CNN: The Secret History of Disinformation

This is how the shitlibs explain their unpopularity.

It is a vast Russian conspiracy involving “disinformation.”

It is worth noting that five years of censorship has only 1.) made them more unpopular, 2.) radicalized millions of people on the Right and 3.) spread our ideas further than we could have ever done by ourselves. Censorship harms influencers and activists, but it doesn’t really harm our cause.

Note: BTW, the people who are censored or who feel silenced by Wokeism have another reason to vote Republican.

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  1. @ It’s really been quite some time, since the founding stock mentality/southern intellectual intellegencia, have given “CNN”, any relevance at all, fast food news, CNN the ” white castle” of journalism, I mean no slur towards the legendary, Iconic “SLIDER”………..

  2. The latest is that the FBI is raiding journalist’s homes trying to find Biden’s daughter’s diary.

    You may remember that before the election last November there was talk about a diary of Joe Biden’s daughter, that was saying some pretty rough things about her father. Then the story died until now, when the FBI and the Southern District of New York are pulling out all the stops to find the original of the diary.

    The New York Times has confirmed that the diary is real!

  3. With CNN at least you know what you’re going to get, liberal propaganda. Fox on the other hand is almost as bad as CNN now.

  4. Isn’t watching CNN ancient history like reading a newspaper, waiting for the tubes to warm up in the TV, rotary dial telephones and putting a record on the record player like Dementia Joe said? Does CNN still have an audience? I’m shocked.

  5. Re: “Fox on the other hand is almost as bad as CNN”:

    Neither CNN nor Fox will show you the Chilean people demanding to have their socialism back. Years of brutal suppression has reached the boiling point. Down with billionaire President Pinera’s U.S.-allied puppet regime! “We can’t take this anymore, this savage capitalist system, thirty years of capitalism!” That is the view of the vast majority.

    Since this report appeared on an official German news source Google/Youtube didn’t censor it:

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