Breaking Points: Krystal Ball Dismantles MSNBC’s Woke Racism

Krystal and Kyle have a tendency to downplay the effect that excessive wokeness is having on turning off White voters before swinging back around and acknowledging that it is a major problem for Democrats. A good example of this is the “what about about New Jersey” take. There was a similar margin swing against Democrats in races in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Doesn’t this prove that the CRT issue wasn’t as decisive in causing the White backlash in Virginia? Not really.

The turning point was the George Floyd riots last summer which is when Wokeism hit a critical mass among elites. The Biden administration embraced all this talk about “white supremacy” and systematic racism. It has embraced pushing “equity” at every level of public policy. The “mainstream” became much more explicitly anti-White. It has been obvious for months now in the polls and in focus groups that it has been having an effect on White voters. FOX News and the conservative media ecosystem have become comfortable with using terms like anti-White. They have been using their bullhorn to alert their audience that the Democrats hate White people and that the Great Replacement is real.

Why would the effect and impact of this be localized to Virginia? Donald Trump spent his entire presidency and both the 2016 and 2020 campaigns ignoring White voters. He crowed endlessly about the black, Hispanic, Asian, female and LGBTQ unemployment rate. He rarely mentioned White voters. When he signed that executive order which banned CRT, no one really knew what it was at the time. Conservatives used to be extremely shy about talking about anti-whiteness and White people, but now 90% of Trump voters are alarmed by it and the taboo around discussing the issue has been broken.

Conservatives have hesitated to play the anti-White card. It has only been in the last year that they have begun to do so. Just look at Charlie Kirk in 2019 compared to what Charlie Kirk is saying in 2021. The Democrats shifted and became more anti-White in their messaging. The Republicans shifted and became a little more pro-White in their messaging. Voters are reacting to this change.

Note: Conservatives nationalized the CRT and school board backlash in Virginia months ago. Conservative media focused heavily on Merrick Garland treating parents like domestic terrorists in the run up to the 2021 elections. It wasn’t just parents in the Virginia suburbs who saw that.

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    • They’re hypocrites. They’re the types who stick BLM signs in their yards and would support all of it if it applied to rednecks (Bad Whites). But they believe they’re supposed to be exempt because they’re the Good Whites. When their own BS finally catches up to them they want to change course?

      • >they’re supposed to be exempt because they’re the Good Whites

        Probably a lot of truth in that — I have little/no doubt that most if not all of them are the type of white person who prefaces anything they say about race with I’m not a racist, but … — white people generally still live in mortal fear of being called racist — it’s a ‘do you still beat your wife’ type of thing.

  1. Disheartening that “white” women are indifferent to public schools’ racially motivated hatred of white people and their white children.

  2. She’s wrong about the opposition to (((CRT))) not being a main driver of cuck Youngkin’s upset success. An on-the-record televitz interview with a few upper middle-class NOVA White women means nothing: they know that if they came out and said that CRT was a big issue with them, nigs like that scum Mystal & shitlibs generally would think them racist – and that’s intolerable for that type especially.

    Also, if Ball wanted to really nail the blood-libeling coon, she could have pointed out the fact that 90% of all interracial violent crime is NIGGER on WHITE. But of course she wouldn’t dare.

  3. @ well the critter in pink, has got that swinestein hair, so that qualifies it to speak, for the sons and daughters of ADAM, ya right…………..

  4. In a lot of ways, “equity” would be nice because all of these woke White bugmen would be replaced and put out of their jobs. Imagine if they actually followed through with their rhetoric and gave all of their jobs and net worth to non-Whites. Mark Milley could get first hand experience of his own White rage after he is removed and replaced by a PoC. Go to any White suburb, find the houses with BLM signs and force them to move out and give the house over to a Black family.

    Of course, none of the woke bugmen ever have any intention of doing that. It’s just the same old Good White (enlightened White savior) vs Bad White (uneducated racist redneck) class war. They want your kids to hate themselves, your kids to be unemployed, your kids to die from drug overdoses, your kids to be antagonized by non-Whites, but it shouldn’t apply to their kids.

  5. No leftists can ever be truly “WOKE” as their ideology is the same as corporate capitalism and the powers that be? The truly Awakened ones (Awakened not Woke) as those White people wo know the system is terminal and oppose it with every fiber in their being. Out of these two who really is the most revolutionary in nature? (especially when we consider Ethno-Statists) It is certainly not the WOKE crowd! Their ideology is praised in every TV commercial, the mainstream media, and Hollywood productions.

  6. I’ve got a news flash for this angry negro (I know, redundant) who thinks that White people are more concerned about shooting innocent black bodies than how many gallons of milk they can put on the table. Normal Whites don’t think about colored people at all, we have more important things to do. When White people are forced by events to think about colored people it’s because they have committed some new vile outrage, usually against White people, sometimes Asians though.

    No White people ever think: “I wonder what great scientific discovery the negroes will come up with next. Will they cure a disease, invent a new, cheap effective drug, advance the field of nuclear physics, perhaps solve the problem of controlled hydrogen fusion or fix the shithole countries they come from?” That doesn’t happen except in TV commercials where the brilliant black scientist with the beautiful blonde wife and their mulatto chilluns school the dumb ass Whites that water is wet and that fire burns.

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