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    • @ The Watcher, civil war 2 or world war 3?, Both, either way, BABYLON will fall, till then, get ready…………

    • The same polarisation is happening in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. It won’t be the world at war, the world will stand back and watch as formerly white countries tear themselves apart.

      Russell Brand was rabidly pro mass non-white immigration into Britian the last I heard. The only thing that gave him pause, was the Dali Lama saying that pushing all these races on white folks, is going to lead to war. I doubt Russell has changed his mind on that issue. So the airhead who helped caused the problem, wants to find a solution now? Give me a break.

      • @LH if Brand has genuinely realized the mistakes he made after a lifetime surrounded by Hollywood, I am willing to give him a pass. He is an intelligent and charming man that I have always loathed but yet still found stranglely likable. He has been out of the spotlight for a few years now so who knows. If he will be a public supporter for our causes why reject him

  1. @ the establishment is worried, that’s why secession, is being discussed in the mainstream, the Republicans will co op the movement, given the chance and the feds will infiltrate and subvert, we should monitor things as they progress and stick too our message.

  2. Civil War II seems to be unlikely, national disintegration seems to be closer to the mark. Racial division will be the uniform of opposing sides when the wheels come off much, much more than ideology. This is the natural result of almost 60 years of diversity, open borders and multiculturalism.

    Brats, “liberals”, and “conservatives” are found all over the country and all mixed together, too. Racial minorities are much more prevalent in red areas like Texas or Florida than blue areas like Minnesota where minorities are concentrated in a few areas. The Whites tearing down Confederate monuments were mostly local talent not scalawags from the North.

    The brats, “liberals”, and “conservatives” will be focused on survival causing ideological crusades to be discarded like the luxury goods they are, totally unnecessary. This is true of the racial minorities too of course but Whites are far more likely to have traits lending themselves to organizing and surviving rather than minorities who depend upon gibs for survival.

    From Hunter’s neck of the woods but this is true everywhere. Schools unable to source food for the nogs who get two meals a day through the school system:


    It’s worse (of course) in NYC where the schools even provide hot meals to take home for the 350 Lb., 6 foot 1 inch tall chilluns of all ages:


    When this train wreck ends the minorities will simply riot in place while Whites (or White adjacent) will simply flee leaving the wogs to their own devices. The government will be in a shambles once the dollar goes because of inflation and supply chains crumble. Things don’t even have to get apocalyptic for places like NYC to breakdown, just temporary supply chain interruptions will do the trick.

    Perhaps the southern half of California, Florida and the Southwest, being primarily Hispanic will successfully break away either achieving quasi-independence or rejoin Mexico. Those areas have enough common racial characteristics to possibly secede, de facto if not de jure as FedGov is unable to impose its will much beyond military bases. The White minority will also have to flee for their lives because there will not be a place in Aztlan for the hated gringo.


    It’s too late to change things now, Alea iacta est.

      • When society disintegrates as the money goes bad, inflation and shortages being the first signs of this, the ensuing chaos will cause people to associate with their own much more than now. The situation in southern California is such that Whites are the minority now, especially in L.A. and hispanics are the largest single ethnic group. They certainly don’t want to be ruled by their own people, that is true, but they want to live with their own people in El Norte enjoying the benefits of White rule but somehow without Whites around, a contradiction if ever there were one.

        The U.S. Government’s power and by extension, individual states’ power will be greatly diminished by the coming economic troubles which are unavoidable now. This will greatly lessen the legitimacy of Government at all levels primarily because the gibs will fail. It’s massive spending on gibs that has purchased whatever civic peace there has been since LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” program in the 1960’s, first by buying off blacks then every other non-White group.

        Without massive gibs the colored people will burn this bitch down as the Philosopher of Ferguson said. Hatred of White people, gibs and the legacy purchasing power of the USD, rapidly diminishing now, are the things the U.S. Government uses to hold this globohomo shopping mall country together. Without a stable, valuable USD all bets are off. The advantages of living in El Norte disappear when the dollar goes bad and life rapidly resembles the shitholes the hispanics came from.

  3. The moment a state “secedes” the federal authorities will take over and institute a military government. The US is not composed of “states” like the German Confederation or the Holy Roman Empire. American states are glorified administrative districts and the same types of plutocrats with the same shitlib/professional class dominates every single one. If you want power you’re going to have to overthrow the rulers of this country. Secession is laughable, and that has been the case for 154 years now.

  4. Who is this Brand? McConaughey I recognize from a film the wife and daughters rented for a $1, from the early ’00’s. Is he an actor? He looks fey. Are most men in media these days all faggy? Who’s the host, and why does he have so much eye makeup on?!

  5. A major supply chain failure, coupled with the local Walmart parking lot being filled with Haitians and Somalians hell-bent on White blood, could definitely lead to systemic failure. This moron thinking Netflix is going to negate that is short-sided.

    • When the economy fails, inflation eats away at the USD and shortages make the gibs unreliable the reasons for the wogs to come to the U.S. goes away. The U.S. will more and more resemble the shitholes the wogs came from as more wogs pile in.

  6. How come these people don’t have to have real jobs? I get that McConaughey is an actor, but there’s so many of these commenters.

    • “How come these people don’t have to have real jobs?”

      Excellent question. Many adults have no useful skills and never developed any when they were young and never had any interest in how things work, how to build things or how to repair things. As adults they carried this lack of intellectual curiosity into their politics and careers becoming useless eaters but figuring out how to work the system like a good shyster. As the wheels come off this globohomo shopping mall these people will find themselves in serious trouble.

      • “Work the system” is correct. There’s so many of them that don’t work. They are the ones who think “starting a business” means “dog sitting” or “making jewelry”. They have no idea that most businesses need at least a million to get off the ground, besides patents, research, and development.

        The ones who decide they have a bad back (everyone does…) and they try to find a doc who will help them get “disability”, so they can live off the taxpayers like the pension people do. And obesity is a disability now. The taxpayers pay for the big moto-carts.

  7. Look up the COVID vaccine telecommercial McConaughey did with Fauci, where he yucks it up the whole time and treats Fauci like a demigod — to call it contemptible and insipid would be an understatement — how much was he paid? — after that I could never take the little faggot seriously again — yet now here he is pontificating about ‘civil war’ — you really cannot not make this shit up.

  8. That shitlib Kulinsky says that the corrupting billionaires & other CEO scum are stirring up “xenophobes” against “black & brown people”. They’re certainly NOT using (((CRT))) and the antifag gutter punks to rip down statues of White heroes and attack White people in the streets.,,

    He thinks that if people were better off financially and had a more secure social safety net they’d calm down & be pacified by their (((Netflix))) & niggerball; nah. If the “direct democracy” he touts were implemented, the “xenophobes” & “racists” would force through an end to both open borders and CRT – which is why the corporations & their political whores won’t allow it.

  9. Civil war and secession are not the answer, but rather a massive devolution of power back to the States, slashing the Fed budget by 95%. If the Feds can’t enforce the border, let Arizonan volunteers do it with high powered hunting rifles! I’m sure there’d be no shortage of volunteers.

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