Red Colorado

Editor’s Note: This is how PMC TV covered the Democratic wipeout in Virginia. In light of this, it is likely that Colorado is in play.

We’ve extensively covered education polarization.

As I have pointed out several times now, education polarization benefits the Democrats the most in states like Virginia. Virginia has the highest concentration of White college graduates of any state in the country because of the Beltway suburbs in NOVA. Virginia also has a large black vote which has been supplemented by a large immigrant vote. The Democrats just lost in Virginia on their most favorable terrain.

Just as education polarization has lifted Democrats in Virginia, it has done the same thing in Colorado which also has a large number of White college graduates. Virginia and Colorado are Blue States that sometimes look like Purple States which used to be Red States. The big difference is that Colorado has more “Latinx” voters while Virginia has more black voters which vote Democrat by larger margins. The GOP has been having more success with “Latinx” voters than black voters.

If Virginia is going Purple to Light Red and New Jersey is Purple to Light Blue, you would expect to see the same trends at work in Colorado given the similar demographics.


“On election night last week, the Senate campaign of Colorado Republican Eli Bremer, a former Olympic athlete and first-time candidate, put out a memo outlining his and Colorado’s similarities to Youngkin and Virginia. The campaign noted that Youngkin decided to “avoid taking the bait from [Terry] McAuliffe on Trump,” instead focusing on “issues that were driving the swing vote,” a strategy they suggest will be effective in Colorado.

Pandol pointed to Colorado as an example of a state Republicans should begin to look at seriously as a Senate pickup opportunity. Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, who is up for reelection in 2022, has seen his favorability drop from 46 percent in June to 40 percent last month, according to the Global Strategy Group poll, which was conducted for the liberal nonprofit group ProgressNow Colorado. …”

Stranger things have happened.

It is easy to imagine a combination of explosive rural turnout, widening margins with White rural voters, angry suburbanites, alienated Independents and Karens and Joses slipping away from the Democrats and swinging Colorado toward the GOP. It is easier to imagine that happening than what we just saw in Virginia and New Jersey.

This guy Eli Bremer is challenging Bennet in Colorado who has plummeted down to 40% in the polls. He is running on transphobia.

“We literally now have men taking away things from women, and it’s actually the progressives and the Democrats who support men destroying what women have rightfully built, and it’s like ‘The Twilight Zone,’” Bremer said. “Liberals are now quite literally allowing biological men to take things away from women, which is abhorrent.”

Bremer, a former Olympic pentathlete, is not merely concerned with trans women supposedly having an unfair competitive advantage over cisgender women in sports. His bias runs deeper.

“Today, Biden and progressives are changing the definition of ‘woman’ to a point where we risk having a legal definition that is unsustainable nor understandable,” he writes on his campaign site. He rejects the use of gender pronouns that don’t match assigned sex at birth. He also has a disturbing habit of grouping his attacks on trans athletes with discussions about convicted serial sex offender and former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar. …”

This isn’t a bad pitch.

Bremer is a former Olympic athlete.

I can see Bremer pulling a Youngkin in the Colorado Senate race. No one had ever heard of Glenn Youngkin until a few months ago.

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  1. Run against crazy Leftist educates, Antifa rioters, CNN, Hollywood Leftist celebrities – also (I don’t know why no one on our side has ever done this) run against:

    Harvard and Yale elites in both parties – that would take out the Bush families and Romney families.

    And run against (Black) Crime – law and order, do Willie Horton type adverts. There are instances here of regular Hispanic/Latino people being brutally murdered by Black gangs, hard core (Black) criminals who Soros funded State’s Attorneys/District attorneys simply let them go – crazy Lib Demorats like my former Private School classmate Obama’s Education Secretary Arnie Duncan. Arnie Duncan wants to end the schools to prison pipeline so the worst Black car jackers would go to college instead of going to jail.

    This is an easy sale, but our side can usually be counted on to run about cutting taxes for corporations and $ billionaires.

  2. Voting doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    Elections are just window-dressing.

    They buy their way in or get appointed by someone higher up, who likes them.

    Hey…isn’t this just like working for a big company? Oh yes, the US is a corporation now!

  3. I really want to see California turn into a “red” state. We need more public officials like Alex Villenueva, Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Governor Reagan, Senator Nixon….where are their equivalents today?

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