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  1. Dementia Joe’s administration is going to shut down an important pipeline in the Midwest just as winter is starting to appease the global warming types. He is poisoning the well with Midwest voters, Democrats included, because of a massive fraud enriching the global warming oligarchs who flew into Scotland on their private jets.


    This is after the keystone pipeline was shut down and while Dementia Joe tried to get OPEC to increase production. No dice from OPEC, oil prices will just go higher.


    The guy and his administration are a giant clusterfuck. If the global warming fraud were actually true and Dementia Joe and his administration really believed it shouldn’t they urge OPEC to cut production to raise prices and therefore cut CO2 and CH4 emissions? If the global warming fraud is an existential threat Dementia Joe should be on TV making the case for it and justifying higher energy prices as a good thing.

    Global warming is just another grift in the Globo Homo Shopping Mall of grifts that is the U.S. economy. No one knows this better than the scumbags who flew in their private jets with their hookers and coke into Scotland recently.

  2. Only those filthy White racists of yesteryear would object to being Enriched by having violent niggers & PRs polar bear hunting their sons & old people and knocking up their daughters.

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