Breaking Points: Kamala Harris Hits All Time Low In Approval Rating

As I said in my response to Secular Talk, there is no escaping from Wokeism. It permeates the ruling class now. BTW, this is the future of the Democratic Party when Joe Biden chooses not to run in 2024.

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      • And China prints the fake ballots. I don’t see any fear. The Vax mandate will go ahead even though reports of horrific adverse reactions will be impossible to hide. Better than starving right? But wait, we have a Conservative Supreme Court! They will save us!

  1. If Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President this country will become ungovernable in no time flat. Perhaps while addle minded Dementia Joe is still Mr. President this will happen. No doubt the Deep State is keeping Dementia Joe in the White House longer than planned because Cackling Kamala is even worse than they anticipated, she is Dementia Joe’s life insurance policy.

    Cackling Kamala is just what this country deserves maybe with The Buttplug as VP, too. How is that for a Woke ticket? Like Lenin said, worse is better. We aren’t voting our way out of this mess, muh Constitution won’t save us.

    • Cackling ‘Heels-Up’ Kamala is no less of a puppet than Gandpaw Sniffy, Cheetohead the Clown or D’Won Housenigga Hussein. Deep state is running the circus regardless of which clown reads the teleprompter. They’ll put in whoever they like and they’ll be more than happy to rub our noses in it. I’m a little surprised they’re continuing with the moronic R & D kabuki theatre – but the Charlie Brown conservatards still fall for it over and over again so the overlords must enjoy laughing at their pathetic stupidity. Kamala and Buttplug would be indeed the ultimate Church of Woke administration, with Admiral Rachel Levine as chair of the Joint Cheephs. You (and Lenin) are correct here: Worse is better. Or, as they say in Fergudishu: Burn the bitch down!

    • Good point about the delay in replacing Shitpants Joe with Koonmala. They will both have to be eliminated from the ticket in ’24.

    • I love how the term “cackling” is still in widespread use about Kamala, even mainstream AM talk radio still hasn’t been called out for using it. “Cackling” is a very loaded term synonymous with the “Maimie” archetype. Almost like Kamala needs to pack on a quick 100 pounds and star in a live action Tom and Jerry special, chasing around Tom and smashing a broom at “dat darn Kat ain’t no good.”

  2. >The ruling elite seem confident voting no longer matters.

    It doesn’t — if you want some proof of that, look into which party has held the presidency and controlled Congress the majority of the time since 1980.

    She does next to nothing of consequence, so what is there to say about her ‘job approval’? — there’s nothing to say — the fact that she’s at best a mediocrity, as well as personally unappealing, was apparent during the 2020 campaign — nothing has happened inzwischen to change that.

    What about the ‘Second Husband’? — the first ‘Second Husband’ as well as the first Jewish ‘Second Husband’ — how are his numbers? — I’ll wait for the update.

    Dumb tabloid polls like this are one of the most insipid things about ‘muh democracy’.

  3. It doesn’t matter which controlled side you vote for because nothing ever changes for the better. The two party system was designed that way.

  4. now that he’s recovered from his covid booster, demoncraps will probably run Newsom in ’24.

    Drumpf will certainly run again. Complete

    waste of time.

    • I would love to see Newsom and Desantis run against each other in ’24. Trump had his chance to show us what he’s made of and he blew it.

    • I like the Markely, VanKamp, and Robbins AM show in the afternoon and they like Trump but don’t want him to run in ’24 because “this is too serious and we need someone who can actually win. Not the unforced errors.” Any Republican would have been vilified, but Trump’s complete lack of tack and discipline definitely cost him this close election. The ghettos in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta had to ballot harvest 90+% in order to put the senile dope over the top. If Trump hadn’t alienated so many waffling whites with his childish behavior he still could have won.

  5. The Democrats and Republicans should focus more on Independents and Moderates because it’s those voters who get you elected and keep you elected. Many White People have those views. We all have our own political ideologies. I’ve become more hardcore in Nationalism the past few years. I’d even call myself a National Socialist in a modern sense of the word. However Moderates and Independents get it done. Those who run for office should think like that. She obviously will never be liked by Republicans and Trump will never be liked by Democrats. You gotta pick candidates that people like and can unify America. That’s where those Moderates and Independents come in….they have practical solutions and even Free Thinkers on the issues. We should all move on from Trump, Harris, and others who divide America. Deo Vindice !

  6. Kamala, the Ugandan Giant.

    I think this every time I hear her name.

    I don’t know if he still is or not, but Joe is just a doorstop in the Oval Office door, for Kamala. Things might have changed, however, since it has been realised that she’s just as incompetent as Shanghai Joe is.

    Maybe they’ll get butt plug and somebody else to be the new president and vice president. Shanghai Joe and the Ugandan Giant were a big mistake.

    • The geniuses in the Deep State probably thought Trump was going to win in 2020 so giving that idiot Dementia Joe his shot at the White House with Cackling Kamala in tow would be a free one for them. It would shut up whatever Democratic Party faction of dinosaurs Dementia Joe represented as well as the always complaining nogs in the Black Caucus or whatever it’s called. The Deep State types thought it would be like the Republicans giving Sen. Bob Dole his shot at running against that scumbag Clinton in 1996, a hopeless proposition that shut up a noisy faction in one of the political parties that is a necessary prop for the regime.

      They never thought in early 2020 that Dementia Joe would actually win. He was also nominated to shut up Pocahontas and that dirty old Bolshevik, Bernie Sanders from talking about wealth taxes on the oligarchs who control both parties. Trump was a safe bet for the Deep State, full of bluster but actually grossly incompetent and harmless to their interests. The Trump Administration was ” . . . a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.”

      • “Trump was a safe bet for the Deep State,”

        Are you kidding? They ran a color coded revolution against him in the summer of 2020 just like in Iran, Ukraine, or Myanmar? A CIA-NGO color coded mass protests well planned in advance. They even had a “Chicago 7” movie all about the ’68 political riots filmed the year before and ready to go. The creeps in DC hated the rest of the country for refusing to put in their pre-chosen puppets and treated us they way the do a hostile country. The entire Fed Bureaucracy needs to be fired and a whole new national capital needs to be rebuilt somewhere like Kansas in the heart of the country with brand new loyal Americans staffing it.

        • True, the Deep State ran their color coded revolution against Herr Trump successfully but that started after Trump’s big decline in popularity caused by his response to Covid. That gave the Deep State their opening to get rid of Trump, something that was impossible in late 2019 or early 2020. Trump’s gross incompetence led to his loss, the same risk facing the Deep State now.

          A moron like Dementia Joe and worse, Cackling Kamala makes no sense from the point of view of the Deep State who are not stupid people but do blunder just like everyone else. Had they known Trump would be vulnerable in 2020 they would have picked someone, anyone else rather than the two worst candidates possible. The immense failure of the Dementia Joe/Cackling Kamala regime will be a severe setback to the Deep State the way the 1929 stock market crash and subsequent Great Depression destroyed the Republicans until Gen Eisenhower was elected in 1952.

          Eisenhower was elected because of Democratic failure in Korea and inflation. Failure throws the ruling regime into disrepute and out of power especially if the electorate becomes radicalized. That is what the Deep State is risking with Dementia Joe and why they are accelerating their plans. Dementia Joe’s inevitable failure will cause an enormous backlash from the Real Right and I certainly don’t mean the “conservatives” or Republicans here either. The Deep State is scared now of catastrophic failure but it’s too late, the die is cast.

    • As far gone as this country is I don’t believe the majority of Americans will ever accept an out of the closet fairy like Buttplug as their president.

  7. Note that Kamala was Wall Street’s favorite in 2020. She was not one bit “woke” as a criminal prosecutor, where she proved herself 100% loyal to the system not to her people. Kapitalist Kamala is secure, has nothing to worry about, and could succeed Joe on the figurehead throne.

  8. Het a load of Enjeti saying that Buttplug’s bitch is a “NORMAL guy” who “just wants to be in love with HIS HUSBAND”…

    Grab the first leaky pigboat smokin’ for yer shithole of origin, mud monkey, and take those sodomites with you.

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