Charlottesville Trial Begins Today

I’ve already said all there is to say about Charlottesville.

As activists, we were slow to appreciate just how radically things had changed since Trump was elected president in 2016. We had been holding rallies to support of Confederate monuments for years before Charlottesville. The League of the South had just held two rallies over Confederate monuments in New Orleans and Gainesville, FL in the months before Charlottesville.

In all of these public rallies, we had cooperated with law enforcement beforehand without any problems. We went through the hassle of acquiring permits. It had become routine to show up at these rallies, hold our event and socialize with friends and have fun for a little while afterwards. Insofar as Antifa would show up and scream at us for a little while, we were separated from them by law enforcement. In the years before Trump Derangement Syndrome, the norm was for law enforcement to protect the First Amendment rights of both sides even in the bluest cities because this was still America.

This was all thrown out the window in 2017. We should have saw it coming in Berkeley and Portland where events devolved into chaos in these leftwing cities in the months leading up to Charlottesville. It was the fact that there had been two previous events in Charlottesville – the first torch march rally by Identity Evropa and the Klan rally in July – which threw us off. The Unite the Right rally was announced months in advance and the police presence there should have been more than sufficient to maintain order.

ABC News:

“A dark moment in U.S. history is set to be revisited when a federal civil trial begins in Charlottesville, Virginia, over a violent 2017 white nationalist rally that ended with an alleged neo-Nazi ramming his car into counterprotesters, killing one and injuring more than 30.

Jury selection is scheduled to get underway on Monday in the high-profile civil case in the U.S. district court in Charlottesville against organizers and certain participants of the “Unite the Right” rally. Nine people injured over the two-day event are accusing promoters of exhorting followers to “defend the South and Western civilization” from non-white people and their allies, according to the lawsuit. …”

My expectation in Charlottesville was that the Unite the Right rally would be tense, but peaceful like the previous two rallies there over the summer like the Pikeville rally or the New Orleans rally. In all of these cases, law enforcement had done its job and separated both sides. It was able to do so again in the follow up White Lives Matter rally that we held in Shelbyville in October 2017.

Anyway, there is a direct line between Charlottesville in 2017 and Portland in 2021. Antifa now have a free hand to terrorize cities like Portland where they have caused tens of millions of dollars in property damage. They can attack the police, vandalize churches and lay siege to a federal courthouse and get away with it. The police now sit in their cars and watch the Antifa mobs engage in violence because they no longer have the power to disperse them. The local district attorney refuses to prosecute them. Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice and the “intelligence community” looks the other way at Antifa violence. Even the ACLU has completely abandoned its original mission of protecting civil liberties.

Over the past five years, these leftwing cities have effectively nullified the First Amendment. The Constitution is nothing but a dead letter now. Silence is violence. It is not violence though for Antifa mobs to engage in actual violence to suppress the First Amendment rights of their ideological opponents or just for the fun of destroying someone else’s property. We realized this long ago and have avoided these places ever since. The police officers who work in these leftwing cities have realized it too and have begun to resign en masse because they can no longer do their jobs under these insane conditions.

We don’t gain anything from these showdowns with Antifa. If anything whatsoever goes wrong, which often happens in these leftwing cities, we are blamed by the “journalists.” We are hit with frivolous SLAPP lawsuits. We are censored by Big Tech. We were wasting our time holding events in these urban cores. It is better for us to never be in the same frame with Antifa while they are blowing up police stations, vandalizing churches, intimidating citizens and attacking the police and ICE agents. The proof of this is how much their public image has changed since we stopped engaging with them and let them have the public spotlight in 2018. The average rightwing normie now sees Antifa as their enemy.

The best activism for us at the moment is inactivism. We saw that during the George Floyd riots which we avoided. It is better for us to avoid debilitating tactical defeats like Charlottesville. The George Floyd riots, the rollout of systematic racism and Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election were all strategic victories for us. All of these things moved public opinion in our direction and radicalized millions of people. The overriding goal has always been for our views to permeate our natural White working class base.

In the years since we marched in Charlottesville, millions of White people have become more like us across a broad range of issues. 2/3rds of Republican voters and 1/2 of Independent voters in the South would support seceding from the Union now. Over half of Trump voters now believe in the Great Replacement. “Far right” attitudes on everything from censorship to immigration are completely normal now. It is not because anything we have done. It is because of what our opposition has done. Shredding the Constitution hasn’t “deradicalized” anyone. Support for secession has doubled since around 2015.

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  1. Even the average left wing normie hates antifa. Only a tiny amount of people support them, but that tiny number of people includes the support of the leftist foundation bought judges and lawyers, so public opinion doesn’t matter. Billionaires can just drop a bunch of money buying judges and the entire system in the USA can be overturned.

    Recently there was the case in Chicago with the the Open Society Foundation justice system letting some murderer off (the “mutual combat” case iirc) and even Lori Lightfoot seemed to do a double take on it, like even she was thinking, “what the hell is going on here?” When Lori Lightfoot looks like shes about to put on a skull mask and start fedposting on discord, you know this whole situation has gone too far.

    • Inactivism is death. Public shows or protests are poor ideas, stretching back to the late 20th Century. Internet is what made the movement powerful and anonymous. Censorship highly denigrated that, so the order of the day is an independent, but connected constellation of sites, like this with feeders from youtube and other oligarch social media.

  2. Hunter

    What was your connection to the lawfare ? Weren’t they trying to catch you in their net at one point ?

  3. >A dark moment in U.S. history

    Looking back, one can see that the outright lies and exaggerated rhetoric you saw in the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville foreshadowed the absurdly hysterical claims of an ‘insurrection’ after Jan 06 — and here I’m talking about ordinary, purportedly unbiased media reports (as excerpted here), not editorials or opinion pieces.

    Recall the kangaroo court that put James Fields away for life.

    And the way so many cretins in politics and the media piled on the kid from Covington Catholic for the sin of appearing to smirk at a professional Indian banging a drum in his face.

    >As activists, we were slow to appreciate just how radically things had changed

    No one could reasonably have been expected to foresee or predict such ‘radical’ dishonesty and foul, unmeasured partisanship — not in America, anyway.

    • True. Charlottesville was inevitable. We had to see the state take it’s mask off and show it’s true bias. Now it’s out in the open. And Berkeley isn’t an example, we needed to see it happen IN THE SOUTH to know for sure the sea had changed.

  4. Enemy controlled cities like Portland, Seattle, New York and Chicago can all be in the same country together. But that’s I country I want no part of.

  5. I can just imagine the kind of jurors who will be selected….dim-witted Negroes on welfare with a chip on their shoulder against Whitey. The fix is in.

  6. If you don’t get out there and protest, and raise hell and foam at the mouth and instead act like a civilized human being in every way, nobody is going to believe the coming false flag intended to be blame on whites. And that becomes a very dangerous situation for the instigators. People will start thinking…… who? Who did that?

    • What does it matter how good Whites’ behavior is – or isn’t – when the kikes’ media will twist things however they want – Charlottesville being a perfect example of that. It’s diabolical.

  7. For those watching the mask really came off at Charlottesville. “Alleged Neo-Nazi” James Fields receives the longest sentence in US history for panicking and driving into a crowd after being chased by an AR-15 wielding Antifa (who was never charged for anything) and giving some fat para-legal Antifa a heart attack? I guess January 6th has now replaced it as the worst thing ever since the Germans issued sovereign currency.

    • >giving some fat para-legal Antifa a heart attack?

      As I recall, the release of Heyer’s autopsy report was delayed for some weeks — when it came out, the official cause of death was given as a ‘lacerated aorta’.

  8. “The best activism for us at the moment is inactivism.”

    No, what we need is a legal advocacy group with a crowdfunding mechanism. We need businesses. We need communities. It is not time to be inactive, that is foolish. It is time to build something for the longhaul of survival as a hated and hunted minority.

  9. Kessler says he’s not a Jew. Alright:

    for setting up a WN rally in a town with a Jew mayor, a Black police chief,

    and a college campus full of brainwashed Redkids,

    he’s a complete idiot. And

    deserves what he gets.

    • Shut the fuck up retard. He is a Southron from Charlottesville and he correctly fought back, and has been one of the only men to do so.

      You should be banned for such a nigger-tier comment.

    • @Haxo – It amazes me how slanderous cowards like you always try to blame other White people for the persecution inflicted on them by this anti-White behemoth that has plans to crush every last one of us. When it’s your turn — and eventually it will be — you deserve what you get.

    • I don’t understand why Kessler wasn’t able to rally at least a few hundred Virginians from within an hours’ drive of Charlottesville to rally for the Lee and Jackson memorials?

      How hard could it be to ask, are you interested in saving the memorials, or do you know anyone who is? That’s how you build a rally. One participant at a time, after awhile it starts to snowball on its own, as word gets around. Organizing is hard work, but, that’s how it’s done.

      Kessler short circuted the process by going to outsiders, and, I don’t consider the League of the South outsiders, nor are similar heritage groups outsiders!

      The Fields boy had a panic attack, and an accident. His car did not touch Heyer. Sooner or later, after things cool down, a police agency will release video and testimony exonerating Fields. That’s how these things play out.

      Remember this, communist-socialists and other radicals bring bus loads from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago and other cities to any rally of this nature—some of them come looking for trouble.

      I hope the various Trotsky, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Castro/Che and other radical groups, and front groups present at Charlottesville that day have been identified!

      • 1000-2000 showed up for the pro-statue rally. I think that was the largest crowd for a pro-white rally since GLR in Marquette Park, Chicago in 1966 or 67. Or possibly one of the Forsyth County, Georgia marches in the 1980s or 1990s.

      • Keep in mind, we are up against ((ppl)) with centuries of experience in mob manipulation. From the munitions worker’s strikes that lost WW1 for Germany, to mob attacks on the German Bund in NYC 1939, to the crucifixion of Christ.

        They know how to incite a crowd.

  10. Maybe the potato nigger in chief is exactly what we need to get this party started. Whatever happened to “Azzmador”? Is he in Witness Protection?

    • Well he does have a rap sheet that would make a nigger blush:

      He has also admitted that Feds came to his house, and as you say, has mysteriously never been arrested. Furthermore, the Daily Stormer, particularly Benjamin Garland, are firmly anti-Southern, but showed up at the rally yelling kooky shit like “Dylann Roof did nothing wrong.” Azzmador also initiated the violence at the torch rally. DS are very likely federal informants.

      Just think about how weev, a well known jewish anarchist, came out of his federal sentence early, and instantly became #1 neo-nazi with moderator status at every major edgy website.

      Daily Stormer have proven to be bad actors, fake nationalists, and republican whores. Likely fed informants just as corrupted as Atomwaffen.

      • Totally agree with you, sir. The Daily Stormer (and the American National Socialist Movement) should be avoided like the proverbial plague.

  11. The bulk of this violence has happened in the Deep North, or on the Left Coast. Very little has happened here in Dixie.

    In any case, there’s no point in Southern Nationalists going to these distant places to confront these Bolshevik organisations, anyway.

    Our goal is to persuade the Southern People, not waste time and effort arguing with Neo-Yankees and their Jewish Kommissars in Portland or Minneapolis.

    • I always enjoy reading your Sam Clemens/Will Rogers type commentary, Mr. Owens. But there are significant parts of Dixie which now have more in common with Yankeedom than with the South.

  12. It’s ironic how all that Antifa had to do that day was to not show up. They did, then did most of the provoking, and as a result:- most of the legal action is being waged against our side, not theirs! One knob driving his car into a crowd gave the left exactly what they wanted, and he set the cause back years.
    Anyhow, I wish everyone involved the best of luck. We can NEVER let this disrupt the cause, or the fight.

    • I think there are a few superficial similarities between the disastrous UTR rally in Commieville to the failed 1923 Beer Hall Putsch in Munich.

  13. I don’t think things are moving in a positive direction. Most right wingers are begging for the orange conman to come back and swindle them again.

  14. Trump could have pardoned the people being persecuted from the legal Charlottesville rally, especially James Fields, but he did nothing. He could have done this on his last day in office, Julian Assange too as simple acts of justice. His owners wouldn’t allow it and he always obeys His Master’s Voice:

    And now Trump is busy grifting for money again and he wants votes in 2024 from the nationalist right? GTFO.

  15. Even with the antics from TMac and Signer and the swarms of progressive goons, Charlottesville was pretty much a nothingburger without James Fields.

    I think people were seduced by left’s heroic mystique around its own dirty street activism and wanted to replicate it. We’re told it leads to change, as if leftwing protesters didn’t get Richard Nixon elected twice. According to Gallup, two thirds of the public had a negative opinion of MLK in 1966.

    The left’s success comes from taking ideas seriously, along using the machinery of the state to create the culture they wish to have in the future.

  16. “Good question.

    I haven’t figured it out. I wasn’t in Charlottesville when Fields drove into that crowd. I had never heard of him until that day”

    Kike scum ought not to be allowed to abuse the court system with their absurd lawfare so transparently designed to bankrupt people just for daring to exercise their right to protest the jew/race traitor campaign against Whites, but they are, because they’ve corrupted our entire system, from courts, to politics, media & academia.

  17. “Over half of Trump voters now believe in the Great Replacement. “Far right” attitudes on everything from censorship to immigration are completely normal now. It is not because anything we have done. It is because of what our opposition has done.”

    Yes they may, but it won’t do any real good until they understand that this isn’t just a random insanity gripping the nation, like Saint Vitu’s Dance. Problem is Americans need to understand soon, like YESTERDAY, that this is all being done on purpose by a Jewish dominated elite for their own ethnic reasons. If you can’t identify who the enemy is it’s impossible to fight a battle, the main problem I see is that most people close their ears and stop listening when you mention the J word. They just don’t want to hear it, they’ve been programed to see it like beating up a little kitten. Although I saw a recent survey indicating that one third of all “conservative” now view jews as working to implement these anti American agendas. Could it be that a lot more people than we think know about the JQ and over the events of the last few years came to realize that that weird cousin’s brother in law may actually have been right? Not like people are going to publicly talk about this. But whether true or not, this leftist assault won’t stop until the intended victims recognize the full truth about who is assaulting them and why.

  18. “We don’t gain anything from these showdowns with Antifa.”

    Yep, too much (((money))) for rent-a-mobs and subversive agents in media and politics is organized against us.

  19. “Trump could have pardoned the people being persecuted from the legal Charlottesville rally, especially James Fields, but he did nothing.”

    That’s his character, He expects total loyalty and gives little in return.
    Pampered rich brat, “I’m so special”.

  20. Fields was guilty, of being young, naive, isolated and poor.

    All the essential elements of guilt, in this system

  21. You know Karen L Dunn is Irish don’t you? And she also clerked for Merrick Garland. Tell me again the Irish are not henchmen for the Jews? I am begging you, please, tell me.

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