Jacobin: Does “Wokeness” Really Alienate Voters?

Can the Democrats be convinced that Wokeism is a major albatross for them?

Republicans are convinced that focusing on Wokeism and Cancel Culture is an effective line of attack for them. Apparently, the polls and electoral defeats and electing Donald Trump as president and millions of more people voting for him in 2020 to own the libs aren’t enough to persuade Democrats that progressive activists and their woke language alienates working class voters and drives up Republican turnout. Neither has the increasingly realistic prospect that Trump could be restored to power in 2024.

Note: The study below confirms everything that we have been saying about these people. Huey Long would blow away his competition, but Elizabeth Warren or AOC have zero chance of ever being elected president.

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  1. Wokeism is a luxury opinion. It’s like buying a Rolex Oyster instead of a $10 drugstore Timex or a Tesla instead of a Ford. This luxury is only possible because the U.S. economy, such as it is, throws off lots of money to the Left because of the Left’s control of society and the absolute failure of the Republican “conservatives” to do anything about if for decades. The true purpose of wearing the Rolex while driving 1/2 mile in one’s Tesla to buy a quart of milk is to show the world how wonderful you are.

    This period in U.S. history is coming to an end. Decades of reckless spending, debt, wars, de-industrialization, immigration and empire are destroying the dollar. Inflation, shortages (getting worse), massive and unpayable debts, an explosion in destructive Government make-work programs and regulations have reached their zenith. When the dollar loses its purchasing power through raging inflation poverty quickly follows.

    When that happens luxuries go away and not just Rolex watches and Teslas. Luxury opinions like wokeism will quickly follow into the dustbin of history. At least the Rolex can tell time which is more than can be said for wokeism.

  2. I’m more than tired of seeing “Racism” as a concern. It seems they are getting so many free passes and money. I guess I differ from most people then, because I am not concerned with “racial injustice”. Look at all of the appointees in government that are so low IQ. Look at all of the action against parents who don’t want Critical Race Theory taught in schools.

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