Glenn Beck: Is It Time For a National Divorce?

I would love to see Glenn Beck update the chalkboard.

How did a loon and performance artist like Beck come around on balkanization and secession? My guess is that it happened much like how he came around on Trump. These people are following the audience. The audience has continued to radicalize since Trump lost the 2020 election. Ever since Q’s prophecies failed and God Emperor Blumpf left the White House in January, the audience has become furious about anti-White discrimination, the Great Replacement and has warmed on dissolving the Union.

BTW, the wignats won the argument. It is indisputable now that 1.) Trump’s decline with White Independents cost him the election and 2.) that losing the election radicalized millions of his followers and made them much more receptive to our ideas. We’re not “redpilling” millions of people with our tiny websites and nonexistent presence on social media. Joe Biden and the Left are doing that with their extreme actions like with systematic racism, “trans” or the vaccine mandates. They are the push factor. They have radicalized the Boomers on Facebook years after banning all of us.

Note: The Pentagon and “intelligence community” have done the same thing overseas. How many civilians did they kill in Iraq and Afghanistan? In Afghanistan, they radicalized more people than they won over to their cause with their own extreme actions and repulsive ideology.

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  1. ” 1.) Trump’s decline with White Independents cost him the election “. No. Massive vote fraud cost him the election.

    • Trump lost the election in the suburbs all over the country in swing states and non-swing states alike. He lost the election because White men who are Independent voters either sat out or voted for Biden. Ever since, he has been telling his followers that it was stolen from him, but there is no evidence of this. He is just lying and grifting as usual.

      • I’m one of those white male independents who voted for Trump in 2016 but stayed home on Election Day in 2020, HW. No doubt there was some voting fraud but not enough to steal the election. It was Trump’s arrogant, bumbling stupidity which was responsible for his defeat.

      • You actually believe that Joe Biden got more votes than Black Jesus? Trump rallies were packed to the rafters, with lines going around the block, and Slo Joe couldn’t even fill a parking lot, yet he won fair and square? Give me a break. There are PLENTY of irregularities surrounding the election, if only you care to look. But I get it, it’s much more satisfying to blame Orange Man Bad, right?

        • Months ago someone on this forum made the astute observation that large turnouts at political rallies for a particular candidate do not guarantee a victory for that candidate on Election Day. Tens of millions of people in deep blue states like CA, MA, NJ and NY voted for Biden without having ever attended any of his events.

        • Well yeah, with mail in voting take a place like Detroit. Last Election you may have had 25% turnout. Now they make sure to mail out a ballot to every single voter in every single address in the entire city. Then the democratic machine goes out and harvests all those ballots. Whether they outright fill them out, or just pressure the black lady at the door to take a pen and quickly fill in the key races, sign it, then hand it over to them. They now have hundreds of thousands of extra ballots cast for them in this election than the did in 2016.

          Also as I’ve said before, America quite simply has a majority of bad people which is growing day by day as the honorable folks who made mid 20th century America the pride of the globe die off and foreigners and cretinous bastards usurp their legacy.

  2. Glenn Beck (apparently) believes in a multi-cult, multi-ethnic, multi-racial theocracy with him as Pope Glenn I; Pontifex Maximus and Glue Sniffer/Alcoholic in Chief. Various colored folk like Frederick Douglas and MLK constitute the pantheon of saints while Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky play the role of Lucifer. The Constitution is his Bible and his incoherent ramblings are the equivalent of the Church Fathers’ writings.

    He will lead his followers straight into a dead end, the guy is fundamentally a grifter and a lunatic. There is always the possibility with a fuckstick like him that he may do a 180 turn tomorrow and have a completely new philosophy tomorrow, white knuckle alcoholics are like that.

    Unfortunately he passes for a deep thinker with many people.

  3. Beck is a degenerate also. He stuck a dildo up his ass and made out with a fag. He should be in the divided part where the homos live.

  4. I believe if anybody on the right wants to lead the Trump coalition, if it could be called that, then they should go to the border, say that Texas if a free state if not a country, bring as many cops, national guard, private citizens with them and stop the Haitian hobos from their invasion of the U.S.. Don’t let them get in the country, once they got here, then the feds will give them amnesty of whatever.

    If they can’t stop it, then make a decent try at it.

    Say that the federal government has been completely derillict in their duty, and no longer have the respect or authority of the people of Texas.

    Somebody on the right needs to confront these assholes.

    • Trump was very pro-“immigration”. Look at all of the money that went into those “processing camps”. They weren’t being “processed” out of the country!
      Immigration was higher under Trump than even Obama.

      The government is way beyond not having respect for citizens. Way beyond that.

  5. A surprisingly good presentation of this issue from someone I have never really trusted. Now he seems to be getting his mind right.

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