New York Times: Democrats Haven’t Hit Rock Bottom In Rural White America

You’re laughing.

The Democrats haven’t hit rock bottom with White voters in rural America, and you’re laughing. Those “Assad-like margins” among White voters in rural areas combined with declining margins with Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) voters is raising the electoral bar too high for Democrats with other voters, and you’re laughing. What are we going to do?

New York Times:

“HOT SPRINGS, Va. — The increasingly liberal politics of Virginia had been a sore spot for residents of this conservative town of 499 people nestled in the Allegheny Mountains. But this past week, as Republicans stormed to marquee victories powered in part by turnout in rural areas like Bath County, local voters cheered.

“We got our Virginia back,” said Elaine Neff, a 61-year-old resident. “And we haven’t had a win in a long time.”

Ms. Neff said she cried from a mix of happiness and relief after the election. She does not want to take the coronavirus vaccine and believes Glenn Youngkin, the winning Republican candidate for governor, will relax state mandates. Outside a nearby grocery store, Charles Hamilton taunted the Democrats.

“We’re a county of old country folk who want to do what they want,” said Mr. Hamilton, 74. “They found out the hard way.”

Briefly, I am on the road and updating the site with my smartphone, but I recall saying here a few months ago that the Democrats had expanded the culture war from the traditional issues – Jesus, gun rights and abortion – to dozens of new fronts. There are dozens of culture war grievances now like the vaccine mandates, “Defund the Police,” censorship, “trans,” Wokeism, open borders, the destruction of historical monuments, etc. If the GOP can’t get your Gen X or Millennial vote with abortion, well, the Democrats have 20 to 30 new issues in their playbook to get you pissed off enough to vote Republican.

Hmm … I think we will campaign on … let’s see … I got it. We will burn the American flag, topple statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and spit on them and drag them in the dirt, sow gender confusion in little boys and little girls, pay reparations to illegal aliens, teach White children that they are born evil, censor all opposition on the internet, force people to take the COVID vaccine or lose their jobs and compare angry parents at school board meetings to domestic terrorists. We should run bold progressive ideas like “Defund the Police” or how eating a steak should be a luxury.

If you object to any of this, we will call you a “racist.” You’re the racist because you object to your children being taught that they are born evil and systematically oppress their classmates.


“As Democrats sort through the wreckage of their loss in Virginia, a familiar feeling is creeping over the dwindling number of rural officials left in the party: They have seen this show before.

Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s performance in the suburbs, where he clawed back ground former President Donald Trump and the GOP had lost in recent elections, got the most attention before and after election night. But another key ingredient of his victory was blowout strength in the rural areas of the state, drawing high turnout, setting new marks for Republican support and squeezing Democrats to record-low shares of the vote in small county after small county. …”

Wouldn’t it be easier for Democrats to just reject progressive activists and realize that their ideas are profoundly toxic in rural America?

The Washington Post:

“Democrats have seen this movie before. An election takes place, they examine the results and suddenly lament their poor showing with rural voters. It has happened time and again and yet the party has neither a solution to the problem nor, it seems, a commitment to solving it.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe got wiped out in rural areas of the state, as Republican Glenn Youngkin rolled up margins and turnout in the gubernatorial race that approached or eclipsed those of President Donald Trump in 2020. Rural Virginia was not the only reason McAuliffe lost, but his performance in those counties highlighted the party’s continuing weakness. ….”

Hi, I am from the Democratic Party, and I have a laundry list right here of two dozens -isms and -phobias which make me morally superior to you.

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  1. “The Democrats haven’t hit rock bottom with White voters in rural America . . . ” yes, but the Democrats and the Republicans have a solution to this problem. They are flooding the country with even more Third World rejects than the country already has to overwhelm the last of White resistance. The Republicans support this program at least as much as the Democrats but for different reasons.

    Is Trump going to build his wall if he gets elected in 2024? Ha! Just kidding. If he built 100 yards of his so-called wall we would be doing well by his standards.

    • Biden’s trying to get amnesty for another 8 million of them. Then they ship them all over the country, to make sure that the nicest or most remote regions get their fair share of short brown squatty people.

  2. “We got our Virginia back,” said Elaine Neff, a 61-year-old resident.

    No we haven’t, not even close.

    That’s the trouble with these dullards: instead of seeing that something satisfying but not earth-shaking has occurred, they think that all is right with the world now that “our guy” has won. The idea that his feet now have to be held to the fire to make sure he delivers on his promises to the people that put him in doesn’t enter the heads of this type; their continued baseless idolatry of Cheeto Jesus proves that.

    • LOL, Judge Janine sez the DemonKKKraps have woken up a sleeping giant/poked that big bear in the eye. Americans are friggin’ hopeless. They’ll be much better off living under Chinese rule for the next three centuries.

      • A few things.
        1) the Saxon MUST awake before we can have a nation that is FUBU again.
        2) Rural folks are not ‘rubes’ – they are theological Arminians, and think most folks are ‘just like them.’
        We here at OD know better, because we’ve lived (most of the commenters here) with the utterly godless among us, for a large portion of our lives. Folks in small towns, white towns, decent towns?
        They need a strong dose of Calvinist anthropology. Total Depravity is just that- TOTAL.

        Apart from the Elect, (which are generally White Christians, by and large- finer points of exclusion/Xenos-naming and shaming, can be dealt with later) one just HAS to adopt the following non-negotiables: Sodomites are irredeemable, Lesbians/Aborting Whores are ugly and fat; Negroes are lazy, shiftless, and two-faced; Jews are anathema to God and man, etc.

        Once one adopts that paradigm, final solutions and ‘assigning damnable status’ becomes easy. We have at least 400-2000 years of praxis, law, and history on our side.

        Don’t think that (((They))) don’t do the same. They have- that’s what Gay/Womyn’s/Trannie ‘rights,’ intersectionality/White Privilege/White Supremacist/CRT/LGBTxyz/Democrat ideologies are all about! Add to that Lady G/Maga, Charlie Kirk, RINOS, all politicians as the ‘fifth columnists’ of this antichrist horde of sub-humans, and you have your ENEMY in your sights, Gentlemen.

        “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Rakovsky, says. (All page citations from Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1988, p. 264) – ‘Christian’ Rakovsky (born CHAIM Rakover in 1873) was a veteran Communist insider facing execution for plotting to overthrow Stalin.

        “The return from Babylon and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud, marked the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism. It is well-known among students of the Talmud, that it is diametrically opposed to every law of the Bible.” – Stephen S. Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States (1930’s)

        “If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.
        That’s right ….Bill Gates.

        “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews”
        Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100

        “…did you not know that the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was a term made popular by the CIA to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the JFK assassination? In a memo called ‘Countering Criticism of the Warren Report” the CIA set out to make the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ a weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secrecy activities and programs.‘

        ““What I’ve tried to do this Sunday is frame the larger context of the lunacy that we see happening around us at this pivotal moment in American history.

        We have no choice now but to redefine our identity from the ground up. That means going back to the very basics: Jesus and family. It also necessitates that we separate from the multicultural sinkhole that is every urban center in the country, and reestablish a collective racial consciousness.” – A. Anglin

        • “They need a strong dose of Calvinist anthropology. Total Depravity is just that – TOTAL (…) Once one adopts that paradigm, final solutions and ‘assigning damnable status’ become easy”:

          That paradigm must be rejected. No one is congenitally worthless or totally depraved. The true Light is “that of God in every man” – George Fox, and the Gospel of John. “Final solutions” are barbaric, Jesuitic, and fascist, and Calvinist. We are close to the anniversary of Calvin’s fiery execution of Michael Servetus.

        • Re: “Servetus DESERVED TO DIE”: Michael Servetus was a brilliant polymath – mathematician, chemist, astronomet, cartocrapher and medical doctor – who was innocent and peaceful and did nothing but good for the world. He was Christian, and considered himself neither Catholic nor Protestant. Calvin was irritated, because he refuted Calvin’s doctrine of predestination, so he planned to kill him, and laid a trap. He said: “If he comes here, if my authority is worth anything, I will never permit him to depart alive.” Calvin worked with the Catholics, and sent his agent (a wealthy Jewish merchant) to France to stir up the Catholic authoriities to arrest Servetus. But Servetus escaped from the Catholic prison and passed through Geneva on his way to Italy, when he was noticed by Calvin’s agents and illegally arrested, illegally “tried” and illegally executed, supposedly because he “denied the Trinity” and disagreed with the practice of infant baptism (like all the English and Welsh Baptists, Quakers and other Nonconformists and German and Swiss Anabaptists, Mennonites, Waldensians, Bogomils and many other non-Catholic, non-Protestant Christians) but really because he had refuted Calvin’s doctrine of predestination. Just one of the laws of Geneva that Calvin broke in the process of “getting even” was that a non-citizen of Geneva could not be executed, only banished or extradited. Calvin the murderer “could not” attend the illegal burning-at-the-stake because of his “delicate health.”

          Furthermore, the hit piece on George Fox is not convincing. Mystical and charismatic is not synonymous with heretical and apostate. Fox simply walked in the well-worn path of Celtic orthodoxy (that was in Britain long before Papism) like the Welsh monk Morwen (Pelagius) who Catholics and especially Protestants also like to condemn and misrepresent.

    • Same here

      I mean … I understand why Democrats are losing 80% of the vote in White rural areas. They deserve to lose. It’s just that, you know, the GOP is so pathetic and doesn’t deserve to win

  3. Notice, how all parties have avoided talking about America’s record trade deficit ?
    80 billion , in one month.
    On our way to a 1 trillion dollar annual trade deficit.
    How long will the world keep accepting our green paper? We only have so much real estate that we can sell the Chinese, while dispossessing our own people.

    This is critical. They talk of 1.5 trillion over 10 years, while we’ll be hemorrhaging 1 trillion a year.

  4. 61 years old
    74 years old

    They’re Boomers. I wonder what the average age of rural, Red America is. 2022 may be the last “Tea Party” kind of GOP domination. Democrats have been playing the long game for a long time now.

    • The local GOP party supporters where I live are all old, and don’t have to work.
      So they don’t care about things like trade deficits or “immigrants”.
      They just want their cruises and beer.
      They dress up in costumes to mimic colonial times for their outside BBQs.
      They don’t care about the vaccine mandate. Not at all.

      • I wish you had the same disdain for Liberal Democrat voters as you do for Conservative Republican voters. Many negative, true things can be said about GOP voters. They still pale in comparison to the treachery and cruelty of Woke Democratic voters, who you rarely call out and always downplay when Hunter brings the issue up.

        Also, your repeated comments about the Vax Mandate are just plain wrong. Have you followed Daily Stormer at all? Or talked to a Conservative Normie? The mainstream Right and Right Wing White Nationalists HATE the Vax Mandate and oppose it with all their might. The only reason I myself don’t talk about it is because I don’t see any more pro-lockdown fools on WN websites like Counter Currents anymore. The consensus in the Movement is that the Vax Mandates are bad (Spencer and his elitist cohort of followers excepted)

    • Nah. Its an Educational divide, regardless of age. Older Whites tend to be more conservative and more likely to vote GOP, but that’s always been the case. The real divide is College Educated Whites vs. Non-College Whites. If the Virginia results are any indication, the GOP now racks up 3/4 support among Non-College Whites of both genders, whereas College Educated White Men and Women both support Democrats, with College White women supporting them by over 60%.

      The numbers have been trending that way since the 1992 election. The Democrats have made a 30 year long pitch to bring College Educated Whites into their party, and they finally won over the majority of them by the 2018 midterms. College Educated Whites will continue to flock to Democrats in the years to come, while the White Working Class will continue to flock to the GOP because, like I just told you in another thread, the Culture Was trumps Economics. White Working Class voters know that neither party represents their economic interests and never ever will, so why not vote for the Party that aligns with your cultural values and at least pretends to throw you a bone?

      It seems to me like White Nationalists in the blogosphere are in denial of two facts:

      1. College Educated Whites and White Suburbanities are totally, viciously anti-white and will never lift a finger to stop their race from being physically replaced or their children from being preyed upon by savage negroes, ugly brown squatters, and trannies. Stop trying to recruit these people!

      2. The White Working Class isn’t composed of the down to earth, shovel ready commies that Heimbach and Marcus Cicero imagine. Its composed of basically a bunch of Reagan Democrats. Simply put, its composed of the “Dumb Redneck Conservatives” that this movement has always despised, both for elitist reasons (attack from above) AND for underclass reasons (attack from below).

      I say this to any WN who has the economic values of Matt Heimbach or Richard Spencer: Go fuck yourself. You’re not taking away our steaks and our SUV’s, and you’re not dragging us into whatever pathetic proto vanguard commie revolution you’re trying to start. These attacks from above and below will continue to be thwarted through the culture war until morale improves. Have fun driving over those potholes. Ya damn whiny tyrants.

  5. Maybe the Virginia thing was a victory of sorts, a small one probably, if that. Both major political parties seem completely committed to endless mass immigration, the Republicans are more subtle about it. The big money crowd apparently is intent on destroying western civilization, they want to blame working white people for their sins.

    They’re the ones who shipped every industrial job overseas that they could, they’re the ones wanting to flood the country with cheap coolie labor, breaking unions. They’re the ones that started a war every 10 or 15 years with little countries that did nothing to the U.S., like North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq. They’re the ones who created these damn intelligence agencies with no oversight. They’re the ones who have let the war on drugs go on for fifty years.

  6. Off topic, but the greatest musician of our era and Antifa victim at Charlottesville- Baked Alaska- was convicted in Arizona court this week on all counts. Anyone know what time he is facing in the joint ?

    • I only found one article, and it sounds like he is just issued a warning. He’s in trouble for pepper-spraying a bouncer in front of a club.
      Seems rather odd that he is allowed to just walk away, while the others were thrown into the basement of Hades.

  7. @ Remember the Charlie Brown cartoon, Lucy, the football, well , don’t hold your breath concerning the ” party of lincoln”, as soon as they get the vote, we are no longer of any use too them, they are embarrassed by their base, as usual the “Lincolnites”, get busy, dulling our finely honed edge,.our people need too detox and detach themselves from the Lincolnites, we didn’t get into this predicament overnight, we will not get out of it overnight, their are many decent, honest, good hearted, right thinking people, who allow themselves, too be hustled every election, by these political pimps,there is no easy way out , we ourselves are the solution, not the politicians,

  8. That’s a beautiful area, Covington, Clifton Forge, White Sulphur Springs which is in WV.

    I would think the Fall foliage will be in its full glorious colors about now!

  9. The democrats and their jew masters are going with full scale accelerationist politics at this point, and that will be amped up especially after the Virginia mcauliffe loss and the karens defecting from them. They will likely go all-out infinity with cultural marxism and clown world in the next year, with the possibility of a complete executive order amnesty or gun confiscation being somewhere on their agenda soon, and hope for some kind of violent reaction from the right or cause a civil war- so they can then justify to bring about the worst police state in the history of mankind, thinking they will control things when the shit hits the fan.

    They have given up the pretenses of the past and are going for broke. And the most paradoxical thing about it is, the republicans just stay in their natural fetal position state. They are cuckolds. They don’t deserve to win.

  10. Unfortunately, the rural population of America is approximately only 20%. So basically, rural White Americans are the wagon wheels of the empire.

    • “only 20%. So basically, rural White Americans are the wagon wheels of the empire”:

      Those who are both rural AND agrarian are an even smaller percentage. Most of the 20% “rural” is in reality suburban. The imperial “homeland” is running out of peasants and the old French revolutionary motto “No republic without the peasants” applies: The U.S., which is no republic, has an immense but not-self-conscious working class (proletariat) but the peasants – land-rooted traditional family farmers and their communities – are becoming extinct. This is not the natural human condition.

  11. My take is this:- the Republicans didn’t win. The Democrats lost. Unfortunately for voters, one of ’em had to be the ‘winner’. That was the side seen as least worst.

    • Yep, the Democrats are just pushing more and more Democrat and Independent voters in rural areas into the GOP. Like I said, even if you aren’t a gun owner or an evangelical, they have dozens of items on their menu to alienate you

      • Both parties are the same. “Pushing” more Democrats to the Republican side won’t make a difference, since the Republicans are on the same side as the Democrats.

        • In a sense, I agree.

          Yes, both parties are the same in the sense that the policy agenda is sold to the donors and politicians are the puppets of lobbyists, interest groups and donors.

          Yes, both parties use the culture war as a trick to drive turnout among their base and to blame the opposition for things they don’t want to do like the Democrats are doing with their reconciliation bill

          No, the two parties are not the same in the sense that the voters are very different people and loathe each other.

          At the top level, the politicians are bought and sold by donors. The average voter is just manipulated by the media. The ordinary person isn’t working for some billionaire. Politics can be as meaningless as the Roman circus while the sentiments of voters are still heartfelt

          • Both parties are pro-immigration, anti-white, pro-amnesty, pro miscegenation, pro open borders…how are they different?
            The average suburban white who votes for Republicans is very liberalized compared to decades ago. Most of them have mixed race grandchildren. They smile at them, because they know if they don’t embrace this, their families will ostracize them, and this is as good as it gets, so they just give in.
            Most Repub whites are very apologetic. “Can’t we all just get along?”…while blacks do violence to whites. They still watch the MSM. The Repubs are not going to save us.They’re too busy hoping all of the “immigrants” will vote for them.
            Nothing will change until these people can’t have what they want. They whined and moaned during the Covid lockdowns, because they couldn’t see their mixed race grandchildren or go on a cruise vacation.
            I agree that at the top, both parties are bought and sold. There’s one group that will NEVER lose, because they have both parties in their pockets. They will never lose. When Hillary didn’t get in, they had Trump. It’s also why the oil companies give to both parties.

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