CNN: The Rise of White Identity Politics

Why is CNN doing a special on White identity politics?

Haven’t we progressed far beyond this sort of explicit White racism? Doesn’t the arc of history bend toward progressive liberalism? Isn’t this stuff far outside the boundaries of the “mainstream”?

Here’s a different perspective:

  • American identity and White identity were linked until the mid-20th century
  • Race realism was the norm in America until World War II
  • The term “racism” was discovered in the 1930s and was popularized during World War II and only reached its present status as the ultimate moral stigma in the 1960s
  • The idea that White identity is immoral and needs to be repressed because it is immoral for Whites to assert themselves like other groups, which is completely legitimate when they do it, is a consensus that develops among American elites after World War II
  • The “mainstream” was also created between World War I and World War II in New York City and Los Angeles and only established its dominance in the 1950s

In sum, progressives mistake all kinds of things which are features of their own peculiar time and place as some kind of mystical destiny. They take for granted that they will always rule. But what if this isn’t the case? What if their rise to power was the result of a peculiar set of circumstances?

  • The creation of the mass media – film, radio, television, mass circulation national news magazines – in the early 20th century which concentrated cultural power in the hands of a tiny metropolitan elite
  • The ascendance of America to its current position of “global leadership” – the leader of the gang of rich countries – after World War II
  • The disgust with nationalism and racism after the World Wars
  • The rejection of the Victorian culture and “mainstream” of the 19th century after World War I
  • The rise of the professional managerial class since the 1920s
  • More Americans going to college since World War II
  • America reaching the peak of both its power and whiteness in the Thirty Glorious Years that followed World War II
  • The rise of “meritocracy” sorting Americans into classes and depositing those who get fancy college degrees from prestigious universities in a handful of coastal metropolitan areas

You could argue that this is a passing phase. The current elite was thrown up by the circumstances of the early 20th century – mainly its new technology and geopolitical conflicts – and what we are dealing with now are the people who have inherited all of this power and influence and who are in the process of slipping and squandering it. Such is how all empires and ruling classes have fallen across history.

The so-called “mainstream” used to dominate both parties. Groups like the ADL and the SPLC were widely seen as legitimate in their use of police power against “extremists” and “hate groups.” There was a time in my youth when CNN was even considered a legitimate news organization and “journalists” were still trusted by the public. As recently as twenty years ago, the professional class in this country hadn’t utterly discredited itself in the eyes of the public. American politics wasn’t nearly as polarized in the 1990s.

Everything is changing again now though. The so-called “mainstream” is movies like Home Alone 7 or the Met Gala or Brian Stelter on CNN or award shows which no one watches anymore like the Oscars and Golden Globes. The professional class has lost its legitimacy. It talks to itself now on CNN and MSNBC. It has its own sense of humor. The “mainstream” appears to be fragmenting and shriveling up and dying. Stephen Colbert doesn’t command comedy like Johnny Carson. Ibram X. Kendi doesn’t have the stature or moral authority of MLK. John Avlon doesn’t shape the national news like Walter Cronkite.

If you think about it, the reason that White identity politics went away is due to the rise of this class and its prestige and ability to shape the narrative – it rested on trust and the legitimacy of the professional class – and the reason that it is coming back is related to the decline of this class. It is struggling to maintain its norms and taboos. John Avlon, Brian Stelter and Brianna Kielar lack authority and legitimacy.

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  1. As soon as the CNN dickhead said three fifths of a niggra, I quit listening. Did I miss anything?

  2. >Why is CNN doing a special on White identity politics?

    Who’s the head of CNN? — asking for an anti-Semitic friend.

    • “>Why is CNN doing a special on White identity politics?’
      Preparing the ground for a slew of anti-WHITE policies.

  3. The ruling class and its institutions have lost legitimacy also because they are liars and they are notoriously incompetent, everything they touch turns to shit right. The U.S. Government has screwed up one foreign war after another while their stenographers in the Lügenpresse told lies at a mile a minute. They haven’t been any better domestically with open borders/immigration their worst failure from a very long list.

    Vietnam was a war for “democracy” or something while the U.S. Government allowed N. Vietnam to import all its war matériel unhindered through their only port until May, 1972 when Pres. Nixon ordered a blockade. Political support for the war had evaporated by that time after tens of thousands of U.S. casualties for a never ending war without a purpose.

    Pres. Reagan landed troops in Lebanon resulting in the Marine barracks there being destroyed and hundreds of guys killed, all for “Our Greatest Ally”. Reagan’s policy of supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan eventually led to 9/11. He also got tangled up in the ridiculous Iran/Hostage deal to release U.S. hostages after declaring the U.S. wouldn’t negotiate for hostages.

    George Bush I invaded Iraq after Saddam agreed to terms to avoid war in 1991. Bush believed victory there would clinch his reelection but his war led to more terrorism, Osama Bin Laden and the election of that notorious scumbag, Clinton. Bush I also landed troops in Somalia which resulted in the “black Hawk Down” disaster. We are still blessed with wonderful light bulb shape headed criminal Somalis from that.

    The Clintons were the most corrupt, degenerate people ever to occupy the White House. At that bitch Hillary’s insistence the U.S. attacked Christian Serbia, supported Balkan Moslems and Albanian criminals. His second term ended with a bang with the Lewinsky scandal followed by a stock market crash and 9/11. As an addendum Clinton also sold missile and satellite technology to China (after suitable bribes were paid) greatly enhancing China’s military.

    GWB II was the worst president since at least LBJ in the 1960’s, possibly even longer. He was reading “My Pet Goat” as 9/11 took place, totally befuddled. He then lied the country into another war in Iraq which caused even more terrorism, a huge refugee crisis, an even greater deficit and thousands more U.S. casualties while continuing the Afghan War.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg but it makes the point; the “elites” in the ruling class have wrecked the country and goodwill has evaporated. Instead of E Pluribus Unum it’s now Every Man for Himself and Devil take the Hindmost.

    This is the logical result of one disaster after another for decades. The wheels are coming off now and no doubt the colored folk will be mighty disappointed as their EBT and other gibs no longer buy the 40 Ouncers they enjoy and they follow the Philosopher of Ferguson’s advice: “Burn the Bitch down!”

  4. If there is a direct road from White Americans defeating the Nazis in 1945…to Jews and nonwhites exterminating Native White American Working Class people 10-20 years in the near future…..The obvious conclusion to draw is that WW2 wasn’t worth it and it would have been better if the Nazis won…

  5. Painting “End Racism” or “Stop Racism” in the endzone of NFL stadiums hasn’t stopped White fans from attending the games.

    By the same token go to any hospital or clinic and see how many White medical doctors or specialists are employed by that institution. Even at the better hospitals and clinics. You can’t help, but noticing.

  6. They are bringing up White identity politics for 2 reasons: Sines v Kessler starts in 10 days, and midterms (fighting against Whitey is the main democrat platform as evidenced by Biden’s 2020 campaign video)

    • Another failed opportunity for Trump to sign well deserved pardons as he left office to free Charlottesville protesters.

      • The only folks Cheetohead pardoned were Jewish swindlers and violent negroes. It was a perfect finale to how clown-show administration.

    • . . . then Whites owe nothing to the rest of the U.S. especially when the U.S. Government gets its tit caught in a wringer in a place like Taiwan. Take care of your own and scorn the rest.

  7. Whites should have identity movements…… their own fucking nations! Since when has it been seen as normal to be suicidal……. culturally or otherwise?
    America was nothing when whites arrived, and would be nothing if we left. In a way, I’d love to see Jews running an America……..with no whites in it! Let’s see how that pans out for them.
    Black privilege……… Africa.
    White privilege……….in the West.

  8. Notice that the white devil the Chosen Negro Network chose to interview for their anti White propaganda was Uncle “(((they))) look huwhite to me” Jared.

    Eastern. Standard. Time.

    • Lord Jared will spend the rest of his days playing the comedic role of “Mr. Respectable”. He would run away like a little girl at the first sign of trouble.

  9. White people are still not willing to make the extra step and take their own side, even if their awareness has drastically increased this past year. They claim that armed force might be necessary to “save America”. Well, what is America? They’re talking about white people but either aren’t aware of it or won’t admit it. So many of their arguments are still pickled in colorblind Americanism that I honestly can’t stand it.

    The war against CRT is a perfect example. They’re arguments against it are weak and pitiful. They claim it somehow hurts blacks and browns and makes them “hate America”. Bullshit. It’s anti-white and is designed to demonize whites. But nobody ever says that. Rufo is some creep who married an Asian so he obviously can’t be trusted.

    • From the little bit of CRT propaganda I have read the CRT crowd claims the U.S. was White and “racist” from the time the Crown ruled the 13 colonies through the Declaration down to the present day.

      As far as their first two claims are concerned, the CRT crowd is correct. The 13 Colonies were thoroughly “racist” from New England down to Georgia. The second claim is also correct, only “free White person(s) … of good character” could become citizens under the 1790 Naturalization Act.

      Asians were also excluded under various “Exclusion Acts” until 1965.

      Of course, it has been since the so called “Civil Rights (sic)” laws and even worse, the 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act that the country has gone straight downhill to the point of disintegration now.

      If one wishes to preserve civilization one must also support “racist”, pro-White laws. Even the wogs benefit enormously from a White, “racist” society, more than they can ever imagine. That’s why they come here.

      The “we aren’t racist” crowd of Whites are out of touch with history. The CRT crowd has at least some of their facts correct, more than the anti-“racists”. It’s the CRT types’ conclusions and most of their so called “facts” that are wrong, not all their facts though.

  10. I never really looked into it too deeply it but which individual(s), exactly, organized the Charlottesville rally?

      • I think the tiki torch parade was actually quite impressive. It certainly scared the bejeezus out of ZOG! It was when they attempted to exercise their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble the next day at Lee Park that they screwed up and left themselves open to attack.

        • They could have had no idea that exercising that fed court order-reinforced right would end in such a result. C’ville was the beginning of this era of blatantly unconstitutional oppression of pro-Whites ALONE by the entire (((system))).

          And yes, the torchlight rally was impressive.

  11. Research has found that blacks in the West are more intelligent than those in Africa due to improved diet, standard of living, education and medicine. So even when they are actually smarter than average, it’s because of whites. This woman speaking with Jared Taylor is likely one of those outliers. And that she continues to live in the West tells you she hasn’t faced an unbearable amount of racism. She’s a professional victim and shit stirrer. Otherwise she’d move heaven and earth to scramble to a nation where no whites are.
    I’m a racist, but I’m not a white supremacist. I’m a white separatist. I don’t care if other races are dumber or smarter……….I just don’t want to be replaced, either way. It isn’t about IQ.
    I didn’t get out of bed one day and declare that I’m gonna be a waysist natzee supweemist. My views were formed after years of research, study and real world experience. I know we’re being replaced. Only white nations are expected to take refugees and immigrants.
    Only white nations are expected to cut emissions despite handing over most of their manufacturing sector. When I scrapped beneath the surface, I saw a pattern emerging……..and it angered me terribly.
    I don’t hate non white individuals who are decent folks, but how many is enough? How many??

  12. The enemies of white America are making a huge mistake. They should not go for your jugular at this time. When it comes to direct confrontation the Anglo is dangerous. If they were smart they would lull you back to sleep by reeling in their extremists and continue with the soft attacks on whites.

    There are a few Anglo males at my school. They are not frivilous. The adult Anglos I meet in Texas seem solid. No need for some on this website to be pessimistic. I do not believe you will go belly up.

    • @Cristina Romana Alva. – Thank you for the heartening words towards White people. I am not as optimistic about the spirit of resistance out there, nor about our future; but we all must soldier on, nonetheless.

      • Old Enough To Be Your Mother,

        My first thank you for your comment a couple of days ago did not post for some reason so I try again.
        I thank you for your encouragement and sweetness toward me.

    • @Cristina,
      The most successful invasions are the unarmed versions……… accompanied by the obligatory sob story about how there’s no hope in their old country, and that we must show them compassion. They then become another addition to the already large non white portion of the population who are helping to change our culture and demographics. Their children then go on to become anti white activists who thrive on division, or may become full on criminals or terrorists, while admittedly, some will actually contribute to society. But my point is:- the best way to replace us is peacefully and gradually in the boiling frog tradition. Like you say:- an armed invasion would generate a brutal, sudden and severe response.
      We’re also being attacked economically with the loss of our manufacturing.
      Asian women are also marrying weak, treacherous white men and mixing us out of existence.
      All these things are occurring concurrently and gradually, and contributing to our extinction.
      It always hurts me to say this stuff because I don’t like hating other people. But……..the concern I have for my own people outweighs the compassion I’m told I must have for those who really, I have no obligation to help if they won’t stay in their own nation and help themselves there.
      I’ve been all over the world. I’ve met people from all over the world, and they’re mostly wonderful. However, they are culturally, religiously and demographically different, and should remain where they originate from so they can help their own nation and people to advance in a way that suits their own modelling. Running off to waysis Y pepo doesn’t achieve that.
      Are you still at school? You must be very young. Why do you view sights like this at that age? I had no interest in politicics until I was older. Oh well…….. it’s good to be informed early on.
      Be well, my friend.

      • Goose,

        I go to school. My family is very interested in politics. What happens in the United States affects the world. Everyday the first 10 minutes of History class is reading a newspaper or discussing the politics of the day. Frivilous subjects such as celebrities are ignored. Open questions are encouraged.on any topic.

        One of my brothers knew of Daily Stormer and Political Cesspool. He found this site through those sites. I was told to stay off of Daily Stormer.

        I came on here just to look but I could not resist writing my comments/beliefs in the comment section. I am extremely opinionated. It is true that it is unusual for someone like me to be here but then Hunter Wallace mentioned recently that there are all sorts on here.

        While I just recently wrote to Flaxen the Strumpet that I would not give out any more private information this is information I have already given before since your question is not unusual.

        Do I belong on here? Probably not. I have taken a beating that is for sure. Mainstream news is worthless however.

        • @ Cristina Romana Alva, “Do I belong on here” ? Yes Ma’am, you certainly do, you carry yourself well, I always read what you post.

          • Mr. Smith,

            Thank you for the welcome and I am extremely flattered that you read what I post. Feel free to correct/instruct me when I write in error.

    • @Cristina,

      If you want to get a majority of Anglos fighting mad, just inform them that jews are being mistreated somewhere.

      • November,

        I have always thought you were very witty. You never seem to disappoint. The Anglo does have weaknesses that are now very obvious to me. Yet the Anglo possesses strength. It just needs to be applied in the right direction.

        The Anglo is a buffer between the Enemy and the rest of us and is the goose that etc. etc.

  13. The rise of white identity politics is not a moment too soon. We still have enough numbers to save ourselves from annihilation…if we organize and achieve moral and intellectual clarity This means effective political and intellectual leadership and organized political power.

    Forget any meaningful assistance from the GOP, as presently constituted. Getting rid of RINO Republicans has to be a priority. White strength. White pride. White identity. Race before everything else. That has to be the creed. It’s a race war and until and unless that’s understood, sloganeering and “colorblind conservative” rhetoric will be futile in the future as in the past.

  14. A little off-topic but it’s noteworthy that Western (capitalist) “news” media, which includes Murdoch’s Faux News, never enlightens you that the Empire has been abducting foreign diplomats, on diplomatic missions, in blatant violation of international law and centuries of precedent: and At least Saab wasn’t murdered on his mission like they did to Soliemani. The Empire is lawless because the Empire IS the law.

  15. “When it comes to direct confrontation the Anglo is dangerous”:

    The Anglo “directly” confronts his or her impoverished, sandal-shod, sword and musket-armed, indigenous victims with billions of dollars of high tech weaponry, and with complete control of the skies overhead, raining down billions of dollars of bombs and missiles with complete impunity.

    • anonymous,

      I was referring to the characteristics of the Anglo real or assumed not war between primitives and 21st century armies.

      In other words—backbone, courage, and organizational ability.

      • Re: “between primitives and 21st century armies”:

        The victims are not intellectually-inferior “primitives,” and the Anglo aggressors are not intellectually or morally superior. Wealth and power do not equal goodness.

        “backbone, courage, and organizational ability”:

        The REAL three main strengths or “virtues” of the U.S. Anglos are: (1) the world’s most powerful military, largely paid for by other countries through debt generated by the “Almighty” fiat Dollar; (2) control of the greatest global propaganda machine; and (3) wholesale “aid”/employment/bribery of hundreds of foreign puppet regimes and political parties with the fiat Dollar.

        I recommend you read:

        • anonymous,

          One thing you wrote i agree with—-the United States is the world’s biggest pimp with a brothel full of putas. Mexico unfortunately is one of them.

          • The ingratitude of Mexicans who come here and live off the taxpayers is staggering. They demand more and more, and most of them do not work.
            Being able to go into a country illegally and get a place to live, food to eat, utilities paid, and all of the free quality healthcare they could ever want…is mindblowing.
            I don’t think any American can walk into Mexico and demand they speak English or get even half of what Mexicans get here. Yet, they are “loyal” to Mexico, a country that kept them impoverished.
            Mexico passes it’s caravans of “migrants” and “refugees” through to the US. But if someone makes it to your country, they are supposed to be given sanctuary. I guess that’s another rule that does not apply to Mexico.
            There are probably well over 50 million Mexicans here, living off the taxpayers. I have no idea how many Central Americans there are here now.
            I’ve never seen or heard any gratitude expressed over the TRILLIONS spent on them, or the free passes allowed to be in this country.
            You call the US “a pimp”. You have a hatred for the US. So do the ones coming here, but they keep coming, because it’s “free money”. If Mexico was so great, they’d solve their own problems and build up their nation to be more than a tourist attraction.
            I’m sure you’re going to resort to calling me names again, but if you can come on here and slag the US, you should be able to take criticism back.

        • anonymous,

          I forgot to add that of course I know how the USA became so powerful. It was by fighting major wars in the 20th century in somebody else’s backyard with her allies doing most of the killing and dying—France and Great Britain in WW! and France/Britain/Soviet Union/China in WW2.

          Not to worry however the world seems headed toward 3 major powers dominating the world. The world is no longer an American planet. It would help the cause of peace if the United States accepted this. If not then possibly another major war.

  16. Why don’t they do a special on Antifa and Black Lives Matter launching national Race Riots and Violence in 2020? Wouldn’t that be more of a story? Black Identity Politics which means if you don’t give Blacks full rule they’ll burn Cities, destroy Monuments, occupy the public streets, loot stores, and be a bunch of Violent Terrorists…all while getting paid by the political establishment. The Unite The Right rally was about Free Speech and standing up for Southern Heritage & Culture. If the Law would have stopped Antifa and Black Lives Matter at Unite The Right…2020 would have never happened…..Covid-19 probably wouldn’t have happened either. The far left turned it up at Unite The Right and that resulted in everything that happened in 2020. Now our political system is more divided than ever. White Folks think the Republican Party cares about them? HaHaHa….the Republicans did nothing about Antifa and Black Lives Matter because OMG I might be called a White Supremacist and a Racist. So instead the Republicans got mad about “Masks” and Vaccines. LOL reallly? That’s dang ignorant. Pure cowards that don’t wanna stand up for the White Race. Stop voting for them and become a White Nationalist…we care if our People survive and prosper in the World. Deo Vindice !

  17. Pilot,

    Save your fake wrath for say a communist called anonymous who is way more anti-American than I am. Or maybe Dart who said myself and my family were garbage because we would support the USA over China anyday.

    Or have you forgotten when I played the Green Beret song to honor the USA on July 4th on here. I also played Taps on here to honor dead American soldiers.

    Or my written condemnation of the word Gringo—a word most anglos seem to tolerate. Or when I wrote that a good portion of our family’s profits come from the USA. and we are grateful. Or that some of my relatives were born USA citizens long before you were.

    Or that I obviously just wrote on this thread my respect for the Anglo and his characteristics. And so on etc.

    Or that I will criticize the USA but I also will and just did criticize Mexico as well and will continue to do so. Or that my family contributes jobs to Americans. We give more than we take. Or that my family pays a lot of taxes to support the USA.

    I am actually one of the most pro-American people on this website. Granted that is not saying much since the people on here are strongly against the USA at least the vocal ones.

    And yes the United States is a Pimp whether you like it or not. And Mexico is a whore rather I like it or not.

    Every American I go to school with I like a lot.

    • I am more than ever convinced that you are a false front. A false nonwhite face.
      Your flattery of some of the posters on here is hilarious.

      • Pilot,

        Really? I am convinced that you are either a race hater or pretending to be one. And I find nothing about you hilarious in the slightest. Your obsession with me basically amounts to stalking and is artificial. Maybe a form of sickness.

        Your comments are generally a litany of hate. Whites like you (if you are white) are why normal people would only consider WN as a last resort. Only haters such as yourself could support your comments.

        I am not a white nationalist and have no desire to be one. Some of you are exactly what the Left claims you are which makes your behavior suspicious.

        Anyway, I believe any further form of communication with you is not desirable. So carry on your campaign of hatred without me.

        • “Really? I am convinced that you are either a race hater or pretending to be one”

          That’s most of the posters on this site. Why would you come to a pro-white site and just slam us?

          Accusing me of stalking by replying on a forum.

          To me, you’re a nonwhite troublemaker.

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