Jimmy Dore: Why Democrats Lost In Virginia Is Painfully Obvious


It was a rejection of BoBos, woke scolds, shitlibs, PMCs, woke progressivism, etc. We have dozens of terms for this class of people who were deeply into Russiagate, who were fan girls of Robert Mueller and Michael Avenatti, who unironically watch The Reid Report, Anderson Cooper 360 and Brian Stelter and Reliable Sources, who use terms like “pregnant people” and “Latinx,” who think Don Lemon and Oprah Winfrey are oppressed, who dismiss White women as “Karens,” who think Hannah Gadsby and John Oliver are funny, who can’t shut up about January 6 and “misinformation” and “our democracy.”

Note: You could say these people are a peculiar type of lefty who everyone hates.

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  1. If only the dems would go back to their roots of being pro White, pro segregation and pro South I would vote for them. Yes, I know, those old Dixiecrat’s are all dead, buried and turning over in their graves.

  2. Great point, Hunter. I am ashamed to say that this describes most of my family – including my grown millennial children. I do not know how they got to be this way, but it was the programming in school in the late 1990s and the early 2000s. And they think they are good Catholics, and that Francis is the best Pope ever and that AOC is America’s salvation.

    My Gen-Z nephews and nieces are even worse. They hang the rainbow flag in their dorms (even though they are cis-het themselves) and they lecture me on gender fluidity (you decide every morning whether you want to be a man or a woman for the rest of that day).

    Thankfully, my wife is not woke (yet) – nor are my octogenarian parents. But we are the past. The future of the white race is to a great extent dominated by our own crazies (never mind the other races).

    • “And they think they are good Catholics, and that Francis is the best Pope ever and that AOC is America’s salvation.”

      Stephen- do you live in Minnesota? LOL

      One of my parishioners told me of an exchange he had with a former neighbor in the TC, back in the day. Finding out that said neighbor was RC, our friend said, “Yeah, isn’t Vatican II just the worst thing?” And this neighbor said, “Worst? I think it was the best thing that ever happened to the Church- I can hardly wait for Vatican 3!” Said neighbor also allowed/encouraged his eldest son to ‘transition’ to a faux woman sometime in his late teens about a decade after that exchange, and this castrated, hormone-freak abomination is now their ‘second daughter.’ Completely lost; satanically possessed, and without hope in this world- all that family, except (perhaps) their youngest child… who saw it all, and got out while he could, I think.

      Our friend said to us, after telling us this horrific example of willful apostasy, one Sunday Mass at the RCC in the area (where this liberal attended) was enough (before he even had that conversation with his now ex-‘neighbor’) to convince him it was a synagogue of Satan. And this was all BEFORE Bergoglio.

      Truly, if you are an RCC, LEAVE. Don’t even think twice. LEAVE. Better to be a fundie Baptist, than to even darken the door of a modernist [sic] ‘Catholic’ church- cuz it ain’t…. and hasn’t been for more than fifty years.

      Pray for your family, that they may be delivered from this demonic oppression and the lies of Hell. It’s all you can do. Ostracize them- you cannot condone, live with, or even eat with such evil. [I Cor. 5:11]

      Watch some Steven Anderson videos on YT, to wean yourself off of the ‘conciliar crap’ as I call it.

    • I work with these late 20s white guys who never learned the most basic lifeskill that YOU DON’T LIVE IN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS!!! Both live in the ghetto, one bought a house there and the other lives in a nasty apartment complex where they have shootings. Both have white wives and are not weirdos who “act black” or anything. Another numnutz is a professor originally from Iowa whose mail order Chinese bride works with us, he too bought a house in the ghetto. I can’t imagine anyone I went to high school with in the 80s not understanding the importance of not living around blacks. Only drug addict degenerate whites associate with them, as a matter of fact it was ALWAYS DRUGS when whites from my generation would run with blacks, always. These younger ones though are clueless, voting for Obama was just the tip of the iceberg. One of them though is moving after a car was spotted on fire a few houses down on his street, it was stolen and used in some ‘hood shootings. His extended family wants them to move into a recently deceased Aunt’s home 20 miles out in the country. You know when the older folks are around they must whisper as to where his common sense is living in the ‘hood.

        • @Jaye Ryan,

          That will be unnecessary. It’s not a matter of when, not if, some North American Urban Pavement Humanzees will do that and likely much more for free and laughs.

      • @ Nightowl, a lot of that type in the metropolitan areas, it’s quite easy too explain , their mental dysfunction, we didn’t get too them, the other side did. We ourselves are partially too blame, I actually had a conversation with a young co.worker, not too long ago, about the ” Knights Templars”, believe it or not, after he finished telling me how evil they were, I simply told him , there wasn’t a structure in Europe, over three stories high, till the Templars, came back from the middle east ,with the sacred geometric knowledge,.I realized and I hate it, how our young,.have been brainwashed so easily by a bunch of lightweight nitwitted shitheads and that is a Sorry shame.

      • @Nightowl There are suburbs and bedroom communities that are now full of nonwhites. They go wherever they want, because they know they can get treated like they are special. So there aren’t too many places you can live that are pure white anymore, unless you can get into a very expensive neighborhood, then economics keeps them out.

  3. Sometimes Jimmy Dore has some nominally interesting things to say that sorta echo right wing talking points, but you almost have to listen to him through a filter to stomach him. Example, his snark about McCauliffe not really being a leftist because of his history with banking and investing. Dore makes the same mistake that mirrors neocons by bringing everything around to cold takes about money, taxes, and finances. Sure, he mocks the “woke shitlibs” in the party who drone on about gender fluidity and that kind of nonsense…but ultimately his beef with McCauliffe is that he’s too cozy with money people. If McCauliffe pandered to all the woke crazies while also demanding free health care, $15 minimum wage, moratorium on college debt, methinks Dore wouldn’t be so snarky about him.

    I agree with Dore that he’s not really a leftist. He’s not really even interested in all the woke crap that he fails to push back on. He only tolerates it because it plays as cover for him while he rakes in all the donor money. He’s no different than Bill Kristol or George Will. However, he’s even more dangerous than them because he has credibility with Democrat voters who are too stupid to see the shenanigans (most of them)

    Dore needs to go a little harder on the social issue snark. I know it won’t buy him many friends on the left, but he’s already alienated them at this point anyway.

    • “but ultimately his beef with McCauliffe is that he’s too cozy with money people. If McCauliffe pandered to all the woke crazies while also demanding free health care, $15 minimum wage, moratorium on college debt, methinks Dore wouldn’t be so snarky about him”:

      Dore is almost socialist, while McCauliffe is neo-lib capitalist. They are two entirely different things, twain that shall never meet.

      “Dore needs to go a little harder on the social (…) it won’t buy him many friends on the left”:

      Yes he should, and of course he’ll be hated for it by the fake left.

  4. “The coalition of blacks, hispanics and immigrants is the future of american politics”

    Didn’t seem to work.

    • Funny how affluent white and jew shitlibs just automatically assume those three groups get along with each other and are completely interchangeable.

    • Did in New Jersey and with trends running the way they are Virginia won’t be repeatable in a decade or two. The Republicans don’t get that the TRENDS are running against them, it’s not simply a rainy vs. sunny day. It’s like denial of advancing disease that still can be cured with some effort but soon will be stage 4 and hopeless. The only hope without massive population transfers is no more democracy, that “group of veterans” Michael Ironside mentioned in that movie or something similar will soon need to seize power and rule unapologetically to make thinks run according to human nature and natural law instead of this anit-darwinian anti-culture we have today. Seeing AOC rag on about doubling down on this crap, I certainly hope normal white women start to see her as just an overgrown malevolent high school girl who hates them and wants to sabotage their efforts to be popular while pretending to be their friend. That is something females can understand, not the cerebral politics men pontificate on.

  5. The baizuo lost but their father didn’t. Right out of the gate, Youngkin pledges allegiance to the tribe.

    Rule #1 of post Civil Rights America is SATAN ALWAYS WINS.

    • How was McAuliffe getting the endorsement of that klown-faced kike Bill Kristolnacht supposed to be “big”? Can that lamprey-faced jewess Jennifer Rubin really be trusted?

    • Three days of euphoria, dashed by the inundation of the cold, congealed tainted blood of the foreskin eaters…..

      Sigh, How long, O Lord?

      “They shouted to the Lord and said, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before you judge the people who belong to this world and avenge our blood for what they have done to us?” – Rev. 6:10

  6. This is why you never use the media’s reporting without actually verifying how they got their numbers. Covid is a scam. A gayop. We know they are doing the same thing here.


    Yes its a real virus. And its about as deadly as the flu. Donald Trumps first instinct to ride it out was right, the above is proof of that. Whats worse, the vaccine is doing real damage, all of which is being justified by this fake death statistic we were bludgeoned daily with in the run up to Nov. 2020’s vote, which was heavily influenced by the gayop.

    This gayop gave us Biden. The backlash from all this is coming.

    • Zerohedge is a terrible source. “With” instead of “of” is mere semantics. The real number who died “with” and the real number who died “of” are actually both even higher than the official numbers, because little or no testing was done early in 2020, and the disease was present in Italy at least as early as September, 2019.

      Also note that the Italian health system is not changing its mind at all about the vaccine requirement despite intense pressure.

      There is a real pandemic, and there is also massive multi-trillion-dollar capitalist exploitation of the real pandemic, and there is also your anti-vaxx conspiracy theory alternative “news” that supports the capitalist system by making millions of people believe there really is no pandemic, and thus protecting the trillion-dollar privatized, for-profit “public” health industry of the capitalist system from reprisal for its bad performance.

      Read and learn from accurate sources (instead of Fox News and your conspiracy sites). This week the World Health Network held a “Global Summit to End Pandemics” with dozens of REAL qualified scientists (virologists and epidemiologists, instead of out-of-their-field radiologists, cardiologists, chiropractors, registered nurses and quack general practictioners) who advocate for global eradication of the virus. China, Independent Korea (DPRK), and a few other nations are taking the correct course within their borders, but a uniform universal, international effort is required.

      • ZH used to be a great site before the kikes took it over and ruined it in 2013 or so – they really pushed for the Orange King Of the Jews in 2016. Now it’s just another Zionist mouthpiece.

  7. The Democrats do have a problem with high grocery prices, high gas prices, and inflation in general. However prices are always going up. Any chance a Big Corporation or the Super Rich can raise prices they’ll do so. 100% of the time. So I don’t look at these price increases as any different. Prices was normal last year in the heart and soul of Covid-19 so the Super Rich naturally wanna make all the money in sales they lost out on in 2020. The situation going on with Free Trade, Ships, Ports, and Truck drivers is pretty obvious….the Trumptards are causing the problem and wanna make the economy look bad in terms of Free Trade so it will make everybody mad about Joe Biden. However it’s all a game. However we shouldn’t forget that over 700,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19 and many of them could very well have been truck drivers. The average age of a Truck driver is 50 and that’s the age range of death from Covid-19 if you’ve not took care of your health. America has problems anyway but developing and releasing a Biological Weapon known as Covid-19 didn’t help thing at all. This is what happens when you wanna kill off half the population every 50 – 100 years. Typical of the ZOG scum that have no care for human life or our economy. Deo Vindice !

    • Come January 4th, when we lose our jobs, because we don’t want to take a vaccine that can cause us life-changing problems…
      I see where Alabama and Tennesse are working on anti-mandate vax bills. Now Florida is too. I don’t care for most politicians, since they pledge themselves to Israel, but if any of these guys can stop the job losses due to Biden’s mandate, most of us out here will be glad. That vax has way too many side effects and deaths to be encouraged.

      I don’t see many on this site talking about this, but if you go to YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee, it’s big, and thousands of people are talking about losing their jobs.

      I guess this site has posters who are not affected by this. Not even their families or friends…
      This is one of the biggest things to ever happen to Americans.

      • It’s because some of us understand that it will take a 9.9 economic earthquake to shake up comfortably employed normies to face the reality of our neo-bolshevik dystopian future, if this tulmudic train doesn’t get derailed soon.

        White gentiles unfortunately will not resist Big Jew, until things get much worst.

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