The Week: Why Blaming White Voters Is Bad Politics

Glenn Youngkin had a good pitch in Virginia.

Gas prices are up. Grocery prices are up. The Democrats are brainwashing your kids in the public schools into becoming little woke monsters. He had a compelling cultural and economic argument. It also helped that he comes across as a smooth suburban dad instead of an asshole like Trump.

Terry McAuliffe responded to Youngkin by running against Donald Trump who isn’t the president anymore and “the January 6th insurrection” and “white supremacy.” He also confirmed that parents had no business sticking their noses into what is being taught to their children in public schools.

In my view, it is not really surprising that he lost and that the Youngkin campaign resonated so strongly with White working class women. These are pretty basic concerns like prices and education which have always resonated with women. It is their wheelhouse. And yet, Ryan Cooper has to push back against the woke shitlibs in Democratic Party who are ready to write off all the Karens.

The Week:

“Democrats whiffed the Virginia elections this week, and the dread “Karen” is to blame. So argues Wajahat Ali at The Daily Beast, pointing to exit polls finding that a 57 percent majority of white women voted for the GOP in the state. “Democrats must finally stop chasing Amy and Karen, and start chasing Stacey: lean on women of color and a multicultural coalition that will inspire and bring out voters of color, who are your base and helped deliver you Georgia and Arizona,” he writes.

This is a stupid and counterproductive argument. Liberals’ habit of using collective responsibility to explain election outcomes needs to stop.

To start with, the class connotation of “Karen” isn’t even right. This (increasingly grating and offensive) stereotype is generally applied to educated, upper-middle class white women with a bad case of entitlement. Examples are people who call the cops on Black men at the drop of a hat, yell at service workers, work to keep their schools racially segregated, flip out about affordable housing proposals, and so on. But white female college graduates are the closest subgroup to the stereotype in the Virginia exit polls and they actually swung towards Democrats. It was white female non-graduates who swung Republican, from 56 percent to 75 percent (which Ali does note, to be fair). For the argument to make sense, we need a more classist derogatory synecdoche — maybe Krystal or Amber? …”

How would this work anyway?

As Cooper accurately notes, the Karens in NOVA actually swung toward McAuliffe while the Krystals and Ambers turned on him. There aren’t remotely enough Staceys out there to replace the Krystals and Ambers. Black women also already vote for the Democrats by like a 9 to 1 margin.

The Biden coalition rests on a White working class foundation: 29% of Biden voters were White college graduates, but 32% of Biden voters were White working class voters. The largest demographic group of Biden voters are White working class voters. The Krystals and Ambers are the lynchpin of the Biden coalition because the White working class voters who voted for Joe Biden are more likely to be White women than White men. Close that gender gap and it all comes tumbling down.

Joe Biden won 38% of White men and 44% of White women in 2020. He is currently standing at 24% among White men and 41% among White women. Where is he supposed to make up for this devastating decline in his approval among White men? Maybe “Latinx” voters?

CBS News:

“In the Virginia race for governor, exit polls showed a big shift among White women voters, a group that made up more than a third of the state’s electorate.  In 2020, they roughly split their votes for president, but this year, they backed the Republican candidate for governor by 14 points.

What’s behind this swing?

Much of this shift comes from White women without college degrees.  They voted for Republican Glenn Youngkin over Democrat Terry McAuliffe by nearly 50 points. Donald Trump’s margin over Joe Biden with this segment of women voters was 12 points, a far smaller margin. …”

Moral of the story: Krystal and Amber are angry about gas prices and grocery prices and not in the mood to hear that their children are being taught that they are evil for being born White. The Democrats also aren’t doing shit to address their usual concerns like health care.

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  1. They aren’t going to get latinx voters with tranny politics or abolish the police, either. They should try not running on extremely unpopular nonsense.

  2. This Young Mom is great. She should be our next Phylis Schlafley type leader. I like the way she named names and publicly called out this Ziegler (sounds like a Bolshevik J) evil guy.

  3. ” angry about gas prices and grocery prices ”

    Wheat prices are surging, in 6 months were going to really feel the effects, as wheat is a basic ingredient in most foods.

      • “leading up to a perfect storm”:

        Leading to stability: a strict caste system of rich, poor and destitute for the population of the imperial “homeland.”

        • Spoken like an authentic marxist.

          It’s always about class stratum with you communists, but never race, gender, or anything organic.

          While I do not consider myself a capitalist, I understand that communism, or as you call it “socialism” is just Orwell’s Animal Farm in irl.

    • I’ve stopped eating bread and pasta and reduced consumption of beer. I have lost about 7 pounds in a month as well as 1% body fat. I’ve increased intake of vegetables and not measuring portions. And I was fairly lean when I started.

      Confirms the government’s food pyramid is as full of shit as their covid advice.

      • Vegetables should be the carbs. You can see why diabetics don’t lose weight. They are told they can have whatever they want “with portion control’, which simply is an appetizer of something they want, and sets up cravings and insulin, which is the fat depositer. But they are told they “need” carbohydrates…

  4. “Black women also already vote for the Democrats by like a 9 to 1 margin.”

    Get them to vote more often, “vote early, vote often”.

    Security guard at a polling site, to a black woman, “you here, AGAIN?”

  5. We are the salt of the earth. This imperial machine was built on a foundation of our bones, and oiled with our blood in little steam punk grease cups. If you don’t know what a greasecup is, fuck you Its my analogy. >:-(

    Its well past time we collectively agitated for our interests as such.

    The blacks were just preindustrial farm equipment. The Hispanics are just cheap scab laborers. Fuck them too.

    • “The blacks were just preindustrial farm equipment. The Hispanics are just cheap ”

      Yes, but the intent is to breed us down, to a mongrel slave class. That’s the plan.

      • Most Mexicans don’t work. They’re on welfare and other forms of “public assistance”. If they are old enough, they can get on Social Security and Medicare, without ever having paid into it, and their monthly premiums are free.
        Is there anything else FREE we can give to them? They contribute so much.

  6. Recently discovered new law of physics…discovered by me…

    The exponential growth of social and cultural filth in America followed by the exponential decay and decomposition of America….

    It will all be over soon folks…physics guarantees this will happen…..I hope rock and roll+NFL Football+SEC Football was worth it…

    • “The exponential growth of social and cultural filth in America followed by the exponential decay and decomposition of America”:

      But the nature of the system was always the same. An empire can run out of “free” land (indigenous land) to steal, slaves to import, foreign countries to exploit, new generations of believers in the invincibility of the U.S. military and the strength and safety of the Dollar as world reserve currency, etc.

      • Yet again: the “indigenous” “stole” this land from each other for thousands of years before Whites reappeared on this continent and took it to create a country as an inheritance for us – and I’m glad.

        • But now, all of them are guaranteed a check every month, via your taxed income. They get their own hospitals and clinics, that you can’t go to, and it’s all paid for. They are on a permanent welfare, via the eternal white guilt trip.

  7. @ Well, for the sake of our people in virginia, I wish governor youngkin well, that being said, I am under no illusion, he is a republican, that in and of it’s self, speaks volume’s, there is always the intangibles, but the Republicans either supposedly buy us more time, or reliably dull our finely honed edge, governor youngkin whipped MCcauliffes punk ass and that is a start, he keeps faith with our people, we will keep faith with him, the ball is in his court.

  8. Note that that piece of shit Grim was concerned about throwing the racial jewstice “(tar) baby out with the bath water”, and Taibbi agreed. Yes: how can White kids continue to be brainwashed and the interests of idiotic nigger thug “students” advanced at their expense without stirring up their racist parents come future election days? How to slickly moderate the language & the tone, but not the essential goal of White abasement?

    A real head-scratchah, itz.

  9. The Democrats and Republicans are playing an interesting and hard political game. America was founded by White People. However Slavery played a role which is bad for White People now. None of those “Slaves” or other races would be here right now if it wasn’t for Slavery. After the War for Southern Independence it became obvious that we needed Segregation and that stayed in place until the 1960s. Now people still self segregate themselves and rightfully so. We’ve been living in a country that has brainwashed everybody through the Schools, the Economy, the Media, Churches, and Society as a whole that racial integration is good and we should just forget about race. Black Lives Matter changed all that and now Democrats openly support Black Power which goes directly against White American values. So Democrats are in a place where it’s 1. Focus on getting votes from everybody including White People or 2. Focus on the new left wing that’s pure racist against White People. That makes it real hard for a Democrat to get elected or stay elected unless you’re in a Big City where White People are 30% less of the population.

    So the Republicans get the “White People” vote and have been doing so at an expanding rate since the 1970s. However Republicans are afraid of a word….”Racist” and sure don’t like being called White Supremacists. So they literally reject all forms of White Racial politics unless it’s some Civic Nationalist propaganda that will get them elected. Donald Trump ran his whole campaign on that form of Civic Nationalism and that sparked the left wing becoming even more racist against White People.

    We really have no hope with the Democrats or Republicans in terms of them representing White Folks. That hope ended years ago. The more “Conservatives” figure out that Republicans only care about racial topics on election day but openly reject anybody that’s White and Proud….the more of them will figure out that White Nationalism has always been the solution. Deo Vindice !

    • It’s time Whites woke up and realized we don’t owe anyone anything.

      In fact, we’ve been paying trillions out to these groups for several decades, and they just hate us and do violence to us.
      It doesn’t matter that we obtained land by winning wars. Or that a small fraction brought nonwhites here as slaves. It wasn’t us. The idea that we need to eternally pay for these things is just a vehicle invented by liberals to funnel trillions of dollars to nonwhites for as long as the economy holds out.

    • @Brian Pace – Europeans didn’t import African slaves, and yet they are still infested with poc. It’s the nature of the parasite to take advantage of the weak-willed host that will not repel it with deadly force. The morality propaganda is just mental abuse.

  10. Whites are treated worse today than blacks were ever treated under Jim Crow. Schools and universities under Jim Crow didn’t go out of their way to demonize blacks.

  11. As I mentioned before, Karen has to put gasoline in that super-sized suv or van the old man bought for her. She can hardly see over the steering wheel, but these new computer gadgets almost do the driving for her. Her suv or van gets gallons to the mile not miles to the gallon. She notices that things have changed everytime she goes to the gas station. Then as you mentioned, Karen also gets to struggle with math in the supermarket, even though her cel phone ap tells her what’s on sale.

    • Try on the nonwhite version of Karen…none of them worked for that SUV or the supermarket bill. While you don’t like “Karen”, the nonwhite ones haven’t worked for what they have, and are demanding and entitled creatures.

  12. The anti-vaxx stuff has been taken too far by the right. It’s good to be against vaccine mandates and passports, it’s in fact sane and logical to be against such foolishness, but at the same time you got nutballs, supposedly on our side, saying online how the vaccine itself is meant to depopulate and kill you off in a few years. It’s plain old conspiratard nonsense. It’s fearmongering just like the media did with covid, making it be more than just a flu. I just see it as bad optics for the right. I might as well go tell some of my family members who took the vaccine that they’re going to die in a few years because, some moron living in his/her basement with no degree in medicine, told me that’s what’s going to happen.

    There are more covert and sneakier ways for jews to kill us off, this vaccine is not it. Add to the fact woke leftists are the most enthusiastic about taking 10 extra vaccine shots, and how Israel is a vaccine police state, the depopulation rhetoric doesn’t add up. Unless the jews wanna kill off their own and their woke foot soldiers, which i don’t buy for one second. I went to a city hospital a day ago, and it was mostly non-whites who were waiting to get the vaccine shots, mainly mestizos and south asians who barely speak english.

    I could see how you could troll the forced-vaxxers and woke tards with the “you’re gonna die you took the vaxx” stuff just for the lulz, but it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Truth be told, the average white, especially these days, should be more worried about the thought of dying at the hands of a random white-hating negro at gas station or an afghani “migrant” car or truck ramming attack while said white was present at a crowded outdoor christmas lights show in the city, than worry about at a vaccine administered by medical professionals, but that’s just my opinion.

    • Hmm…obviously the mandate does not affect you. Or maybe you went and got the shot, because you “didn’t want to die”.

      Maybe you don’t see all of the side effects and life-altering changes people are experiencing with these vaccines. Then you’d understand the real resistance that working people have right now. There ARE people who have died from the vaccine. Or sudden heart problems. If you suddenly get cancer in ten years, the vaccine might haunt your mind. Have fun with the boosters.

      Losing your professional job will just kill your career. It’s not like you can go over to the main competitor, and get a new job, because they’re mandating it, too. Losing your income is BIG, even if you don’t think so. The only people who really “get it” are the people who might lose their jobs. It’s obvious they want to partition us off into homelessness, for defying their conformity rules.

      Your idea that whites should be more worried about dying at the hands of a Negro over any mandated vaccine, doesn’t work. That’s not the choices. Most intelligent whites avoid going in dangerous places and situations. But they can’t avoid the vaccine, if they will lose their jobs.

      Another huge fallacy out there…is that this is just about “Government Workers”. No….any business that does any type of work or service with the government, and that’s just about everything out there…is being mandated. Private sector companies that even do remote or indirect work for the government in some fashion, are on the line.

      It’s amazing that there are so many people in the Right, who don’t need to worry about a job. Meanwhile, there are thousands, maybe millions of “Normies” online, who have lost their jobs, or might lose them.

        • Last I’ve seen, they just allowed a temporary halt until January 4th, which doesn’t do very much. It’s the supposed time frame to go and get about 3 vax and the half dozen boosters in that time. Other than that, I haven’t seen anything.

          • What is exists is a demand for compliance by corporations that do business either directly or in any way down the line, with the government. This could be Medicare/Medicaid, MS specs, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, services, you name it.

            The companies aren’t doing it on their own. They’re being threatened to lose business if they don’t. Most companies don’t want to get involved in this garbage with their employees.

      • A lot of the stuff i read about it being a killer shot is laughable, the leftists and jews are pro-vaxx. There are no facts to back up the assertion that it’s meant to kill you, all i see are just anecdotal, isolated incidents here and there. Nothing large scale. Like I said, it’s mostly fearmongering and it will turn people off to the right when all they hear are how their loved ones, if not themselves, who took the vaccine are gonna die in a few years. I just don’t see a winning strategy with that.

        I don’t buy the “depopulation by vaccines” agenda one bit, because the enemy anti-whites are getting the shots too. Jews and their woke gentiles. Even if there were no vaccine mandates, people on the right would still be bitching about vaccines just for the sake of it. You don’t have to be a left tard to find that stuff annoying. The right just takes healthy cynicism to extreme levels.

        • Rick,

          Quick question; if these (ineffective) vaccines for Covid-19 are safe, then why were they granted to be free of liabilities resulting from said vaccines?

        • Rick, your comment is a rare evidence of the existence of sanity regarding vaccination on these alt-right or dissident right blogs. I amused myself recently by reading “the most powerful yet” Antivaxx article published by the Jewish Unz Review. Antivaxxism is on the intellectual level of Flat earthism, what a shame and embarrassment.

          • I bet none of you work in medicine and see the horrible side effects of this vaccine. Just scary.

            If you think they wouldn’t kill us off with a vaccine, you need to read about how they killed off large populations in the past. It’s happened in the WW2 generation’s lifetime and before that. If you think they wouldn’t do it, you’re far too kind to them.

            Just like what November wrote above, there is ZERO liability if your heart is damaged, you get a pulmonary embolism, or any of the other things that are seen now. No one really knows what will happen later on…but it is FAR RISKIER to take the vax, than to not take it.

        • @rick There’s a lot of garbage out there, and I’m convinced it’s done by the other (pro vax) side to make those who don’t want the vax look stupid.
          Maybe you should go to the VAERS website and see the reporting done on the vaccine side effects and life-altering issues.
          How is it “fear mongering” when people are vaccinated think they are going to get Covid from unvaccinated people? Why did they get the vax then, if they think it doesn’t protect them?

    • No long-term studies mean no one can say what the long term effects will be. Plenty of people have died from the vax. We need zero tolerance for fed vax supporters in our ranks. Zero tolerance for Trump supporters. Zero tolerance for those attacking the unemployed in our ranks who are pushed out of work by the rainbow cult and the feminists. Doctors can’t say what they think about the vax without repercussions. That is where we have driven by these scumbags preening about “optics.”

      • I agree. It’s the people who don’t have to work, who went running out to get the vaccine so they ‘wouldn’t die”, who are ruining things.
        The less people who get the vax, the more power on our side.
        I’ve met people who got the vaccine so they could travel or go on cruises. Insane.
        If you don’t have to work, and that seems to be most people these days, stop going to casinos and eating out in crappy restaurants.

        If we lose our jobs, more and more whites will sink into poverty. The idiots think you can just go and get another job…when whole industries are mandating it.

        These people are so fecking naive, and just because they are on a permanent vacation, they don’t care if working people lose their jobs.

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