Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia Governor Race

UPDATE: White women elected Youngkin.

UPDATE: Virginia voters on Confederate monuments.

UPDATE: Your Favorite President is declaring victory after Youngkin blew past his margin in rural counties.

UPDATE: Youngkin wins. Sears wins. Republicans win both governor and lieutenant governor races. Mark Herring also goes down. Republican wins VA attorney general race too.


I’m pessimistic about Virginia.

I will be delighted though if I am proven wrong.

I expect Terry McAuliffe will win a narrow victory due to mail in ballots and early voting. I think too many people voted too early. I also think all the red counties will be counted early again, which will show Youngkin way ahead like Trump in 2020, and the blue counties will come in late.

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  1. How many bags of “uncounted” ballots will the Democrats need to find to slither across the finish line first? There could be video of that scumbag Terry McAuliffe stuffing ballots into Dominion voting machines and all Youngkin and the Republicans would do is squawk about it.

    Youngkin probably needs to win by +10% over McAuliffe to overcome the ballot stuffing advantage the Democrats have. That seems like a tall order.

    • Youngkin wins. Wasserman (effing kike) complains. Trump bloviates.
      Take-away? The legacy of C’ville is obliterated, and yes, CRT had a part to play- but let’s ride this for all it’s worth.

      THIS IS A MANDATE for Conservativism. Youngkin is just a step on the road to having the South rise Again…. if we make it so.

  2. They’ll keep “counting” until they get the result they want. Some people think it enhances their “respectability” to not call out the Democratic Party and its fraud machine for what it is. It explains a lot that these people are found even among the “far right.”

    • 12ax7

      I saw that and was too exasperated to post or comment.
      We all knew it, but it is startling to hear an open admission.

    • I would say that needs to be spread far and wide, but the idiots in this country don’t even care.

      • If I told my grandparents Trump said, its right Israel should control the US government they would say, So? Trump understands his elderly base.

    • Trump and his “Save America” bs is complete cringe. His diehard followers probably think 2017-2020 were the good old days and everything was going just fine those years, and they truly believe that America fell under biden. These trumptards aren’t deep thinkers and can’t see the forest through the trees. They buy all the nonsense about Biden being an agent of China and Iran and hating Israel. It’s all clown world. Just like the leftist woke nonsense- two sides of the same coin.

  3. American ppl are fools, to tolerate one of the sloppiest voting systems in the industrial world, we should have the cleanest and tightest.

    Just be a tolerant fool, on your fun ride to hell.

      • Not likely. We are still stuck in the tides of subversiveness, corruption, lies, rigged voting Anti-White ness, CRT,etc. Tell me how “choosing” the right candidate has helped our causes. Does Trump ring a bell?

      • @Arrian
        The 2015 Republican white nationalist website spammer crew just called. They want their “lesser of two evils” talking point back.

        • Saw a good bumper sticker that summed it up:


          Voat moar harder, maybe the repcon rinos will save Murka!

  4. 2030 with 60% counted, Youngkin in the lead. Fairfax and several black belt counties not reporting. They are figuring how many votes they will need. They will be counting till Friday.

  5. Anyone that expects a fair election and a win against the Democrats in light of the 2020 election is living in La-La land. Note that I very much hope to be proven wrong in this election.

    • Republicans are good at winning elections, but not at governing, once they’ve won. Unfortunately for Virginia, Youngkin will probably just be another scalawag, or panderer to Yankees. Most Southern governors are, unless they’re outright reconstructionist Carpetbaggers, as Virginia has had, in the past.

      • “Unfortunately for Virginia, Youngkin will probably just be another (…) Most Southern governors are”:

        For example, Five times Southern-voter-elected (three-term congresswoman and two-term Governor of South Carolina) Nimrata Randhawa “Nikki” Haley.

        • South Carolina voters also foist “Lady G” on the country. Clearly they’ll vote for literally anything labeled a Repuglicuck. Dumbest Whites in the country politically.

  6. There is way too much anti-Mick sentiment out there.

    Opposition to vaccine mandates has united black and white voters. Whoda thunk it?

    • I agree with you that there is an over-representation of micks and wops in Northern Yankee politics. But in Massachusetts it’s even worse, because they have THE GREEKS.

  7. Breaking gubernatorial news from Virginia:

    Neo-koshervative Glenn Youngkin announced a plan to “combat anti-semitism” in Virginia.

    That didn’t take long.

    • To be fair, I think the hedge-fund cuck announced that plan before. So, white suburban moms still stupid enough to send the kids to publick schuls can complain about CRT but they’ll be arrested if they notice (((who))) is behind the CRT curtain – the (((very same folks))) who are behind Glenn Youngkin’s campaign.

      It’s good McAuliffe & Co. went down, but CRT will be re-branded as something else and will not be removed by Youngkin or any other Gay Old Pedobear, because the Garfinkels need to strip-mine some more tax-dollars from the cattle. The temporary set-back for the Church of Woke will buy some time (maybe) for whites to either get the hell out of a lost state or for western counties to leave and join WV. The cuck was permitted to win in order to prevent these. YT can now go back to his games of niggaball.

  8. Will he order the Lee statue returned to the Capitol? — he could, right?


    At the link: a couple of screencaps where Youngkin pledges his allegiance to Jews.

    ‘muh democracy’ — ‘vote harder’

  9. Not to be too cynical, but then that’s not really possible today, is it?

    linkA Youngkin victory in Virginia only ensures that conservatives “vote harder” in 2024. They were angry and lost and confused and without hope and entertaining alternatives… but, now. This isn’t a victory. It’s a relapse.

  10. And now for the Jewish take on the VA election:

    Twitter/David CornFor many #Virginia voters, it seems, the imaginary CRT crisis was more important than the preventable deaths of 400,000 Americans, the 1/6 attack, and the GOP war on democracy.

    Perfectly reasonable rhetoric about a state election, wouldn’t you say?

    And if that’s not bad enough, take a look at the NPC replies — these people have the vote, and their vote counts as much as yours — ‘muh democracy’.

  11. How is this even close after the Democrats shut down normal life indefinitely with their perpetual covid scaremongering and are driving the costs of everything sky high? Shows how bad things are and what a recipe for disaster the universal franchise is. Most people don’t understand what is going on and have no business near a ballot box. The shift in white women also parallels why defense attorneys instruct their clients to keep their mouths shut. If Trump would have quit the stupid tweets and statements he might have managed to win with this demographic, his childish antics ensured his alienation of them.

    • “If Trump would have quit the stupid tweets and statements he might have managed to win with this demographic, his childish antics ensured his alienation of them.”

      He’s the ultimate political assclown. Just cannot keep his big braggart mouth shut, because EVERYthing has to be about him, him, HIM.

  12. So a little bit of good news – if only slapping down an extreme traitor. I take it as good news.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that American politics tends to follow British/English politics.

    Thatchers big victories in the late 1970s set up Ronal Reagan’s victories in the 1980s. Both were mostly tied to working class Whites in both places getting sick of Labor/USA Democrats abandoning the working class for trendy, PC Lib Leftist nonsense and turning over Labor/USA Democrats to actors, celebrities and bad (J) academics.

    UK Labor got decimated a couple years back – the issues were the same- Brexit was the main fault line.

    So those in the know predicted a similar backlash here in the States.

    It did happen in Virginia.

    Some other things to note- GOP should be careful not to feature Religious Right Bible Pro Life folks too much – that sunk the campaign of Roy Moore in Alabama.

    It’s like Jessie Jackson and Rev Jeremiah Wright with Obama and White Lib Demorats in the 1980s – can’t make these guys the face of college educate Lib Democrats – GOP can’t make guys running around doing snake handling, crying and telling the press we don’t need to worry about the environment because Jesus Christ is coming back next next year or something.

  13. Youngkin is just a richy rich rich guy who is happy to sell Southerners down the river for just one more shekel in his bank account.

    • I agree.

      I’m much more interested in the voters. Youngkin can be a piece of shit who will sellout of his voters and those voters can also have become more racially aware over the past two years. Both things can be true. It is the latter that interests me.

        • Not exactly.

          The schools were closed because of COVID. It seems that is a major reason why the issue gained so much traction when it did. Moms doing remote learning at home were like WTF is this shit being taught to my kids. Previously, it had flown under the radar

          • My point being,
            WHITES wait until manure is rubbed in their face to take action.

            WHITES must learn to be more proactive.

          • “Moms doing remote learning at home were like WTF is this shit being taught to my kids”

            I’d think that parents would be more attentive to their child’s education, before it was slammed in their face.

  14. Well, at least that open race traitor, jew Yawk carpetbagger scum of the earth McAuliffe has been shitcanned. That was my motivation.

    Younkin ran a very smart campaign: focusing on (((CRT))) & crime, while carefully distancing himself from loudmouthed assclown Dump, knowing that the MAGAtards would vote for him as long as he didn’t openly repudiate their idol to kiss the asses of rightly-hated fence-sitting suburban Come-Heres.

    If he really has the brains this upset victory indicates, he’ll follow through on putting an end to the commie guilt-trip indoctrination of White kids, fulfill his other promises, and generally establish himself as a successful, common-sense governor who doesn’t act like a fool (Dump). Then in ’24 he could conceivably run for president – but ditching the milquetoasty approach necessary to win over NOVA “moderate” assholes to appeal instead to the far broader White national electorate. Propose to really follow through on the issues Cheeto Jesus lied about championing: closing the borders, deporting wetbacks, law & order, etc.

    But it’s not likely, because like all Repuglicants, he’s a jew-whore and a cuck.

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