NatCon II Is Coming Up In Orlando

I find Yoram Hazony’s “National Conservatism” about as exciting as the prospect that the GOP will retake Congress in the 2022 midterms:

The New Republic:

“On Halloween, the second National Conservatism conference, or NatCon II, will kick off in Orlando, Florida. It is hard to know quite what to make of the lineup for the three-day fest, which boasts a few household names (Senators Josh Hawley and Marco Rubio are both keynote speakers), but also features conspiracist Jack Posobiec of Pizzagate fame. One through line, with a few exceptions, is support for Donald Trump. But the animating ideas come less from the ex-president than from a disparate group of formerly obscure academics. …

Instead, these intellectuals have embraced various alternatives to American pluralism. Deneen has advocated for a political form called “Aristopopulism,” which aims to replace today’s elites with “genuine aristoi,” and he’s defended the idea of using “Machiavellian means to achieve Aristotelian ends.” J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy and a current candidate for a Senate seat in Ohio, echoed the thought on Fox News. “If we want a healthy ruling class in this country,” Vance told Tucker Carlson in July, “we should support more people who actually have kids.” The Claremont Institute sees itself as engaged in a world-historical defense of America, which means standing in strident opposition to multiculturalism (the institute likes to call it a “war”). …”

I couldn’t care less if J.D. Vance is elected to the Senate.

Suppose that Vance is elected to the Senate. How would this change anything?

American Mind:

“He continued: “When you have a family or a tribe of one kind or another, those are the circumstances where consensus becomes possible [ . . . ], so I wouldn’t expect there to be consensus among national conservatives at this early stage. Since Brexit and Trump’s election there’s been a gathering sense that in between liberal Republicans or libertarians on the one side, and white identity politics on the other, there’s [ . . . ] a very, very large space. What’s happening right now is that space is organizing itself into a camp or a political tribe that recognizes itself [as such] and is working out what are the common ideas.”

This dissatisfaction of people on the right—the feeling that white identity politics are narrow-minded and counterproductive, while right-libertarianism is politically ineffectual or even an advantage to the Left—is what is bringing thinkers and activists to Orlando. The conference will host groups with somewhat divergent views, but Hazony suggests that most participants share a recognition that the rising “neo-Marxist” dispensation is an existential threat to western democracy. …

When the NatCon II proceedings begin next week, participants will be working to forge “a different kind of alliance.” Asked about the prospects for such an alliance to emerge, Hazony is cautiously optimistic: “if it’s going to happen [ . . . ], it has to be based on a public traditionalism; an endorsement of traditional and religious norms, which even liberals who personally would like to live otherwise should at this point be able to recognize [ . . . ] is necessary to prevent the literal dissolution of the United States.” …”

The idea here remains 1.) maintaining Jewish control over mainstream conservatism and rebranding it as “nationalism” and 2.) Jewish gatekeepers marginalizing White identity politics.

We don’t have to imagine how “National Conservatism” would work out in practice. We’ve already been through the Trump era. We’ve emerged on the other side of the Trump presidency worse off in nearly every respect than we were before. Insofar as there was any upside at all to the Trump presidency, it was that it was incredibly polarizing and “Taking Back America” was discredited by the experience. Millions of Trump supporters are now disillusioned enough to at least be open to our ideas.

The literal dissolution of the United States is a much more plausible solution to our predicament than anything being served up by the NatCons. If the GOP returns to power in Congress in 2022 and Trump returns to power in 2024, we know for certain that the outcome will be just another step down the road of polarization and radicalization of the other side. Progressives will become even worse than they are now and sharing the same country with them will become even more intolerable. The federal government will become more dysfunctional than it is now due to the incompatibility of the two sides.

The idea that NatCons are going “to reestablish the nation along with the family, God and scripture, man and woman, honor, sanctity, and various other concepts that have been overthrown” is ludicrous. Instead, Trump and the GOP returning to power will only further expedite their demise in the other half of the country. We’ve already seen how the Trump presidency fueled “trans” and “antiracism.” Progressives under Trump completely abandoned immigration enforcement and embraced censorship.

We can choose to go through this. We can do this all over again. Why bother though when we already know what the outcome will be? Why not get that National Divorce now?

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  1. The NatCon boys want to reestablish nationalism without a nation, without an actual nation/tribe/ethnos. How stupid, and yet how appealing to normie Republicans, especially evangelicals and Boomers. American need to think about their identity before their ideology.
    The family is the basis of the tribe, and the tribe forms the nation. The Republicans understand this about Israel, but not about White countries. As I wrote earlier this month, White Americans are “Crippled by Ideology” and have neglected the basis of true nationalism.

    • I loathe David Cole for his volte face on the Hollow Hoax, and that he’s a Kike.
      But his most recent column has a point.

      Southernors, Evan-JELLY-goos, and ‘Republicans’ are not willing to die for their ‘faith’- whatever that may be.

      Leftists-sodomites-Jews- and Demon-rats…. are. Because they have no hope for the afterlife.

      And until we take the command ‘Thy kingdom come ON EARTH’ seriously, we continue to perpetuate the failed model of the Crusades, rather than the Manifest Destiny of our forefathers.

      If we could actively seek the death penalty for crimes against God’s Law, [Biden, Democrats, BLM, Antifa, sodomy, witchcraft, abortion, Jewish existence, etc.] and not have ONE female parishioner raise an eyebrow over it (as they should- men rule, women shut up) well….. We could conquer the world.

      Instead, we have ‘you go, grrrrl’ coming from the Impastors in the Unpulpit.

      “Rise up, o men of God, have DONE with LESSER THINGS.”

  2. ‘the feeling that white identity politics are narrow-minded and counterproductive’

    Lame and going nowhere.
    Conservatives aren’t worth the hot air they blow.

    • Most of the posters on here are far ahead of these conservatives. Conservatives will write on their blogs or websites how they just realized that all of the big illegal immigration was deliberate. One wrote he just figured that out. Gee, we’ve known this for at least a decade. But these guys are writing like they feel they need to inform us.

  3. @ the Republicans are quite lucky, they still exist, considering how pathetic and corrupt, that they are, but with the democratic party, having given itself over completely too dark forces, they inadvertently keep the gop on life support, if the Democrats still had moderate, centrist types, such as John Edwards, they would crush the gop, too bad how things worked out for John Edwards, he could have beat george.w.bush in the national election, but couldn’t get past john kerry, but either way, at this point and time, neither party is good enough for us, they bring nothing too our table.

    • “if the Democrats still had moderate, centrist types, such as John Edwards”

      These “moderate” Democrats are basically crooked psychopaths who aren’t completely blinded by ideology the way the true believers are and know the public they have to craft their con for. Slick Willy understood he had to send a few black murderers to the electric chair in order to be viable in the national election. A “true believer” in leftism like Dukakis on the other hand goes down in PR flame when he gives black murderers weekend holidays from prison like Willy Horton. When these con artists get in they grift like Hunter Biden. Old Joe used to be like this until he became so old and enfeebles he is now putty in the hands of his leftist handlers, like the senile puppet John Gill in the old Star Trek episode patterns of force.

      • Correct. Just to add a new wrinkle, God-Emperor Cheetohead is the “conservative” version of the same grift, with a MIGA spin added to appeal to Scofield-reading heretics. Note he and Jared the Devil-Worshipper are launching another fake “free-speech” social media platform. Gab has already been around for some some, but less than obsequious remarks about the (((Synagogue of Satan))) appear there so he and his dancing ape don’t want to show up there.

  4. The 1950’s were a Shlomo Slave Consumerist paradise. Fresh from murdering millions of Germans and congratulating themselves for it. Of course they want to “conserve” that.

  5. If a split of the states occurs, how will Hazony, Ben Shapiro, Con Inc. etc be prevented from sliming their way into positions of influence and power?

    • They wouldn’t be. That’s why a national divorce along party lines would accomplish nothing. Republicans are, in many ways, much worse than democrats. The newly divorced “republican” state would just end up being a neocon hell hole run directly by Israel.

    • The Usual Suspects will land in China after roaming about, that is their next goose to cook now that the U.S. Globohomo shopping mall they helped wreck is about done. They are already laying the groundwork:

      There is actually a long history of friendly commercial relations between “Our Greatest Ally” and China. The Chinese are very mercantile oriented, pursue money inordinately and have an amoral culture making the two a good fit. This relationship goes back centuries.

      Here is the propaganda line they will use: ” . . . Washington must strengthen and secure its economic and military cooperative research and development (R&D) relationships with America’s key tech-savvy democratic allies, such as Israel.” This is from one of their innumerable cut-and-paste front groups, something called the ‘Fund for Defence of Democracies’ or something like that.

      Naturally, the scumbags in Congress are eager to sell out the country for their thirty pieces of silver.

      • Re: “one of their innumerable cut-and-paste front groups, something called the ‘Fund for Defence of Democracies’ or something like that”:

        Like the National Endowment for “Democracy,” headed by Madeleine Albright, featured in this new video from The New Atlas, a new anti-imperialist blog (no paywall) that explains U.S. machinations to gain full control of Myanmar, a large strategic country that borders China, India and Thailand:

        “The NED’s website features an extensive list of US government-funded programs interfering in virtually every aspect of Myanmar’s internal political affairs (…) Aung San Suu Kyi is – obviously – the figurehead of the opposition and was the de facto head of Myanmar’s government before being ousted from power by the military in February of this year. Her receiving of the Nobel Peace Prize like so many others was politically motivated and designed to build up the legitimacy of a prized Western proxy. The so-called National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma was Aung San Suu Kyi’s government-in-exile, based in Maryland just outside of Washington D.C. until returning to Myanmar to take power in two landslide elections sufficiently flooded with both US government money and US interference”:

  6. Oh, and by the way… here’s what ONE ‘aristocrat’ in the RELIGION OF SCIENTISM is doing, while you are waiting for “booster #6,000,000.”


    After all, wasn’t False Fauci the ONE behind ‘vaccines for AIDS’ in the 1980’s? And now, he wants us ALL to die of Acquired Immune Deficiency, for stating (honestly) forty years ago, that every faggot should have been stoned, back in 1981!?!?!

    • Remember, some of your anti-science priestly predecessors preached against variolation, taught their parishioners to resist and refuse smallpox vaccination because “it is the Mark of the Beast.”

      Science is better, more true and less harmful than anti-science religion, and a doctorate of theology is no preparation for teaching virology and epidemiology.

      • The majority of people against the Covid vaccine are not “anti-vax”. It’s THIS vaccine.
        The constant side effects, which can even be life-altering or morbid, are frightening.
        You get the shot, and in two weeks, develop a blood clot.
        You get the shot, and in ten years, develop a cancer.
        You’d HAVE to wonder, and you’ll never be sure, unless you don’t get it.

        People can tell when they are being lied to.

  7. Good analysis, although the solution you recommend, as in your last paragraph, is not the one that I advocate.

    Populism is not revolution. All populism is reformism, a half-way measure that props up and preserves the existing system that will come roaring back and double down as soon as the crisis that necessitated allowing the temporary reform (populism) has abated.

  8. The goal of Jewish conservatism is to thwart White Nationalism so it hasn’t failed at all it has succeeded.

  9. “Suppose that Vance is elected to the Senate. How would this change anything?”

    Vance is from Ohio. His candidacy means absolutely nothing for the South. He’ll either do nothing, or hurt the South, as a side consequence of persuing Northern national interests, along with his fellow Northern legislators.

    Which brings up one of the main problems that we have as a region/subnation. Which is a lack of Southern State governments and national legislators who will actually take up for, defend, and promote the interests of, their Southern States, and the South as a whole.

    This is what we need, above all. Southern State governments that are actually Southern.

    Government of the Southern People, by the Southern People, for the Southern People.

    Worrying about Yankeedom, or the Left Coast, is a waste of time, effort and energy. They’ll always oppose and attack us, no matter what, until they are extinct, or can no longer act against us, for whatever reasons. This is a given.

    • Vance works for Peter Thiel. His entire purpose is to secure military contracts for Thiel and increase his personal wealth.

  10. Sidenote: Electing Southrons, especially Southern Nationalists, or Texas Nationalists, or just plain pro-Alabama Alabamians, or Kentuckians, etc, to local and state office, my just be the only way that we can “vote ourselves” out of this mess. At least on the state and regional level.

  11. (((Yoram Hazony)))

    and all those not Jewish are shabbatz goyim.

    but: the Jews will permit no “national divorce”

    because the (((parasite))) will not give up the host

    until it is dead.

    the host will have to fight his way out, and

    I see no indication of any White will to do so.

  12. Yoram Hazony, an Israeli Jew. Yes, he will save us. Seriously, mark well anyone involved in this. They are all garbage. Except Vance, he is lower than dirt, glows like a lava lamp, pure CIA.

    • @ John, american conservatives, aren’t really conservatives, they just use the term,.C.K.chesterton ,provided us with a litmus taste too be able too identify a real conservative, a simple question, what are you trying too conserve? CHRISTENDOM !!!, every other answer is wrong! I don’t believe democratic conservatives exist anymore and Republicans are corporatist, statist, who carry on the traditions of their fathers, saint abraham lincoln and saint john brown, the Republicans are not conservative, not at the top, they are not, big money, corrupt politicians, that’s who and what they are, the American people, don’t seem too really want authentic conservatism, if they did, Patrick Buchanan would have been elected president years ago.

  13. Evergrande Corp., the biggest real estate developer in the world and a Chinese company has gone bankrupt. The company just barely made a USD bond payment in Hong Kong after missing the original date by the allowed 30 day grace period. There are potentially millions of ordinary Chinese citizens who could lose their money on deposits for apartments they purchased that probably never will get built now.

    There are no 30 year mortgages in China for housing. People have to save up and pay a good amount in advance. That’s just the way they do things over there.

    The Chinese government is heavily involved in this bankruptcy now. The Chinese government is prioritizing small investors’ interests by putting them first in line in recouping losses, not other Evergrande creditors.

    The Chinese government has also “urged” some guy named Hui Ka Yan who founded Evergrande, made an obscene fortune off of the company, ran it like a Ponzi scheme and took cash flow as profit to “contribute” some of his obscene personal fortune to resolving the bankruptcy. This “request” is like in The Godfather: “I’m going to make him an offer he cannot refuse”.

    It’s impossible to even imagine that in the U.S. a billionaire could ever be held responsible for a massive fuck up like this and suffer a loss of even part of his fortune. Losses are for the little guy, profits are for Wall Street and their pals. The U.S. Government is like The Godfather: “I’m going to make him an offer he cannot refuse” to the small investor and saver who did everything right. Profits are for the billionaires, losses for the little guys in the U.S. with the U.S. Government telling the little guy: STFU.

    After the financial meltdown in 2008 when the world came within a fraction of an inch of the banking system failing and shutting its doors there was no investigation. No one was held responsible for fraud, no one went to jail and the big banks (and their scumbag executives) were bailed out by U.S. taxpayers, no one even got fired. This is par for the course under the “capitalist” U.S. system of wonderful “democracy”.

    2008 wasn’t a one-off event either. Here is a perennial loser, Jon Corzine, who’s decisions collapsed a $40 billion USD commodities brokerage firm wiping out many farmers in the Midwest walking away with a small fine. He fraudulently used escrow money to try to pay off his debts, something that gets those not well connected a jail term. Being a former senior partner of Goldman Sachs, former Democrat senator and governor of NJ, he was well connected and nothing happened to him, he is above the law.

    The Chicago Mercantile Exchange cleared MF Global trades but also claimed not to be responsible for escrow monies lost, SOL for the customers, again.

    • “he was well connected and nothing happened to him, he is above the law.”

      That is true for most all major fraud, ie Michael Milken, he destroyed the savings and loan industry , cost American tax chumps 100s of billions, got to keep over 500 million of the loot. Only spent 2 years in club fed, eating gourmet meals.
      I’ll bet the judge got a very nice retirement ‘contribution’.

      Did I mention his bond trading offices employed BJ secretaries, to help ‘smooth’ the deals. Much like Mark Rich’s ‘hospitality’ suites, with VIP prostitutes to ‘service’ government trade officials in London, with coke on tap.

      • back when, I worked for a delivery co. in LA that also did process serving

        and court filings.

        I, personally, did (((Mike Milken)))’s (fake) bankruptcy filing.

        and he didn’t even thank me.

        subsequently, (((Milken))) spent some of his ill-gotten gains

        subsidizing Naxos-label CD recordings of classical music

        written by Jewish composers.

      • @Arrian,

        Eric Striker has done a very good job writing at Nation Justice about issues we care about.

        Striker is covering the farce of a trial in Charlottesville.

        Hit the link on OD’s homepage, and take a look.

  14. I do not believe any of those Israel First cucks/simps at NatCon II have any public appeal whatsoever. I also find their attempts to present themselves as intellectual populists laughable.

  15. Maybe this is not failure in their minds. When all you want to do is start wars and give tax cuts to rich people, then they have succeeded. The same crap for 35 to 40 years isn’t popular with many voters, so the propeller heads think it needs rebranded. This is the kind of thinking one gets from advertising executives, sell ’em’ the same old junk in a new package.

    And the Republicans had complete control the first two years of the Trump presidency, they couldn’t even get enough votes for a border wall, that says about you need to know about them. The Republican do nothings are doing the same thing with the Haitian hobos in south Texas, wanting to blame Biden for it all and win next years election, instead of trying stop the endless invasion by hordes of wetbacks.

    Somebody in Texas state government should try to put a stop to this shit, if it causes a confrontation with the worst of the nigger lovers in Washington, at least they can say they tried to keep the country from turning into a third world garbage dump.

    • Agree. There’s too many people who still believe that the problem is the Democrats. They think if only the Repubs could all get in all offices, things would be great. Same people who thought Bush was good.

      It’s like some kind of entertainment contest, with Hannity, and when Limbaugh was alive, and the MAGA folks. Rah, rah, our team, will win!!

  16. “The idea here remains 1.) maintaining Jewish control over mainstream conservatism and rebranding it as “nationalism” and 2.) Jewish gatekeepers marginalizing White identity politics”

    Yeah – Israeli kike Hazony & the likes of that Dump-hater turned “populist” dothead-impregnator Vance are going to try to lead the screechin’ MAGA monkeys safely back into their zoo enclosure with yet another Tea Party-style dead end. Lotsa blustery jewshit ’bout Our Valyuhs, Muh Constitution ‘n’ Muh Bahble to try to take the focus off of our race & its mortal (((enemies))).

  17. What really gets up my nose is these brown and black migrant activists such as Ilhan Omar who fled their own nations rather than fight to make them better, then suddenly realise the art of activism once they’re in a nation where things are already so good. Hmmmm.
    (Scratching head right now).
    While Biden has opened up the southern border, there are troops in the Middle East ‘fighting over there to keep Americans safe at home’
    These are but some of the issues you need to be all over.
    So much about Leftism has no logic. You have so much material to dig into.

  18. National Conservatives is what AH would have called “Bourgeoisie Nationalism.” Will Silk and Diamond be there? Better by far is Revolutionary Conservatism of the type that originated in the periods between the two world wars and set the pattern for what today is called “Radical Traditionalism” or “The Dark Enlightenment!” As Francis Parker Yockey observed it is possible to win a war and lose the peace. We won the Cold War politically but lost it culturally to the forces of Cultural Marxism which is now the dominant ideology in media, politics, academia, and popular culture. You cannot reform the system from within. Donald Trump ought to be living proof of that to those who politically sane. Think racially, act politically! The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. Therefore our revolutionary aspect must be separatist in nature not to overthrow what is but to separate from it and build some better. In other words we must separate from what is before we can possibly build what must be!

    • That “All Men are created Equal”, muh Constitution, as long as they come here legally, they need to assimilate (to what?) bullshit is about played out now. It looks like the “conservatives” are milking it for all its worth in one final grift before things implode.

      As economic troubles mount and the wheels come off big Globohomo Shopping Mall there will be no more time for luxuries like “conservatism”, daily survival will be what it’s all about.

  19. Where is NatCon II on climate change? Is climate change real? Climate change and vaccine mandates are Jew issues. Jews are for one world government with Jews on top and climate change requires a world solution. If these people are not for a nations right to pollute then they are frauds.

  20. @ All across the world, I’ve been paying close attention to our anglo cousins across the pond and down under, concerning the extreme draconian measure’s, these satanic governments, have forced on the people, the common people are rising up, standing together, marching together, to oppose this tyranny, here at home our own people, protest this vax mandate insanity, Americans, are protesting, resigning their jobs, being terminated from their honest professions, for their refusal too give in to this oppression, their.decimation the military, law enforcement, and the medical profession, every industry in this country is being pressured and under attack, from the federals, our forbears stood and fought for our states rights, what better time could there be than now, for the southern intellectual ‘s, their voices heard right here, on occidental dissent, the future leadership of the coming.southern republic, too publicly state their solidarity with the masses, God I would so love for our leadership and they know who they are, to tell the people, WE GOT YOUR BACK, WE ARE WITH YOU, this an opportunity for us to have some real relevancy, too shoot down this negativity, we are always tainted with, too really do some good………

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