NatCon II: Ted Cruz

Just curious.

In what universe is Joe Biden a tyrant, but Abraham Lincoln is worth celebrating? If Joe Biden was wielding power like Lincoln, say, by sending in the military to decapitate the state government of Texas and install a puppet regime, what would Ted Cruz be saying about him?

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  1. >Ted Cruz on the antiracist history of the Republican Party

    LOL — ‘please clap’.

    I understand that race is a difficult issue, but come on, these people cannot be serious.

    • The three goals of the Republican Party:
      1) Tax cuts for billionaires.
      2) Free shit for Israel.
      3) Screw over working class white people.

      The only thing Republican politicians and influencers are deadly serious about, is adding more zeros to their bank account balances. If Republicans win elections, they can do more for the filthy rich and zionist jews, and this makes their bank account balances go up. If they lose, bank account balance does not go up. That is very bad.

      That is why the Republicans send Israeli operatives to “nazi” websites near election times, to try to convince the “nazis” to vote Republican, before they disappear soon afterwards, and condemn the “nazis” or their racism.

      Someone should infiltrate the Republican Party, and expose them the same way Project Veritas exposes the Democrats. I want to see these people caught red handed.

  2. This is as good an example as I could come up for not voting Republican. This why I guess, that they can’t stop any of the communists, or any of the anti European, anti western thinking, they themselves have been peddling water downed version of this infernal crap since Dr. Kang’s day.

    They’ve sat and watched as Christianity has been corrupted and marginalized, and their own societies turned into third world crap holes. How could they be more clueless? They are either evil or completely incompetent.

    • They aren’t on our side. It doesn’t even matter who gets in anymore. It’s like a giant ball rolling downhill.

  3. Always write the correct name: Rafael Cruz, Canadian by birth, the son of a Sephardic anti-communist and a Catholic Irish-Italian Canadian, and grandson of a Sephardic immigrant to Cuba.

  4. Republicans keep telling White people that they want nothing to do with us, yet White people continue voting for them for some reason. Just take them at their word when they tell you that they hate you. They don’t want or need our votes. They can get by with votes from based black guys and rappers in MAGA hats.

  5. The Republicans of Lincoln’s day campaigned on a nation full of Free White Labor.

    Not a bad platform.

    When the nigras wanted welfare from Lincoln, he replied, “root, hog, or die.” That is, work, steal, or die. No welfare for nigras.

    Again, not bad.

    The Republicans of today want us dead. Could anything be more clear? They want us dead.

  6. Deep down, cruz iprobably hates pro-white/white racialist southern republican voters more than he does antifas and pink haired lesbian feminists.

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