NBC Narratives: Youngkin Rural Voter Landslide Sounds Alarm For Democrats

Pretty much.

Progressive activists are driving up turnout and creating “Assad-like margins” among White rural voters. At the same time, Democrats have maxed out the black vote and have been slipping with White women, Independents and “Latinx” voters. It doesn’t look good for them.

NBC Narratives:

“In 2020, President Joe Biden lost rural Virginia by about 6 points. The loss was not a surprise; Republicans generally do better in rural communities than Democrats. But that was a close margin.

This past Tuesday, one year later, Democrat Terry McAuliffe lost the rural vote in Virginia by 27 points in his bid to be governor. That margin was four times larger than Biden’s.

And the size of that loss has impacts elsewhere in the state. Even if Democrats rightly think of themselves as the party of urban America, margins matter. Making up for a 26-point rural deficit in cities and suburbs is much harder than making for a 6-point gap. …”

How do you respond to this?

Democrats plan to continue doing what they have been doing which is accusing their opponents of systematic racism and “white supremacy.” It worked so well in 2020 and 2021.

Note: Jonathan Capehart is a woke gay black man like Don Lemon. He has the same effeminate Capitol accent as Brian Stelter.

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    • The CRT stuff confuses me… that’s the same shit they were teaching us in school back in the 90s, just slightly more openly but the same message that Whites are evil & psychologically traumatizing White kids is the same.

  1. The problem isn’t “White Supremacy”, it’s colored inferiority, and everyone knows it. At this point so-called “Civil Rights”, Affirmative Action, immigration etc. are obviously deliberate programs for the destruction of White America. The U.S. Government’s social uplift programs have been trying to pound square pegs into round holes for about a century and it still isn’t working.

    No one is so stupid as to continue these destructive policies for this long because they believe that suddenly the coloreds are going to stop being violent, start studying in school, reading the WSJ and David French’s miserable NR, watching Fox TV and voting Republican. Part of the answer is that so-called “Civil Rights” and the rest of the Left Wing agenda the Republicans and Democrats push is because these things are also a big grift enriching countless scumbags involved in these destructive programs. Memo to DJT and the worthless Republicans: no amount of “Platinum Plans” are going to buy the negro vote for the Republicans.

    The Big Grift is about played out now as the financial system begins to unravel because of all the debt, debt, debt from LBJ’s so-called “Great Society” programs, “Civil Rights (sic)“, wars, wars and more wars, the deindustrialization/financialization of the economy (thanks Reagan!) and an avalanche of spending and taxing over the decades. Things are going to get exciting (not in a good way) as the wheels come off the Big Globo Homo Shopping Mall that is Weimerica.

  2. That’s not even close to “Assad-like levels”… that’s normal rural spread for White voters, it’s a testament of just what an abject failure Trump was as the ZionDon president that he only got 52%. Only Boomers/Neocons still like Trump since being Shabbos Goys is their only defining moral virtue… Poor/Working Class Rural voters want roads, bridges, schools without violent Blacks, Healthcare, and decent paying jobs.

      • The only crime worse than being a rayciss is being an Auntie Semite. Naturally the enemy never bothers to define those words, they’re just bad because…well, because they said so.

  3. Our republican “representative” voted No on the infrastructure bill as I pray whenever we drive over the covered bridge on rural route K. At some point we have to get over shitlibs. They pray we fall into the river on that bridge.

    Senile Biden did what Trump never intended to. Own the libs every time you drive around a pothole, or inadequate pothole patch.

    • When people call him “senile” or “stupid”, they minimize his power and intent. It’s pretty obvious he knows exactly what he is doing.
      It’s the same thing as when people say someone is “making a mistake”, when something destructive is being done to us.

      • Shit-pants Joe has always been a liar and a sleazebag who said stupid, inappropriate things at the worst possible moment, so there’s nothing new about that. But the pants-shitting is something new.

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