NatCon II: The New Fusionism

Meet the new fusionism.

It sounds a lot like the old fusionism complete with the same Northern Jewish and Catholic architects and gatekeepers. For pragmatic reasons, conservatives need to form an alliance with anti-Marxist liberals. Such was the history of neoconservatism during the Cold War.

Note: The funniest thing that I have seen from NatCon II so far is the panel on Anglo-American conservatism.

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  1. National Conservatism will not conserve any nation except for Israel. National conservatives rejects the classical definition of nationhood, common ancestry, except for Israel. National conservatives reject the defense of classically-defined nations except for Israel.

    Orban, Hungarian PM, touts his government’s protection of Jews in Hungary who openly subvert his nation. Orban would never dream of expelling much less disenfranchising Jews in Hungary. As such, Orban, the National Conservative poster boy, remains a staunch Zionist and civic nationalist who would denounce explicit Hungarian ethnic ationalism at the drop of a hat.

    National conservatism can best be re-interpreted as Civic National Zionism. Their objective is to harness the backlash of Europeans and European-Americans to their dispossession by Jews to further the Jewish ethnostate while denying European and European Americans the right to defend their collective interests. Ethnic nationalism for Israel, and “civic nationalism” for the goyim.

    This is merely a rebranding exercise bought and paid for by American, European, and Israeli Zionist organizations like the Herzl Institute and the Danube Institute. I find it difficult to take traditionalist Christians like Deneen, Dreher, and Ahmari at their word when they ally themselves with proud sodomites and rabid Zionists.

    The “conservative movement” will neither conserve anything nor move anywhere. Conservativism must die for ethnonationalism to be reborn. We must continuously critique conservatives until the normal European American man recognizes them for what they are: scam artists. Ending conservatism is within the power of the Dissident Right. Do not vote for conservatives. Do not attend conservative events. Do not fund conservatives. Deprive them of the grassroots supports that they need to survive. Conservatives include any and all members of the GOP. Let the Left run the US government into the ground. Feed the controlled opposition no more. Conservatives are worse than an enemy. They pretend to be our friend when they stab us in the back. Let us reciprocate.

    • Hazony himself has said that only Jews should be allowed to have real nationalism because Jews invented nationalism lol. Goyim can only be allowed to have watered down anti-racist “cultural nationalism” rooted in Judeo-Christian values.

  2. Them South-ren Baptists that worship at the Altar Of Niggerball are going to save us from them Cat-lick Yanquis!

    • c d You are a dumbass.I’m a Southern Baptist and I don’t believe the children of the Devil Jews are the chosen people nor do I watch any sports(because they are all non-White or pathetic synthetic Jews kissing Jew ass).Why make some smear against normal traditional Whites just because you read and believe the Jew media narrative meant to induce defeatism into Whites.Sure mega-church,new age White women and the Jew puppets in the hierarchy are evil and useless but many more Whites are aware of whats being done to us,they just don’t own a TV network so they can’t talk about it.So don’t paint me in with people I despise and don’t mock my religion or ancestors you Yankee atheist bitch.Or maybe you’re just a hasbara fatboy sitting in Tel Aviv with your hand on your afro.Sorry for the outburst Hunter but I cant stand those trolls mocking the only decent White stock left in this worthless land,and that is the great Southern Whites.

  3. New fusionism means going through old John Birch Society pamphlets from the cold war with a bottle of white-out and replacing mentions of the USSR with the Communist Party of China.

  4. “Cultural fusion” versus nuclear: Cultural fusion is unnatural and deadly harmful, but at least it won’t pollute the earth and harm all life for millions of years like nuclear fusion.

    “conservatism can best be re-interpreted as Civic National Zionism”:

    “Conservatism” may also be defined as the target audience of Fox News commercial advertisements and shows.

    “Conservativism must die for ethnonationalism to be reborn”:

    What must die for ethnosocialism to be born?

  5. Guys with names like Hazony, Yehoshua and Brog are going to lecture us on Anglo American conservatism? How about we lecture them on Ashkenazi European Zionism?

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – some old colored guy at the bus station

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