Ross Douthat: Republicans Schooled the Left in Virginia

Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia definitely matters.

It matters because it was suburban White women in places like Loudoun County and Chesterfield County who elected him. The GOP has been struggling with this group and won them back because they used CRT as a wedge issue to run the most racially charged campaign in decades.

Daily Mail:

“A Virginia mother told a local school board last week that her six year-old daughter had been told she was ‘born evil’ for being white during a history lesson in scandal-hit Loudoun County.  

The unidentified woman claims she moved her daughter out of the district because of the school curriculum.

She blamed former Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams; his successor, Dr. Scott Ziegler, and the school board for the alleged slur.

‘We had specifically moved them out of LCPS due to the swift and uncompromising political agenda of Superintendents Williams, Ziegler, and the school board had forced upon us,’ the mother said.

‘First, it was in the early spring of 2020 when my six-year-old somberly came to me and asked me if she was born evil because she was a white person.

‘Something she learned in a history lesson at school.’ …”

The issue that sunk Terry McAuliffe in Virginia was that White children were being taught in public schools that they were “born evil.” 75% of White women without a college degree voted for Youngkin. McAuliffe actually improved with college educated White women. All the GOP had to do to swing White women to Youngkin by 15 points was to make anti-white indoctrination the issue. Donald Trump avoided the issue until October 2020 and it wasn’t a major part of his campaign.

Yes, Glenn Youngkin is a True Con and a cuck and the GOP probably isn’t going to do shit about this, but the lesson that they will draw from this race is that this is how you activate and drive turnout and close the gender gap among White women. The obvious lesson that we should draw from this is that White working class mothers are far from a hopeless cause. They responded en masse to this type of messaging. The idea that their kids are being taught to hate themselves for being White and transformed into little woke monsters struck a nerve. Once again, we see that Donald Trump had stupid people like Jared Kushner running his campaign on issues like the Platinum Plan, which is why he lost the 2020 election.

Moral of the story: White women get too much shit for not seeing what is at stake in traditional GOP campaigns and some people read too much into that.

Ross Douthat points out the obvious here.

New York Times:

“Watching Terry McAuliffe stumble to defeat in a state that Joe Biden won by 10 points exactly one year ago tonight, a mild suggestion seems in order: Democrats probably need a new way to talk about progressive ideology and education.

In the Virginia race the script for both candidates was straightforward and consistent: Glenn Youngkin attacked critical race theory, combining it with a larger attack on how the education bureaucracy has handled the pandemic, while McAuliffe denied that anything like C.R.T. was being taught in Virginia schools and also insisted that the whole controversy was a racist dog whistle.

The problem with the McAuliffe strategy is that it fell back on technicalities — as in, yes, fourth-graders in the Commonwealth of Virginia are presumably not being assigned the academic works of Derrick Bell — while evading the context that has made this issue part of a polarizing national debate.

That context, obvious to any sentient person who lived through the last few years, is an ideological revolution in elite spaces in American culture, in which concepts heretofore associated with academic progressivism have permeated the language of many important institutions, from professional guilds and major foundations to elite private schools and corporate H.R. departments.

Critical race theory is an imperfect term for this movement, too narrow and specialized to capture its full complexity. But a new form of racecraft clearly lies close to the heart of the new progressivism, with the somewhat different, somewhat overlapping ideas of figures like Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo enjoying particular influence. And that influence extends into schools and public-education bureaucracies, where Kendi and DiAngelo and their epigones often show up on resources recommended to educators — like the racial-equity reading list sent around in 2019 by one state educational superintendent, for instance, which recommended both DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” and an academic treatise on the “Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education.” …”

Who knew that White identity politics was the key to winning White suburban women back to the GOP? Why did this never occur to any of the geniuses who run these campaigns before?

Note: As we have stressed all year, there is a lot of evidence that White identity has grown stronger since the George Floyd riots and the rollout of systematic racism. We’ve been watching it in the polls and now we can confirm that Whites are more receptive to these appeals.

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  1. They suddenly realized that the democratic ire wasn’t some mystical “redneck” living creekside thirty miles out of town but THEM and THEIR CHILDREN. The democrats were running a very effective con job for decades, the question is why did they suddenly escalate it to an armed robbery? They seemed to go 24/7 black over the past 6 or 7 years, it had already started before Trump but they doubled down catering to pure black stupidity after Trump came on the scene. Could it be they elevated so many blacks into power they are now reaping the fruit of having all these 89 IQ hateful black female “intellectuals” screaming the same kind of hate certain quarters of the blacks have been screaming at their betters for decades. Once you encounter one dumb, enraged black woman you’ve had enough of their drivel and know they don’t have anything serious to say other than a childish temper tantrum about not being able to loot the cookie jar.

    • “”…why did they suddenly escalate it to an armed robbery?…””

      Trump. He forced to The Swamp take lunatics on board and now brats keeping The Swamp in hostage.
      Expect fierce infight. The Swamp wants to throttle back from wokeness but brats do not let them do it. From NYT best reader pick

      4h ago
      Republicans start culture wars
      Democrats fight for lower rx drug costs, healthcare, workers rights, and the environment

      Now, how you can throttle back culture war when this does not exist ? How you can throttle back wokeness when there is no wokeness but only educated grown up people people who want basic things.based on the facts and science ?

      Here lies the root of conflict. Brats will never give up and The Swamp has too much to lose so they can no longer ignore the lunacy. There will be fierce fight and thanks to Trump, MAGA folk is far and away to get harmed when elite rips itself apart.

  2. The obvious lesson that we should draw from this is that White working class mothers are far from a hopeless cause.

    ? — I’ve never heard they were — in fact, it’s white college educated women who are significantly more likely to support leftwing causes and vote for liberal candidates.

    And re schools, due to the growing number of women attending college, most of whom get soft degrees, the education workforce, both administration and teaching, is dramatically more female than it was a few decades ago (link) — which explains a lot, as they say.

      • @ The true southern nationalist, we love, honor and respect our women, our actions demonstrate that, nothing, is more hurtful to a southern nationalist, than too see our women and children in a degraded state, Let us strive too do better by our women and children, without them, we have nothing, we are nothing…………..

    • The hijacked educational system is the main pillar that keeps leftism going. Lefties don’t have many kids, but our schools and colleges keep cranking out fresh recruits.

  3. Democrats have become so isolated from ordinary peoples understanding of the world, sitting in blue bubbles, smelling their own gas, that it simply doesn’t occur to them that they really are kinda freaks. The old saying that people are conservative about that which they know best, applies to their children especially. I’ve seen rather feminist women treat their own daughters like they were Amish or something. They don’t have children much anyway. They were stupid enough to pick fights with parents, a fight no sane person wants.

      • I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon. All of the data clearly shows that women in positions of authority are against God, their Race, and society in general.

        Feminism is merely the ‘kinder, gentler’ version of Bolshevism.

        Women are to submit, raise children, obey their husbands, and keep silent in Church.
        End of story. NO ALTERNATIVE. It’s taken me over three decades, but my wife now understands every point I started making to her, from the first months of our courtship. It started with the ‘any obey’ phrase in the wedding vows. As a White, College educated woman, the programming runs deep. But history, age, maturity, and the reality of child-raising, are great correctives to feminist BS.

        Don’t be so hard on Anglin, HW. His posts are showing a growing awareness of Christianity, and the ho’s that he’s had, cannot compare to a godly wife. Pray for him, instead.

        • @Fr+ – If you believe Anglin’s ‘”Christianity” is sincere, then God help you. And a man so self-righteous as yourself referring to whores with the Black term “ho”… Well, God help your wife, too.

    • @ Charles, Your comment is open too debate, it will be a much, much better country, when our men and women, respect each other, we stick together, it’s only right and proper, the young in our country have in large part, have been misled, my baby-boom generation , responsible for a whole lot of the misleading, we have a whole lot of error on out part too correct, nice story, I am cheered by that news, with our women at our side, we are STRONG.

      • It doesn’t really matter how they vote.

        Men who are so submissive they let their women exercise political power, also lack the dominance to keep foreigners from taking their territory.

        Just the way it is, unfortunately.

  4. Y pepo are so evil and waysis that tens of thousands of incompatible browns transit through eight nations to get to ours. The tolerant and welcoming Chinese or Pakistanis don’t seem to be attracting anyone.
    To all YT’s out there:- please be less evil!

  5. Republicans win, then they ignore or counter the issues their electors elected them for. Does anyone think it will be different this time? The GOP keeps us going round in a cul de sac and the left’s power remains in tact.

    • No, but they will definitely double down now on CRT as a wedge issue. They will run more racially charged campaigns now. The overall effect of this will be that their voters will become more receptive to White identity politics. Even if they are scamming people, it remains true that normies are more stirred up than they have been in the past

      • Yep, it will be “Republican DIVERSITY versus evil racist White supremacist Nazi Confederate race-baiting DemonKKKrats!”

        Don’t expect any pro-White politics or any further talk of secession. The Dems just disarmed that by reaffirming the Boomers’ and Republican normies’ sense of “Murica f*** yeah!”

        They’re going to breathe a sigh of relief en masse, say “”the DemoKKKrats are the real racists, but God-fearing Muricans of all colors just showed those NAZIS and the system’s working as intended, we don’t need no secession or White identity politics!”, crack open a beer, flick on the tube to watch sportsball, and go back to sleep until it’s time to VOOT TRUMP in 2024.

        I know you’re grasping at straws here, but they really are straws. This will deradicalize the normies like nobody’s business. Well played on the Democrats’ part.

        • I don’t think so.

          White identity politics worked for the GOP. Youngkin ran a far more racially charged campaign than Trump. The GOP will simply use the same playbook in other races around the country. Granted, it is nothing but race baiting, but the bait that they are using is growing more and more potent. Overall, the trend is toward making ever more explicit appeals to White identity which is growing stronger. These people can vote for the GOP in 20212 and Trump in 2024 and STILL be much closer to us than they were in the past

          • I guess we’ll see.

            We’ll unfortunately be spectators to the whole gallumphing s***show regardless of which way it goes. 😉

          • Winsome Sears ran against Corey Stewart as a write-in candidate because he was too pro-white. She has promptly used her victory speech to pledge more funding for HBCU’s. A racial reckoning, this is not.

            Agree 100 percent with the “Yep, it will be “Republican DIVERSITY versus evil racist White supremacist Nazi Confederate race-baiting DemonKKKrats!”

            I think the trannies stuff is as big or bigger issue, including that girl getting raped in Loudon County. Republicans will scream until blue about not being racist and will even allow interbreeding with their children to prove it.. but they don’t want their boys being turned into trannies or their girls getting raped with impunity at school.

  6. It’s really a win-win for the Democrats, and their (((backers))).

    Youngkin approves of the Confederate monuments coming down, and he’s promising to put in rules against “antisemitism.” He’s basically the same thing as McAuliffe.

    At the same time, the Democrats now just stepped down the aggression and succession fervor of Republicans.

    “Look at that, vooting works! We just need to voot harder! And kiss up harder to based minorities and wahmen! Good, we can go back to sleep, watch football, swill beer, and VOOT TRUMP 2024 and everything will be okay!”

    Well played, Democrats. You allowed the election of a guy who is basically in accord with you anyway, and pulled the plug on Republican normie radicalization.

    Smart (((bastards))).

    • LOL it seems we have switched places.

      I don’t think Youngkin is the same as McAuliffe. I’m still dealing with the legal fallout from Charlottesville. You’re right that it isn’t much to celebrate, but I am still glad that bastard lost. He has already cost me several thousand dollars in legal fees. Even if Youngkin governs like Jeb Bush, he still isn’t as bad as McAuliffe has been for the entire movement because of Charlottesville

  7. Re: “75% of White women without a college degree voted for Youngkin. McAuliffe actually improved with college educated White women”:

    But college educated White women in Virginia voted Democrat MORE than expected. What percentage of White women are not college educated? So if non college educated White women were the critical swing group, and even among that group (White women who are not college educated) a considerable number still voted Democrat, and if Woke CRT overreach in public schools was the critical issue swinging the votes of those women, what happens when the CRT teaching is modified or stopped, or when the women get used to it, or change their minds about it? Women are noted for changing their minds more than men.

    Besides CRT in schools, many women, and men, were reacting to the U.S.’s continuing abject privatized health failure with Covid, with its many bad economic effects (for the 90%) which was also the main issue on which Trump lost the Presidency. Whichever party happens to be in power at the time of a major capitalist failure and downturn takes the blame for it, and then the other party is given a chance to “fix it.” It is absurd.

    Finally, in this election both Democrat and Republican voters were once again giving their explicit consent to the same system; and they are proving that they continue to believe in the American Dream of getting ahead of others and in global imperialism that subdues, enslaves and brings in the loot from the rest of the world.

    There is nothing radical and revolutionary about the Democratic Party, and the Republican side of the same capitalist coin gives the illusion of a different choice.

    The only remotely socialistic (and ethno) candidate was the Black Princess Blanding, who got almost no votes at all! But ethno-socialism is impossible in the U.S.’s mixed population.

    • Re: “schooled the left”:

      Both parties, Democrat and Republican, the two right wings of the same beast – with the explicit consent of millions of U.S. voters who vote in every (s)election for the two beast parties, making it clear that they still believe in the American Dream of getting ahead of others and in U.S. imperialism that destroys other countries and brings in the loot from the rest of the world – are bipartisanly “schooling” the REAL left – in Nicaragua, by engaging in massive, international-war-crime-scale intervention in the electoral process, after years of sanctions, partial blockade, covert mercenary warfare and failed coup attempts only made the Nicaraguan people suffer and did not overthrow their democracy:

      The U.S. is determined to re-open Nicaragua for full-scale capitalist exploitation, keep China from doing business there, and erase any good memory of socialism. If the Empire wins, Nicaragua will have drug gangs, high crime, and be hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of refugees to the U.S. like all the other Central American states.

      That would really be “schooling the left.”

  8. >because they used CRT as a wedge issue to run the most racially charged campaign in decades

    Just to state this in somewhat different but just as plain language: in America, white people are now reduced/subjected to the indignity of having to actively campaign to get public schools to stop psychologically abusing their kids, including by telling them their parents are ‘privileged’ carriers of toxic ‘whiteness’ who built and maintained an ‘institutionally racist’ system to cruelly oppress ‘people of color’.

    And rather than a ‘wedge issue’, one could just as well see CRT as a bait and switch issue — they’ll ratchet down the CRT for now to placate Whites (albeit the content was approved for the classroom, right?), but non-white migration will proceed apace, and eventually/soon reach the point where the votes of Whites just won’t matter.

    And as a pundit, Douthat is another who rivals David French in unoriginal mediocrity.

  9. White people applaud as Youngkin’s black running mate, Winsome talks about being black and proud “racism” and funding black colleges and universities. 15.35 is where she goes on about funding black colleges and universities. Would that be considered a form of CRT and discrimination against Whites?

    Duped again.

  10. We need to discuss a problem that’s been over 100 years in the making: College Educated Whites and their trash values.

    First, the gender dynamic. Those voting numbers for College Educated White Women show that it was a bad idea to let White girls go off to college. Its better for our race, our families, and our country for White women to get a highschool graduation only. College Educated White Women deny that their White sons and daughters are hated and dehumanized, and insofar as they acknowledge it, they say that White children “need to hear it,” or worse yet, “deserve it.” Total race traitor scum.

    Second, the overarching issue. Although College Educated White Women are worse in their voting behavior than College Educated White Men, frankly, the men aren’t much better. They both share the same values, beliefs, and assumptions about the world, which is the problem I wish to zero in on.

    In conservative circles, its popular to assume that “indoctrination” is why college degree holders tend to be so liberal. But I think there’s a chicken and egg problem here: Do colleges indoctrinate otherwise “innocent,” pure students into becoming liberal? Or do colleges naturally attract those who are more likely to rebel and act liberal in the first place?

    College Educated Whites love to describe themselves as “critical thinkers,” “smart,” “tolerant,” and all the other lovely buzzwords. In reality though, College Educated Whites are a hivemind on every single issue that matters – and it just so happens (wink wink, nudge, nudge) that their consensus on the issues is the exact opposite of how non-college White voters feel. This isn’t a coincidence, and it definitely isn’t because College Whites have “figured out the truth” and reached a collective agreement on said truth.

    So much more must be said on this matter, but I think whats going on is this: At their core, Whites who are attracted to higher education have something fundamentally wrong with them. There is a spiritual rot inside them which attracts them to higher education and makes them support garbage like open immigration, race mixing, trannies, hormone injections for children, climate change, and all the rest of it. These people value being “Smart” and being seen as “Smart” above all else.

  11. Chesterfield must’ve flipped because I voted for a Republican for the first time in four years (if I remember correctly, I reluctantly voted for Ed Gillespie and his anti-immigration campaign in 2017).

    I’m surprised that Richmond rejected the casino. The white areas voted for it and the black areas against it. They say it takes a hundred Richmonders to change a light bulb: one to change it and 99 to talk about how good the old light bulb was.

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