blacks (or insert your non-white group here) are natural conservatives, and they’re just fixin’ ta, just fixin’ ta, turn on the Democrats.” Blacks aren’t natural conservatives, they’re just immune from the political correctness, from the wokeness, that is in reality just fig leaves put over a genocidal hatred of whites. Blacks, and nonwhites who moved to this country, desire to exploit whites in a neo-slavery system, and eventually dispossess them, take over their country, and eliminate them. All the rest is just noise.

  13. My two dolla… Yes, these white whiner/wiggers are the insane detritus of a society that has forgotten God, manners, and what it means to be a White Man.

    Reading some fiction about the fall of Jerusalem, these fools remind me of the Jews that both:
    a) denied Jesus as Messiah, and
    b) thought their status would save them.

    The parallels to today are beyond the pale.

    And they are both due to ONE RACE, ONLY. As St. Paul has said ‘they are deserving of death.’ [ Rom. 1:32]

  14. I would also add, that the entire Chinese party working to eliminate this sort of degeneracy in THEIR culture, is how a theocratic White Ethnostate would/should work, as well.

    As was said of the Jesuits: “Give me a child for the first seven years, and you may do what you like with him afterwards.” Anonymous: attributed as a Jesuit maxim, in Lean’s Collectanea vol. 3 (1903)

    Please, God….(just not a jesuit ecclesiology….)

  15. It seems the voices of moderation are having no effect on the “woke” shitlibs. The usual suspects created the monster and now they can’t control it. Classic horror movie plot.

    • It’s still very much under (((their))) control. How many synagogues have been vandalized? Do Antifa ever beat the crap out of (((Banksteins)))? Have they even once attempted to torch a Federal Reserve Bank? (another type of Synagogue)? I guarantee if BLM-Antifa ever decided to go after a one-percenter like Gates, Soros or Bloomberg, the FBI and cops would slaughter them on the spot. There would be no significant coverage of it from the (((gaslight media)) either. You’re merely not paying attention to details.

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