Evan Osnos: Wildland

Back in 2015, I was interviewed by Evan Osnos for this article in The New Yorker. Yesterday, I noticed that I was quoted in his new book Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury, which is his attempt to make sense of why and how America came to this boiling point over the past decade.

The New Yorker:

“After years of decline, the League has recently acquired a number of younger members, including Brad Griffin, a thirty-four-year-old who writes an influential blog under the name Hunter Wallace. Short and genial, he wore Top-Siders, khaki shorts, and a polo shirt. As we talked, Griffin’s eyes wandered to his two-year-old son, who was roaming nearby. Griffin told me that he embraced white nationalism after reading Patrick Buchanan’s “Death of the West,” which argued, in Griffin’s words, that “all of the European peoples were dying out, their birthrates were low, and you had mass immigration and multiculturalism.” Griffin once had high hopes for the Tea Party. “They channelled all that rage into electing an impressive number of Republicans in the South, but then all they did was try to cut rich Republicans’ taxes and make life easier for billionaires!” he said. “It was all hijacked, and a classic example of how these right-wing movements emerge, and they’re misdirected into supporting the status quo.”

Griffin had recently told his readers that his opinion of Donald Trump was “soaring.” He sees Trump’s surge as a “hostile takeover of the Republican Party. He’s blowing up their stage-managed dog-and-pony show.” Griffin is repelled by big-money politics, so I asked why he spoke highly of Trump. “He’s a billionaire, but all of these other little candidates are owned by their own little billionaires.” He mentioned Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. “So I think Trump is independent.”

The longer I stayed, the more I sensed that my fellow-attendees occupied a parallel universe in which white Americans face imminent demise, the South is preparing to depart the United States, and Donald Trump is going to be President. When Hill took the stage, he told his compatriots that the recent lowering of the Confederate flag was just the beginning. Soon, he warned, adopting the unspecified “they,” they will come for the “monuments, battlefields, parks, cemeteries, street names, even the dead themselves.” The crowd was on its feet, cheering him on. “This, my friends, is cultural genocide,” he said, adding, “Often, as history has shown, cultural genocide is merely a prelude to physical genocide.” I ducked out to catch a flight to Des Moines: Trump was speaking the next day in Iowa. …”

As you may have noticed, I generally despise “journalists,” but I actually enjoyed talking to Osnos. He seemed to be genuinely interested in trying to understand what was going on back in 2015. There was one other guy who interviewed me for a New York Times article on the White Lives Matter rally who was also a rare exception to the rule. Most “journalists” these days are like BuzzFeed or Daily Beast reporters.

Six years later, I had a good laugh seeing that excerpt in Wildland. The parallel universe that Osnos experienced at the League of the South conference in 2015 is now our present reality. Donald Trump became president. He currently has a 50/50 chance of being elected again in 2024. 90% of White Republicans now feel like a besieged and persecuted minority. 2/3rds of Southern Republicans would now support seceding from the United States. Just as Dr. Hill predicted, they came for all the monuments and even dug up Nathan Bedford Forrest from his grave. We are living through a cultural genocide.

Many of these views which were “extreme” five years ago are now utterly conventional. I’ve seen that 60% of Republicans now believe in the Great Replacement. Trump also sold out and MAGA was coopted like the Tea Party. MAGA is now taking the next step and evolving into something more radical. What do you think will happen if Trump runs and loses in 2024? What will happen if Trump runs and wins in 2024?

Note: In the 2020 election, I anticipated that Trump would lose and it would further radicalize his supporters. I anticipated that as far back as 2016.

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  1. Three things are occurring simultaneously in the West:- endless immigration, mixed marriages and non white birthrates that exceed white by about 4 to 1…….. average. With these dynamics, how is it possible for us NOT to become minorities into the future? Do the math………and it’s ALL by design.
    If it was occuring in only one white nation, you’d think oh well, it’s just bad government who ought to pull their heads in. But………it ‘just happens’ to be occurring in EVERY white country. Not Israel. Not Japan or Kenya, but every white country. Any normal person would view this with suspicion, but in today’s world, has been conditioned or forced to keep quiet.
    On top of this, our manufacturing sector is going offshore and black on white crime has been off the charts since the 60’s.
    Having our views on this makes you normal, intelligent and human. Not noticing it, or thinking it’s just wonderful, makes you a bloody ignorant moron.

    • Ignoring reality seems to be the normal “sane” position. Anything to uphold our current ideology.

    • Anyone advocating “have more white children” …hasn’t been around the real problems. Unless things change, having more white children will provide them more slaves and more targets for the nonwhites.
      People in “rural areas” and those who don’t work, don’t really put up with what is going on. They believe in the old idea that more whites will solve the problem, because more whites will be a bigger voting block. But we all KNOW that voting is a big joke.

      Nonwhites are unified by their hatred of us, yet, they refuse to leave our country, because they love all of the free money and ability to break laws. They constantly blame us for their problems, but have no desire to go and solve their problems on their own. Their hatred of us is being used as a weapon against us.

      • Pilate, for once I agree.

        HW, why not start an analysis of the Northam/Youngkin gubernatorial race in VA, while your voice can still affect the outcome?

        When I last drove through southern/SW Va, I saw a fair amount of Youngkin signs outnumbering the ASSHOLE Northam, by an average of 10 to 1, in the small State College town I was in… (which is even more telling). Not every town in VA is a zombie apocalypse of miscegenated midwits, like C’vile.

        Here’s food to start the fodder. https://wmbriggs.com/post/37795/

    • @Goose-Black on white crime is soon to surpass black on black crime.
      I’d say about 8-10 more years.

      When that happens, will the normies wake up?
      Will the media even report it or mention it?
      You mention that this interracial crime has been out of control since the 60s…yes, since the split second intergrading was FORCED upon whites.
      Everything is forced on us and we are not free to even speak anymore.
      How much longer can all of this continue?

      • @James,
        I can’t see much happening in my lifetime.
        Issues that the Chinese government would deal with overnight, are tolerated in the West so we can be seen as ‘tolerant and progressive’. Not sure how that helps us, but anyway…….
        Must consider ‘human rights’ now!

  2. Your job is to survive the coming hell, not to be destroyed by it. Don’t be goaded into fighting. A the things that God gave you to survive are most abundant in white Christian blood, faith God, self reliance and dedication to ones own kind.

    • Don’t worry Brownie, if enemy soldiers threaten to force their way into your house I’m sure your wife will scold them at the front door while you hide in the back room shaking with fear.

      • You love Moshiach don’t you kyke? And you would do anything to please your Moshiach right or wrong kyke? So if Moshiach wants you to kiss it and make it big, no problemo right kyke?

      • @spahnranch666, you fight with your mouth, but you are a saucy wench, you get that sauce at fag school?

      • My guess is there are a lot of nonwhites and crypto-posters on here. That one comment about the gringo word really said everything. I guess that comment plus the flattery works on some of the people on here.

  3. MAGA has been almost fully subverted by neocons at this point, towards their “great power struggle” against China. The upcoming Hazony/tradcath MAGAcon pretty much has two themes: preventing rising White identitarianism and starting a war against China.

    Along with their usual tax cuts and cheap labor platform, ending the White race and ending China are the two biggest objectives of the organized conservative movement right now

    • Once the neocons are done with the US, when there’s nothing left to suck dry, they will advance to China, and promise them how they will make them a great power.

      • I don’t see how that could potentially work. Chinese people aren’t retarded like Whites are, so there is 0% chance that Jews would ever be able to subvert them in the same way.

        Jews: “hello antisemitic goyim, you should hand all of your major power centers over to me and then go extinct”

        Whites: “that sounds like an excellent idea, you are my greatest ally.”

        Chinese: “no?”

    • No doubt Yoram will also be discussing “Israel’s right to exist” at his upcoming conservative cuck-fest.

      • @ Lickspittle1970, In retrospect, looking back didn’t it seem odd to you at all, that the garbage truck would only park in the alley behind your house and none of the neighbors? Didn’t it seem strange to you, that the burly, muscular, sweaty, mandingo looking garbage men, would only stop and take a break behind your house? You didn’t notice, your pappy was always absent at that time? That you could never find your mammy ask her these things, till that day, that day that , Never leaves your head, that day you saw your mammy, bent over the garbage can, getting drilled out by the the, mandingo looking garbage men, ? is that really what jacked your mind up? or was it when, the mandingo looking garbage man, pulled your panties down, took one look and bursting out laughing, was that the same time your mammy, squealed with delight and said, he is puny, just like his father Caiphas, wow, so you and your daddy, both got a baby dick, this is really what’s bothering you, eh? Wot,Wot, you know, you are a cheap shot artist, yes you are!! Bagel boy, but paying negro garbage men too bend you over the proverbial can so too speak, is something you should discuss with your rabbi, it’s not conversation for polite company, don’t forget, Trick Bitch!!!!………………..

      • @ Lickspittle1970, You are always good for a few laughs, Bagel Boy, tell us about your initiation into the ” Hide the salami club”, was it the big surprise, you were hoping for, you and your sister B.maher take it together.

    • While Secretary of State (((Blinken))) and duel citizen was recently in his future homeland meeting with fellow duel citizen Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, the topic of discussion was how to be more antagonistic towards Iran.

      For the uniparty that gave Netanyahu 28 standing ovations, doing lIsrael’s bidding is first and foremost. You can bet your last nickel that the certified kosher being put together by Hazony is going to be full out genuflecting to zionism, and demonization of those who would deny and oppose world jewish hegemony.

  4. I don’t see inflationary pressure diminishing anytime soon. Everything is going up, and there is no indication that the Federal Reserve is going to do anything until late next winter or early spring. Even then a 1/4 or a 1/2 point interest rate hike isn’t going to mean much. So, as people see their purchasing power decline they will become more, and, more pissed off.

    If the Democrats get their way, government spending will only feed into the inflation more that it already has.

    • “Even then a 1/4 or a 1/2 point interest rate hike isn’t going to mean much.”

      Meaningless good, nothing to stop inflation, but potentially great harm. Harm, as a signal that the trend has changed , causing a panic for the exits from bonds and shares.

  5. Trump was just monetarily rewarded for his subservience to Wall St and the jews – the SPAC for his new “social media platform” has reaped him Billions.

    • @c d,

      Trump’s “speak no truth about jews” social media platform was immediately hacked. The code being used was open source, which made it easy to hackers that don’t like the king of Israel.

  6. The temp goes from hot to cold depending on who’s in power but in the end nothing ever changes for the better.

  7. it’s been my experience that many people will ignore things until they can’t get much worse, we’re at the point now where it’s pretty hard not see the crap.

    I’ve felt most of my life that civil rights was always an attempt by the wealthy to attack the middle and working classes, it started after world war 2, and ordinary people had more income than they ever had in history, and the rich resented it. The middle class and working class are the ones who lost money when the colored showed up like a plague of grasshoppers, they ruined whole neighborhoods overnight, now whole sections of cities. It didn’t affect the rich. The same thing with school integration, the rich had their kids in private school.

    The wealthy class also at some point realized there was an endless supply of cheap labor south of the border, just let them come here, they could break unions and lower the living standard for most people.

    The rich were also pissed off about the New Deal, the wealthy were forced to take some responsibility for the shit they’d done, banks going under, mass unemployment, stock market crashes. Some of them were forced to pay taxes for the first time. And I feel they were determined to crap up the Democratic Party so it could never do anything like that again. They got rid of the old political machines, while corrupt, did a lot better job of protecting the working class than modern liberals. Mass immigration and ‘reform’ were the main ways they accomplished it. The party in the south was ruined by letting colored vote in mass.

    • Copperhead;

      What you have described in outline is LBJ’s (so called) “Great Society” programs from the 1960’s, properly known as LBJ’s “Great White Destruction” programs. Part of the reason for the “Great Society” programs (besides the usual funneling money to friends) was to attract black votes which were split between Republicans and Democrats at that time.

      Black votes began to tilt Democrat during the Depression when FDR started the first gibs programs but decisively tilted Democrat with the massive gibs programs of the “Great Society (sic)”. LBJ is reported to have snickered to his associates while travelling on Air Force One: “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” regarding his new gibs programs. LBJ was correct as far as voting but incorrect regarding the next 200 years.


      The country doesn’t have 200 years left in it, it’s about done now and much of the destruction of the U.S. can be traced to LBJ’s “Great Society (sic)” programs combined with the even more nation-wrecking 1965 Hart Cellar “Immigration Reform Act”. The Republicans of course just hopped on the bandwagon. Being good “conservatives” they were careful to conserve nothing except the gains made by the Left over the last 100 years.

    • “they ruined whole neighborhoods overnight,”

      Is that ever true.

      Folks had nice homes and schools, they planned to give their kids, then their grandkids. Then they had to sell them for pennies on the dollar, combined with tearful heartbreak .

  8. Your last GOP Prez was elected in 2016. But go ahead and vote Moar Harderer in 2024. And don’t forget to take back the House in 2022!

    • . . . and don’t forget to send another contribution Trump 2024! Remember, Dems are the real racists. If Rev. Dr. Saint MLK Jr. were alive today he would be a Republican.

      Rev. Dr. Saint MLK Jr. probably would be a Republican too. In between hits off the crack pipe, popping another Viagra to get busy with the ladies and checking his bank balance for payoffs from the “conservatives” he would be parking his slender 400 Lb. frame in his Barcalounger as he laughed at the degenerates on Jerry Springer and watched porn on his PC.

      When a crowd of gullible, naïve MAGA boomers gathered outside his luxury townhouse to cheer him on, the good Rev. would have three of his beautiful, young, White nurses help him into his extra large Hoveround, drive over to the balcony where he would give his famous rallying cry: Burn this Bitch down! The gullible, naïve MAGA boomers would cheer him on as they sent in more MAGA checks. Such is “Conservatism”.

  9. “Many of these views which were “extreme” five years ago are now utterly conventional.”

    I’ve personally been in this for over 20 years. Everything we predicted has come to pass. We’ve always been right. In any sane, just world, we’d be in charge.

  10. Out Hunter’s way, Alabama AG Steve Marshall, is court-challenging the Biden vax mandates, as well as legally challenging tech censorship … inviting Alabamans like Hunter to contact him if they’ve been censored

    Re the mandates – Statistics now prove excess mortality is now raging across USA and Western Europe in heavily vaccinated states / countries, e.g., 10% HIGHER death rate over mean in Germany and IT IS VAXED WHO ARE DYING, often young, for causes specifically NOT ‘covid’

    Tucker queried science pro Alex Berenson on this, who noted the huge new high number of cardiovascular deaths of people under age 50, officially a ‘mystery’ buried under a “highly aggressive effort to prevent people from talking about this” … hiding how the sudden spike in deaths of young vaxed people, might have “something to do with the mass vaccination campaign”
    Tucker clip with Berenson, 3min20

    • As usual, Jew-for-Jew media says all of the same things that pro-White media says, but just with the opposite tone. Only Jew-for-goy media denies these things as “conspiracy theory.”

  11. You also thought Covid would kill millions of Americans under Trump’s presidency, that he would start a war with Iran for Israel and mocked the idea of election fraud.

    Now here we are, Covid was a bust, there was no war with Iran and audits keep turning up evidence of widespread fraud that rationally should have the election recalled and Biden plus his appointed teammate Kamala escorted out of the white house by the FBI while wearing handcuffs.

    Maybe you should stop this and go do something more useful like your patriotic duty to the local community.

    • Why aren’t you even worried about your job?
      Most people are being mandated to get the vaccine or lose their job.

      The takeover was there all along. When Trump as in, it was quite evident that the government was subverted. So why would you think that they would take out Biden? They put him there.

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