Secular Talk: Anti-CRT Crusader Can’t Even Define It

Kyle is in denial about this.

Wokeism is a pseudo-religion.

If a huge part of the Left has converted to Wokeism and particularly elites, it is going to show up and color everything and aggravate the public. This is like saying that the ideology and values of conservatives doesn’t shape how they react and interpret the world around them.

Just throw a dart at the wall and you will hit something that has been impacted by this conversion of progressive elites to Wokeism since the George Floyd riots: comic books, comedy, science fiction, video games, sports, roads (structural racism is baked into our infrastructure), history (1619 project), “journalism,” the vaccine distribution, social media (draconian censorship), medicine, the military (purging “extremists”), the “intelligence community,” the courts and especially the big ones like immigration enforcement (open borders) and policing (Defund the Police). That’s a lot of culture war bullshit to swallow, dog.

Freddie deBoer has a funny take on this under the headline “Please Just Fucking Tell Me What Term I Am Allowed to Use for the Sweeping Social and Political Changes You Demand”:

You know personally I’ve been achingly specific about my critiques of social justice politics, but fine – no woke, it’s a “dogwhistle” for racism. (The term “dogwhistle” is a way for people to simply impute attitudes you don’t hold onto you, to make it easier to dismiss criticism, for the record.) But the same people say there’s no such thing as political correctness, and they also say identity politics is a bigoted term. So I’m kind of at a loss. Also, they propose sweeping changes to K-12 curricula, but you can’t call it CRT, even though the curricular documents specifically reference CRT, and if you do you’re an idiot and also you’re a racist cryptofascist. Also nobody (nobody!) ever advocated for defunding the police, and if they did it didn’t actually mean defunding the police. Seems to be a real resistance to simple, comprehensible terms around here. Serwer is a guy who constantly demands that he and his allies be allowed to do politics on easy mode, but he’s just part of a broader communal rejection of basic self-definition and comprehensible terms for this political tendency. Also if you say things they don’t like they might try to beat you up. Emphasis on try.

If you ask these people, are you part of a social revolution?, they’ll loudly tell you yes! Yes they are! They’re going to shake society at its very foundations. Well, OK then -what do I call your movement? You reject every name that organically develops! I’ll use the name you pick, but you have to actually pick one. You can’t just bitch on Twitter every time someone tries to describe your political cohort, which again you yourself say intends to change the world. Name yourself or you will be named. …”

One more thing …

Citing a VICE News or Vox segment doesn’t help your case.

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  1. Instead of denouncing CRT, denounce the ant-White left.

    If they ask you to define the anti-White left, simply quote Susan Sontag, Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev etc.

    • @ The so called Satanist/wokester , the American khmer rouge, are the bastard children of the abolitionist, the reprobate grandchildren of the wicked illuminist crowd that ravaged france in the 1790’s, they are kissing cousins of the alumni of the frankfort school of freakaphilia, this cancerous rot, must be burnt or cut out, lest the whole body die, but then again, why care! It’s just a matter of time, before we unilaterally, declare our independence and govern ourselves, as we should, our father who art in heaven, will redeem and restore us, if we let him, that requires us, getting out of our own way though, something to ponder over, my dissenting kin.

  2. ?

    One doesn’t have to define it — the problem with CRT is easily stated: only one race is critiqued, and the verdict is unfavorable; Whites are scapegoated for the problems of others.

    Thorstein Veblen wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class about the spiritual corruption of elites; their indolence and consumerism (‘conspicuous consumption’) — it needs an update to include useless, idiotic social commentary.

    Civilization is dsygenic in that the environment humans exist in no longer selects for fitness — you see this also in what passes for intellectualism today.

  3. The whole reason I watch Kyle is because I thought he was against political correctness and actually supported popular positions that overlap with mine such as no more wars for Israel and against both the free market and full on Communism. It is a shame he went down this route.

    • Kyle Kulinski is one of those economic Lefties who wants Wokeness to go away so that he can go back to defining the Left how he likes it. I have a brother who has gone down the same route, and he’s increasingly in denial that Wokeness is a problem because he knows at an instinctive level how badly Wokeness tarnishes the image of the Left. Both Kyle and my brother are in for a rude awakening. Wokeness defines the Left and the entire Democrat Party.

  4. Good point, eah. Modern society had enabled the dregs that would’ve otherwise failed to not just survive, but thrive.

  5. The libs say we’re using “dog whistles” when we talk about CRT. How are they such experts on canine communication? Perhaps it’s their dog lineage on their mothers’ side of the family.

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