NatCon II: Patrick Deneen

I pretty much agree with what Patrick Deneen says here.

Imagine not knowing that “post-liberalism” was Jeffersonianism in practice. In the original White Republic, “equality” was something that only existed between the sovereign states. There was no other form of “equality” in the Constitution until the Fourteenth Amendment. Unfortunately, Deneen doesn’t go into how Lincoln destroyed the Constitution, empowered the federal government and how the Radical Republicans created the proposition nation liberal state in the Reconstruction era.

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  1. Russia has massed thousands of tanks and nearly 200,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border. Experienced diplomats have said for two years now that the Russians would not permit the American occupation of the Black Sea. Now they are preparing an invasion of Ukraine, to seize the Black Sea coastline. We are very very close to a large war.

    • I’ve heard that warning about America being on the precipice of war with Russia/Iran/Red China more times than I can remember. ZOG’s mercenary forces are in no condition for combat, especially against major countries like those three. And there’s no way the draft is ever going to be reinstated. An all-out war would also wreak havoc with the global economy and cause a lot of civil unrest. So I wouldn’t worry about it at this point.

      • Yeah, been hearing the same crap for 20 years. No war unless Israel gets real stupid and starts it off by herself.

    • I just don’t see US taking on a militarily similar foe – this isn’t Uncke Sam kicking around Iraq or Afghanistan we’re talking about – Russia doesn’t fuck around. Look at the history of the US as far as wars – WW1 and 2 we had major allies and the Germans were already weakened and ever since then we have bullied Third World nations(and not fared well in Korea and Vietnam). And let’s not even get into how much of the US military is now composed of women, fags and other assorted Untermensch who would be worthless – or even detrimental – in a full-scale engagement.

    • The incompetence and destructiveness of the U.S. Government and its owners is really something to behold. Has there ever been such a grossly treacherous, incompetent, mendacious group of scumbags gathered together in one government at the same time before in history?

      I doubt it.

    • Next time there is a major foreign policy crisis, certainly a war would be such a crisis, the U.S. Government is going to turn to conscription to fill its military ranks. The U.S. Government is going to rely disproportionately upon White males because the diversity enriching the military now will fail and is unreliable. They will also try to conscript White females but there will be so much popular opposition that will likely fail. Of course the wealthy, politically connected, The Usual Suspects etc. are exempt from conscription, that goes without saying.

      That is the time for Whites to become refuseniks like in the old USSR. The U.S. Government can’t arrest everyone and it’s literally a matter of life and death under those circumstances. The only way to win is to never play their terrible game. Once you’re in their system you can’t get out until you are either dead or they decide to let you out which can be a very long time.

  2. Those conservatives, always going out of their way to be respectable and inoffensive. No wonder they keep losing ground.

  3. Militarily we can’t win a land war against Russia in its back yard. This would be like Russia trying to win a naval war against us just off the East or West Coast. It would end badly.

    If we lacked the resolve to eliminate opposition efficiently in Afghanistan, then there is no way we can handle a broader conflict with ethnic Russians in an equally ethnic conflict over the occupation of a comparably huge area.

    Russia can and should defend the breakaway regions of Eastern Ukraine if they ask for its help. Crimea is Russia’s now.

    There won’t be a war

  4. FOX News is going to host a “Patriot Awards” ceremony in Florida on the 17th, where they’ll be celebrating Muh Freedumbs. But in order to attend you’ll need to either provide proof of COVID vaccination or a negative COVID test result taken no more than 72 hours prior to the event. Why doesn’t Tucker or any of those other FOX News personalities who are well-known critics of COVID mandates bother to mention that stipulation on their shows when they promote the event? Is it because they’re dishonest assholes?

  5. Enjoyed Dr. Deneen, but he is not willing or not able to mention racial problems. He’s probably worried about keeping his job. Either that, or he has been a professor for too long.

  6. Comments aren’t working in the newest article about courts staying the vaccine mandate.


    Dissent by the states, against Zog is the only way forward.

    National politics should be only about States reclaiming their sovereignty from the failed empire, not about the increasingly dubious and gay hamsterwheel that is trying to take back Washington via the ballot box.

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