Ronald Brownstein and Stanley Greenberg Sound The Alarm

For those who are unfamiliar with these people, Ronald Brownstein and Stanley Greenberg are two of the Democratic Party’s top Jews.

Look at it this way: the White working class vote is a hole for Democrats. They have to fill that hole due to their unpopularity with that group by making up for it with other parts of the electorate. The problem is that the growing margins expand the width of the hole and turnout expands the depth of the hole. It is becoming an insurmountable challenge due to Wokeism which is activating non-evangelical White working class voters. It is also repulsive to working class “Latinx” male voters.



“White voters without four-year college degrees functioned as the brawny backbone of the Democrats’ “New Deal” electoral coalition from the 1930s through the 1960s. The party’s erosion with those voters after that, largely around issues of racial equity and cultural change, generated enormous alarm and internal debate during the 1970s and especially 1980s: The centrist “New Democrat” movement led by Bill Clinton was sparked mostly by the desire to win back more blue-collar and rural Whites.

From roughly 1992 through 2008, Democrats settled into a sustainable equilibrium with these voters. In national exit polls over that period, Democratic presidential candidates consistently won only about two-fifths of them, but they typically captured significantly higher percentages in the key Rust Belt battleground states (such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania). Over this period, Democrats were able to overcome their deficits with working-class Whites in the Rust Belt and beyond by maximizing their performance among college-educated White voters and people of color, both of whom were growing as a share of the electorate, while blue-collar Whites were shrinking nationally on average about 2 to 3 percentage points every four years. (Those working-class Whites have fallen from about 52% of all voters in 2004 to just under 40% last year, according to census results.)

But since 2012, Democrats’ position with these working-class White voters has slipped further, in a manner that has grown more difficult to overcome with improved performance and turnout among other groups, especially in less diverse industrial battlegrounds. The Democrats’ national vote share among them fell to a little over one-third in President Barack Obama’s 2012 election before cratering to just below 30%, according to multiple data sources, in Donald Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton; as important, Trump erased enough of the Democratic blue-collar overperformance in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to capture all three states and squeak out his Electoral College win while losing the national popular vote.

In 2020, Democrats slightly recovered among non-college-educated White voters, with Biden winning about one-third of them nationally and recapturing just enough to help flip back the three pivotal Rust Belt states that had keyed Trump’s win. But the 2020 results opened a new vein of anxiety for Democrats, with some evidence that Trump had gained among working-class Hispanic voters, too, especially men.

Last week’s results triggered new Democratic alarms about the trends with these non-college and non-urban voters, particularly Whites. Youngkin pushed his vote share past 80% in multiple rural southwestern Virginia counties and captured fully 76% of all non-college Whites statewide, according to the exit poll conducted by Edison Research for a consortium of media organizations including CNN. Close to three-fourths of those non-college Whites disapproved of Biden’s job performance, according to results provided by the CNN polling unit.

In part, Youngkin ran so well with non-college-educated Whites in Virginia because half of them identified as evangelical Christians, a devoutly Republican constituency: Youngkin carried more than 9 in 10 of those White evangelicals without college degrees, the CNN polling unit found in previously unreported results. That’s a common deficit for Democrats across the South, where evangelicals compose a relatively larger share of the working-class White population and often vote for Republicans in such overwhelming proportions.

More ominous for Democrats was the Virginia outcome among the half of non-college White voters there who are not evangelicals — a group that is more populous in the key Rust Belt battlegrounds. In 2018, the exit polls found that Democrats carried a majority of those voters in House races nationwide; in 2020, the exit polls and other post-election analyses found that Biden won 42% to 45% of them. But Youngkin last week carried fully 65% of them, holding McAuliffe to just 35%, a result that presages ominous losses for Democrats across the Midwest if it holds through the midterm elections. …”


Democracy Corps:

Key findings

“Democrats begin weak on crime, immigration, the economy, who is best on jobs and wages, losing to Trump on who is better at delivering for the forgotten Americans. …

Our strongest attack on Republicans: they gave big corporations big tax cuts to the rich and working people saw nothing. Still trickle down for them. And they threaten the big middle class tax cut, the child tax credit. Their repealing it will raise taxes on working families and push many into poverty. Both are strong, as CTC has become a base and persuasion targets message …”

I don’t think anyone else follows and reads these people.

I do it because I enjoy mocking them and watching their growing anxiety.

Right now, blue collar and middle class workers think that Blumpf was a better president than Biden.

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    • Brownstein and Greenberg. XENOI.

      “Commotion in the winds, frights, changes, horrors,
      Divert and crack, rend and deracinate
      The unity and married calm of states
      Quite from their fixure!

      ~William Shakespeare

      THAT’S the only thing Jews do. Their expulsion from 109 nations bears testimony.

      Let’s go, Brandon and make it 110!!!

      • It’s already at 112, if you count Yemen, Guatemala, and Afghanistan.

        The United States will never join that group. When Anglos both Northern and Southern were the elite in this country, they did not ever conceive a plan to expell the jews from America. Not it’s too late. The parasites have destroyed their host.

  1. I think the thing that disgusts me most about the GOP is the cynicism with which so many candidates accept the support of working class Christians. They hate them. Nay they despise them. Yet they court their vote because it is reliable. And those well-meaning people naively “vote harder”, hoping one day that infanticide will go away. This is their single, spiritually motivated issue. Their passions get stoked year after year. Promises are made that go unanswered. Yet they keep coming back, because it’s the only game in town that even pretends to align with their views.

    These Republicans are worse than Democrats. I don’t have all people who align as Republicans. Even many politicians, I think, have honest intentions. But there is a fraction, whatever size. Who are disgusting, cynical parasites who deserve much much worse punishment for their treachery than even the most rabid shitlib. For even as antiwhite and hateful as those shitlibs are, at least they are honest, and there is honor in that.

    • Can you really blame the Gay Old Pedobears for holding these fools in contempt? The Christians have consistently swallowed their lies for at least five decades running now with zero to show for their support of the evil grifters – who only care about pleasing their (((donors))). Worst of all, most of these Christians have allowed the infiltration and subversion of their own churches to the point where they themselves now bow the knee weekly to the Magic Negro or to the Judeo-Christ – both Satanic skin-suits. Christianity barely exists in western countries now. The Repuke who just won in VA’s top priority is to make sure it’s illegal to say anything less than flattering about the (((Synagogue of Satan))).

  2. For the Jewish experts here: Did Jesus eat bagels? Or were bagels invented after the Jews killed Jesus? Serious questions to ask your Jewish and philosemitic friends next time you see them stuffing a bagel in their mouth.

    • @Krafty—Jews do not invent anything. The steal other peoples ideas. The bagel was invented by a Polish Catholic. A lack of creative genius is part of the curse placed on the Jews by God.

      • I read that the bagel is a jewish adaptation of the German pretzel. Sounds reasonable enough. So Jesus never ate bagles.

    • Bagels came a thousand years later in Central Europe. “The Jews” didn’t “kill Jesus” the Romans did, the real Jesus was part of the Essenes who were the spiritual arm of the Zealot movement that culminated in the revolt against Rome. Before hand there had been nothing but constant resistance and turmoil since Rome overthrew the popular Maccabean Kings and installed the Greek-Arab tax collector Herod on the throne who was a hated foreign King. No Judean crowd ever cheered as their popular leaders were murdered by the Romans. That part about the Romans being oh so innocent was all put in for Greek Consumption and to pass Roman Censorship. In the late 1st and 2nd century AD the Hebrews were viewed across the Roman Empire basically as Al Queda is today, terrorists who dared to stand up to Rome. No documents that took a positive approach to the messianic movement in Palestine would ever be allowed to be printed. The Hebrew Nation of 2000 years ago was largely destroyed, what is left is a remnant that evolved as expats in exile into a middle manager type role creating a quite different selective pressure and temperament than someone fishing in a desert lake for a living.

      • Can a leopard change its spots? Does the blood remain a constant? Are innate characteristics in the blood past down through the generations? And is it by Gods design?
        Christ, the Palestinians and the unborn. The message in the death of Christ IS the Jews are persecutors and tormentors of the weak and the innocent, then and now. Christ did not even have to exist for that truth to be known and understood by all. You only had to have lived in a world with Jews in it. Why did you kill Christ, kyke? Because you hate the innocent you Goddamned Christ killer. That is why kyke.

  3. The achilles heel of the Jews is coming into focus. Jews lack the ability to see themselves as others see them. They can not look themselves in the mirror and say I was wrong. It is not part of the DNA. So they are going to continue in the same way and are going to lose all minority support.

    • That’s what happens when you have an underlying belief that you are a member of God’s Chosen Blessed People.

      • The Jews said that about themselves. God did not say that. Look there are two way to get people to do what you want the first is by force the second is by convincing people they should do what you want. The Jews want to convince the world they and only they should lead and rule over human kind, God says no, only those who follow my laws should lead, the most righteous, the most just. Are you with God on that one or the Jews? A righteous Jew if their ever was one, would be a Christian now and would be trying to live by Gods laws.

  4. @ we are more of a biscuit, corn bread, loaf of bakery, french, vienna, bread people, we catch any of our people eating bagels, they will be sent away for retraining, under the watchful eye of lady paula dean, bagels are taboo here. The hell with bagels, our lord eats corn bread. Same as we do, that’s all that ” manna” is, corn bread from heaven.

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