CNN: How White Nationalists Lure New Recruits

If the polls are correct, we have had more success in spreading our worldview and persuading new people in the last two years than in the previous twenty years. This has also happened in spite of all the censorship and the lawsuits which has harmed prominent content creators and activists. The demise of the Alt-Right hasn’t stopped many of our beliefs from gaining traction and going mainstream.

Let me put it this way:

“Journalists” belong to a class of people who dominate our institutions. They are defined by having college degrees. They are concentrated in coastal metropolitan areas in enclaves like Brooklyn. These people are anti-White. It is a defining feature of their progressive politics. It separates them from normal people of all races who do not share their intense animus toward White people. Brianna Keilar, for example, attributed the demise of the Democratic Party in Virginia to “dog whistle racism” yesterday. Millions of White people agree with us now that antiracism is anti-White and progressives are anti-White.

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  1. Thanx, race-baiting Libtards, Whites will of course adopt race-based identity politics after YOU peddled said race-based identity politics for any ethnicity in the US – except for Whites.

  2. Yes I watched the entire video. Note that they are examining racial identity movement organisations. Some of these organisations are even for-profit businesses.

    Artificially-created racial identity is one thing, but an organic, naturally-occurring tribe, clan or ethnicity, with its own historic culture, cohesion, and roots in physical, geographic place, is a different thing.

    Yes there are efforts to create something artificial (a racial identity) within a mixed population, but there is also the reality of diverse humanity, that shares the same planet but exists in blood-related family-lines, tribes, clans, ethnicities (peoples) and even ethno-nations – whereas the logic of greed (profit motive of global capitalist imperialism) is to exploit, blend and destroy this natural diversity.

  3. Libs seem quite knowledgeable about canine communication (i.e. dog whistles). Maybe that’s because so many of them are the sons and daughters of female dogs.

    • For a lot of people, giving nonwhites free passes and “help”, makes them feel good and superior.
      It’s like sharpening the sword that is going to be used to on you.

  4. ZOG is really afraid of whites rediscovering their racial and cultural identity YET they do everything they can to antagonize, insult and provoke us into doing just that.

    • All I can hear in my head is, ‘J-Libs. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.’
      Wonder why? “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” – Network

    • Whites aren’t going to do anything. This has been going on for decades. The whites who have enough money and time to not have to work, are going on new vacations and looking for the best time-share deals. They could care less.
      Boomers aren’t going to do a thing.

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