The Bulwark: So We’re Headed to ‘Civil War’ Soon?

“To rectify the relation that exists between two men, is there no method, then, but that of ending it? The old relation has become unsuitable, obsolete, perhaps unjust; and the remedy is, abolish it; let there henceforth be no relation at all. From the ‘sacrament of marriage’ downwards, human beings used to be manifoldly related one to another, and each to all; and there was no relation among human beings, just or unjust, that had not its grievances and its difficulties, its necessities on both sides to bear and forbear. But henceforth, be it known, we have changed all that by favor of Heaven; the ‘voluntary principle’ has come up, which will itself do the business for us; and now let a new sacrament, that of Divorce, which we call emancipation, and spout of on our platforms, be universally the order of the day!Have men considered whither all this is tending, and what it certainly enough betokens? Cut every human relation that has any where grown uneasy sheer asunder; reduce whatsoever was compulsory to voluntary, whatsoever was permanent among us to the condition of the nomadic; in other words, LOOSEN BY ASSIDUOUS WEDGES, in every joint, the whole fabrice of social existence, stone from stone, till at last, all lie now quite loose enough, it can, as we already see in most countries, be overset by sudden outburst of revolutionary rage; and lying as mere mountains of anarchic rubbish, solicit you to sing Fraternity, &c. over it, and rejoice in the now remarkable era of human progress we have arrived at.”

Thomas Carlyle, Latter-Day Pamphlets, 1850

Actually, I agree with Glenn Beck.

If you look at what has happened to America since the end of the Victorian era, the overall trend is the loss of cultural cohesion. The definition of “progress” to our progressive elites is tearing down and repudiating the country that used to exist in virtually every way imaginable:

  • Whiteness, for example, used to be a basic marker of American identity. It only ceased to be so after the triumph of “antiracism” between the 1940s and the 1960s.
  • Protestantism used to be a key marker of American identity. It also ceased to be so between the 1940s and 1960s. We haven’t been a White Protestant country since World War II.
  • “Judeo-Christianity” filled the gap in American identity left behind by Protestantism. Catholics and Jews were brought into the fold in the 1940s and 1950s. Christianity, however, ceased to be a marker of American identity somewhere around the 1990s.
  • Anglo-Saxon culture used to another key marker of American identity. European immigrants came here and were accepted into the fold. They became American citizens. No one expected them to give up their ethnicity or religion, but they were expected to assimilate to Anglo-Saxon norms. Anglo-Saxon culture gave way as a marker of American identity to multiculturalism in the 1970s.
  • By the 2000s, American identity was nothing more than a shared belief in liberal democracy and free-market capitalism. We had become a fully ideological project like the Soviet Union. “Liberal democracy” replaced republicanism as a marker of American identity.

In the early 2000s, the political scientist Samuel P. Huntington and others looked our recent history and our rapidly changing demographics and doubted that this thin sense of national identity could endure. Huntington was right. Progressives couldn’t resist the urge to go even further.

How far can you go down this road?

  • Progressives want to cleanse the public sphere of historic monuments, not merely Confederate monuments, but anything that smacks of whiteness including the Founding Fathers.
  • Progressives have created their own ridiculous politically correct calendar to replace our traditional holidays like the Jacobins in the French Revolution.
  • Progressives have invented thousands of new customized genders and have begun denying that sex is biological. It is not just race anymore. It is denying any biological basis of human nature.
  • Progressives now have their own “truths.” As James Lindsay has pointed out (don’t laugh he is right about this), they have come up with their own identity centered epistemology to understand reality.
  • Progressives have rewritten our entire history which is now nothing more than a series of moral atrocities committed by White settlers
  • It goes without saying the two Americas have their own media

To repeat: the split between the two Americas now goes down to the level of metaphysics, epistemology and ethics. We don’t even inhabit the same reality anymore. What’s more, progressives have recently taken the biggest leap of all toward disunion, which is denying that other Americans have same constitutional rights and civil liberties that they do and that the law applies equally to all citizens. We saw this under Trump when these people weaponized the Pentagon and “intelligence community.”

Glenn Beck is correct that these people have vacated anything resembling republican government. They just don’t believe in it anymore. In this upside down world, they have elevated criminals above the police. They have elevated illegal aliens and foreigners above natives. They denigrate the ethnocultural core of the country. They do not believe in ANY constitutional restraints to their own power.

How long a country with such profound, fundamental and widening divisions endure and remain stable when one side rejects all the values that the system was built on up to and including how we arrive at the truth itself? Why would either side want to live under the rule of the other side given that literally everything now divides them into opposing camps? The progressive side doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment or the Tenth Amendment.

I don’t think there is going to be a “civil war.” We had the War Between the States because Americans weren’t really that divided. Back then, we were only fighting over slavery and secession. Neither side wants to fight so much as be rid of the other side which is why it will ultimately happen. Why should this geographic space that we call a country continue to exist? Why should such a profoundly sick and degenerating state maintain a global empire and force its sick culture on other nations?

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  1. The problem is only one side wants out of the current arrangement. The (((left))) and its fanatic stooges want “bad Whites” around so they can perpetually punish them for their sins. They’re sadistic and want to torment the “deplorables” for being “deplorable” forever. Allowing them to escape would defeat the purpose of the exercise. The entire purpose of U.S. official (((culture))) now is flogging White sinners for the sin of Whiteness. It’s their central ritual, their pleasure, their entertainment, the living affirmation of their creed.

    “Racist, homophobic, patriarchal, cishet, fascist, Neanderthal, White oppressors” are to be the prey, in their view, and they the predators reveling in their screams.

    THAT’S why conflict might still happen.

  2. I don’t see any type of uprising on the horizon at least not from the right. Conservatives are just as bad as the liberals politically.

  3. yeah, no kidding. Unless the Jewbuck collapses first, 90% of the White population of ‘Murka – and Europe – will go peacefully extinct over the next few decades:

    2024, BOHICA: “I’m gonna vote fer Donal’ Trump ’cause heez gonna make ‘Murka great agin!”

  4. Diversity, ongoing invasion, mixed marriages , endless black on white crime, ‘white privilege’ lie, erasing our history, importing war ‘refugees’ from nations we had no business in, job losses to Asia = our gradual extinction masquerading as ‘progress’.
    And……….we never gave them permission.
    Human rights………. except for whites.
    Human rights………..except for whites.
    Human rights………. except for whites.

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