Breaking Points: Biden and Trump Failures On China Turn U.S. Into Third World Country

What else can you do but laugh?

We’re not going to reform the system.

We’re obviously going to hit the wall long before that happens.

In 2016, my top five reasons for voting for Trump were immigration, trade, foreign policy, political correctness and campaign finance and we are worse off today in every respect except for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now that we have surrendered to the Taliban, we are pivoting to “the era of great power conflict” by becoming more dependent than ever before on Chinese imports!

Note: Half the country would rather be rid of the other half than take on China.

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  1. Conservative logic:

    “China is our enemy!!!!!…..But it’s ok for America to import Chinese leimmigrants…because the Chinese legal Immigrants want to be Americans and because Donald Trump has created so many jobs that there is now a severe labor scarcities and severe labor scarcities are really bad…”

    And without firing a shot…China conquers and colonizes Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space…like taking candy from a severely handicapped child….

    • The Chinese who move to the USA are not doing so to colonize or conquer on behalf of China. They actually hate the CCP and want to be a part of the multiracial degeneracy that is Jewish America. They are staunch allies of the status quo.

  2. The US was becoming a 3rd world country long before Biden/ Trump took office. The White majority has been in decline since the 1960 and it has continued to decline. The decline is on a faster pace today.

    • I agree. George W. Bush had said he wanted to increase the population of the US. Now, I have a real concern for anyone who thinks the population needs to increase. Especially when he was increasing it with the brown ones from across the border.

      One has to wonder if they just say things like this, to antagonize us.

    • It’s more than just being white. Albania is white and it’s a shithole. Our values and culture have been stripped from us and replaced with Jewish degeneracy.

      • Since not long after the death of Enver Hoxha, Albania has been a U.S. (or CIA) puppet narco state on a main route of opium/heroin and human trafficking. Even cocaine coming from South America (Colombia and Peru) flows into Europe through Mafia-bania.

      • Further note: As soon as Albania was turned, its abundant public infrastructure and services were privatized or mostly disappeared, and millions of Albanians began fleeing their country, many going to the U.S.

        Immigration to escape “the blessing of freedom” is an established, fully predictable, worldwide pattern.

  3. The U.S. has been a Third World country for a while now but the ruling class still retains visions of grandeur from the recent past when the U.S. was a Titan on the world stage. It’s well within living memory when the U.S. last landed and retrieved astronauts on the moon (Dec. 1972), when the U.S. auto, electronics and aircraft industries were unmatched, the country was 90% White and Christian (many areas were 100%) and optimism about the future was justified.

    A combination of malevolent actors (The Usual Suspects), corrupt bidnessmen, scumbag politicians and the natural tendency for democracies, being based upon bribery and extortion to self destruct has wrecked the country. The greatly diminished U.S. is now met on the world stage by an awakened, unified, confident and powerful nuclear armed China.

    The ruling class, being blind and absolutely incompetent acts as though it were still the U.S. and China from 1960 with a huge power imbalance in favor of the U.S. A rising China and declining U.S. with willfully blind, incompetent, corrupt and arrogant elites is a recipe for national disaster.

    The ancient Greek historian Thucydides wrote about the relative decline of a great power, Sparta and the ascension of Athens, the new power, being the underlying cause of the Peloponnesian War. This rise of a new power and decline of an older power is the so called “Thucydides Trap” the U.S. is now in. With skillful, wise, long term leadership trouble could probably be averted. With the idiots and scumbags in power this seems unlikely.

    • The citizens are far from learning their lesson. They still believe in their public school civics class crap when the universal franchise is the cause of this mess. The mass public is way to dumb to be given the extremely tough task of political choices. Such a system always results in the rubes getting fooled by those with psychopathic personalities. Until the few good people left band together and make things right without the input of the kids, minorities, and land whales on the carts at Walmart things will continue to go downhill. Those who seem decent still have the misconception they can right things and then risk all to an election where these cretins can easily come back into power. Nope, democracy sucks, I’m at the point where I think that killing off our aristocracy 250 years ago is the source of this mess. With them, sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a bad one, but with so called democracy you always get psychopaths.

  4. Vicky Nuland was just in Moscow to make nice with the Russians. Biden does not have the resources to fight both Russia and China. The focus is on war with China. Why? The Jews will not allow themselves to be ruled over by the Chinese. It is as insulting to the Jew mind as being ruled over by Christ and Christians. Blasphemous even.

  5. Probably wouldn’t be so bad if the Chinese became our rulers. They don’t like wokeness. I would rather have Chairman Xi Jinping as my ruler than the cultural marxists currently running this country. Look on the bright side, I would rather look at erected statues of Chinese dictators than of Saint George Floyd.

    • Unlike the jews and neoliberal capitalists who currently rule over us the Red Chinese would not be importing endless swarms of black and brown aliens to rape, murder and outbreed us into extinction. Peking recognizes the value of white people and Western culture.

  6. I’m just fed up that I have to watch a man with a name I can’t be sure how to pronounce (Sangar Enjeti) offering me his spin about the country that my forefathers fought and died for. We didn’t ask for this. We didn’t vote for this. None of us.

  7. “becoming more dependent than ever before on Chinese imports!”

    Who started the open-china policy …….henry kissi…… under the republican, Nixon.

    That was done , with a long term plan in mind.
    To shift power from west to east.

    Additionally, we are not just dependent on chinese imports, chinese are driving home prices to insane levels, from hongcouver to santa clara to irvine to toronto. Chinese are hiding their mobster money in Anglo nations real estate.

    Chinese schools are advancing rapidly, while ours are in continuing decline, think CRT.

    THE world’s most advanced semiconductor factoroes are in Taiwan.

    • I would actually give FDR credit for (((open China))). All the dual-citizens on his staff rushed over to help Mao after the Germans were bombed into submission and raped on an industrial scale. Their jobs were done in Europe.

    • Re: “Chinese are hiding their mobster money”:

      There is a struggle going on in China now, between pro-Western billionaire oligarchy and Chinese socialism. This is the new opium war, or the final “battle for the soul of China” and it has been going on for decades: “While other countries were busy letting Soros’ armadas of Open Society foundations infiltrate them at every level, China had the wits to see the evil agenda for what it was and when a color revolution was attempted at Tiananmen Square by those same agencies which were ushering in a new age rape of the Soviet Union and dismantling of western representative democracy, China lost no time to remove Soros’ right hand man in China in 1989 who had managed to reach the apex of political power as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and heir apparent to the ageing Deng Xiaoping. Soros’ man was named Zhao Ziyang and during the 1980s, western press had already become accustomed to calling him China’s Gorbachev.” See:

      Read backwards, from the end of this article, for more information on oligarchic control and overthrow of Chinese ethno-socialism:

    • I believe MacArthur wanted to nuke China for their involvement in the Korean war. Truman thought it was too extreme and fired him. Maybe he was a student of Napoleon.

      • You’re correct, Doctor John. A lot of conservatives accused Secretary of State George C. Marshall and his cabal of International neoliberals of abetting the October 1949 Chinese Revolution.

        • “abetting the October 1949 Chinese Revolution”:

          Oh sure. It didn’t happen in one month like a fake “color revolution” or a coup d’etat. The long war against Western colonialism began at least twenty years earlier, complicated by the Japanese invasion.

          Furthermore the U.S. did everything it could to prop up the brutal Kuomintang regime that was firmly rejected by the Chinese people. The U.S. even sent troops into China to occupy areas “threatened” by the People’s Liberation Army. The revolution was real, popular and widespread, and the U.S. could not nuke the entire country to punish it for rejecting colonialism.

  8. It depends on whether China can resist and finally rid itself of the infection of capitalism, or whether Western “values” (moral corruption) will win and finally destroy the remnants of Chinese socialism plunging the people into another “century of humiliation.” Xi’s recent crackdown on loose morals is too weak. A new and better “great proletarian cultural revolution” – – is needed to inspire all the young people to stand up, and be strong, who may be giving in and “lying flat” now. What is “lying flat”:

  9. I bought a new bagless vacuum cleaner that was made in China……..and it packed up after three months. I kept my old locally made V/C until the new one proved itself, and just as well I did! It was made in 1997! Chinese socks usually develop holes after only three or four wears………..just all total crap.
    I don’t want any wars with China. I just want our factories back, full of fairly paid workers who generate economic activity for local communities.
    Years ago, these wishes would have been seen as logical and totally reasonable.

    • Several years ago a big box retailer was selling China made black iron gas pipe, 1/2 and 3/4 inch size that collapsed when tightened too much with a pipe wrench. The same size U.S. made pipe could be used to hammer nails all day and it wouldn’t even scratch. There was the same 1/2 and 3/4 inch size pipe made in Europe for a while (Germany, UK?) that was just as good as U.S. made pipe.

      The good thing about the Chinese made pipe was that you saved 20% compared to the U.S./Europe made pipe. The bad thing was that the Chinese made pipe might burn your house down but at least you saved 20%!

      The Chinese also make good quality products. The problem isn’t China, it’s the greedy bastard businessmen who order the cheapest product they can get from China then sell it for top dollar in the U.S. and other western countries thus increasing their profits and wrecking western economies.

      Theoretically the scumbag politicians would be looking out for the public’s interest except that we live in a democracy and democracy is based upon bribery and extortion. The no good greedy bidnessmen bribe politicians with so called “campaign contributions” and the scumbag politicians do as they are told. The system is fundamentally corrupt. It can neither be reformed nor can it be sustained.

      • 12AX7,
        Chinese products may be 20% cheaper(much more in some cases), but it needs replacing about 70% sooner.
        Your initial outlay may be smaller, but if it must be replaced constantly, it will cost you more in the long run, putting you behind financially. Also, the gas you’re using on your way to the retailer time and time again also adds up.
        Yes you’re correct:- politicians and businessmen are complicit. These products are often produced by slave labour………which I keep being told was one of white man’s greatest sins. However, it’s quite acceptable now apparently.

        • Hello Goose;

          You are absolutely correct, cheaper is more expensive in the long run but there is a terrible short sightedness and greed in people that makes them do stupid things. Businessmen and politicians are the prime examples of this. Offshoring ultimately wrecks their domestic markets and foreign competitors drive businessmen out of business yet they constantly bribe politicians for more toxic globalism.

          Politicians only care about getting reelected, gambling, usually correctly that the electorate is so short sighted, distracted and lacking in knowledge that what ever crimes the politicians commit will be forgotten by the next election cycle. This strategy has proven remarkably successful until idiotic “democracy” wrecks society.

    • Well, on the bright side a war might be over quite quickly, and in our favor, if Chinese armaments are as shoddy as the shite they’re peddling to the rest of the world!

      • They did not achieve the first landing on the opposite, dark side of the moon using shoddy space equipment. Note that China is planning human lunar landings and a network of permanent lunar bases and satellites in cooperation with Russia. Meanwhile the fallen-behind U.S. wants to privatize the Moon and outer space (asteroids etc.) for corporate mining profit, and has created a new branch of the imperial military: the “U.S. Space Force,” dressed in fancy Star Trek style uniiforms:

      • Bongstreet: The Chinks have top-notch military hardware which is manufactured under license from Soviet Russia. They could use rigorous standards in making their consumer goods as well, but there’s no reason for them to do so.

  10. Chinese scientists have created an almost instantaneous (ten minutes or less) super-accurate and inexpensive BREATH test. Eradication will be super-easy now, in any decent country that really cares for the health and freedom of its people:

    By contrast, the U.S. empire has NO intention to eradicate this very profitable disease that has so far killed about one million mostly old, sick, surplus people in the empire’s “homeland”; instead the empire is encouraging and supporting a multi-billion-dollar private-profit surveillance industry that is developing mandatory universal digital medical records: “In typical American fashion, the US government is relegating the creation of digital vaccination certifications to the private sector”:

    • @Krafty,
      The best way to make Somalia an un – third world country is not to pay endless foreign aid handouts. Just fill it with Germans, French or Swedes! Then sit back and watch its third worldness quickly and magically slip away……

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