Sheldon Adelson’s Widow Is Ready To Purchase Congress

We appear to be locked in for the next year or two:

  • Trump voters are angry, fired up and engaged in politics while Biden voters are increasingly disillusioned with politics
  • Clearly, the 2022 midterms will be determined more by waxing anti-Biden sentiment than waning anti-Trump sentiment. This assumes that Blumpf will have the strategic patience to wait until after the 2022 midterms to announce that he is running for president
  • The 2022 midterms will be another round of backlash politics
  • Trump voters continue to radicalize in the sense that our ideas on lots of issues are permeating the mainstream. We will continue to “win the argument” with normies without anything we want being reflected in policy. Sadly, we live in an oligarchy, not a democracy
  • The Red Dogs are going home, which is to say, Never Trump suburban voters who are traditional Republican voters who were alienated by Trump are returning to the GOP. Many of these people are angry about Joe Biden’s spending, budget deficits, inflation, etc.
  • The GOP will continue to do nothing except block Biden’s agenda and position itself to reap the benefits of another round of backlash politics
  • As a vessel of lib owning and backlash politics, the GOP will almost certainly retake the House and Senate. The libs will be owned like in Virginia on a national scale
  • The GOP isn’t going to change its policy agenda which it will continue to sell to the donors. After giving lip service to voters, Republican politicians will then focus on delivering victories for their donors on the issues that they care about like tax cuts or Israel
  • Because it lacks a positive governing agenda and is nothing but a vessel of backlash politics, the GOP will inherit and squander another congressional majority. Joe Biden will likely be blamed for dissatisfaction with congressional gridlock. So, the GOP will likely lose its next majority in the 2026 and 2028 elections, not unlike how it lost its majority in Blumpf’s first term.

Anyway, that’s how I see the road ahead in the immediate future.


“LAS VEGAS — Republican megadonor Miriam Adelson — the widow of casino mogul and longtime GOP kingmaker Sheldon Adelson — is staging a return to politics, positioning herself to be a force in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

Adelson, who with her husband formed the Republican Party’s most powerful donor couple for the last decade, quietly held meetings in her Las Vegas home with a select group of GOP leaders and potential 2024 presidential candidates in the last few days. It represents a coming out for the 75-year-old Adelson, who has kept a low political profile since her husband’s death in January, turning down requests for sit-downs with candidates and keeping her multibillion-dollar checkbook shut.

Those familiar with the discussions — which coincided with the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual conference at the lavish, Sheldon Adelson-built Venetian hotel on the Strip — say they were designed to relay a straightforward message: Despite her husband’s death, Adelson plans to dole out big checks and be an influential player shaping the future of the party, which over the past decade has reaped more than a half-billion dollars of the family’s fortune.

According to a person familiar with the talks, the list of figures Adelson met with this week included House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott, who are helping to guide the party’s midterm efforts. She also huddled with a group of Republicans regarded as potential presidential hopefuls in 2024: former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. …”

As we saw the other day, Trump recently lamented the fact that Israel no longer dominates Congress because of The Squad. He just came out and said that Jewish donors like the Adelsons were buying our foreign policy. It is “anti-Semitic” for people like us to notice things like this.

Note: I’m just going to watch this shit show. Moving forward, I might vote in state and local elections. I intend to focus on my own personal life.

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  1. “So, the GOP will likely lose its next majority in the 2026 and 2028 elections, not unlike how it lost its majority in Blumpf’s first term.”

    The GOP has been screwing its base and being kicked out of power at least since Gingrich. Saint Reagan screwed the nation big time with his amnesty, and Nixon wasn’t that good, either. It can’t be said that whites haven’t tried voting or that they deserve what they get from their rulers. There really is no reason to vote, as the ups and downs of each political party is as scripted as professional wrestling. The Republicans will be voted in and out of power until demographics make them no longer needed as the useless and toothless heels and traitors that they are. Barring a revolution or collapse, that’s the plan for America.

  2. The decline of the west is going to be blamed on the Jews, unless the Jews can find a patsy to blame things on, the deed is done. And those who hitched their wagons to the Jew cause are snake bitten and doomed to share the misfortune of the chosen. High five.

    • They already blame the Christians who send them money and support Israel as “Judeo-Christians”.
      They blame all whites for “racism”, no matter how much money comes out of your paycheck to support all of these social programs.

      • Any blame or excuse is a cover for Jew failure. Jews want more than anything want to lead and rule of this world. Buts Jews lack the ability and that ability comes from God. We are going to see the ineptitude of the Jews and Jew world leadership with our own eyes. With vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and the Jew climate change regulations, we are going to see people at each others throats and large groups of people dying needlessly because these clown Jews think they know more than God.

  3. With Congress and the Presidency Israel’s interests always come before ours. This tantamount to treason.

  4. Being the fifth richest woman in the world at 30 billion net worth, with connection to other immense Adelson family wealth including the 50 billion dollar Las Vegas “empire,” gives her immense influence in the U.S. (U.sury S.ystem).

  5. ” … 75-year-old Adelson …”
    An old jewish boomer witch giving large shekels to loser party shabbos goy boomers to buy talmudvision time to get old, low IQ goy boomers out to vote “to own the libs”.
    Luckily the boomers are dying off and with them this silly game of national popularity contests every 2 years.
    Yes, I hate both the players and the game.

    • Someone should tell her it’s time for her to take off her Halloween mask now, it’s over. She really looks good for Halloween though, one of the most frightening apparitions going trick-or-treating. Even my dog would run away from her.

  6. It’s going to collapse before 2024 is my guess. Misery and death is what the boomer bequeathed upon us. Thanks boomers!

    • What situation is not understood?

      Fred Reed is a midwit boomer who has somehow acquired a few platforms, e.g. on and AmRen, to pontificate as best a midwit can.

      Yet the disproportion in achievement is there. Neither Jews (wisely) nor Hagvacas want to recognize the fairly obvious reason.

      The ‘obvious reason’ he refers to is the reported high average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews — he claims this is the reason why so many Jews are successful high-achievers.

      For centuries Jews have been charged with greed, deviousness, arrogance, clannishness, selfishness, generic horribleness, and sacrificing Christian children.

      On the other hand, above is how he characterizes the comments about Jews he encounters, presumably from ‘Hagvacas’, a weird term he uses (I’ve never seen it before) to refer in a disparaging way to ‘house-and-garden-variety whites’ (he’s not one of them, of course — he’s a better kind of White).

      Unfortunately for Reed, there are intelligent Whites who are capable of answering his midwit bullshit.

      What Reed is too stupid to see, or too dishonest to acknowledge, is that there is a difference between the average successful Jewish doctor, lawyer, business executive, etc, someone whose success is probably due, in large part, to high intelligence, and organized Jewry and political Jews, the ADL being a prime example of organized Jewry, and Jennifer Rubin a good example of a politically active Jew — the JQ is about the obvious hostility toward Whites coming from organized Jewry and many politically active Jews, as well as their general corrupting influence on white, Christian culture (homosexuality, transgenderism, predatory churning finance capitalism, etc etc — the list is fairly long).

      And Jews are very ethnocentric people generally — this accounts for their evident ‘clannishness’ and ‘selfishness’, among other traits — see Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique (link).

      The Reed article you link to is best seen as part of Jared Taylor’s long-running and well known effort to ‘not name the Jew’, regardless of context, for which I give him a pass (others find his reluctance on this point unforgivable), because otherwise he has done a lot for white identitarianism.

    • I replied to this comment — where is my reply? — did it disappear into cyberspace? — or was it moderated away?

  7. Her efforts to buy influence in Wash DC would not be such a problem if lawmakers showed integrity and did what’s right for America; and blanket support of Israel is clearly not in America’s best interest.

    It would also be less of a concern if there was no such thing as a career politician, someone with a constant need to raise money in order to keep their job — a reasonable 5 term (10 year) limit for members of the House would help there, perhaps with increased pay to compensate them for temporarily giving up their ‘day job’.

    Adelson made his money on casinos, i.e. by exploiting an addiction to gambling that many (mostly Asians and goyim) seem to suffer, meaning gambling is not a harmless vice, which is why it’s banned or heavily restricted on most of the planet — that’s another reason to decline dirty Adelson money.

  8. A good reason to sit out the next election. From jewbart

    Sen. Rick Scott: Expect Anti-BDS Laws If Republicans Retake Congress


    Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) has pledged if the Republicans gain control of Congress next year, anti-boycott laws against Israel could pass on the federal level.

    The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement encourages antisemitism as well as Palestinian terrorism. Dozens of states have passed laws divestment from companies that boycott Israel. However, the buck has stopped at the federal level, over objections from Democrats who claim that it infringes on free speech rights.

    Scott told the Times of Israel at a Republican Jewish Coalition conference, “I think what’ll happen is we’ll finally get BDS legislation passed out of both the House and Senate.”

    According to Scott, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrat, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have nixed any attempts to pass anti-BDS legislation.

    Pelosi, he said, “has been talking about this for nine years and hasn’t done anything about it.”

    Scott admitted that it wasn’t clear whether President Joe Biden would actually sign any such legislation, even if the GOP did manage to get it through Congress after the 2022 midterm, the report said.

    An anti-Israel protester holds a sign during a demonstration near Capitol Hill. (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images)

    The Florida senator also claimed that GOP control of Congress would cement legislation calling for funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, preventing a repeat of what occurred in September when the so-called Squad of progressive Democrats managed to postpone a vote on the bill.

    In his speech at the RJC, Scott denounced the Democratic Party of “not car[ing] about Israel.”

    “It’s not just the Squad. It’s not just Bernie Sanders. It’s all of them,” he said.

    “I think what we ought to be talking about is Republicans are united. We support Israel,” he told the Times.

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also spoke at the event, and claimed “the safety and security of Israel has been profoundly jeopardized under the Biden-Harris administration.”

    According to Cruz, Biden’s policy of resuming ties with the Palestinian Authority as well as his plan to return to the tattered nuclear deal with Iran are undoing all the progress the Trump administration made in the region.

    “We should not be funding an organization that funnels vast amounts of money to terrorists as bounty for murdering Israelis and Americans,” he said, referring to the Ramallah government.

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