Tucker Carlson: Why Is The Biden Administration Hurting Normal People?

Editor’s Note: I will be back tomorrow. I’m going to a small secessionist reunion this weekend in South Carolina!

Once again, I don’t have much to add here.

If the Biden administration is as bad as Tucker keeps saying on his show every night and is wielding power like a tyranny, how can the Union possibly continue?

Progressives now believe that justice is social justice. They don’t believe in equal rights. They believe that only some groups should have constitutional rights and civil liberties. They believe the law should only protect some citizens based on their race and ideology, but not others. They want to get rid of the Bill of Rights. They reserve the right to purge the military, the government and law enforcement for ideological reasons. They are unleashing the “intelligence community” on parents who show up at school board meetings. They want the power to censor and fire anyone from their job for any arbitrary reason. They are now doing this en masse with essential workers in the airlines, hospitals, police officers, fire fighters, soldiers, etc. They have their own calendar and holidays. They have their own historical narrative.

Can the system remain stable when progressives have rejected all of its underpinnings? If so, how does this work? The two sides here disagree at the level of metaphysics and epistemology. The two sides disagree on whether we should have national borders and law enforcement. Progressives have their own “truths” and ways of arriving at their truths by which “marginalized people” tell stories about their subjective feelings. You only look at the race, sex and ideology of that person. Nothing else matters.

Suppose the Republicans win the next two elections. As things stand today, the two sides haven’t agreed that Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are legitimate presidents. The two sides don’t have a shared religion, a shared history, a shared race, ethnicity or culture, a shared way of arriving at truth, a shared view of human nature, and so on. Where does this go in the next ten years?

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  1. Anyone who has any experience dealing with NPD/Borderline disordered individuals knows they love to frame things in “apocalyptic” terms to maximize confusion and disorientation.

    Some kind of foreign invasion coupled with shocking false flag events is a safe bet at this point.

    • The most hateful thing is the vaccine mandate or lose your job, your livelihood, and there’s not many other places to go to, since they are all jumping on the bandwagon.

      Nothing would be better to take down whites, than to mandate a possible health problem from a vaccine, and take your job from you, if you don’t do it.

      The health problems from the vaccine may show up later on, and you would be told it’s not from the vaccine. Young men getting myocarditis…and people are told it’s a much greater risk to get Covid (99% recovery rate), while almost 50% of the people getting the vaccine get Covid from it.

      It’s all wrapped and disguised as “for your health”, and you sign a consent form, releasing them from any liability or accountability.

  2. Why does the Biden Administration want to demographically eliminate the Historic Native Born White American Christian Working Class Majority?

    Why does the highly racialized nonwhite majority Democratic Party Voting Bloc want to demographically eliminate the Historic Native Born White American Christian Working Class Majority?

    • I don’t think Mexicans want us gone. Some Asians and Indians are friendly too but yeah. The rest want us dead and our children raped.

      • The two demographic groups you mentioned in the voting booth:”‘I vote whitey into a racial minority within the borders of America….ha ha ha…”

        Since your so found of Hindus and Sikhs….pack your fucking bags and go live in India….

    • Mexicans and Asians might be the only demographics who want to the country to stay in one piece. Everyone else just seems to want out.

    • @Patrick,
      They suffer from goose with golden egg syndrome.
      They think that getting rid of those who created the nation they enjoy…….will somehow make it even better.
      Hope that helps.

    • Why? Because they hate us and they’re bat shit crazy psychopaths. White Anti-White traitors like Biden are the most odious among them.

  3. Calling it “the Biden Administration” is a joke.

    The reanimated corpse of Joe Biden is an irrelevant figurehead.

    We are tyrannized by the Yellen-Garland–Mayorkas-Blinken administration.

  4. @ They pick on the normies, because they are an easy target, they fear us, we have a retort, for anything they say, the normies will go which ever way they are led, we are all that stands in their way, that’s why they won’t debate or even calmly discuss.the issues with us, they know they will lose, it’s easier just to call us white supremacists, well all you normies need to make up your minds, either you are with us or against us, the choice is clear. The satanic faggotry we have now, or the Confederate states of america.

  5. “Where does this go in the next ten years?”

    Let’s do the math.

    We’re disenfranchised, we’re having one or two children to the POC’s five or six, the border is WIDE open, our heritage and culture is being systematically erased, the Media despises us as does Hollywood, and our former bastions of power, the Military, Judicial and Government are no longer ours.

    It ends badly for those who don’t see the writing on the wall and are prepared.

  6. Biden is not hurting normal people, the republican party is. They signal to our base instincts (which are not wrong) and then villify us for it.

    The republican party is the worst thing that has ever happened to White People.

  7. But DO NOT vote for Republicans whatever you do. Let the Democrats’ crazy totalitarian “1984-ish” wickedness force everyone to the “Right” of the Dems to secede just to survive and to get away from them. The Repubs are the types that “sell guns and whiskey to the Indians” — as long as they can make a profit and prosper financially everything is good and just forget about everything else…

    May God Save the South!

  8. We’re most definitely in interesting times. That’s really what’s going on….nobody will be honest the other party wins. Democrats, Republicans, all pretty much the same. The Republicans created the fake grassroots organization known as the Tea Party and it’s only issue was being against Obama. That was very obvious. The Tea Party created the modern political climate we live in now. The Democrats didn’t like Trump and for good reason. I can’t stand Trump. I’m probably the most vocal person ever against him. I knew he would damage America and European Americans as a whole. He not only done that but turned the right wing Conservatives into a bunch of nuts against Masks and Vaccines. What a joke. Antifa and Black Lives Matter obviously got paid in 2020 and caused Race Riots and Violence all over the US. That caused damage to the Democratic Party as a whole. Now the Republicans don’t even look at Joe Biden and are 100% against him. He could Save Earth and the Republicans would still be against him. Neither party I don’t believe will ever work together until Trump goes far away from Politics. The Moderate Democrats and Moderate Republicans are alive and well but have no influence in either party now which will keep the political division going for a long time. Take a look at the Ole Miss vs Tennessee Football game last night. The last minute of the game fans was walking on the field, throwing stuff from the stands, and so on. It’s really symbolic of what political division has done…it’s now entered common Sports. Now even the whole concept of Sportsmanship and losing / winning with honor and respect could very well be going away. Deo Vindice !

  9. You are supposed to panic but that is not going to happen. instead we are all going to find out how little we need them to live our lives. Listen to the language of this manipulative clown.

  10. I suspect that Biden isn’t as befuddled as he pretends he is.

    I also suspect that Biden has even thrown his handlers a few curve balls, i.e. the abrupt and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    I think Joseph Robinette Biden is a man who nurses grudges and has a lot of scores to settle.

    He ran for the presidency for 1988 and had to drop out due to a plagiarism scandal in which he stole verbatim a speech from British politician, Neil Kinnock. He ran again for 2008 but had to drop out again, due to low Iowa turnout.

    That was Barack Obama’s win and the only reason why he obtained the vice-presidency is because Obama preferred him to Hillary Clinton and had a very reasonable fear of being Arkancided to make room for the first woman president. And he saw Biden as a weak idiot who could be easily managed.

    Donald Trump wasn’t the only man to hold office who was often dismissed as a moronic buffoon. There wasn’t a person who worked with him who didn’t make remarks like that. Instead of losing his temper like Trump, Biden simply bided his time.

    It finally came when the party cannibalized itself so that no one more appealing than Biden could get the nomination and there was a Republican candidate that was universally despised by the establishment wing of the Republican party as well as even the more radical wing of the Democrat party.

    Moreover, if this election was rigged (and Biden and his handlers sure behave like THEY suspect it was), then Biden knows damn well that a vast majority of normal American people didn’t vote for him to be president and he is peeved with them, so what better way to punish them than force a radical left agenda upon them?

    At the very least, it is Biden whose corruption has made him the Manchurian Candidate and which is why he has had to give China and Russia everything they wanted on a silver platter. Of course, the antics of his entire family is an open secret and, I imagine, that there isn’t a family on both sides of the aisle in Congress who don’t have their own version of Hunter Biden getting pay outs by foreign governments

    When you consider how kosher his cabinet is and Biden is a race realist who full understands race wars, I think it’s a combination of blackmail, corruption and revenge on those who didn’t vote for him.

  11. @ Honestly the only good thing, I can say about mr. Biden is, he wears “Ray Ban” sunglasses, I know that ain’t much, but he has proven himself too be, an enemy of southern people, so he’s lucky, I even complimented him, on his shades.

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