Rising: Is Civil War 2 Looming?

In order for there to be a Civil War 2, all it would really take is for the polarization and political instability to boil over into combat. Secession isn’t even necessary.

There is also a key difference. When the North went to war to preserve the Union in Lincoln’s time, it saw Southerners as being misguided and the victims of a Slave Power conspiracy and the Union as sacred whereas today support for secession is much more widespread and nothing is sacred. A nearly equal number of West Coast Democrats would also prefer to dissolve the Union. The GOP could retake Congress in 2022, Trump could win the 2024 election fair and square and the West Coast states could secede from the Union and most Republicans would probably be happy to see them go at this point.

A Soviet-style collapse of the American Empire is more likely than Civil War 2. Neither side really wants a Civil War 2. In fact, the most intense partisans would support a National Divorce.

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  1. 4th Gen war is also war. There may not be states or armies but your liberal neighbor one day takes a gun with firm intention to sacrifice himself in the name of facts and science.

    Lot of lunatics will run amok. Bosnian war started like this. Single persons and gangs thought that when we will kill enough others as citizen activism, the rest will move or fall into submission.

    Million people will happen in Kyle Rittenhouse situation.

  2. People are still too comfortable for any type of civil war or revolution. Most are still under the impression voting is the answer.

    • Agree. Most are still obsessed with their Grammy singers and sports heroes. Or their next vacation.

      I keep getting emails from the GOP, asking for donations and to fill out polls and surveys.

      They have this upcoming rally, “It’s Time to Win Back America”…across the top of the page. It’s the same scoundrels, trying to get rich. Candace Owens, Donald Trump Jr., and other TV celebrities are shown.

      I wish no one would go. They are perpetuating the lie that voting matters, and that they represent us.

        • They’re all just entertainers. I always think of Sean Hannity. Typical neocon conservative. There’s so many of these people.
          Conservatives especially love “black conservatives”. Oh, look at him or her…oh boy. Like it redeems the whole race, when in fact, most of them get more attention being on the right, since there’s billions of them on the left.

  3. Whatever replaces the US should not be a democracy. At least not a liberal democracy.

    Maybe the South could convince some relative of the House of Stuart to become their King?

    • I like that idea, JD. Maybe a descendent of Napoleon III or Miss Christina’s Emperor Maximillian could be the Southern Monarch? What about the possibility of establishing the Golden Circle?

      • Yes another Napoleon the Third, like his predecessor Louis Phillippe, the quintessential capitalist royal figurehead is just what you need. No. You already have plenty of that. Golden Circle, now? Your Caribbean and Central American intended victims have come to live among you, and you already have plenty of imperialism/neocolonialism, on an even grander, global scale.

        Why not ask for something entirely different?

        • While you guys joke around about kings…
          Several thousand Mexicans were flown into NYC the other day.
          They are being flown all over the country in large packs, as if no one will notice.
          Maybe no one IS noticing, because people are just going on about their lives as if nothing is wrong, like planning their next vacation to Mexico.
          There’s 25 million in Mexico City, so they can keep this going for a long, long time.

      • Spahnranch1970,

        Or what about miss Cristina herself. I think the name Empress Cristina has a nice ring to it. For the United States I quickly enact my first law which is that USA citizenship or permanent refugee status in large numbers cannot be allowed unless the following 3 factors occur:

        1. The monarch agrees
        2. The parliament/congress agrees
        3. A majority of the popular vote agrees.

        Only when all 3 agree can any invasion occur. Since I would always say no outside of temporary help then at the least the United States would not collapse that way. It would also be law that all 3 parties have to agree to do away with such a law.

        While authority has to be unequal it is also true that a country belongs to all of it’s people not a President/monarch/congress etc. One or a few people cannot give away what belongs to all of it’s citizens.

    • Monarchies usually start out by the ultra alpha male who seizes power passing it on down to his son. The Kim family is everything but in name only royalty. If a people liberate themselves why would they hand the crown to some beta outsider? You’d get some mope who believes in TV world like William nagging on about how horrible going to outer space is for “the environment.” Monarchies are just like what experts warned about when the managerial know it alls shut everything down in March 2020. You just can’t turn it back on like a light switch. We lost our aristocrats 250 years ago, but who are we going to crown as the new ones? The college educated, high IQ leftist managerial class infesting the coasts? The jews?(our defacto aristocrats who filled in the vacuum.) Diagnosing a problem is easier than finding a cure.

  4. Top news story today – “Private Jet With 24 People Aboard Headed To Boston For Game 4 of ALCS Crashes In Houston” – when people who can barely afford food and rent see headlines like that then I would say – yes – CW2 is on the table. We are living in a pre-French Revolution/pre-Russian Revolution-type Best Of Times/Worst Of Times era.

  5. Greedy, cowardly, indolent, unorganized conservatives are in no position to fight a civil war. I don’t care how many guns they have. I don’t care how many are veterans. Conservative = pussy. That’s all anybody needs to know.

  6. If the confederate states were receiving welfare checks from the union the first civil war would never have happened.

    • @ Anon Omous, If your mammy hadn’t ate all that government cheese, she wouldn’t have that big fatt ass, or you that cheese between your ears, so get over their in the corner and git busy with the cheese whiz, stupid boy…………..

  7. There will not be a National divorce and this is not what a civil war is.

    In 1830 the United States was a White Protestant Anglo-Saxon (culturally if not ethnically) nation. Today it is an empire. There will be no “National divorce” because the Empire doesn’t care if we get along. It is better if we don’t. The American Military-Economic Zone is too valuable to allow some portion to go off and do its own thing. Having regional or urban-rural friction is a bonus for the Empire because it keeps focus off the imperial potentates.
    The South will never secede guys. It is too valuable as an imperial asset. The South could form a viable rump state IF the empire can be encouraged to collapse without destroying modern civilization. This would require coordination between disparate proto-national groups, not a unilateral secession movement which can always easily be crushed.

    In short, in order to effect a National divorce, the United States would have to be an actual mutual partnership of different proto-nations united in opposition to the imperial powers. Today it is a collection of rival groups vying for scraps from the table of the imperial powers which rule us all.

    By the way this is what the original American Confederation was. Virginia and Massachusetts did not agree on how to administer their various territories, they just agreed they would all be better off if the Crown wasn’t involved in their negotiations.

    As for civil war 2 Chittum is still right. Any new civil war would be fought on behalf of a class of elites outside the formal imperial power structure. It’s clear that blacks will never achieve anything like this and are simply tools of the imperial regime. It’s likely, however, that in the future the cartels or other such groups will decide to demand formal recognition of their tacit control of certain territories. Civil wars are never fought over ideology, they are always between 2 types of power-seeking elites. This would be a racial conflict but only between the actual participants vying for power. Many white Americans likely already unknowingly live in a place where cartels essentially control the police force, etc. and have no problem with what they don’t know.

    National divorce, not going to happen, there is no marriage nor are there any nations.
    National sovereignty, possible following engineered imperial collapse which requires internal nation-building and then inter-National solidarity in opposition to the imperial power.
    Civil war: will be fought between existing and usurping elites if the empire continues to decline naturally in lieu of a managed dispersal. In this case we will not be combatants, control of us is what they would fight over.

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