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  1. We are already there. Steaks and chop meat have almost doubled in the last 3 months. I like skirt steak and it went from 15.99 lb to almost 30.00lb Chop meat went from 4.99 to almost 8.00. It will continue to go up.

    • They can’t cut peoples incomes, that would cause a rebellion, so they devalue the currency, which is effectively the same.

      • Inflation has been doing that for 70 years or more. Most people don’t realize that this amounts to another tax. Inflation is how the “budget: gets “balanced”.

  2. The problem with inflation is that it doesn’t hit everywhere at once. If everything was affected by inflation equally and at the same time, it would not be a problem. But in reality, the rich and the politically connected get the newer money first and can spend it while prices are still lower. Then the prices on consumer goods adjust. And then after that, if they’re lucky, workers’ wages increase. So in effect it is extremely regressive.

  3. Central Bankers’ Inflation – a discouragement of marriage and having children due to exorbitant costs – part of the jews’ insidious War On Whites.

  4. Bloomberg and his horrible pals will have all the steak, lobster and caviar they want, washed down with champagne as they laugh at the plight of White (AKA real) Americans. So-called “climate change” or “global warming” as the fraud was originally known has nothing to do with inflation either, and Herr Bloomberg knows it. The policies Herr Bloomberg and his corrupt, degenerate, oligarch friends bought from the scumbags in Congress have sparked off the latest burst of inflation which is just getting started, not ending.

    Inflation will devour the regime before it’s done. The Fed has lost control with its massive money printing, QE and all the other economic frauds and bullshit it has perpetrated since 1913. Oil prices have been rapidly rising and the oil markets are international and beyond the scope of U.S. Government manipulation, unlike the stock market. No single thing is more inflationary than rising oil prices – and there is no substitute for oil. Check with the laws of thermodynamics on this.

    No oil or expensive oil means poverty, plain and simple. The Biden administration has been pursuing a policy of national poverty with its Green New Deal, cancelling pipelines, alternative energy (the alternative being no energy) and its explosion of deficit spending, worse than Trump. The die is cast now, it’s too late for the Biden administration to change course now even if there were a plan to change. Add in a surprise attack against Iran by “Our Greatest Ally” and it’s gasoline and diesel that will be luxuries like steak, lobster and caviar now.


    • Climate change has really just become a catch-all excuse for government and oligarch corruption and incompetence.

      Forest fires due to government mismanagement of forests? Blame climate change.
      Popular backlash against open borders immigration policies? The immigrants are fleeing climate change.
      Flooding due to obsolete and decaying drainage infrastructure? Blame climate change.
      Imposed austerity due to bad economic policies? Plebs can’t eat meat or live in a house because climate change.
      Embarrassingly inept hurricane disaster response? Well, climate change caused the hurricane.

      Any failure from American oligarchs can be swept under the rug by blaming climate change. And then they can use it to justify more handouts for them to “go green.” In America, it’s more profitable to be incompetent than to be competent.

  5. I’m not going to lie:

    I come from a background of pinto beans with fatback, cornbread, and fried okra being an example of staple daily meal, with fried chicken or hamburger steak with vegetables being a typical Sunday dinner.

    Having even simple sirloin steak was a birthday or holiday treat.

    It wasn’t until I became an adult, making my own, pretty good money, that buying ribeyes on a whim to grill or a meal at a steakhouse became a more common occurrence.

    I’m humble enough to eat more-or-less peasant food, and some of it is actually food that I crave. I don’t take issue with modern people learning to eat like our ancestors.

    However, I do object to our elites mockingly (and artificially), creating conditions that make us poorer and enriching themselves, while they rub in our faces that they can afford these “luxuries” while we won’t be able to. This is the kind of thing that warrants the phrase “playing with fire.” How much patience do they think we have?

    • Re: “peasant food (…) that I crave”:

      Backyard rabbit production used to be common here, very cheap and efficient. Learn to cook “too tough” spent laying hens, squirrels and ground hogs. Don’t be lazy. All are good when prepared properly.

      “fried okra”;

      Not necessarily. I think it’s best eaten raw when very young. Here is the expert on how to grow and use okra:

    • Our colonial era ancestors ate a pound of meat a day. Livestock, fish and game were plentiful and cheap in this big open continent. That is why the population could double every twenty years without a decline in the standard of living. The Civil War, mass immigration, regressive taxes and deflationary currency drastically reduced the standard of living among old-stock White Americans, especially in the South, which is why your more recent ancestors were reduced to a diet of cornbread and suffered pellagra.

  6. “America needs higher , longer-lasting inflation”

    Hahaha, do they expect any reasoning adult to swallow this verbal sewage ?

    High inflation in an attribute of a turd world nation, a certain sign of economic decline.
    6% inflation, my assets, it’s running 15% and zog is lying.
    I think we are at a junction, where the wheels are wobbling , just before they fall off.
    We are at the point where most nations get in trouble, when Nat debt > GDP .

    Watch, all other media will start parroting this line, “inflation is good, it helps the economy”.

  7. But don’t worry, goyeem: Bloomboig will still have all the steak he wants, and the champagne (or maybe Manischewitz) to wash it down. He’s a billionaire, you see.

    God damned rich kike SCUM telling us we’re all going to live like serfs from now on, just because THEY say so,..

  8. Is it just my area or is Ricotta Cheese missing in action? Haven’t seen it anywhere for a month now. Could be the limited supply is all going to restaurants and food processors instead of grocery stores.

  9. The Jews just want to torture us and why? For the same reason they killed Christ. They hate the innocent. It is sadistic. I am telling you, you do not have to do anything to fight back.. The Jews are their own worst enemies and always destroy themselves. It is pre-coded in Jew DNA by God. Just watch and see.

  10. Climate: literally nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all

    Cows: the fields of Texas are overflowing with them

  11. In other “There Is No Inflation in Jewmerica News” – the average price of a new vehicle is now $45K.
    Ford Motor Company just announced that there will be no minimum FICO score needed for a 84 MONTH new car loan on their shitty cars and trucks.
    honk honk

    • Model A was the best automobile ever built in America, simple with not one unnecessary part, and made of good vanadium steel, many units (frames at least) still resisting rust a century later – whereas recent Ford truck frames have been designed to rust through within ten years, another spur to encourage new truck purchase every few years.

  12. To hell with Mike Bloomberg (and the rest of our malignant Jewish ruling class), and to hell with the Jews who are “on our side” who empower him by obfuscating his Jewish motives.

    To hell with Darren Beattie, to hell with Paul Gottfried, to hell with all of the Jews of American Renaissance and VDARE who gobble up the donations of patriotic but naïve supporters.

    To hell with Kevin DeAnna for manufacturing excuses for Jews while training real Americans to hate themselves.

    To hell with Greg Johnson, and to hell with his eagerness to shill for Jewish Hollywood. Go ahead and make a donation to Counter Currents. Johnson will use that money to buy a movie ticket, and then Hollywood will donate that money to the ADL.

    • The anti-white, anti-Christ alliance is Jews, queers and the Irish. No Jew is on the side of Christ not one. If they were they would not be a Jew. It is that simple. The realm of argument has been shifted from religion to politics only the better to deceive and trick. Jews are the enemies of Christ and Jews are the enemies of whites. Take it to the bank.

  13. The quality of meat sucks anyway. The cows and sows they feed us are full of hormones and

    Unless you live in a rural area with local farmers & butchers, these people are doing you a favor.

    One of the hardest things to do in America is look at ourselves. “Exceptional” and all.

  14. This reminds me of Gas and Diesel prices. You notice the Democrats have no problem with the prices going up because that means “less” people will drive and pollute the environment. Plus higher prices means more tax revenue especially for the states. Kind of sounds like what’s going on with Food and Merchandise prices. They want higher prices so people will buy less and those high prices mean more sales tax revenue. It’s all a bunch of junk in my opinion. I’m an Environmentalist 100% and I believe in Climate Change as well. However I’m not an extremist nut either. You’ve gotta have a strong economy and you’ve gotta eat. Meat and Vegetables…the Southern Way of Life. Deo Vindice !

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