Sen. Ted Cruz Is Open To Secession

Ted Cruz is just giving lip service to Texas secessionists who are now a huge part of his base and probably a majority of Texas Republicans and Independent voters.

I don’t see Red State secession happening anytime soon though because the Democrats pulled the pin on the grenade and now are falling apart and the GOP is going to be swept back into power by default. Predictably, the Democrats will be even further radicalized by their defeat. If we are lucky, this development will spur the Calexit movement out there and start the National Divorce.

Note: In 2021, we still see ourselves as outsiders even though our ideas have permeated the Republican base. In fact, we are at the very core of the Republican base now because so many of you went ahead and voted for Blumpf anyway because Joe Biden was so awful. You weren’t wrong about that.

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  1. Joe Biden ended the retarded jewish war in Afghanistan making him better than Blormf or ANY republicuck who has ever existed.
    So, disagree.
    When Trumpberger is back in office, we will soon be in a war conflict with Iran or Syria or one of the many Islamic enemies of jewry.
    Such winning.

    • His vaccine mandate on millions of jobs, which impacts MOSTLY the private sector, is the worst thing ever imposted on American citizens.
      If you care more about Afghans and what goes on over there, you obviously don’t have a job that is, in some way, connected to the government.

  2. Texas can secede but they have to keep the 50%+ non-Whites living there – we’ll see how that works out after a few years.

  3. Texas is more likely to be absorbed back into Mexico instead of seceding, at least the southern part of Texas. Demography is destiny and the racial breakdown of the U.S. Southwest is not looking good as far as a new, independent White ethno state is concerned. The hispanics of Texas don’t want to be ruled by Mexico but they still want their own ethnic areas too.

    • Texans would be better off part of Mexico. America is an innate force of evil- but not Americans. And both Americans, and victims of the American empire all over the world, will be better off when the empire is destroyed. If Tex-Mexico goes to war with the zionist globohomo enforcer, i might have to see if their army would take foreigners.. like the Irishmen who helped defend against the Yankee invasion that was started by so typically an American false flag attack.

      • Paul Trenton,

        I like what you wrote but I might be the only one here who does. I am in Texas and I have never seen much interest in Anglo-Texans wishing to be part of Mexico. The religious differences and the different mentality between Mexican and American are vast. There is also a difference in the economic situation.

        South Texas is essentially part of Mexico but not the rest. If Texas secedes and that is really doubtful then there is a huge race problem in Texas as many commenters on this site have mentioned.

        All of this is very interesting to speculate on. The Empire currently does look fragile.

  4. “”..GOP is going to be swept back into power by default….””

    How they supposed to govern when hyperinflated money is worthless and domestic production destroyed.

    Weimar Republic and Soviet Union did not had tens of millions violent diversity who needed handouts and both had problem that you can not print food or things. And you can not buy them when your printed money is worthless.

    I think that secession just became inevitable. Of course, redistributing everything to nonproductive garbage population and freeze and starve to death is also option but most people feel unpleasant to feed anti white filth when their own children starving.

    So there will be no food and fuel to diversity when shit hits the fan and then the hell breaks loose and defended borders will be matter of life and death for productive and better supplied territories.

    • There was a big petition one could sign, under the Obammy admin, that said if they got enough signatures, they could secede. Nothing ever happened after they got the signatures.
      Of course, the government is not going to allow any state bringing in tax money to go.

  5. What does it take? We should have seceded during the misnamed “Civil Rights” era. Instead we talked States Rights when we should have talked secession. So what event will inspire us now? When Whites become 49 percent of the population? 40? 30? 20? 10? Or will it be when immigrant couples get 450,000 per child? I heard a Bitcher (a white person who gripes but never does anything) say By god, when they come in my house and get my gun things are going to go down! I would remind said Bitcher things have already “Gone down” time and time again and White people did nothing but Bitch!

  6. What Ted Cruz is doing is playing nice with the Texas Secede Movement. Does he care about Texan Secession? Nope. He’s just talking because he wants those Voters. It’s all about Votes with these people. He’ll say a few nice words about them and turn on them in a second. The Republican Party has done this over and over again especially with Christians. The Republican Party was for Moral Laws until Gay Marriage was legalized….now a Republican don’t even say the word “Gay” anywhere. That issue has been dropped by Republicans. Now they talk about Abortion (yet again) knowing they care nothing about ending it. It’s all talk. They care nothing about us.

    It’s pretty obvious how bad America is divided in 2021. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Trump have all divided America and now at “Civil War” levels. What few things Democrats and Republicans agreed on has now been dropped. Moderate Democrats and Moderate Republicans have long been those who keep this country going. Now anybody with “Moderate” views is dumped on by the establishment in both parties. When I even mention how a Moderate Republican could defeat Joe Biden in 2024….the Trumptard right wing nut get all OMG OMG how could you say that???? You liberal! You don’t like Trump! How could you? Uhhhhh! Those kind of nuts are so clueless….if a Moderate Republican was President in 2020 Covid-19 would have never happened and if it did the Democrats and Republicans would have come together and helped defeat it asap. Antifa, BLM, and others wouldn’t have been marching in the streets. The Washington D.C. Trumpard invasion would have never happend.

    The less on for Americans is stay far way from extreme left wing and extreme right wing individuals. Same goes for extremists of every political opinion. I’m a Nationalist and even a “National Socialist” but I don’t go far and beyond advocating the most extreme opinions. I’ve always liked the British National Party and other European Nationalist political parties. We could run this country better and “Make America Great Again” not a Republican…if we could do that Secession wouldn’t even be discussed.

    We can advocate our Nationalist views while bringing Southerners and US Nationalists together in my opinion. It’s a White thing after all! European American rights! 🙂 Deo Vindice !

    • Brain Pace, We will never make America great again. It has been gone for many years, but many are now just realizing it. Separate homelands are the only answer. It can’t be done yet, but we need to constantly put the idea of it out there until the time comes when it is possible to secede.

      • Brian Pace may be a nice guy but he’s a nostalgic fool. The USA was built on a foundation of sand. It’s not a country that will endure for centuries like China, Poland or Russia.

    • You’re falling for the scam. The D-jersey and R-jersey squads of Team J only appear to be divided on everything via their many channels of gaslight media and numerous talking heads. In reality they serve the very same agenda – albeit working at it from different angles. The agenda is to stripmine the assets of the entire country, mix and genocide whites out of existence and rule over a continent-sized open-air gulag of slaves and zeks. Most whites – literally targeted for extermination – refuse to face this reality. They instead either side with open evil (BLM, Church of Woke, etc) or flock to the snake-oil salesmen put up by the Gay Old Pedobear party.

      Sowing divisions amongst the population is of course very much part of the plan as well. The most serious divisions of course are found in the white population. Non-whites have been promised rich rewards of taking YT’s shit and being able to have harems of white females – though many white females voluntarily betray and dishonor their fathers and mothers (and all their previous ancestors). Nearly all blacks, asians and “hispanics” (an invented race) are on board with the J-Team’s great looting and rape agenda.

  7. “If we are lucky, this development will spur the Calexit movement out there and start the National Divorce.”

    Brion McClanahan has said that in order for a national divorce to take place, it has to come from the Left. Not us. California, Oregon, and Washington State, are good starting places.
    The self proclaimed rulers of America, in Yankeedom, won’t flip out at the Left Coast leaving, like they would over Dixie, or Wyoming.

  8. Yes, Rafael Cruz: the half-Cuban quarter-Sephardic Canadian-born non-U.S. citizen, who was the evangelicals’ favorite primary candidate, and almost became the GOP presidential candidate in 2016. Fox News star Glenn Beck called him “the White Horse of Revelation.”

    Secession? The U.S. does not allow secession! The imperial “homeland” is like a black hole with inescapable gravity that draws everything in and lets nothing go free. Don’t compare to the U.S. to the Soviet Union that was composed of brotherly autonomous republics, that was designed to allow the republics to secede at will.

    • “the Soviet Union that was composed of brotherly autonomous republics, that was designed to allow the republics to secede at will.”

      You really are delusional.

      • No. Read accurate history instead of mainstream “history.” Lenin planned a confederation of Ethno-socialist republics, and in the constitution of the U.S.S.R. the ethno-republics were expressly given the right to secede from the Union. The republics were, at least theoretically, much more independent than U.S. states. In fact the Belarussian and Ukrainian soviet republics had their own separate seats at the U.N., along with the USSR itself.

        Speaking of Belarus, have you been following the refugee crisis on the Polish border? Thousands of Muslim refugees from U.S.’s endless Middle East wars are trapped in the forests and swamps on the Belarussian side of the border, many sick and starving and they are not being allowed to enter Poland on their way to asylum in Germany. Poland and Lithuania have erected barbed wire and stationed troops along their entire eastern borders.

    • The Soviet Union and their apparatchik kommisars held the marxist open air gulag together by military force. See Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Polish uprisings crushed by Soviet tanks and troops.

      • If it were not for those troops that fought for their freedom, by now the Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs and Poles would be much further along down the downslope of neoliberalism, mass impoverishment and inequallity, and destruction of national ethnicity. The firm support of Russia gave them a few decades reprieve from the real invasion, until a few traitors worked their way to the top in Russia itself:

      • November,

        comrade anonymous thinks that the communists who conquered eastern Europe were fighting for the freedom of the people they were killing. You could not make this caca up. My friends and family are constantly amazed at this website. Actually my family is also amazed that I still am on this site. Remember anonymous “knows the real history” which somehow is always pro communist.

        It is possible anonymous posts more than Hunter Wallace. So maybe this site should be called the OD and the anonymous website.

        Anyway, I need fresh air.. Anybody from school that I have shown the comment section to has been appalled.

        I really do not take this site seriously any more. Not the comment section anyway. I think I will look more into that Fash the Nation. I am more a Catholic Fascist anyway. If SN ever happened it would just be a continuation of the modern South anyway.

        I might post a comment on FTN. I like listening to Blackpilled with his soothing raspy voice. I do my homework with him in the background.

        White Nationalism -American style seems like quasi-communism. I can not condone it. I think even Ramzpaul is easier to digest. He is pleasant to listen to and as hard as he can be for youtube. Not that Styxx guy though. Your movement has a lot of strange people.

        Adios! It has been a pleasure.

  9. Ted’s poll numbers about to take a BIG jump!

    If you can have French Protestants (the Hugenots), no reason you couldn’t have Cuban Protestants like Ted.

  10. We’ve heard “talk” of Texas secession for many years – lots of White and sort of Whites residing, or relocating to Texas like that “Tough Texan” image. Hell the Bush family from Yale Connecticut got away with the Texas remodel for over 50 years!

    It’s no secret to long time OD readers – one of my least favorite American political cults is the Ron and Rand Paul race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist “Free Markets will SAVE THE PLANET, Let’s Let all Black Gang members in jail for hard drug possession out of jail and they’ll soon all vote Republican along with responsible homo marriage advocates and 10 million new Muslim Americans from Pakistan, Algeria and Bangladesh!”


    Don’t ever try to talk reason with any of these R&R Paul Libertarian Constiutionalist cult true believers. Again it’s a cult.

    Ron Paul was quoted many times saying that he supported the right of Texans to secede if the Federal Government continued to restrict the free movement of goods, services, capital and LABOR on the Tex Mex border. Yep, you heard that right Ron Paul wanted to give Texans the right to secede from the Federal United States because there was TOO Much border control!

    I noticed Ted Cruz didn’t mention the Elephant pooping in the living room, didn’t mention the estimated 400,000 mestizo, Mayan and AIDS infected Black Haitian invasion of Texas, that’s 400,000 a month!

    • Ron Paul recognizes that the cause of the mass immigration is U.S. foreign policy, but he never calls it what it is: capitalist foreign policy. Imperialism/colonialism/neocpolonialism is not incidental but essential, integral, to the U.sury S.ystem. Every one of the Central and South American and Caribbean countries that are hemorrhaging refugees are doing so because they are forced into the same cruel neocolonial, neoliberal mold.

      The speaker who begins here at 42 minutes expresses it perfectly:

      • Following that press conference of independent observers, one of them explains (on her Convo Couch podcast) why the Biden administration calling the election illegitimate is completely wrong:

        Truly, it is foreign policy that creates the mass immigration. State secession, even if it were possible, would not solve the problem (stop the immigration) if the system is not changed.

  11. Joe Scumborough’s “take” on the Texas secessionist movement was pretty dumb. I hope Florida secedes as well. Scumborough and his frigid, androgynous wife can stay in Washingcoon.

  12. It would be better to not even talk about it. Just do it. Otherwise, it looks like they are giving out a warning.

  13. If any state secedes in the next few years and the central govt. does nothing about it, the 1861 Confederates are fully vindicated.

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