NatCon II: Josh Hawley

I like Sen. Josh Hawley.

I don’t really disagree with anything he says here. It is true that millions of young White American men have been plunged into a crisis because we live in a toxic culture.

Last month, a young White man who I went to high school with who was in the grade below me committed suicide. Truth be told, we are both more like middle aged White men now. He was married. He has a young daughter who goes to the same school as my son. He loved the Dave Matthews Band. We used to see him all the time picking up his daughter after school. I’ve heard that it was due to drugs and depression. Anyway, that is what came to mind when I watched this speech this morning.

This young White man took his own life and checked out on the world. I just saw his wife picking up their daughter at the school last week. She was only in the first grade when her father committed suicide. This is just one example of the carnage that is going on all over the country under “patriarchy” and “white supremacy.” The idea that White men are oppressing non-Whites and women is ludicrous. Assuming they even get that far these days (the number of bitter single men and divorced men continues to grow), White men no longer have the power and authority to control their own families.

There is more that I could say about this, but it would only be speculation. It will suffice to say that we live in a time of severe cultural breakdown. These are the kinds of things which happen when men live in a toxic culture. The workplace is toxic. Marriage and family life is toxic. Dating is toxic. Men commit suicide or escape into video games or drugs because all of this seems to be due to forces out of their control. The world that we live in today was created and set in motion by the last two generations.

What have the conservatives of the last two generations conserved? The answer is low taxes, deregulation and large defense budgets. Nothing that truly mattered was conserved. As Josh Hawley points out, progressives control the commanding heights of government, culture and the economy, so whatever “conservatism” was over the last several decades has been routed and is a total failure.

Note: Next year, the very same people who have presided over this total cultural collapse are likely to be returned to power in Congress. They also promise to do nothing about these problems.

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  1. The only real error thats been made on our side is our “intellectuals” doing everything they can to make it impossible for them to ever be able to speak at these events.

    The people actually listening to these speakers know full well they don’t represent a monolith of worldview, and if anything these are opportunities to spark previously unconsidered ideas in new audience.

    National Autism is what we should label the next iteration of this ideological polished turd.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend, Brad.

    I know what the struggle against addiction does to a guy’s self worth. Suicide often seems the only way out that preserves any dignity. Its part of the insidious nature of the disease.

  3. Funny, how drugs and depression are always blamed for suicide. Maybe they do have something to do with it, and, maybe the destruction of the institutions that White Americans looked to for guidance, have been destroyed leaving many younger White Americans without hope.

    If you are really interested in politics, you should go to the funeral home and see friends, aquaintences and neighbors layed out. You will learn a lot, and, always be sure to say, “if there is anything I can do”. This is one of the ways political machines are built.

  4. Which is more pathetic, this “National Conservative” conference featuring John Bolton and Rich Lowry, or “The Intellectual Dark Web” featuring neocons and liberals, mostly named “Rubin”.

    Such dissidents!

    • I’ll bet there was a big demand for “midnight cowboys” and other “rough trade” at that NatCon homofest.

  5. It was a good speech but it would have been even better if Hawley addressed the problems that White men face in particular. I’m going to be very sad and disappointed on the day when he tells us how important it is to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Greatest Ally™. But at least I won’t be surprised when it happens.

  6. Josh “carry my body out on a slab for Israel” Hawley is all talk. When it comes down to it, he votes the Republican party line. That is the essence of new right-populism. All rhetoric, same old republican policies.

  7. >I don’t really disagree with anything he says here.

    The problem is that all they do is talk — they never do anything about it.

    linkHold another hearing about it

    If it was the Jews he’d probably be willing to do something right away — link

    >This young White man took his own life and checked out on the world.

    Probably many of us have experienced the same among friends/family — I have.

    Hawley and his ilk ignored the de-industiralization and its attendant economic immiseration for decades — it was the same with the intimately related opioid abuse/overdose epidemic — never forget that.

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