#WhiteWomen Is Trending On Twitter

I find this hilarious.

Conservatives have finally stumbled across the red line for White women which is demonizing their kids on racial grounds. Karen is literal white supremacy.

The Daily Beast:O

“As a student of American history and a person of color, I never underestimate the white, hot rage, anxiety and resentment of a Karen scorned. You might think you’ve won them over with Beyonce, Oprah, chai latte and henna, but the cult of Karen will always turn on people of color on a dime to uphold oppressive systems that ensure they remain influential and powerful handmaidens of white supremacy.

Don’t believe me? According to an NBC exit poll, 75% of white women without college degrees voted for Glenn Youngkin for Governor in Virginia, compared to 56% who went for Trump in 2020. They voted for a man whose single campaign message was about stopping the manufactured bogeyman of Critical Race Theory, the latest incarnation of the Southern Strategy, which most of his voters can’t define and isn’t taught in schools, but they are certain it is absolutely terrifying and worth cancelling because it’s making their kids hate white people and become transgender. …”

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  1. They hate us because they can never be us. They hate our diverse looks, our eyes, hair and most of all our intelligence and wisdom.

    • They hate us for all the goodies we keep creating.

      Without Otto, Benz and Diesel, all that oil would just be muck that fouls wells.
      (Without Western engineers they couldn’t extract more than a few wicker baskets full.)

    • They hate us because we are the Incarnation of God’s Adamity. As is Christ. Thus, like the fallen angels, non-Whites are the nadir of God’s special Creation. And, again like Satan and his minions, they ENVY us. And what is said of Envy, that ‘green-eyed monster?’

      “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
      It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
      The meat it feeds on; that cuckold lives in bliss
      Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger;
      But, O, what damned minutes tells he o’er
      Who dotes, yet doubts, suspects, yet strongly loves!” – Shakespeare, Othello, 1604.

      Thus, the Jew most of all, like Satan; and for good reason. (“Our God is Lucifer”- Jews, 1964- https://12160.info/profiles/blogs/most-jews-do-not-like-to-admit-it-but-our-god-is-lucifer)

      Having betrayed the Covenant, their Lord, and crucified ‘the Lord of Glory,’ the Jews’ greatest desire is the annihilation of the Christ-bearing race, as Cambria used to write of so often.

      Why are you all surprised? What did Jesus say? “Ye [Jews] are of your father, the Devil, and the deeds of your father ye will (as in predestined) do.” – John 8:44


  2. I wonder if “Wajahat Ali” is smart enuff to understand he’s nothing but a racial stereotype and a token nigger?

  3. Don’t worry, this will soon be a thing of the past: a Republican was elected governor of VA yesterday.

    >I find this hilarious.

    I don’t.

    • “White women vote to protect their white sons.”

      WHITE men have been protecting WHITE women , for centuries.
      With precious little encouragement from the women.

  4. Why are Muslims allowed into America Legally?

    So they can enthusiastically vote the Native Born White Christian American Historic Majority into a White racial minority within the borders of America…And this is a policy supported by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security……This is the proper response to Wajahat Ali….

    • “Why are Muslims allowed into America Legally?”

      “We will use the broom of Islam to sweep away Christianity”…….Rabbinic maxim

  5. Emotion-driven creatures they are, regardless of race or ethnicity. Give them time, they’ll change their minds. If CRT in schools is their “reason” for switching, there are and have been much worse problems than CRT in schools that they don’t comprehend or that leave them unfazed.

    • So is Critical Race Theory taught in schools or not? The token moolie who calls himself “Wajat Ali” claims it doesn’t exist at all!

      • I was referring to the female gender, that tends to fads and fashions, and changes their minds. If they mostly do not oppose or even notice many things that are worse than CRT, how long will they remain upset about CRT?

  6. >Wajahat Ali

    Oh, and just to add: I guarantee you there are literally millions of white men who feel a visceral kind of rage that some fucking camel jockey (or sand nigger, take your pick) is here and given a platform to air his foul opinions about white women — I guarantee you there are no white men espousing similar derogatory opinions of women living in countries where people named Ali hold sway.

    • “I guarantee you there are no white men espousing similar derogatory opinions of women living in countries where people named Ali hold sway.”

      You know why, don’t Jew? Because non-White women are decidedly INFERIOR.
      Hell, some of them aren’t even human. Precursors to Men in a dress, about likely…. which is what Moslem countries engender (disengender?) cf. https://www.barnhardt.biz/2016/06/14/jihadist-was-a-fag-also-water-wet-sun-rises-in-east/

      Whereas White Women?

      “Thou art beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners.” – Song of Solomon, 6:4

      McAuliffe’s defeat was at the hands of such an army with banners, saying “Not my White Children!”

      Arise, America and drive the ENTIRE Amalek into the sea. (all Jews, Arabs, Sodomites, and Liberals)

      • @eah – There are also plenty of dissident Right White men airing their foul opinions about White women.

  7. ” a person of color”

    NO, you don’t have any color, you’re a turd skin.
    You have the non-color of a turd.

    Decades ago my relatives told me,
    ” they will first go after WHITE males, working to demonize them,
    then they will go after WHITE women, once they have sufficiently undermined men”.
    My relatives had clearer perceptions than I do.

    This site, and all others of similar content, should be flooded with young ppl, especially women, they’re the ones at greatest risk, with the most to lose.

  8. Upon closer inspection Ali isn’t a moon cricket he’s some swarthy, greasy Allah ape from Asscrackistan.

  9. The fact of the matter is that conservative whites, post-trump, thanks to MAGA, have less animus towards negros than they had during obama’s reign. The george floyd riots should have woken up most whites to the negro problem but instead civic nationalism, negro-loving is the game of the day. Now they get all worked up over CRT, when it’s been going on in schools for decades.

    The right has more negrophilia now more than ever. All the race war talk from the alt-right when obama was prez disappeared when trump came along. I mean seriously, the black panthers could threaten whites with a race war next week and the fools on breitbart would be kissing black-ass and talking about how democrats are the real racists. It would be a stark difference from 2014-2015.

    • @rick – That is the truth, sir! It boggles the mind that any White person who isn’t a total self-hater would have any doubt about the severe threat “diversity” worship poses to our survival. Or still have any faith left in our political system, for that matter.

  10. -We aren’t teaching CRT. CRT isn’t even a real thing.
    -But voting against us is upholding “oppressive systems that ensure they remain influential and powerful handmaidens of white supremacy”

    These people.

    They are sort of right about it being a manufactured bogeyman, though. Anti-White CRT has been the standard American school curriculum since the 90s, so it’s nothing new. There has been no substantial change on that. Republicans haven’t done anything about it in the last 30 years, and they don’t plan on doing anything about it now.

  11. Mother’s simply don’t think the way this bonehead thinks. No mother, unless she a weirdo, (at a there are some of those) thinks of her children as “white”. It’s just her kids. I’m adopted, people have often asked me what it’s like to be “adopted”, I tell them I don’t know, my parents, and grandparents always treated me and my adopted siblings the way they treated my natural cousins. Same with race, they just people’s children. The Left doesn’t have or like children much. I’m convinced that many of the stupid things they do, and their shock at the reaction of parents, is because they simply can’t understand that kinda of love, and relationship. And it’s power.

  12. Every single Republican is now going to run against CRT. The issue is ten times more explosive than Obamacare ever was because the Democrats are going to double and triple down on the issue.

  13. That’s it – scream, sand nigger. It is…precious to me…

    And it only makes all those non (((college)))-edjewcated “Karens” hate you more than they already do.

  14. The next Wajahats & other rabid White-hating mud monkeys must be kept the fuck out of Murca, or all will be lost. That is the most immediate, essential task of real politics. Then we must get into a position to crush the goddamned jews & their race traitor lackeys who are letting them in.

  15. @Wajahat Ali:

    If you don’t like it, feel free to crawl back in to the shit hole you crawled out of.

    We’ll miss you … Not one damned bit.

  16. Its amusing how both their side and ours is conflating “Karen” – which embodies a specific type of White woman – with all White women. The specific type of White woman that the “Karen” meme embodies is an AWFL (pronounced with a silent U): Affluent White Female Liberal. Basically, a College Educated White Woman.

    Karens are overwhelmingly anti-racist and work in professional jobs. They aren’t bartenders out in the boondocks. Karens are also entitled, self-absorbed bitches, which means their self-interest sometimes overrides their anti-racism. Hence, the eruption of Karen videos, in which they learn where they as White women actually fall on the victim totem poll (near the bottom. lol).

    That Daily Beast screed against Karens isn’t even directed at real Karens. Its directed at unwoke, non-college White women, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck and are just trying to take care of their kids. I suppose if there’s any upside to this, its that the next time a Karen goes viral, she will be assumed to be a Right Wing, closested White Supremacist, even though she’s likely just another AWFL. I say throw the AWFL’s to the wolves. Working class White women should get the WN Movements support. AWFLs should not.

    • @ dp84, agreed in part, some of these wackjob’s can still be salvaged, I would rather we retrain these lost souls, than let the enemy, consume them, not all of them, but certainly some, can still be saved.

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