Thomas Edsall: The Moral Chasm That Has Opened Up Between Right and Left Is Widening

Thomas Edsall has an interesting new column up this morning.

New York Times:

“There has been a remarkable erosion in public tolerance of “offensive expression about race, gender and religion,” according to Dennis Chong and Morris Levy, political scientists at the University of Southern California, and Jack Citrin, a political scientist at Berkeley.

“Tolerance has declined overall,” they add, particularly “for a category of speech that is considered unworthy of First Amendment protection because it violates the goal of equality.”

The three authors cite the 2018 promulgation of new guidelines by the American Civil Liberties Union — which was formerly unequivocal in its defense of free speech — as a reflection of the changing views within a large segment of the liberal community. Under the 2018 guidelines, the A.C.L.U. would now consider several factors that might warrant a refusal to take on certain cases …

In an email, Chong wrote that “the tolerance of white liberals has declined significantly since 1980, and tolerance levels are lowest among the youngest age cohorts.” If, he continued, “we add education to the mix, we find that the most pronounced declines over time have occurred among white, college educated liberals, with the youngest age cohorts again having the lowest tolerance levels.” …”

This is hardly news to us.

This is essentially what we discovered in Charlottesville.

At the time, I explicitly said on this website that the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was about two things. It was about our support for the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. It was equally about Jason Kessler’s civil liberties which had been trampled on over the summer. Those were the issues which brought everyone to Charlottesville. It was the latter issue which caused Kessler to organize a second rally there in August 2017 after the previous torch march in May 2017.

It is not like hundreds of people just showed up that day on a whim in Charlottesville. Jason Kessler was represented by the ACLU of Virginia and won the right to hold the Unite the Right rally in federal court. The groups that attended the rally all cooperated with the police beforehand to ensure a safe and orderly event which was standard practice before and after Charlottesville. Antifa showed up to disrupt our event which was their standard practice due to their “no platform” ideology. Thus, the outcome of the Unite the Right rally hinged on the willingness of the police to separate both sides and maintain order.

In Charlottesville, however, this “remarkable erosion in public tolerance of offensive expression about race, gender and religion” was evident before the Unite the Right rally. It was evident in the fact that a federal court order was required to exercise our First Amendment rights in Charlottesville. It was evident in the disruption of Charlottesville City Council meetings that summer. It was evident in the fact that so many people showed up that day and surrounded Lee Park who were armed with all kinds of weapons which they used to violently assault us as we made our way into the park to attend our rally. It was evident in Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “State of Emergency” was ready to go and was issued before the Unite the Right rally even started. It was evident in the fact that Antifa were allowed to parade through Charlottesville for hours after the event was dispersed during this “State of Emergency.” It was evident in the SLAPP civil lawsuits, the censorship and the selective prosecutions that followed the Unite the Right rally.

The upshot of all of this is the belief that is so dearly held among the young, college educated White liberals that Edsall describes in this column (and who David Shor deplores for ruining the Democratic Party) in Charlottesville and Portland and other leftwing hothouses around the country that 1.) the First Amendment DOES NOT apply to all American citizens and 2.) that they have the right and the prerogative to engage in violence to suppress speech which they deem to be “harm.” Furthermore, it is not “authoritarianism” when they engage in violence against other citizens who are exercising their constitutional rights. Instead, “silence is violence,” but actual real violence is not really violence. The law DOES NOT protect people from violence by righteous “antiracist” fanatics. It is only an instrument which should be selectively wielded to repress the “hatemongers” on the Right.

Glenn Greenwald is a Jewish liberal homosexual. There are lots of people who dislike Greenwald, but he accurately explains here the trajectory of progressive ideology. Whether it is ideologically motivated censorship by the government and corporations, support for the “intelligence community,” a willingness to engage in violence to suppress the constitutional rights of others or the vaccine mandates, it is really the Left which has taken a hard authoritarian turn. It isn’t “liberal” in any sense of the word.

Supposedly, I am the “fascist,” but I don’t support censorship. I don’t support the “intelligence community” spying on people or subverting the president. I don’t really care what other people think. I don’t go to their events, mask up and engage in violence to shutdown their speech. I haven’t banned any books from Amazon. I’m not the one hounding tens of thousands of people out of their jobs because they don’t want to take a vaccine. I’m not going after their guns. I’m not the one trying to make meat a luxury only the rich can afford. I’m not trying to control the weather of the planet. Actually, I don’t have much of a problem with the Bill of Rights, but I am the “authoritarian” in the eyes of the people who want to get rid of it!

Note: BTW, the most powerful argument against White identity politics is that we should have racial solidarity with these people who define their own identities in opposition to us. These are the people who truly divide this country. Non-Whites are nothing but supporting cast members.

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  1. The biggest thing, right now, is the vax mandate, and almost no one is talking about it. Conservatives are planning parties while most of us will lose our jobs for not taking a questionable vaccine and how many boosters.

    Never before has anything threatened our livelihoods like this. The pro vaxxers are so simple minded. They say just go get another job, but if your present employer is mandating this, you can be sure that most business in your industry is subject to the Federal mandate. So where do you go…and the simple minded just say to “go start a business”, when they have no idea how much money and time that takes. Like we all have several million in our bank accounts…

    The obvious object is to push more whites into poverty and homelessness. The whole Covid thing is an attempt to crush us. When people lose their income, or have to tale a low wage job, Whites will move toward a South African living. Right now, most Whites are well off and don’t care, but they ought to be looking at Australia and what’s happening there. The director of the Perth area said everyone has to be vaxxed by the end of the year, or lose their job and be fined $10,000.

    The new travel regulations state, if you come in from another nation, by plane, you must prove you’ve had the vaccine. But the border’s wide open, and millions coming in, are not subject to any of this. Some pandemic.

    The Right is becoming as numb as the Left. For example, go to Occidental Observer and they go on and on about some page in a book, what so-and-so meant, and philosophy ad nauseam. I guess these people are just not worried about their jobs, which makes me question them.

  2. I knew things were getting really bad long before Charlottesville, based on online activism I did using Bob Whitaker’s White Genocide mantra from 2008 onwards. The responses we got ranged from sociopathy, to fury, to openly supporting our genocide. You’d have no idea how dehumanized Whites are, if you hadn’t done that work.

    • Much sincere respect and a very heartfelt “thank you” for your foundational work. The fruits of your labor grow more visible every day. The problem of suicidal Whites, unfortunately, is increasingly visible as well.

  3. “The most powerful argument against White identity politics is that we should have racial solidarity with these people who define their own identities in opposition to us. These are the people who truly divide this country. Non-Whites are nothing but supporting cast members.”

    Just because some people are ostensibly White, doesn’t mean that they’re on our side. Without thousands, if not millions, of ostensibly White accomplices and minions, the Jews wouldn’t amount to much of anything. Nor would their coloured auxillaries.

    Left to their own devices, Blacks would have never created anything like the NAACP, or even BLM.

    The idea that the Southern People should align themselves with their historic and traditional foes, who have always hated them, simply because they’re White, is ludicrous. Those people will never think or vote like us. Or subordinate themselves to a higher, common cause.

  4. All we need is just ONE country that would let Whites be Whites, we could keep out the trash (and it is- literal, soul-negated, hominid trash) and live our lives in peace. BUT THEY WON’T LET US.

    Therefore, we must (insert 14 words here).

    God is on our side, if we repent and trust in Him. AND beat our plowshares into swords.
    “Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears: let the weak say, I am strong.”
    Joel 3:10

    “ALL POWER – not some, nor not until the Rapture- But NOW, HERE, ON Earth- HAS BEEN GIVEN UNTO ME.” [“And having come to them, Jesus spoke to them, saying, “All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given to Me.] – Jesus Christin St. Matthew 28:18

    It is the Eschatology of DEFEAT that enables the godless to win, and nothing more. WE WOULD TRAMPLE SATAN UNDER OUR FEET, if we merely denounced them all, anathematized them, and took up arms…. to pray.

    • “if we merely denounced them all, anathematized them, and took up arms”:

      Rather than taking up arms, take up and live out the Gospel of peace and unfeigned selfless love that was preached in the Sermon on the Mount.

      “we could keep out the trash (…) literal, soul-negated, hominid trash”:

      The Light lightens not some but EVERY man”: John 1:9. No one is trash. Every one is created in the image of God, regardless whether some turn from the light to darkness and are finally lost. The calling is not to take up arms against sin, but to guide the lost from darkness to light: “Be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations wherever you come; that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them; then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone; whereby in them you may be a blessing, and make the witness of God in them to bless you (…) I told the Commonwealth commissioners I lived in the virtue of that life and power that took away the occasion of all wars. I told them I was come into the covenant of peace which was before wars and strife were.“ – George Fox, a Quaker

    • Oh for Christ’s sake, the Wehrmacht literally had “Gott Mit Uns” on their belt buckles, and Gott has not forsaken another people more that “he” did with the Germans during the Twentieth Century.

      If this is Gott’s way, then I’m willing to listen to other side.

  5. I guess no one is really worried about their jobs. Perhaps they will get the experimental vaccine. But once you get it, in ten years, if you come down with something lethal, you’ll always wonder.

    People have to have family, relatives, and friends affected by this. I had one person say they were bored with Covid.

    I guess most people are better off financially, and don’t need to worry about an income.

  6. I think of the political consequences of Covid. It is dividing the west. An old girlfriend of mine with whom I was intimate with thirty years ago in Boston is in my home state to visit, and would like to see me, but she’s terrified of Covid, has gotten three vaccinations, fears the “newer and deadlier Delta varient”, and is reluctant to meet me unless I am vaccinated and masked. By that she means ANY physical contact, at ANY distance. As I said, we could meet in an open space and wave at each other, like they did in Berlin in 1961. As she said, she thinks it is an argument of safety not liberty, and I believe the opposite, and I asked her if she will condone people like me being locked up and, as Harold Covington put it, the right to live but not exist. No answer.
    I conclude it is over between this woman and me, and is so with millions of other people, just like things became in 1861. Right now, people are simply talking past each other.
    And the “conservatives” are keeping faith that “2022 will change it all,” and that great, precious election will return us to normal. I’m starting to think elections are the opiate of the white race.

    I feel no loss about this woman. We were good friends, and she helped me spiritually, but she is an academic, married a Jew, and simply reflects the attitudes of the academic, managerial class.
    I don’t know what is keeping this country together, unless it is simply habit, passivity, and the ability of the system to crank out lots of neat stuff to buy.

  7. I’ve been noticing how “the right” is ignoring the vaccine mandate for businesses. So many are requiring it, or you lose your job.
    There’s also the one that says if your company does any work directly or indirectly with the government, you have to get the vax. Or companies over one-hundred employees, a direct target of whites.

    I see people complaining about various things, all of which are bad. But if millions of people lose their jobs, from doctors to engineers, to pilots, to just about anything else…it’s the beginning of the end. We will be ruined for life. The poorer whites become, the richer they become. This is so big, but I am wondering why I feel fairly alone in this.

    Whole industries are requiring this, so you just can’t job hop.

    And no…starting your own business might sound savvy, but it takes a ton of money, sometimes millions, to launch a business. There is usually a long term of no money coming in, and you have to have a way to get by. So “pat answers” and “positive thinking” just won’t do it.

    There seems to be a concerted effort to not address this.
    Which leads me to wonder if there are really this many people out there, who don’t need a job to get by. Figures under the Trump Presidency showed that there were millions and millions of people not working anymore.
    Or maybe a lot of you just went and got the vaccine, because you were patriot-act scared of the virus. I guess there are far more people on the right, who do not have to worry about an income. So if the right is so rich, why is the right so poor?

    I would expect that from Trump supporters, who credit him with “the vaccine”.

  8. @ We had a so-called ethno state, it was called the United States may 20th ,1783- too, may 20th 1861, we know what happened too it and who did it.

    • The United States nor the CSA ever banished the jews like so many other nations and nation states had done in the past.

      Both USA and CSA were doomed because of their jewish populations.

  9. The moral gap between right and left is a problem, I wouldn’t question it. I would question the modern definitions of right and left. What passes for the right is bunch of police state types who want to jail as many people as they can for drug offenses, the U.S. has the biggest prison population on earth, it’s been going on for fifty years. That and they want to start one war after another and send working guys from the middle of the country off to get killed.

    The left isn’t really left, they’re a group of limosine liberals, who want to resent poor white people and blame them for everything negative. They say they care about the blacks, it’s clear to me they don’t, they’ve thrown as many in prison for drugs as they, and the liberals have let every wetback in the world come in here and take the kind of jobs the blacks used to get. They’ve busted the unions they had.

  10. You know what, no competent leader should ever allow speech that agitates his overthrow. Kings locked up people all the time back in the day for saying things that questioned their authority. The left isn’t stupid enough to make the same mistake the constitution fetishists made by letting marxist agitation go unpunished for decades in the 20th century leading us to where we are today. I can see a great flaw in the founding of America, it tolerated agitation for it’s overthrow. (Along with allowing immigration, what people just throw open the welcome mat for hordes of foreigners to outnumber them?) McCarthy was absolutely right, there was a communist plot afoot to overthrow our culture, and we should have locked them all up in a gulag in the Aleutians and thrown away the key. Because we failed to act sensibly and instead followed silly enlightenment ideology, we lost our country.

  11. So it’s all being ignored by you “conservatives”, who probably went and got the vax. I can totally understand it, if your company or industry is mandating it, and you have no other choice.

    But I see people who would rather talk about whether Andrew Jackson liked plain or peanut M&M’s.

    People need to wake up to the fact that the Vax Mandate is going to destroy a LOT of white lives.
    Being forced to get an experimental vaccine that is causing heart problems, pneumonia, and other conditions, isn’t an option.
    I am still absolutely amazed that the Right is NOT reporting this. I see the Left reporting it but in a negative fashion.

    If you all are so rich that you don’t need to worry about your job, as a professional, I must be doing something wrong.

    If you got the vax, good luck. You just separated medicine out from the government as safe. The side effects are disturbing, and you believe the Covid is more dangerous, when people report it, as being like any cold. 95% survival rate of Covid flu.

  12. The “moral chasm” is nothing more than the anal fissures on the ass of the KWA. 90% of leftism is buggery and 90% of rightism is huckesterism. The one thing they agree on is how noble israel is.

  13. Driving across Indiana on Friday I was panning the AM dial and caught a talk radio host describing how the young brats think these days from some survey. They consider anyone getting married before age 30 to be “a child bride.” Wait till these dopes get their green energy and we become Charles Dickens Novel Poor again and no longer have access to good medicine. With pre 20th century infant mortality rates and risky childbirth women are not going to be able to have the 5 or 6 kids each needed just to keep the population stable if they delay on starting marriage and family until after 30.

    • The world White population IS unstable. Whites have not bee reproducing at a stable rate for a long time, and reproductive rates are in the negative figures. Whites are only 8% of the world population, so we are already a true minority.
      There are many causes. People marrying at later ages, people not wanting children out of selfish reasons, people not wanting children because the world is getting worse for whites, cost of living/cost of raising children, over reliance on college degrees to earn a decent income…
      Fertility, along with immunity, declines with age. Waiting to have kids has many reasons, such as saving for a home, saving money so the woman doesn’t have to work, etc., but it has fertility downfalls So as a woman ages, her body’s Immune system loses its ability to detect fetal abnormalities lessens, Down Syndrome being one of the most well known. Physically harder to have and raise children at an older age, but mentally, it’s probably better as one ages and has some real world wisdom to impart.

      Most whites are not going to get the financial “assistance” that nonwhites get, with having children. Hence it’s far more expensive to have them.
      So white mothers are more apt to work.
      It’s getting MORE and more expensive just to live in a safe area now. So many white mothers work, so they can afford to live in a mostly white suburb or bedroom community.

      If whites weren’t taxes so much, we would have MORE money to spend on ourselves. Instead, our incomes are heavily taxed to provide housing, food, medical care, utilities, and more, to nonwhites who are here or coming in. We have truly become a slave class. Nonwhites see whites living in nice areas, chalk it up to “White Privilege”, when in reality, both parents are working their asses off, so they can have a decent, safe home, and provide for their children.

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