Which Conservative Heroes?

I dislike the term “conservatism.”

The term is firmly associated with Northern conservatism in the United States.

As George Fitzhugh and Robert Lewis Dabney pointed out ages ago, Northern conservatism is worthless. In the 21st century, there is nothing to add to Dabney’s observation that “what was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism” and “American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition.”

Just look at NatCon II. It is being financed by Peter Thiel who is a gay libertarian. Dave Rubin who is currently in a gay marriage was one of the speakers. Douglas Murray who is gay is another one of the speakers. There are other open homosexuals who are there sharing the stage with Patrick Deneen and Sohrab Ahmari and Rod Dreher and the “post-liberal” crowd. Having absorbed gay marriage and the LGB in LGBT into respectable conservatism, the National Conservatives now promise to resist “trans” and CRT. The “post-liberal” Trad Caths are liberal enough to make their peace with gay marriage.

The truth is, Northern conservatism is simply performing its traditional role in American politics, which is absorbing and digesting the last leftwing social revolution while pretending to resist the most recent ones. There was a speaker at the NatCon II who also defended real feminism against “bio-libertarianism.” Rod Dreher remains a huge fan of Martin Luther King, Jr. and real antiracism.

Brion McClanahan is correct to mock the mainstream conservatives who consider Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant to be “conservative” heroes because they were Republicans. He is also correct to point to John C. Calhoun as an alternative. You won’t find any “antiracism” in John C. Calhoun. I also admire Calhoun. I just don’t think see any reason to believe he was wrong about race.

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  1. …and the gay are allies of the Jews in their hatred of Muslims because they do not like Islamic morality. Islam views homosexuality as sinful and until not to long ago so did Christians. I still remember people being arrested in America for sodomy. WTF is sodomy you ask? ANY sex act that does not have the chance of producing a baby.

    • I don’t think Islam has a “morality” but yeah, Jews don’t want anything that restricts their behavior including murdering and raping children. Leo Frank being a well documented example.

      • @KT-88—- you hate the innocent don’t you Christ killer? How did the Muslims bring down building 7 can you tell me Christ killer? Try not to sprain your brain on that one okay todd?

        Has it ever occurred to you that did not do it? How TF woulds you like to be an innocent person wrongly accused of crime you did not commit? How would you like it todd?

    • If they were to consider the saintly MLK’s character they would have to admit that the guy was a lecherous, illiterate, whore mongering, wife beating, drug using, hypocritical, plagiarising, lying, violent, greedy, misogynist, gluttonous scumbag. Otherwise he had a sterling character. The “conservatives” got taken (again) because they want to get taken, their credulity apparently knows no bounds.

      No doubt these tough minded “conservatives” like David “Dickhead” French would burst into tears in front of their colored children and their wives’ black boyfriends if they ever admitted the truth. Such is life. It’s “unfair”, as children say.

  2. That goofy Brian Kilmeade of FoxNews is hustling a Lincoln/Fredrick Douglas book. Like Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas also corresponded with Karl Marx. I wonder if that’s in Kilmeade’s book? Btw, who were the Jews in Kilmeades family tree?

  3. What a repulsive bunch. If this is “conservatism”, National or otherwise it has no future. It should be called the National Degenerates Conference: truth in advertising. Their endorsement of buggery sounds like warmed over Ayn Rand Libertarianism from the 1980’s. Never trust a woman named after a typewriter.


    The Trad Catholic group is definitely anti-homo in every respect (in my experience) although they have no power to effect change. The Catholic Church, as far as I know, even the more “liberal” parishes will not do gay so-called marriages or so-called “blessings”. AFAIK all the mainstream Protestant churches do either gay “marriage” or “blessings”, a total disgrace. The individual, unaffiliated Protestant churches vary although many of them also refuse to do the gay “marriage” thing too.

    • The papist cult is run by a cabal of pederasts, so it is definitely not anti-homo. Papist priests have been blessing “gay marriages” for years now, and the cult hierarchy allows it. The pope himself hired openly homosexual priest James Martin to promote tolerance of homos to the cult members.

      And “trad caths” are just morons who don’t understand their own cult’s dogma.

    • Missouri Synod Lutheran…..our pastor told a gay couple who had been attending they were not welcome.

  4. >Just look at NatCon II.


    Wikipedia/Dave Rubin/Personal lifeRubin publicly came out as gay in 2006, which he has referred to as his “defining moment”. In December 2014, he became engaged to producer David Janet. The couple married on August 27, 2015.


    “what was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism” and “American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition.”

    ‘Nous sommes Charlie’ — how different are these people from the deservedly reviled David French? — the slogan for this event could easily be ‘Nous sommes David French’.

  5. I think HW and Brion McClanahan would become best buds if they ever met. They could watch all the Auburn games on TV in the living room while their wives are busy in the kitchen gossiping and making sammiches.

  6. Conservatism has failed on all levels. It’s time to move past it on to more pro White movement for our people.

  7. Heroes of conservatism:
    -Abraham Lincoln
    -Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr
    -Ronald Reagan
    -Benjamin Netanyahu
    -Harvey Milk
    -token based black conservatives
    -Caitlin Jenner
    -Jared Kushner
    -Nelson Mandela
    -that fake president of Venezuela

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